Has Extraordinary Attorney Woo been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an extraordinarily well written drama, blending social issues around autism with a simple but effective law drama.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled.

What is Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 1 about?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo centers on Woo Young-Woo, who happens to be an extremely smart woman who has autism spectrum disorder. She never forgets what she sees but has a lack of social skills. She begins working as a trainee lawyer at a large law firm.

She faces prejudice and irrationality against her from her peers and through the different cases she takes on, although she also approaches them with a fresh perspective that puts her a step above her peers.

As she solves cases with her own unique ways, helped in so small part by her obsession with whales, Woo Young-Woo more than shows what she’s capable of.

Has Extraordinary Attorney Woo been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Netflix and ENA have renewed Extraordinary Attorney Woo for season 2! Given the ratings over the weeks and how explosively this has skyrocketed in popularity, that’s perhaps not surprising.

The ratings began with a rather modest 0.9% share nationwide but since then, the show has absolutely exploded and hit double figures on some weeks.

This massive rise in ratings, alongside the fact that this sort of drama is episodic by nature, has bucked the trend of K-dramas reserved to a single season. There are also offers to remake this in both the US and Japan, although we’d imagine both will absolutely fail to capture the same brilliance as the original. You can read NME’s article on this HERE!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 right now. Given how strong the ratings are for Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the episodic nature of this law drama could see more cases come to the foreground, along with potential enhancement of the character drama for Woo and her colleagues.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us next time!

Would you like to see Extraordinary Attorney Woo return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

58 thoughts on “Has Extraordinary Attorney Woo been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I have never felt compelled to leave comment on a TV series before, but I thought this series was one of the most surprisingly and moving TV dramas I have ever seen. All of the main characters are complex like real life. The actress playing Woo is outstanding. I can’t think of a more difficult part to play and make real.
    The difficult and at times akward budding romance between Woo and her office colleague brought tears to my eyes. It was so sensitively done.
    The court cases posed some fascinating moral dilemma.

  2. I love this show ! It’s refreshing and I think it is the REAL INCLUSIVE DEAL ! Enough talking and mentioning about sexual inclination… let’s talk about people with real problems ! And accept them as they are

  3. I have enjoyed watching EAW, It’s fascinating, whimsical and light hearted! I believe society needs to have more shows like this expounding on kids and adults on the autism spectrum scale. I have told many friends and family to watch this show because of how much I have enjoyed it…Please continue with the episodes.

  4. Please renew! This show gives attention to autism. People with autism can lead a productive life if given a chance. It’s ok
    to be different.

  5. I absolutely loved it and hope for a second season. The actor portraying Attorney Woo managed to capture the difficulties of being autistic, but in a gentle loving way. Every character in the series makes this show one of the most enjoyable I have seen in a very long time.
    There is still so much to tell about every character that I would hate for us, the viewer, to be left hanging!
    Bring back a second and even a third season.

  6. Just want to leave a fan mail for Park and the show. It is wonderful. Been in the business for a long time and have nothing but wonderful, positive things to say about the everything about your show. Thank you. It is the first show I’ve watched since the Pandemic started that made me feel more positive about the world.

  7. It has been a very long time since I’ve been this invested in a series!! I love love love this show!! I definitely want there to be a season 2 so I can see the next steps in their lives. This is the sweetest love story ever! And what a great cast!! Everyone of them brings something special to this awesome show!!!🥰

  8. I haven’t enjoyed a show this much in years!

    I need to know:
    -If Woo gets back with her boyfriend.
    -What’s the background of the two CEO’s and why do the hate each-other?
    -Will the mom of Woo bring harm to the father?
    -Will the evil young attorney going to become good or bad? Will he and the sweet attorney start to date?
    -Is the managing attorney going to live? ( please let him live)
    Everything about this series is amazing.
    Netflix needs to put this on their trending page and it will get even more viewers who will fall in love with all the characters.
    There isn’t a single person who is not perfectly in their role. Every character has a storyline we want to follow.

