Has Your Honor been renewed for season 3? Here is what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Your Honor is one of the most impressive legal dramas from the last two years. The Showtime drama surprised everyone with its depth and compelling narrative. Bryan Cranston took on the role of Michael Desiato, a judge fighting to save his son, with a great understanding of his conflicted moral fabric. The show tackled many important themes about justice, power, race, and the inescapable vicious cycle of crime.

Season 2 has officially come to an end after the finale aired this Sunday. After finishing the whole series, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Your Honor Season 2 about?

Season 2 picked up from the aftermath of the party where Eugene ended up shooting Adam. Michael, who was serving time inside, was recruited by Olivia, an AUSA, looking to catch Jimmy Baxter and Mayor Charlie Figaro.

Against his will, he had to work undercover and report on Baxter’s shady dealings. Big Mo, the matriarch of Desire, vied for control over the French Quarters with Jimmy and Gina and looked to expand her drug empire in the city. She also had a personal arch where she got involved with Janelle, who confronted Monique about a tough choice between business and love.

Eugene was looking to establish his name again and seek justice for what happened to his family. He was scared after running away and being helped by Little Mo. Fia grew closer to Michael and went farther away from her own family. Season 2 confronted the characters with tough choices about the personal cost of their actions.

We have extensive coverage of Your Honor across the site, including recaps for every episode and full season reviews. You can check those out HERE!

Has Your Honor been renewed for season 3?

Your Honor will not be renewed for season 3. The revelation came back many months ago when Showtime announced that the show would be ending after this season.

Originally, it was planned as a solitary season but due to its overwhelming viewership count, it was renewed for another season. One felt the pressing vacuum in the story given how season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. That is why season 2 has ended in a manner that feels complete and gives you closure about all the characters and subplots. Bryan Cranston confirmed the same in an interview before anyone else came forward with the news.

What we know about season 3 so far:

Since the show has not been renewed for season 3, we do not have any more details to bring to you about it. However, if by some miracle it does come back or the creators change their mind, we’ll be sure to update you on that one!

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  1. There is still so many loose ends to tie up another season would be fantastic and think of all the awards this superb drama would get, there is no way you can leave it so get off your backsides and start writing the new season, also there’s potential for spin-offs how can you not carry on it’s a goldmine

  2. Great series to watch! Bryan is such an amazing actor. The show deserve to air longer than what they intend to! Looking forward to watch more of YOUR HONOR!!

  3. Great series to watch. Bryan is such an amazing actor. The show deserve to air longer than what they intend to! Looking forward to watch more of YOUR HONOR!!

  4. I loved the show “Your Honor” & I, too, would really like a season 3 .. at least for a better wrap-up of what happens with all the characters. Excellent program!!

  5. Nope, just nope!! There needs to be a third season. There is still a lot to be told…season two left many loose ends…We need to find out what happens with most of the cast…let season three wrap it all up in a nice little ball…it’ll be like a nice present for the viewers!!

  6. Don’t leave loose ends unless you’re going for another season! Please pretty please

  7. Season three its a most, we need to know what happen ti Michael, Jimmy Baxter… Your Honor has been one of the best shows in Showtime.
    Please give us Season Three.

  8. Hell no! More of this series should come out. Many would want to see how Michael, Jimmy would fare. This is one of the best series man has ever produced. It’s so touching and enriching in real-life.

  9. Please more of “Your Honor “.So much more to give.This has to be the best series for years and it shows with all the comments so far.All actors are Brilliant in this and storylines have been superb.Love,love love Bryan Cranston.We all want to see Jimmy come back so it can be done surely.This has to continue somehow.

  10. More please! In any Mafia style killing, any two shots to the body are always followed up with two shots to the head… to make a certainty of it. That didn’t happen. So Jimmy was left alive and able to open his eyes. There can only be one reason for this… Series 3!!!

  11. I agree with all these favourable comments.
    How can you not keep this going?
    Brian Cranston is brilliant in this and all of his work.
    PLEASE renew this outstanding series?

  12. I’ve watched several series and “Your Honor” is by far the absolute best of them ALL!!! I loved how each episode enticed you to continue watching. Like others here, the last episode of Season 2 left too many loose ends opened. The writers & actors are brilliant. Please Peter, Ron, Alison & David give your fans a complete ending. You are truly amazing! Thanks!

  13. A very well written show, but a terrible ending no winners. Maybe that is the reality evil always prevails. A fantastic show depicting how crime affects the poor and the justice system that punishes the have-nots. Showtime would be similar to end this superb tale the way they did in season 2. Run with a good thing. Don’t cut off a winner.

  14. I just saw there would not be a season 3. Are you serious. I rarely watch too many series, but this one was outstanding. Left a great ending to build off of. Why would you not renew??!! Showtime, best and most popular series you ever did. Bring on a season 3 please!!!!!!

