Has Willow been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Willow is the latest fantasy series that takes a beloved franchise and adds in a dose of teen angst and a longform story. After finishing all 8 episodes, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Willow Season 1 about?

20 years after vanquishing queen Bavmorda and the forces of evil, sorcerer Willow Ufgood is back and leads a group of misfits on a dangerous rescue mission. With Airk off in the dangerous lands with the Crone, it’s up to arrogant Kit, her knight-in-training Jade, prisoner Boorman and Prince Graydon to join the Chosen One, Elora, to save the day.

We have extensive coverage of Willow across the site, including a full season review and recaps for every episode. You can find those HERE!

Has Willow been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Willow has not been renewed for a second season. In fact, it has been confirmed by Empire that the show has been cancelled

Generally Disney and other streamers gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Disney make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, Willow has had a pretty poor reaction, both from critics and audiences alike. Unlike Blood Origin, another fantasy show released this month, Willow has had a softer reaction from the fanbase but it’ll be interesting to see what the audience think of this one at the end.

Given the ending, and Disney’s reluctance at renewing many of its shows recently, we predict that Willow will not be renewed for a second season.

We’ll be sure to update this section with accurate details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Disney have not green-lit a sequel. However, we do know that Warwick Davies is up for another round of magic and fantasy, while the writers are apparently begging Disney to green-light this one.

But as mentioned above, this will not be renewed. We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see Willow return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

101 thoughts on “Has Willow been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I loved the film I must have watched it 20 times the series was absolutely brilliant I would love to see a second season it was brilliant

  2. A children’s fantasy series preoccupied with a lesbian teen romance at the expense of an actual plot that makes sense? Yeah, no thanks. The show is actually terrible by just about any measure. I was probably the biggest Willow fan out there before this unwatchable garbage was released, but now I hope that its abysmal audience scores put it out of its misery.

  3. I like the very first original Willow. Now they have series out and it was really incredible to watch. I hope that they do continue with the series and come out with a second season.

  4. Must. Have. More.
    By far the best series I’ve watched on Disney. It’s a no brainer that there must be a season 2. And 3…

  5. Honestly willow was a childhood favorite of mine along with most sword and sorcery movies this series really impressed me and now just like every other streaming service they refuse to continue what they started this series has what it takes to be great but there unwilling to do it I’m seriously about over all streaming services they all suck they either ruin a series or cancel them even if they are good

  6. Please renew I loved this show it was an amazing follow up to the Film, cast did a great job especially Warwick. Please renew

  7. Yes yes yes must do a second season and more I remember watching the film when I was little girl and now as a mother and a granny I’m loving the continuation from the movie there brilliantly done and I look forward to watching the next one on Wednesday but there no more and there needs to be it can’t end like that there got to be another season
    Please please please don’t leave us in suspense like that please next season please

  8. Please! I love this show. I have watched the last two episodes twice and parts of them several times. The ending was awesome, leaving a ton of questions I want answered so badly. It got better and better with every episode – the future will be great!

  9. I agree. I would love to see a sequel as well. I like stories that come to a definitive ending, and this one is not done yet.

  10. I loved this that’s it’s not a remake.that alot of the original cast is still in it or has some type of mention..and that they are all grown up. And it’s continuing with the next chapter.. please bring in a season 2 plus more there’s so many adventures that they can do and so much evil to conquer…

  11. I’m with everyone else on this. PLEASE, PLEASE have a season two. I look forward to Wednesdays so that I can enjoy seeing what antics Willow and his crew will be up to next. Absolutely loving this series.

  12. Are you serious? Do all of you work for Disney? Huge fan of the original Willow and Disney destroyed it. Willow is a nobody. The writers are so inconsistent it’s unbelievable that this was ever produced. One word – flamethrower – prove me wrong…

  13. First I didn’t even know Disney done series. Until I was trying to find the actual movie for my 7yr old. Second yes get another season this one is addictive. Brings back memories for the actual movie when I was a kid.