  9. This show needs to be renewed! The last episodes left off with some great possible storylines that we all want to see play out. I’m not Korean and I live in NY and love this drama!! Attorney Woo is amazing! And so are the other actors and actresses! It’s also has good stories for each case.

  10. This is a fabulous show for the whole family… few of those out there not a cartoon. Our family adores it. We have started watching it from the beginning again. Can’t get enough. Netflix cannot afford to lose this show or anything (Park) “Attorney Woo” thrills us with. She was equally amazing in The King’s Affection. Woo just has our hearts forever. For us seniors we beg you don’t delay producing this masterpiece as quickly as possible for many seasons❤️

  11. Why would they not have a 2nd season? This series most innovative TV seen for decades and deserves to continue in the NEAR FUTURE

  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRODUCE A SECOND SEASON!!! This is absolutely my favorite series ever! 👍👍👍 Someone in a post mentioned that Tae-oh will be leaving to serve in military. If true, you cannot change him for another actor. Pls continue show with him leaving for whatever reason and then returning to restart their relationship. I’m overwhelmed with the excellent quality of the writers of this show. The actors are also top quality in acting. I agree with several other comments that 1. The story is so intriguing and additive 2. I’ve learned so much about Korean culture. I’ve fallen in love with their way of life.. 3. I’m so impressed with how they’ve portrayed attorney Woo, and how she portrays having autism and how others view her. The series is so educational. It touches my heart in a profound way.
    Please let it return……..
    An addicted viewer

  13. Yes, would love to see this show continue… Season 2 and beyond. The subject matter and how this is written is captivating. It pulls these social issues to the forefront and it is great. Not everyone is a Barbie and Ken. However, we. An all succeed and have a balanced life. I love how this show is telling these life stories. The ugly truth along with the beauty.

  14. I love this show , I don’t mind it being subtitled because at least they seem to be using there own voices that suit them , all the actors are brilliant , the plots are good, I love learning the Korean way of life and some of its language but mostly its just a brilliant show , please let there be a season 2 , this season hasn’t ended yet but I can’t wait for the next one to start, well done to all the actors for such brilliant performances and long may your show run.

  15. One of the best and brightest shows on Netflix, with great plots and the actress who plays Young Woo is amazing. This world of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is delightful and instructive. Please bring it back for a second season.

  16. Our whole family watches it together. We love it and would be ecstatic for more seasons!!! We are attached to all of the characters and can’t wait for the next episode to drop each week. PLEASE CONTINUE IT! – Midwest Family USA


  18. Season 2 please. This drama compasses everything, love, comedy, family values and suspense!!!
    Would love to see more seasons!!

  19. This has been our favorite shoe ever on any programming. The acting, the characters, the writing and the subject matter is brilliant. It is so touching and heart warming and we cry at some point each show.

  20. I am really enjoying this weekly show. I can’t wait for the next two episodes each week. I wish they were dubbed in English but the show is worth reading sub-titles. Excellent cast of characters. Please keep it coming for season 2!

  21. Please renew for a Season 2. This is terrific series — great stories, wonderful acting and extremely enjoyable to watch!

  22. I am obsessed with EAW! Episode 10 is my absolute favourite, and it’s almost a tie with episode 12. Episode 13 which aired last night has been the most hilarious so far, but it’s also dark and tense, and that cliffhanger is driving me crazy! The stakes are so high right now and I’m crossing my fingers that this final stretch will lead to a happy ending.

    While I can’t wait to watch the next three episodes, I will also be very sad to say goodbye to our cast and the good work they’re doing. I definitely want a season 2 to happen, but as some have pointed it out in the comments, I have no idea how that would work out with Kang Tae-oh soon to report for military service. I kinda feel bad for the guy: he’s been deferring in order to toil towards that elusive star status in his acting career for almost 10 years, and once he actually reached it, he has to put his career on hold to conscript because his time is up. That said, serving one’s country is an honourable duty. My favourite actors Hyun Bin and Song Joong-ki conscripted when they were Tae-oh’s current age, but they made the most of that time by earning Koreans’ respect as outstanding soldiers and making spectacular comebacks into acting once they’re done serving. I hope that will be the case with Tae-oh too!