  15. Spin-Off: Come up with some plots.

    “Judgment Day”
    “The Lawyer”
    “The Cop”
    “Family Ties”
    “Mama’s Boy”
    “The Hitman”
    “The Witness”
    “The Jailbird”
    “The Vigilante”
    “The Investigator”
    “Corrupt mayor”
    “Conti Mob”
    New court trials.
    “The Drug Game(similar to The Wire)”
    “A Father Revenge”

  16. Season 1 I thought could have stood alone. Loose ends tied up, everything was finished. Then season 2 came along and proved me wrong.
    Season 2 finished with clearly no ends tied up. Jimmy is not dead, hell be back with a vengeance to seek revenge on his (now ex) missus and on Michael. It’s gotta happen! Now!!

  17. I love this show!! I agree with the other comments, Season 2 did not tie up loose ends. It actually opened up many doors for several seasons to come. I believe it would dishonor the show to stop at this point. It is a very well written and executed. I would love to see more Seasons.

  18. Please let there be a season 3. This is the most compelling 2 series of all time. Mr Cranston is brilliant. Please don’t leave us hanging another series is needed

  19. Super brilliant show. Lots of great acting from all the cast. Surely, the wicked can’t just get away with it scot free. Season 2 didn’t exactly end as if all the all the threads, bar that of Eugene had come to conclusive ends. A season 3 has to be made to end everything conclusively. I hope and pray for it.

  20. The wicked can’t just walk away scot free. Season 2 did not end did as if it was meant to end as a final conclusion. The stories and sub plots leave many questions open to be finally answered and closed. I do hope a season 3 is planned to end it all befittingly.

  21. I really loved this series. Both Seasons 1 & 2 held you on your seat. I feel it has been left open with Jimmy opening his eyes at the end. Why would they let him live if they’re not going to consider making another season??? The actors were so believable also.

  22. Please please bring a season 3 , we need more drama and lots more action , and it’s an excellent show , it’s one of the best I’ve seen , all the actors and actresses were amazing !!!!

  23. Outstanding acting and story lines. Are you really going to cancel the best drama on tv, your best series EVER?
    10 more episodes to finalize it all for good and properly! The show and the fans deserve it.
    Thank you.

  24. Please give us another season of Your Honor. It didn’t leave us closure, so much more to come. The end is still incomplete 😢 I want more of what’s to become of everyone. Did the judge go back to prison? Jimmy is still alive, papa Conti in prison what’s to become of him and the rest of the family. Not to mention Baby Rocko. We need closure for sure.

  25. It can end that way. It is so unclear or what’s too come. I am unhappy about this decision.

  26. This is a fantastic series please bring it back the acting is super. One of the best shows on cable. Please bring it back!!

  27. This was a fabulous series !! Great actors & actresses !! Please reconsider and bring Series 3

  28. Please please please!!!!! Bring it back… it is fantastic outstanding television!!! Godspeed to the genius’s who put this series together! bring back bring back oh bring back your honor to me to me🙏

  29. We need a season 3. You need to show where Gina is getting back that racial hate she gives, and she needs to get it back for what she did to Eugene Jones family. Also, she killed the Jones family not Jimmy Baxter. Eugene Jones ( Benjamin Flores) was excellent in is his role. He has a great acting career ahead of him.
    I know he is in witness protection, but we need to see more of him. Also, the NOPD needs to be investigated.

  30. Please bring the show back for another season. I want to see more. I watched from the beginning and then got my daughter involved. We always watch it together then talk about the episode. We will be heart broken if there is not a season 3.

  31. Here’s a series with good drama ! kind of godfather movie quality, each character has a pashion, it’s about family, some try to do the best, others are devious, winners and losers, the last episode left some open ends, which should be filled in, so, yes, there should at least be a 3rd series !

  32. lol what is this?! tbh I really wasn’t much a fan of S1. There were so many annoying bits about Adam that made me want to pull my hair out, but S2 was a fun ride. I enjoyed it so much. I find it interesting that they would think S1 left people hanging (it did not for me) and S2 ties up all the loose ends…uhh it didn’t tie anything up! The way they ended it made me think, oh I guess they got the go-ahead for S3, that’s exciting. I come here to find out that’s not the case at all, I am flabbergasted. If S2 did better than S1 then I implore showtime to bring it back because this is incredibly unsatisfying to end the show like this..smh

  33. Why??!! A season 3 is the least the producers can do. I need to know what happened to the mayor, to Fia and her father, since he survived

  34. Nooooo!!! Just watched episode 10. Does Michael really turn himself in and go back to jail?! There’s no way after everything he did! And for Fia to give the baby up for adoption?!?! Come onnnnnn!!!!!

  35. Too many loose ends to just end it. So many questions and I have to say that the ending of that last episode was disappointing. Did Carlo even shed a tear over his fathers shooting?? Fia just gives up her baby for adoption just like that? Jimmy isn’t dead? Michael Desiato just walks back into prison? Come on.

