Has Fanta G Spot been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Korean dramas are getting extremely popular in the present time, however, most fans know the genre to be extremely risk-free and void of erotic and NSFW scenes. However, with that change, there have been popular web TV shows from South Korea that talk about sensitive topics that are too risky to be aired on National television. One such drama that shocked fans in 2022 was the 8-episode show, Fanta G Spot or Hit The Spot starring EXID’s Hani and Bae Woo-hee in the lead roles. 

With not one but two female main leads, Fanta G Spot revolved around the life of two editors that were forced by their boss to host an erotic podcast for female listeners. Though it’s 8 episodes,  Fanta G Spot sees these two female hosts talk about various problems that adult women experience when it comes to their sexual lives. From menstruation to orgasms, the show deals with a whole lot of risqué topics that not many people expected from big names like Hani and Woo-hee.

After finishing the 8 episodes of its first season, you may be wondering if this erotic Korean drama, Fanta G Spot has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:


What is Fanta G Spot about?

The 2022 K-drama, Fanta G Spot is an 8-episode web drama from Coupang Play that follows the life of Mi-na, a young woman who does not want to fall in love. She has her priorities straight and knows that having a sex partner is her only way to live a happy burdened free but sexually active life. She takes her sex partners seriously and asks them to hand in paperwork with medical tests on a regular basis.

Things take a sudden turn when she ends up meeting Woo-jae, a mysterious biker that broke her car mirror in a road accident. The two end up finding out that they are way more similar than one would expect them to be and things get tricky when Mi-na falls in love with him.

Hee-jae on the other hand has been in a five-year-long mundane relationship. To make things worse, she has never had an orgasm all her life. After her boyfriend claims that it was she who was the problem, Hee-jae ends up breaking with him and wants to find herself and her own identity before falling in love again.

Things change up pretty soon for her when she befriends In-chan, a famous sex psychologist and novelist who knows an awful lot about female pleasure. Hoping to have her first orgasm with a partner, Hee-jae asks In-chan to hook up with her. But, it seems that the novelist has something else on his mind. 

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Has Fanta G Spot been renewed for Season 2?

At the time of writing, the web drama, Fanta G Spot has not officially been renewed for season 2. Given the popularity of the show, as well as the way season 1 ended, one could expect the popular drama to be renewed for a follow-up.

Officially, the show has not been renewed for a second season yet. However, given that many web dramas have multiple seasons, we can expect Fanta G Spot to be renewed for a new season.

So far there has not been any official statement about the web series being renewed from the makers but there is a possibility to see the K-drama be renewed for a second season that could be released in 2023.


What we know about Fanta G Spot Season 2 so far:

With multiple Korean dramas releasing more than one season in 2023, one can expect the web drama, Fanta G Spot to be renewed for a new season. From where we left off in Season 1, we see that Mi-na is now dating Woo-jae after the two decide to try out a romantic relationship that is not totally revolving around sex.

Hee-jae, on the other hand, had rejected In-chan’s proposal and asked the novelist to wait for her until she finally figures out her feelings for him. The final moments of the show hinted that Hee-jae had accepted In-chan’s proposal by wearing the earrings he had gifted to her.

The final moments of Fanta G Spot also hinted at a renewal of the show for a second season where Hee-jae and Mi-na both discuss with their boss how their sex podcast was going to come back for a second season.

Given that both Hee-jae and Mi-na were going to be hosts of the show for a second season, it is possible that the show would have more discussions about popular sexual problems women face. It could be possible that the upcoming season will show how Woo-jae handles his first official romantic relationship while Mi-na deals with the ups and downs she faces in her first normal relationship in a long time. 

If the show is renewed for a second season, we could expect Hee-jae to finally accept her feelings for In-chan and the two could have a chaotic office relationship. We could also hope for both couples to be married by the end of the show and for more twists and turns for them.

We generally aim to update this page when more information becomes available.

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