    With that in mind, I think there are only two possibilities for season 2. The first is to wait for Tae-oh to finish serving, which means it can only start filming in late 2024 and airing in 2025. But this risks losing out on the momentum of the current euphoria, and having to re-promote the show from scratch long after fans have moved on. The second is to go ahead and make season 2 happen in 2023 without Tae-oh. But this means that Yeong-woo would either have a new love interest that is a different person, or she does without altogether. Either way, I’m not excited about that possibility because Woo Yeong-woo and Lee Jun-ho already feels like a once-in-a-lifetime match made in heaven. And Jun-ho did say he’s in this for the long run, so I’d like to think he’ll be true to his word.

    Good shows last for years in fans’ memories though, so I personally prefer waiting till 2025 for this hypothetical EAW season 2. If that’s the case, I’d like to see Yeong-woo and Choi Su-yeon already promoted and supervising rookies of their own. Jeong Myeong-seok would make partner, and while he’s trying to make Hanbada a more humane place to work, that also rocks the boat of people who have benefitted from the status quo. Kwon Min-woo would have moved on, but there is a new antagonist who raises more serious hell in Yeong-woo’s life. And big boss Han Seon-yeong actually likes the antagonist, so that makes things all the more complicated.

    Dad Gwang-ho would hand over the operations of Woo Yeong-woo Gimbap to an employee as he finally passed the bar nearly 30 years after graduating. I think he would work as a rookie in Ryu Jae-sook’s office, the disruptive human rights lawyer we saw in episode 12. And this would add new layers to the Woos’ father and daughter relationship. Yeong-woo said she wanted her father to marry, so Ryu Jae-sook could also be a potential love interest, especially that he’s a restaurateur and she’s a rooftop farmer. Meanwhile I don’t know if Yeong-woo’s boss Han has a history with Dad, but if she does, this would make an interesting love triangle that could potentially take a toll on Yeong-woo’s career.

    I see two possibilities for Yeong-woo’s own love life. The first is that she’d already been engaged with Jun-ho for years, and making marriage happen has been an uphill battle for reasons beyond their control. So season 2 would start at this point of no return where either they make this marriage happen or they can’t go on as a couple. The second possibility is that Yeong-woo and Jun-ho are already married, but due to the changes going on at Hanbada, one of their careers is at risk of jeopardising the other’s. And since Jun-ho is a popular guy, I can totally see the possibility of another woman trying to take him away from Yeong-woo when things get rough, so Jun-ho and Yeong-woo need to make some tough calls to protect their marriage. In either possibility, I want Yeong-woo to be in charge of cases that both act as a social commentary of current issues in the world, and reflect some parallels to where she is in her love life with Jun-ho. And of course I want Geu-ra-mi and Min-sik to see Yeong-woo through all this by giving her hilariously bad love advice.

    And that’s my wishlist for Season 2, if it indeed happens. I think it would be well worth it, given just how high EAW’s ratings have consistently been for 70% of its run, not only in Korea but globally as well. Till then I will savour what’s left of Season 1, can’t wait to actually hear confirmation for Season 2, and wish Kang Tae-oh a rewarding time with the ROK Armed Forces.

  23. Best show I have seen in years. Socially relevant, charming, thoughtful, humorous, clever, imaginative. The performances are great, especially the actress playing Woo Young Woo. I am hooked. I hope the series is renewed. Love the whales…

  24. I love this show and would be disappointed if it was not renewed. It’s a unique show and each episode offers something new to think about. I personally see lots of issues for future development and hope the producers will take advantage of that with a second season

  25. YES YES YES! This series is completely charming, addicting, and very relevant to issues in the 21st Century! I love and adore this series! I want it to be renewed for Season 2, 3, 4, 5! Please renew!!!!

