Has D.P. been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The genre of Korean dramas is growing exponentially in popularity and with this growth, there have been a number of interesting dramas that explore various themes.

One such unique K-drama is the 2021 Netflix Original, D.P. Over its last two seasons, the 12-episode drama follows the story of the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) Team from the Korean Military who pursue the task of bringing back deserter soldiers that run away from the military.

The show highlights so many topics and especially sheds some light on the issue of bullying in the military. The second season of D.P. has now finally come to an end after so much anticipation.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if D.P. has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know so far:

What is D.P. about?

D.P. follows the story of a private soldier named Jun-ho who used to be a confused youth when he served the military normally like other Korean-born males. One day, Jun-ho suddenly becomes a member of the military defector arrest team.

As a member of this team, he is tasked with capturing deserters who decide to flee from the military without an official leave or exemption. During his job as a military defector arrest team, Jun-ho grapples with the more troubling cases of why some soldiers feel they have no other choice but go absent without official leave.

We have extensive coverage of D.P. across the site, including episode recaps for the first two seasons as well as full season reviews for the K-drama.

Will there be a Season 3 of D.P.?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not renewed D.P. for a third season. Given the nature of this series, that could change if it does good numbers for the streamers.

Generally, networks and streaming platforms gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly, other times, it can take months before a network makes a decision over a show’s future.

So far, D.P. has had a pretty positive reaction from audiences and critics alike with steady ratings for a web drama. But even with all that considered, we predict that Netflix will probably not renew D.P. for a follow-up season.

However, the story ended with a whole year left in Jun-ho’s military service and it is likely for the D.P. soldier to go on more pursuits to bring back other military deserters if the show is renewed for a new season.

However, the way season 2 ended is not the only deciding factor here and the show’s second season did not enjoy the same popularity as the 2021 season. This drop in popularity could be one factor that prompts the makers to cancel the show. We’ll be sure to update this section with accurate details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about D.P. Season 3 so far:

Most Korean dramas are reserved for one season, as detailed above, and with the rare exception of ongoing Netflix shows (Love ft. Marriage and Divorce, Hospital Playlist, etc.) then it seems unlikely that this one will be renewed.

However, there is always the possibility that the actors return for a follow-up for a sequel or a spin-off featuring the same characters. We can expect to see Jun-ho’s last 365 days in the military and it is likely for him to go on more missions to find more deserters and learn about their struggles.

There is also some chance for Ho-yul to join Jun-ho in his missions because he misses being a part of the D.P. team. However, based on everything we’ve seen in the last two seasons, D.P. will probably not be renewed.

We aim to update this page when more information becomes available.

Would you like to see D.P. return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I believe DP should have season 3 since there is no update on what’s happening at the trial..and Sergeant Park shouldn’t be in the prison is it because the secret files was exposed?what the heck..you can tell that there is always injustice even on making such dramas huh?and it is so sad that Jun-Ho after everything he
    has done he’s not even promoted??tsk..and since its was exposed shouldn’t be those power tripping higher ranks military officers has to take full responsibility on what is going on inside the military base..?hop e if there’s season 3 make sure it is more thrilling and exciting scenes especially for Jun-Ho..it should be a happy ending atleast..

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