  14. This show is absolutely wonderful and I really hope they renew it. It picked up right where it left off in the movie. Absolutely wonderful love the magic the fairies the trolls everything all of it absolutely every moment of the show was wonderful. My family was hooked!

  15. I have loved season one and it is amazing I would really love to see the next chapter of their adventure and where it will take them next am I know that they can’t leave season one like this. ❤️❤️

  16. At first few episodes I wasn’t taken with it ,but after watching it all ; got into all of the characters & really loved it, I am hoping Disney + continues the series, It would be a shame to have it end in limbo!!

  17. Yes the movie was awesome, i was 8 when it first came out, and i still love watching the movie to this day, and the show was amazing, please renew for season 2 and more and more seasons

  18. Great show… My kids are obsessed… This must be renewed!!! Season 2 with Val Kilmer would be epic! If the numbers are poor it’s because of a lack of advertising. Please renew season 2!!!!

  19. Absolutely need a season 2 you can’t end it on a cliffhanger like that and then not renew it! Great movie great series definitely want more!!!!!!

  20. My husband and I LOVED the show, that my grandson who is 11 has been watching it and likes it too. We can’t wait to S2 comes out SO PLEASE RENEW IT!!!

  21. I loved the movie and I love the show. The reason why I renewed my membership to Disney is because of this show. I would really love to see more seasons of this please.

  22. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Willow, both the movie and now the series…. I like the humour and the the portrayal of magic and the characters.
    I would very much like to see another series.

  23. Origanal movie was 35millon and made almost 150millon Disney budget per episode is 25 million so it really comes down to did it draw in new subscribers and how much current subscribers have watched it. (When I go up to bed I going to start it on episode 1 and let it play while I sleep as if I binge it since I watch each week) till they make s2 of some marvel shows it’s hit and miss with Disney if not for being linked with hulu I probably would had dropped it and picked it back up when there a deal like 1.99m for first 3 months but both hulu and Disney put out shows that are must watch shows (BLEACH TYBW DISNEY BEST PICK UP since subtitles for 1st 4 wks then start adding 1 dub each week after and runs 12-13 episodes per part of 4 it be no more 2.5 months Tops before next part starts just depends on if you start it at end of sub or dub )

    None the less they had great idea for fairly inexpensive show to make to scrap after 1 season be foolish show like that could either be done post production and filming very fast or could drag it out and make it a once a year thing if so Disney be much better off doing 10 episodes 5 and 5 with a 5-10 week break in-between airing just to keep people subscribed and not cancel when season ends or wait till done binge it on free trial 7hrs 30-40m tops run time if skip recap and credits easy to do in a day or weekend

  24. Waiting for espoide 8 to air be watch at 3am est. As long as Val only guest stars in an episode or 2 I can’t see the production of the movie costing more then it will generate for Disney even with fair veiwer numbers. There no over the top cgi or anything that would cost a lot espoide 7 was mostly traveling on a marsh (if you can walk on it its not a sea in my opinion) the mud creature could been easily done be it cig or even Animatronics Disney has plenty they could pop on new “skin” and it be done best cgi was the stars scene where looked like they were in space with reflection in water even I side mountain prior episode would be child’s play for Disney to cig task a new hire with it. The biggest thing would be where it’s filmed at and how much is cgi e7 could been done in a warehouse with some water and sand piles on floor with distance being cgi and this is Disney one of the best at cgi so walk in the park honestly even a second season either 10 long or tie up movie would cost Disney less then did to make original movie.

    In no way do I think the quality suffered at all just time and technology has progress that for a show like this most budget going to producers location and actors there no break through cgi which I like it still has same feel as the original movie did (with better picture quality)
    Unless they have episode 8 be longer the others thar ran 48-56 minutes long if skipped credits and recaps and the do either a nice bow a wrap up everything with no lead in to season 2 which cant see happen since producers say they want bring Val back in S2 so I sure the big bad will be at least put in check or defeated but with so other big bad shown at very end as opening for season 2 be nice see Val in mid credits scene where he able to reach his daughter and let her know how to find him to let season 2 be search for him just because it limits his screen time thus saves lots of money for Disney they could do all his minor scene like the ones with his son all in a few days and bring back on set for last 1 or 2 espoide of season 2 and get any re takes needed.

