Has Unprisoned been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

UnPrisoned on Hulu centers on Paige Alexander, a psychotherapist and single parent. Her life is turned upside down the moment her father, Edwin Alexander, is released from prison. The storyline of the show has received mixed responses from critics and positive responses from the general public.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be curious to know whether this has been renewed or canceled. Here’s what we know:

What is UnPrisoned about?

Paige’s father has spent the previous seventeen years behind bars, and as a result of the changes in his life, Paige experienced a turbulent life that continues to influence her decisions today. She is pressured by his return to address the issues she has been putting off for so long.

The comedy series tries to shine some light on certain concerns, such as the correctional system and the manner in which it frequently impacts family dynamics, though it does so with a bucket full of humor. The specific focus here though is on the father-daughter relationship.

We have extensive coverage of UnPrisoned across the site, including recaps of every episode and a full season review. You can check those out HERE!

Has UnPrisoned been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Hulu has renewed UnPrisoned for a second season according to Variety.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Not much is known about season 2. The last episode of the first season ends with Edwin leaving Paige’s house and striving to become a better man, which is an anticlimactic way to end the season. Furthermore, due to Paige’s inability to see things as they truly are, her relationship becomes strained with her son towards the end. These conflicts will probably be resolved in the following season.

As new information is made available, we’ll be certain to update this article.

Would you like to see UnPrisoned return for a second season? Did you enjoy watching this Hulu Original? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Un-Prisoned is one of the best new series I have had the pleasure of watching in the post-Covid era! Let me start by saying that I have been very disappointed with the quality of TV entertainment that is now available to viewers. I re-purchased a Hulu subscription just to watch Un-Prisoned! This series brought everything you can imagine in a series, while making it an easy stand-out for weekly TV watching! It covers so many relevant topics, issues, and situational dilemmas that are real and current in our society today, and yet it is still quality entertainment. It is a brilliant and genuine multi-generational and multi-cultural experience! It is funny, emotional, and riveting at the same time. It explores past and current realities, and merges the need for awareness and understanding of both. It shows that there is honor in what every family and community member bring to the table, while we learn and grow together. Artistically speaking, Un-Prisoned is a beautiful work of art that is an entertainment masterpiece, which allows the viewer to admire and process the beauty before them as they inhale deeply. Hopefully, if you see what I see, when you do exhale it is from the suffocating burst of laughter or the stream of tears from familiar heartache, or maybe your exhale is just the great feeling one gets after watching an episode of valuable life lessons presented as a unique and quality art form, and knowing for certain your time was not wasted!
    **Yes I said it! So much of what comes on TV now supposedly with the purpose of entertaining is truly a waste of time. I love entertaining TV, but trash TV I simply refuse to watch, which is why I ditched the cable12 years ago. Disposable income is an oxymoron in my world, and I hope Hulu continues to develop quality and beautiful works of entertaining art. I really hope you hear all that I am saying. Thank you for your time.

  2. Bet you can’t just watch one (season of UNPRISON). More please. Paige the therapist is insightful and Edwin is a smooth, hustling, caring BLACK family man! Renew, please!

  3. Oh my goodness! You have to do another season!!! I don’t think it’s fair to leave everyone hanging in the balance of how these wonderful characters work out all of their issues with each other. I immediately looked up when the 2nd season would start only to find out that it might not happen!! Come on HULU!!! MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! Big fan of Delroy Lindo and Kerry Washington. But all of the cast are awesome in their roles. Rooting for another season and more!

  4. Please renew this show. The chemistry between Kerry and DelRoy is astounding, the premise of the show is so relatable, and that little Jordyn is amazing and so cute, and the chemistry between DelRoy and Raly is beautiful, with them getting to know each other, not to mention Marques….that fine ass counselor, need to see more of him.

  5. …and where was the advertisement for this show?! IDK, maybe I was under a rock but I never saw any. This is not ok because this show rocks (so far, again I’m only 3 eps in) and should get more seasons. Do the right thing Hulu… or maybe another one of these giant streaming services out here..somebody please jump on this!