  36. Please give us another season. This is the best series . My sister in Texas & myself in Chicago are mesmerized by all the twists & turns. We discuss it all the time & are so upset it’s ended. There are definitely story lines available!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  37. Season 2 didn’t complete anything!!!! With a Jimmie opening his eyes there’s plenty to go forward. Someone needs to kill that bitch mother and the grandfather!!

    Please bring it back

  38. Come on!!! You cannot leave us hanging. It’s too good a show to drop it noe. I want FIA to back & get her son. We need to see what’s gonna happen with the Baxter Mafia. Don’t stop now.

  39. Bring it back!!!!!!!!! I have many questions!!!!!!!!!! Also, it’s to good to be cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Not having a 3rd season is a bummer!!!! The show was great, and it Hasson much material fora 3rd season. Lot of loose ends, like, what about the mayor? The closing of Desiato’s wife murder? The drug mobsters and the Baxter? Carlo paying for his crimes?? Well there were lots of lots of lots of plots to go on for a 3rd season!! Ending a show like that is a real shame!!!

  41. We need a season 3!!! It’s too good to cancel. Cancel something else! Lol. This show is amazing and the characters are perfect! We need to see Fia take down Lady Baxter and Eugene become mayor of New Orleans and Judge Desiato successful again. This show is too good to cancel.

  42. The show is great! I agree with everyone on this post. We are left hanging with so many unanswered questions. There has to be a season 3.

  43. Great show! Leaving season 2 with so many story lines was a mistake. There has to be a season 3. Jimmy awakening after being shot… what retaliation will he have against Gina and her dad? Fia left baby Rocco for adoption to go where and do what? Big Moe and Gina’s mutual agreement. Where was Michael leaving off to? So was Eugene just let off the hook going into protective custody? I mean come on Showtime, we need answers.

  44. Its seems Cranston does not want to make the time commitment based on articles i am reading. Sad, but there is no show without Michael Desiato @bryancranston

  45. Season 3 please!!!!!!!!! This show is so good & the real head of the Baxters need revenge against that bitch wife of his

  46. Jimmy Baxter opened his eyes. She had him shot and her own dad imprisoned for it to get to the head of the family. We need a season 3 to make that b**** pay! Michael goes to prison and Mr Mayor skates? I respect keeping your mouth shut and doing your time but there has to be a subplot or two along that line as well.

  47. Your Honor was the best show I’ve seen in many years. The writing was brilliant and the cast members were outstanding! I’m so sad to hear there won’t be a season 3. I would like to see Michael get out of prison and very curious to see what happens to the Baxter family with the Wife in charge, but her husband wakes up! Please bring us a season 3, this show is excellent. Thank you.

  48. Please Please bring it back for more seasons!! One of the BEST shows ever! There’s more to be told and revealed.

  49. I felt like they definitely left enough loose ends for a third season. Jimmy appeared to be dead but then opened his eyes, Gina and Big Mo made a deal together and it looked like they were going to continue a partnership, Fia was headed somewhere and she needs to process all the betrayal she has experienced in a very short timeframe. And then there’s Carlo – you could do plenty with his character. It needs to come back. And soon.

  50. Please please I beg you for session 3. I love the show and love the entire cast members. It must go on. Don’t end it like this with the monster waking in hospital after being shot. We must have real closure like a bomb go off in the club taking out the entire family would be closure.

  51. I thought there wud be a season 3 as its so brilliantly written and easy to watch and with Jimmy opening his eyes and Eugene getting a new life.. there has to be another one 🙏🏽
    Best series I’ve watched since Scandal and that is the best series by far! 💯 👌🏽

  52. Loved what we have so far but with the teaser of Jimmie Baxter opening his eyes after getting shot and the father going to jail….would love to see a season 3.

  53. Please bring the show back, it’s one of the best shows I have watched, very disappointed to hear that there won’t be a season 3

  54. Please bring the show back, it’s one of the best shows I have watched, very disappointed to hear that there won’t be a season 3

  55. I loved this show…please bring back season 3!! There is still so much more that can be done.

  56. Finally, a show ends when it should in a way that is explainable to anyone who watched both seasons. To extend for another season would be dragging it out and clawing for subjects to expand on.

    It was a great show, allow it to live on as it closed the way a drama should. There are things which could be expanded on, but really, the characters left are simply unlikable, shallow and mean. They would be a tough Cast to write a unique script for.
    Your Honor one of the best Drama series in a few years.

  57. The beginning of season 2 wasn’t the best but started to really get fired up after episode 3 or 4. Great series, one of the best. Hoping for a season 3.

  58. Yes…”Your Honor” has been by far one of the greatest series within the past few years! Hoping for another season, but if not it was great while it lasted!!

  59. It would be crazy not to have a Season 3. It’s a fabulous Series, and the viewers are dying for another season!! I hope the creators don’t get “off a winning horse” !! Bring on Season 3 !!! <3 #YourHonor

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