  25. Listen, you cannot bring willow back after 34+ years of existence and just cancel it, (unless you just break down and make a movie sequel Willow 2) now there are some things in the show that I don’t agree with (things towards end of season 1 start getting a bit to quickly dramatic and desperate) which I get the whole, “they may not give us a second season so we need to make it exciting for ratings” kind of vibe, but this series aside from any marvel stuff (most of it, some is junk, only my opinion) are the only 2 things I’ve watched on Disney since I have had it. If they can’t find a way to bring back an all-time classic movie story that alot of us older generation-type people enjoy, I think it’s pointless to even have a first season! Disney, you have gained a reputation for not giving alot of series’ enough time to get established. And I understand you are a business, but sometimes you need to understand that patience is a virtue. I will campaign if I have to for a second season to everyone I know. Story got too good towards end with alot of unanswered questions to something that is AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC in the film industry. Also, talk to the writers and give them input…help yourselves out… and give it a go all thumbs here fore season 2 and beyond. 👍👍

  26. PLEASE, I NEED TO SEE SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do us like that!!!!!!
    I love Willow!!!!!
    Always have and will!!!

  27. PLEASE RENEW WILLOW!! I was a big fan of the original movie and this sequel is well done. If you dont like it, fine, but thats not a reason to cancel a beloved story. Relax and enjoy Willow. Escape to this fantasy and stop being so critical of every little thing. Warwick is a fine actor. I could go on but Disney, DO NOT LEAVE ALL OF US HANGING, that love this production and have invested in Disney to see it through.

  28. I grew up with willow and trilt when the made this show and it’s amazing and I really hope the make a second season it stil has so much to offer and these days you see so much garbage on streaming services that this show really was enlightening and super to watch.

  29. Please do not renew this mess of a show. I got up to episode three and realized I would rather look at 20 year old troll dung petrified in Tir Asleen. No thanks. Hope Time Bandits is adapted better then Willow was.

  30. Please renew- I never binge watch and have these entire 7 episodes!!! Willow was awesome when I was a kid and it’s great to see all the characters come back to keep the original story alive… not to mention we need to give Val an opportunity to make his special appearance as Madmardegan!
    Please renew there is so much other crap on TV.

  31. Kids & I are really enjoying it and would love a season #2! The show really keeps getting stronger as it goes through season 1!

  32. My kids and I watched the first Willow when they were early elementary age and loved it. We watched the new series together and love it. Hoping it is renewed to continue the saga. Please renew this to season 2

  33. Follow up, after seeing the entire first season. I definitely want to see more.
    Yes there are a few annoying storyline parts.
    I get frustrated with the writing and decisions/situations of some of the characters and the group/party in general.
    Example: is Willow a sorcerer or not? Because there are times when Willow seems quite powerful and times where he isn’t.
    Similar with Elora Danan.
    But remain interested in seeing how it unfolds and plays out.
    Hoping that Disney+ does not leave us hanging here.

  34. LOVED it!! Absolutely renew!!! Renew….Renew…..Renew…………. I’m hoping this spell brings on season 2!!

  35. I watched the original movie a 100 times in the last 40 years, and I think I will be watching the serie many times as well. The first season of this journey cannot end here. I need more, lots more! Willow was my hero then and his still my favorite Dongeon Master!

  36. Two thoughts.
    1. I had not seen the Willow movie in SO LONG that I have forgotten the original story and so there are gaps in my memory and some of the new story themes are confusing.
    2. The first episode was amusing, fun, interesting and ended with a hilarious climax with a disobedient horse charging forward when told to stop saving the day. That is the type of writing that keeps my interest, I LOVE surprises. Halfway through the first season of viewing so far there are frustrating parts, and areas that could be improved on significantly.
    3. If a second season were created I have enough interest to watch. I literally stayed up late and just watched half of the first season last night and was interested enough to look up the forums for response to comment on.
    4. Note: some of the story and show feel like they were rushed through production and post with a lot of sloppy story telling and editing. That is the nature of television vs movies, but this is a story that could be epic given the deserved attention or a massive flop if there are too many sloppily done story lines.

