Has Control Z Been Renewed For Season 4? Here’s What We Know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

When Control Z was released in May 2020, the Mexican teen drama quickly became a hit with audiences. A second season followed in August 2021 and that also became essential viewing for many. In July of this year, a third season of the show arrived and with its fast-paced plot and relatively short run-time, fans of the show will likely have binged through it in one or two sittings. If you’re a fan, you are probably keen to see a season 4.

But has Control Z been renewed for a fourth season? Or is it time to say goodbye to the students at the National School and the hacker who has tormented them?

What is Control Z about?

The show, which has been created by Miguel García Moreno, Adriana Pelus, and Carlos Quintanilla, is about a group of college students whose secrets are released by a mysterious hacker. One student, Sofia, tries to figure out his/her identity and by the end of season 3, we finally find out who our antagonist is.

No spoilers in this article but we do have extensive coverage of Control Z across the site, including reviews for all 3 seasons. You can check those out HERE!

Will Control Z get a season 4?

Sadly, Control Z will not be getting a fourth season. The recently released season 3 was confirmed as the final season so we have now come to the end of Sofia and her gang’s story. This will be a disappointment to fans, especially those watching the show from Latin American countries where the series has been a big hit.

Why was Control Z cancelled?

There has been no official word on the series’ cancellation but it has likely ended because the story has now run its course. Our main protagonists graduated at the end of series 3 and the hacker’s identity (and their motivations) were revealed. As such, the story is now wrapped up so there is little reason for a season 4 to happen.

What happened at the end of season 3?

If you haven’t seen the season yet, we aren’t going to reveal exactly what happened here. However, if you’re worried that it might end on another cliffhanger, you can be put at ease. While there are some twists and turns during these final few episodes, the story comes to a natural end.

But if you would like to know how Control Z concludes, check out our Ending Explained article. We have delved into this final season, including the events of the final episode which draw things to a close.

Would you have liked to have seen Control Z return for a fourth season? Or do you think the story has run its course now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Has Control Z Been Renewed For Season 4? Here’s What We Know:”

  1. I dont understand Maria’s suicide (if it was) – why did she then take her own life? Regrets about the abortion? Or did she actually push teacher Susana? So many questions

  2. I actually agree w Crystal Castro as I too thought it was the ex-principal for the same reason she did!!!! but unlike most fans…I like Sophia with Raul…but I would also like a season 4!

  3. So some thinking! Even if Raul was the one behind all of it, i don’t think Sophie would care in a weird way she is just as obsessed with Raul as he is with her and fans should see that. I actually like Raul and Sophie together. In a way I think they work, since they both lowkey crazy for one another anyway. Or maybe i just like the bad boys better but still ahah! Also javi and nat are very cute! Talk about character development from her and gerry.

  4. It hasn’t been announced but there is clearly interest in a season 4! Here’s hoping!

  5. There still much more share about the characters. What if Javi is right and Raul has manipulated the whole thing. He’s not a good person and will harm Sofia if he doesn’t get his way. It would be nice to see everyone flourishing in their own way. Too many unfinished business. A fourth season is needed and much appreciated.

  6. I’m a senior citizen and I really enjoyed the series. I’ll never understand why any popular series is canceled. Netflix has always been good about picking up such series, so for them to cancel a number 1 series is usual. I do hope Netflix will create a 4th season , especially with Javi and Sophie being together at the end. Raul should not have her.

  7. Thanks for your comments! A mini series would be good but there is no news on that…yet! Here’s hoping!

  8. There are so many stories that can come from this show. It doesn’t have to end. If they need help we can write it for them lol. I honestly thought the Ex principal was the hacker in the last season because he was up Sophias a**. I also want to see what happens with her and her newly found sister. And With Gerry living with the mom of the boy he killed… and the guy from the club who they showed him reuniting with at the end. And Alex didn’t get a fair ending AT ALL….

  9. i would sooo love for a season 4. like honestly i need to know what happened to bernardo. i mean, gerry and him were probably the best ship in the entire show (other and javi and sofia) so i am really hoping for more of them like resolving their conflicts and stuff. and gerry just came out and it all seemed a bit rushed. but most importantly, season 3 ends with javi’s weird conclusions (as quoted by sofia) and it makes me wonder if javi is actually correct! and also, javi and sofia will always be my otp (i don’t rlly like natalia sorry) so yea. i need a season 4 netflix. and like GERRY. he just got things right. if netflix won’t give a whole series then maybe they could do like a mini series with javi and sofia, gerry and bernardo, and possibly alex and someone new that she meets?but that’s probably not gonna’ happen so i’m jushing wishing.

    thank you for listening to my ted talk 🥲

  10. Season 4 Sofia needs to get the full story please bring season 4 Javier and Sofia should be the end story ❤🙂

  11. Ofc we want Season 4 bruh..Sofia doesn’t know yet that Raul was a part of it I mean like Javier told her and it hasn’t been proved so that leaves us with another unsolved mystery..and we all know “Sofia can’t resist a mystery”

  12. It’s unlikely to happen but you never know… if fans demand it, a new series could happen.

  13. I would LOVE to see a season 4. While season 3 doesn’t really leave us with a “cliffhanger”, it does still leave us questioning whether or not Raul had more to do with everything than he let on. It leaves us wondering if Javi was right or on to something with his “crazy theories”. & I’m sorry, but I SINCERELY wanted Javi & Sofia together. Their love is just SO beautiful 😭❤️

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