  26. I adore this show. It holds my attention because it is sensitive, kind, informative and leaves me with a feeling of calmness. The actors are amazing, especially Attorney Woo. Hope to see it renewed.

  27. I love this series i really hope they renew wed / thurs my favourite day when new eoisodes are out

  28. this is an amazing show and can’t wait till Wednesday and Thursday to watch. I so hope they renew.

  29. It is a fantastic show. It would be great to have a second season of this show. Here’s hoping for another season.

  30. I absolutely love it,and the whale is so adorable .You just have to do a season 2. I want to see more of Woo and Jun ho.They are so cute together.Don’t leave us wondering.

  31. I have enjoyed this show tremendously and I think it would be a shame not to continue with another season! I predict this show will continue to gain more and more viewers as it gets discovered! I’m doing my part in telling others what a delight it is! I will be waiting to hear the good news that it will be renewed!

  32. Marvelous series. The cast are wonderful, the episodes are really well written and you might Lear something about whales! Not only that, you will learn about autism!

  33. I just love this show my first Korean tv series. Besides being touching, funny and kind-hearted, as a sociologist I find the Korean way of doing things fascinating.
    I anticipate season 2.
    Zelda the Fire-eater

  34. My friend got me onto K dramas, and ever since, I can’t seem to watch anything else. They are so well made, tasteful, entertaining, solid storyline, and the actors are amazing…not to mention eye candy! Extrodinary Attorney Woo is by far my favorite, and I had seen many. Love that each episode is unique and all truly touch my heart. Please don’t let it end with season 1!

  35. I really hope they renew this show it is so creative and different I would watch every episode twice

  36. I am totally in love with the show and it’s my favorite so far! The actors are amazing and the plot is very interesting and realistic. I really wish for a season 2 with all the cast specially with Kang Tae-oh and Park Eun-Bin. Their love story is so beautiful!

  37. PLEASE return Extraordinary Attorney Woo for more seasons. We are enjoying it so much, and it is an absorbing antidote for all the concerns facing us now in real life. Excellent actors, all of them. Interesting, and heart-melting story-lines and scenes. Thank you, all involved, for this excellent show!

  38. Extraordinary Attorney Woo is beautifully written and sensitive. The acting is superb and the characters are realistic and intriguing. I love this series! Please renew it for another season. It’s so much better than most other shows.

  39. I hope this series will get a second season. Park Eun-Bin is so entertaining. Altho, I’ve heard Kang Tae Oh has to fulfill his military service, so that would be a major issue if it’s true.
    There are so many good Korean shows (Our Blues, Thirty-Nine, Fishbowl Wives, Green Mothers Club to name a few) on Netflix that recieved the “one season and done” treatment. Not that it’s all Netflix at fault.
    So disappointing tho.
    I don’t even speak Korean but have no issues reading subtitles on a good show. Bring it back Netflix.

  40. I enjoyed the series very much, the characters were believable and charming. I think another season would be fantastic. Endless amounts of criminal cases and plenty room for this romance to evolve.

  41. But how can it be renewed if Kang Tae Oh goes for his army enlistment?? Unless this can be his first project upon his return?? Yay, my favourite whale couple! We ‘whale’ wait for your return!

  42. I’m confused. I just finished watching all the seasons, I think there were four, only a month ago- and loved it. Now, when I try to find it again it is only in weekly episodes?

  43. This is one of the most fascinating shows that I have recently watched. The storyline of an autistic female attorney is eye-opening and very compelling to watch. The characters are so interesting, as the actors do an amazing job! Each case is not only humorous at times but truly keeps my attention to the end. It would be a real shame if there was not a season two. Let me answer your question with a question. How can a story run its course when each episode is based on a different court case that is extremely different and so much fun to watch? Please do not cut this show short…it has great potential! Absolutely LOVE the whales!!!

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