  37. Love it, love Willow! Good story and should be renewed. I would always follow a fantasy story like this. Thanks, and looking forward for season 2 of Willow!

  38. Yes please to Season 2 of Willow. Love Warwick and the rest of the cast. OK the show has its ups and down IMO but it was worth watching. So definitely worth another season!

  39. This Willow series could be great, but so far it is not great. It is compelling, though, and their expanded world leaves so many stories yet to tell. (Like where did Jade’s sister go?) I would definitely vote for another season; give the writers a chance to make it great. And I’ll take all the Warwick Davis I can get. I do wish he had more screen time – it is named “Willow” after all.
    Thank you for creating this; what an absolute treat it’s been to get more Willow (even if it could be much better.)

  40. They better do more! My kids and I absolutely LOVE it! With the original cast is so incredibly impressive 👏 😍 🙌 👌 we NEED more willow!!!

  41. Please after so long we get more Willow! Please please, please add more seasons! We need more! I took my son to the movie when he was in a carry car seat in 1988. Today we continue the tradition and sit in our living room and watch the series. Please renew for season 2!!!

  42. Begging Disney to green-lit a season 2!!!
    I loved willow as a kid and am loving the expansion of the world that is being created in this series!!

  43. We’ve already waited 20 years for this series!! Don’t wanna have to wait for another 20 for season 2!!

  44. I love the Willow TV series. I have no idea why there seems to be people out there who don’t love it. I’m definitely part of the fan base. I like the special brand of comedy they’re bringing to it. Thraxus Boorman is my favorite character this season. He has the best lines, he’s hilarious and unpredictable. I’m also a big fan of Prince Graydon. The weird mustache was off-putting at first, glad they shaved that off! I like the girl on girl romance as well. It’s feels like a college romance set in a medieval fantasy world. I love this series and I think the writers did a good job of conveying a tricky brand of humor. I definitely want many more seasons of this show in the future.

  45. Yes please!! I have loved Willow from the beginning!! Now a sequel, that is amazing! Please let us follow Willow and his lovely new friends for more adventures! I just love the cast!! They are so wonderful!!

  46. PLEASE!!! I’m begging you Disney as a true Willow fan, literally watched it to fall asleep to and all day long as a toddler/kid, I watched it so much my parents had to get me a new Tape. I love the movie and the show just as much. This needs a Second Season. It can’t be over. The show is so funny and full of adventure, it was perfectly made. I’m sure there are enough fans to renew it for a second season!!!!

  47. Season 1 of Willow has been amazing. I’m completely invested in all of the characters. I want to learn more of the backstory for Prince Graydon and why he was possessed as a boy and why his father doesn’t seem to like him. I want to know what really happened between Boorman and Mad Mardigan. There are so many ways to keep this series interesting and going for another couple seasons. Please don’t cancel Willow. Please renew for another season.

  48. PLEASE PLEASE do another season!! My husband and I have enjoyed everything about this show. And, Willow (the movie) was one of my all time favorite movies!
    Bringing all the characters, including the Brownies, back has been such a joy.

  49. I’m a big fan of Warwick Davis, The movie and the series. I really do believe that this series deserves to be renewed for another season. keep the story going. you can’t cancel it on a cliffhanger it would be messed up if you do and plenty of Fans of this series would be very disappointed if you do cancel it. the fans want to see a reunion with Willow and Mimz and maybe Ranon will come back home too. you know like then end of the movie where Willow Returns to the Village to be reunited with his friends and family. it was moving to watch. so please Disney plus from all of the Willow Fans that’s commenting for a season 2. don’t let us down and cancel it on us. please Renew it.

  50. Please, we need a season 2. I have been watching every Wednesday. I am loving it and am invested in the characters.

  51. Absolutely! I loved it… So upset that Disney would think of not renewing 🙁
    Please, please please, for the sake of fantasy and wonderful imagination, which I thought was the purpose of Disney come back for season two and beyond!!

