Has ‘American Horror Stories’ Been Renewed For Season 3? Here’s What We Know

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Anthology series have always been very popular, especially those within the horror genre. The Twilight Zone played with themes of terror back in the 1960s and in the years since, we have had such shows as Hammer House of Horror, Tales From the Crypt, and Channel Zero.

In 2021, American Horror Stories became the latest anthology series to hit our screens and a second season has recently dropped on Hulu in the US. The first episode of Season 2 stars Dennis O’Hare as a man who turns women into dolls and you can check out our preview of episode 2 here.

But will American Horror Stories get a third season? Its partner show, American Horror Story, has had 10 seasons so far and an 11th season is on the way so it’s only logical that this spinoff series should also get another season, right? Here’s what we know.

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Will American Horror Stories Get A Season 3?

According to Premiere Date, there has been no news of a renewal yet. This doesn’t mean a third season won’t be announced but we might have to wait a few more months before confirmation is made of the show’s cancellation or renewal.

The decision to renew the show or not will likely be influenced by reviews and viewing figures. We didn’t rate American Horror Stories: Season 1 highly, mainly because of the half-baked scripts and lack of any real scares. Many other critics had similar views to ourselves but when it comes to Season 2, it would appear that early reviews have been far kinder.

If the rest of the second season is an improvement on the first season, it could be assumed that Season 3 will be given the green light. Of course, the show was renewed for Season 2 despite the bad reviews, so it might be that a third season is given the go-ahead regardless of critical opinion!

When will we get to see American Horror Stories Season 3?

If a third season is confirmed, the likely date is some time in July next year. Season 1 and Season 2 premiered in July in 2021 and 2022 respectively so it’s not illogical to suppose Season 3 will follow suit.

What stories will feature in American Horror Stories Season 3?

So far, we have had stories about demons, haunted houses, and camping trips gone wrong, but as for what might happen in Season 3, we cannot say for sure. More information will be released if the show is confirmed for renewal so for now, we can only imagine the kinds of dark stories that the writers might come up with.

How many episodes will there be in American Horror Stories Season 3?

The first season had 7 and the second season has 9 so Season 3 will likely have around the same number. As there is no information on the third season, all we can do is speculate.

Where can I watch American Horror Stories?

US viewers can catch the show on Hulu and UK viewers can stream it on Disney+. If you are in the UK, only the first season of American Horror Stories is available at the moment but the second is expected soon.

A quick Google search will let you know where you can watch the series if you’re outside of the US and UK.

That’s all we know for now but we aim to update this page when more information is released.

Are you looking forward to American Horror Stories returning for a third season? What do you want to see in Season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Has ‘American Horror Stories’ Been Renewed For Season 3? Here’s What We Know”

  1. Thankfully there will be a Season 3…. they were filming it not too far from me over the summer 💛 cant wait!

  2. I hope there is a third season. Just finished the second. Yes, it’s cheesy but that’s part of the fun! I think they have a decent build-up in many of the episodes. It’s just scary enough that I can watch it and not be on-edge for the next several nights. I wouldn’t watch it if it were that way. It’s more about the mystery with some horror, maybe some gore, and a little comedy.I like the messages in some episodes, even if I don’t think it’s a “good” message it makes it interesting on a sociological level. AHS as a whole; has been very consistent about expanding that aspect of the horror genre. Some of the episodes like the doll one are such a visual treat, even less visually appealing like the bloody Mary, were fun cinematography in different ways (mirrors in the forest). In both AHS series I enjoy; seeing guest actors including Judith Light, Rebecca Dayan (who looks like Emma Roberts), and the repeats like the ADORABLE Cody Fern. Thanks for reading! 2-c-

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