Has Barry been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed or Cancelled?

It would be a bit unfair on Bill Hader to say that there weren’t many expectations from ‘Barry’. In umpteen SNL productions and skits, we were familiarized with his versatile brand of comedy. Putting the same into a box is an unworthy exercise as it does not conform to a single archetype. However, Hader’s dramatic prowess was surprising.

In fact, for the first two seasons, it was the dramatic heft within the show and especially his performance, that was the talk of the town.

‘Barry’s delightful service of dark humor, intertwined with drama that has depth and direction makes it a fan favorite. Season 3 has just concluded, giving the story another fresh twist that will definitely freshen things up. Characteristically, the recent season is full of life and benefits from a narrative seeking new measures of darkness in the show’s complex universe.

If you have finished season 3, you may be wondering if the show has been renewed for a new one. The twist, in the end, suggests that it has. Read ahead to find the answer!

What is Barry Season 3 about?

Carrying on from the previous season’s peak when Fuches reveals to Gene that it was Barry who killed Janice, the new season focuses on Barry coming to terms with his actions. He seeks forgiveness and tries to give himself a second chance.

Although the penance is yet to be done – or maybe the torture is penance itself – the former marine feels he can be redeemed. As the season trudges on, he is further distanced from the people is a supposed “tock” to – Gene and Sally. The two are in reality struggling with problems in their own lives.

The most impressive and noticeable change in the season has been an added dimension of existential introspection of the characters. Hader and Berg have not shied away from probing their experiment, visually or aesthetically. It was a bit of a hit and miss but thankfully, more of the former.

In hindsight, it did eat up some of the screen time for humor in the show, as these themes took on more importance. But the small jolts that were spread in between the episodes were thoroughly well written and performed.

Has Barry been renewed for Season 4?

The answer is yes! The big announcement came this Wednesday by HBO itself. Hader will take the role of director for all the episodes. It is a big task – and accomplishment – for him. If his work in season three is anything to go by, the reins for season four are in safe hands.

LA will become the location for shooting, again, while some parts of the show will be shot outside the studio as well. The filming is all set to begin this month itself. Hader revealed after the finale aired that the process for outlining season four began as early as June 2020 over zoom calls. So a season four was actually never in doubt.

Announcing the renewal, Amy Gravitt, EVP Programming at HBO, said “Bill, Alec, and the entire cast and crew delivered an exquisite third season of Barry, it’s a masterful blend of laughs and suspense. I’m so happy to announce that we are picking up the fourth season.”

What we know about Season 4 so far:

When asked indirectly about some details for season four, Hader was coy. And understandably so. There haven’t been a lot of discussions on it except for the part that Barry will now have to serve a prison sentence with Fuchs in there.

Hader revealed his excitement at getting the chance to guide the narrative himself for season four and his fascination with true crime. “I’ve always viewed this as one big Vanity Fair article. I love true-crime stuff, so this is just the part where it’s like, ‘And then he got caught, and then this happened.’ And there’s so much more to it.”

Sally, Hank, and Gene have all lost their “purity” in some ways after the events of the finale. They have separated their own ways and Hader has not been subtle with the question if we will see them taste blood again.

Given that writing on season 4 is already underway, it’s not unreasonable to expect it to premiere sometime in late April or early May of 2023.


Are you happy to see Barry return for fourth season? What’s been your favourite part of season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. A splendid piece of work! Thoroughly enjoyed past seasons and episodes , look forward to S4!

  2. It should of ended after season 1 truthfully, as it would have been a one of the best mini series ever, It couldn’t be anymore perfect including the ending. But I have enjoyed these last 2 seasons also. And here after 3. again a chance to wrap it up, another masterful season and the ending wraps it up nicely. I’m scared, even though Hader, and Berg. are geniuses, that we’ll get a less than perfect season eventually and it will ruin it in someway just like Game of Thrones with season 8.

  3. A 4th season is so necessary! There are too many loose threads after the shocking Season 3 ending!

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