  52. my wife and i have watched both the movie and now the series and are hooked , with our grandoughters setting next to us . please make more !

  53. We have enjoyed it and only watched the original movie prior to starting season 1. Honestly, it’s the only thing right now we’ve watched on Disney+. Season 2 is a must!

  54. Fantastic series and have earnestly looked forward to every Wednesday to watch this with my family. The characters are fun and have gained more depth along with the story line. Please for us true Willow fans make a Season 2 and not leave us on a cliffhanger.

  55. Please add a season 2
    The cast growth was amazing
    Episode 7 beyond the shattered sea was stellar. The season started as nostalgic and grew, it has surprised and delighted me.

  56. We were unsure whether to watch Willow at first, but now so glad we did! Please do at least a second season, there is so much left to cover!

  57. Would love to see a second season of Willow. Watched the original with my kids back in 1988 and now with my grandchildren.

  58. Loving it so far can’t wait for the final episode next week, really hope they renew for a second season

  59. Please make a season 2 I grew up watching Willow. I patiently wait every Wednesday for a new episode. Please don’t cancel this one. Many thanks for making something from my childhood memories come back to life.

  60. Yes it is exiting and we deserve a second season shoot if ya’ll need help I’m a good actor and would love to help with this I write music so why not a movie I’m very creative I think it could be a world hit if given a chance!

  61. I hope Disney will give the green-lit for a 2nd season! I grew up loving the Willow movie and the series has not disappointed me, I get so anxious every Wednesday for a new episode. I’m hoping Val Kilmer will make an appearance but understanding his condition I am doubting it. Please please please do a season 2 Disney!

  62. We need more content! Especially if Val Kilmer can make an appearance, but even if he can’t I want more. I love how the world has been expanded. The more we can explore it the happier I’ll be!

  63. I would be dissappointed to see it cancelled. Has been a solid series other than I thought the troll episode 6 was a little underwhelming, but that,s why new seasons give you opportunity to continue what good and improve on other.
    Hoping for season 2!

  64. What the …….

    No season 2 scheduled, that’s a rip off, think this is one of the only tv series I actually binged watched through.

  65. Yes please continue on with the series. I watched the Willow movie for the first time on New Year Eve 2023. I’m a huge fan of Val Kilmer. I hope that he doss make an appearance as he did in Top Gun. So please continue the Willow series.

  66. I loved it.Please give more seasons of Willow.Warwick Davis is Great,Loved all the characters.I binged watched the whole season,Need to watch more seasons.I feel that I can’t wait.

  67. Would absolutely love to see this renewed for at least season 2! I love it and am looking forward to watching more.

  68. Lets be honest it was ok , it was a bit woke in places , but not over the top . It has legs and can be good , very few tv series get it spot on in season one and tv streaming platforms should know this , a lot of people do not watch series unless its been renewed for a 2nd season because we are fed up with geting into something just to have it cancelled, Disney, sci-fi ect you did this to yourself ….. sort it out give shows time of two season runs at least , its not like you do not have the budget.

  69. Huge willow fan, but the series does not deserve a second season. Unfortunately the first season was terrible.

  70. Our family hope you renew. When my son Andrew was around 8 he watched Willow with his brother Austin & I , it was our favorite movie to watch as a family , on Jan. 5 th 2021 my son Andrew sadly passed away , he was 35 , on his birthday April 10 th , our family watched Willow in his memory , now that Season 1 of Willow is out , I binged it yesterday in bed with Covid on New Years Eve , I know my son Andrew was smiling down from Heaven & I decided I am gaming a tattoo , like the one on Elnoras arm , perhaps Austin will too , Ron Howard , you did an incredible job producing the Willow series , I think we all need to promote it on our social media Chanel’s so Disney renews Willow for a Second Season ! Thank you , Disney ❤️🎄🍷🍷

  71. I am loving this show. Writing is fun, entertaining and captivating. I’m not typically a fantasy fan but I am enjoying this show very much.

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