Has Dark Winds been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

If you’re a fan of Dark Winds, the psychological thriller series that has recently been a hit with critics, you will understandably want to know if there will be a second season.

The series, which is based on the novels by Tony Hillerman, has received extensive coverage on our site, beginning with this Episode 1 review and Ending Explained. We enjoyed the show and are as eager as you may be for season 2.

But will there be a Dark Winds: Season 2? Here’s what we know.

What is Dark Winds about?

The series is set in 1971 on a remote outpost near Monument Valley. It follows two Navajo police officers, Lt. Joe Leaphorn and his deputy Jim Chee, as they investigate a double murder case that challenges their spiritual beliefs.

This first season closely followed Hillerman’s The Listening Woman (with elements of People of Darkness) so if you have read the author’s works, you will have an understanding of how the story plays out.

For more on Dark Winds and the events of Season 1, check out the recaps that can be found on our website.

Will Dark Winds get a Season 2?

Dark Winds, which debuted on AMC+, will be back for a second season. This comes as little surprise as, according to Deadline, it was the No. 1 new series launch in AMC+ history.

The season premiere drew in 2.2 million viewers and viewing figures have been consistently high ever since. As such, a second season was never really in any doubt.

As quoted in the Deadline article, Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks, had this to say about the show:

“We can’t wait to share the rest of this thrill ride of a first season with the fans and follow Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee into a second season on AMC and AMC+ next year. Overwhelming gratitude to our entire production team and a special thanks to executive producers Robert Redford, George R.R. Martin, Chris Eyre and of course Zahn McClarnon (who plays Joe Leaphorn), who also leads the cast and brings humanity, authority and the wisdom of richly lived experiences to everything he does.”

As you will have gathered from this quote, Season 2 is set to launch next year so you won’t have too long to wait if you’re keen to see the next instalment of the series.

What will Dark Winds Season 2 be about?

In the finale of the first season, the armoured car robbery case was wrapped up. The episode featured a tense stand-off between Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) and the two robbers who were hiding money and hostages in a cave. We won’t reveal any of the episode’s twists and turns in case you haven’t seen it yet but the biggest question is this: how will the finale impact Season 2?

At this stage, we have no idea. But according to series creator Graham Roland, Season 2 will be based on a specific Hillerman novel. As for which one, we don’t know but according to Roland in this article in Variety, the book has already been chosen.

How many episodes will be in Season 2?

It has been confirmed that Season 2 will have six episodes, as was the case in the first season. Once again, the series will air on AMC and AMC+ in the US but there is no confirmed news of a UK release for this noirish crime show.

Who will be in Dark Winds Season 2?

This was the main cast for Season 1:

Zahn McClarnon  – Joe Leaphorn
Kiowa Gordon – Jim Chee
Noah Emmerich – Whitover
Jessica Matten –  Bernadette Manuelito.
Rainn Wilson – Devoted Dan.
Deanna Allison – Emma (Leaphorn’s wife)

As to who will be in Season 2, we do not know. However, you can expect to see most if not all of the main cast members return for the second season.

That’s all we know for now. But if you’re looking forward to Dark Winds: Season 2, bookmark our website for more information, reviews, and recaps of Season 2 when it eventually launches.

49 thoughts on “Has Dark Winds been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. This is my favorite show. I love that they bring so much of the Indian heritage out in the movie. I hope it can go on for a few more years.

  2. Watch the first and second episode tonight. This is a second to none story line. There’s not enough of these types of stories on TV anymore. Reality TV sucks, to much of it when history is the true reality. Thanks for the pleasure and the mysterious.

  3. Loved the show and actors. Telling family and friends they need to check it out before the new season…..so glad to see Zahn in such a good role.

  4. As a fan of Tony Hillerman Books the series ” Dark Winds ” left me wanting more. So I’m looking foward to Season 2. The actors were perfect in their parts. Watching them as they developed their characters was as enjoyable as reading the book. Thank you for this quality programing.

  5. Tony Hillerman really brought these people to life and the mysteries he wrote never disappointed. I really love the cast in this series. Loved Zahn in Longmire and also in Midnight, Texas. Looking forward to a long running series based on the characters and stories in Hillerman’s exquisite novels. Hanks for really good programing.

  6. I hope they dig into the more traditional ways, along with more episodes like maybe 12 episodes.

  7. I am a big Tony Hillerman fan. Am so glad you have made a TV show out of his books. I am a ex truck driver and his books on audio help pass the long nights not so long while I was driving across country. I drove all over New Mexico and Arizona so I could relate to some of the places . Keep them coming please.

  8. Best show, cannot be said enough! I’m Samish Indian and have read all of Hillerman’s books, both Tony’s and Anne’s, and love reading about all the other tribes too. I have seen these episodes three times each, even staying up until 4am to see some again. Love these episodes and story lines. Thankyou.

  9. Best new series I have watched for a long time! Great combo of Navajo spiritual beliefs, life on the Reservation, exploitation, mystery, suspense, etc. Can’t wait for Season #2!

  10. Dark Winds is a very good show. Very happy to hear it is continuing. Tony Hillerman is my favorite author. I have all of his books. Hope you make many seasons to come from his books. Am also a fan of Chris Eyre, who is one of the greats among your team. When, next can we expect season two of this great show.

  11. So glad to hear that there will be a season 2 I could not get enough of this show I’ve always crushed on Zahn and also loved Longmire. I wish there was more episodes and hopefully S-2 will delve deeper into Native American rituals.

  12. My husband would have loved this program and I agree with the fact that I miss Longmire as well. I have never read any of the Hillmans books but I would like to. As for dark Winds , I am really hooked on watching this program and I also hope that this series will last for many years. I love to see indigenous actors, Zahn McClarnon ,Matten, Gordon carry on The legacy of Native American actors and actresses.

  13. Love the actor Zahn. Was one of my favorites in Longmire and he did not disappoint. Love the native americans and there culture are included, it’s about time. Can’t wait for season 2, like the other people on here I wish there would be more than 6 episodes, there just wasn’t enough.

  14. I loved season one!!! The actors are superb. They each bring so much to the series. Scenery is beautiful! Please give more than 6 shows for season two. Can’t wait.

  15. Great series, cast, location and acting!! Always liked Zahn since seeing him in Longmire. So glad to hear that there will be a 2nd season and hopefully more! Also hope that all of the main characters return.

  16. Great Series. Cast of talented actors, Zahn McClarnon Super and breathtaking photography. My compliments go to Robert Redford for the Production. I can’t wait to see the Second Series.

  17. It’s nice to have a show about the ways of the native American culture. I’m part Cherokee and black foot. It’s refreshing to have a show that depicts the culture, and what it’s like. Not that much different from my ancestors to now. Very much loved the show.

  18. Dark Winds really caught my interest, happy to see a show depicting Native Americans in something other than Cowboy & Indian movies … I even took to study the Navajo language!! Can’t wait for season two just wish it was going to be longer than six episodes.

  19. My whole family absolutely loves this series! We have strong ties to all the locations in the show. Mom and dad met Tony Hillerman while he still lived and we have all his books. His daughter Anne’s books, which continue his work, are just as good. We hope the series will continue for a long time!

  20. I truly enjoyed every episode. I have read many of the Hillerman books. Enjoyed each and every book. I hope there will be many more episodes!

  21. My husband and I can’t wait to watch show again. I agree more episodes. When we seen the the Indian policeman from Longmire one of our other favorite s that we wish was more of. We were already hooked. Good to have old down to earth shows again.

  22. Excellent show and actors. Really looking forward to more seasons. 6 shows each season is not enough.

  23. I can’t help but a Google search might be useful for you. It depends where you’re based, I guess.

  24. Cannot wait for season 2. Love the show and even the theme music for the show! Zhan did not disappoint in this series just like the Longmire series he was in!!!!

  25. I have watched 4 episodes and have enjoyed them. I for some reason can’t seem to get the last 2 of the series. I would love to see them and not season. Please tell me what I have to do to get the last 2.

  26. Read the books and his daughters books. Great reads. Loved the series! Can’t wait for many more seasons!!

  27. “Dark Winds” Wins Best DramaTV Show,Acting,Directing,
    Writing, And location recording
    As genuine as it could be.
    If possible 10*Stars please .
    I beg you 🙏 😔 to allow me to receive this Show in Portugal 🇵🇹
    I’m becoming an expatriate.
    All my ❤️ Love to the Actors and
    All the Staff,
    Blessings to all!

  28. Can’t wait for season 2 to start! This is the best new show I’ve seen in a long time. Great cast, great acting fabulous show all around! Don’t make us wait till next year!

  29. Loved Dark Winds! Very entertaining and really liked the characters! So looking forward to another season.

  30. Having read all of Tony Hillerman’s novels I am thrilled that there will be another season.

  31. We loved this show. Cant wait for second season. Acting and characyers superb. About time we stsrted seeing how the “real, authentic americans”, have and are still being mistreated and taken advantage of.

  32. Loved it. Loved each character. This was one of the few series, besides Yellowstone, where it gets into the culture of the America Indians.
    Can’t wait for series 2.
    Thank you.

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