  6. I never heard of Unprisoned before, but it was a happy accident stumbling upon it! To be honest, I am only about 3 episodes in and I LOVE It. I am telling everyone I know about it. Hulu, you would be making a HUGE mistake by not renewing this. Give us season 2…and 3 and 4 and…you get the point😉.

  7. There should not be a need for “pleading” for the renewal of this show. It is KERRY WASHINGTON…nouf said!

  8. Just finished season 1 and I am in my feelings! Please let there be a season 2. This cannot end this way!!! PLEASE!

  9. I have heard so much about the show from friends and took the time to watch it. It’s a great show and I love the character mix. I immediately checked to see when season 2 would be available which means it’s a winner for me. Please renew for Season 2!

  10. This is hands down one of my favorite shows. I can’t wait for season 2!!! I came across it back accident and binge watched the entire season. I hadn’t seen any kind of advertisement for it. It is hilarious and full of heart!

  11. You picked a great show to put on Hulu. This shows topics were real, funny, & it addressed real life issues. Even psychotherapists experience their own issues to work through.
    I would love to see a season 2,….renewal. Especially after binge watching season 1. Finally got internet tv & beelined right to Hulu to watch this. Great characters playing real life issues.
    Please it only makes sense for there to be a 2nd+ season(s) especially with ALL the same people playing the same characters.

  12. Unprovoked is the best I’ve seen in a long… time and am 63 years old.
    I’ve been around for quite some time.
    Whatever the audience gets incline with every single character is what makes this movie sensational.
    Please… come up with more seasons of Unprisoned. The producer. The Writer and the Actors were magnificent.
    BRAVO 👏 👏 👏
    Let’s keep it going…

  13. Please renew. Loooved this . It’s a story that a lot of people are living or need to see to understand. Pleaseee renew!

  14. I really hope this gets renewed. I’ve just finished this show and there is so much room for the characters in it to grow and so many directions it can take storyline wise.

    Googling to find out more I see it is inspired by Tracy McMillan’s life. Finding out this is inspired by a real person’s life has further touched me, as has the acting of the cast and the storyline so far.

    The characters are flawed and real just like real people and they are endearing characters. Good story telling, themes of second chances, redemption, compassion, forgiveness, standing in one’s own personal power. Hope. Personal truths learned the hard way. We could all do with some more of this – bring on season 2. Its not often a show moves me to comment or write on line. This is a really good series and a story I want to continue to see unfold.

    The story is far from over and there is potential for all the characters. I really want a season 2 – I think the story is a good one and the actors deserve to continue growing their characters.

  15. We NEED MORE shows like this – shows that reflect some much needed cultural diversity and that don’t shy away from societal factors that impact the lives of people who happen to have melanin. This show takes an interesting approach in how it tackles some difficult and all too real truths about life in general and about the lives of black people specifically.
    As a Latina, with a few grievances and resentments towards the priveleged class, I have got to say that I really appreciate the Love, Loyalty, and Friendship between the Nadine and Edwin characters. There’s a real beauty in this pairing and I appreciate how this has opened my eyes and my heart a little – I won’t be so quick to judge the melanin rich man with a white woman by his side. Though I will say that the creators could skip all of the explicit content seen throughout the series – it’s a distraction.

  16. It makes sense to come back with season 2. Keep all the characters and the story line is so true and real.

  17. This show is awesome in so many ways!!! Please begin a season 2,3,4 real soon!!!

  18. I just binged watch the 1st season of unprisoned and I absolutely loved it. It was very captivating, I loved the storyline and the characters. Please renew season 2.

  19. Yes, please renew and continue! I feel this show is thought-provoking, has such appeal and in that appeal can reach many who are or have been in similar situations with similar emotions. Please renew!

  20. Well I promise y’all that show me to come out ASAP.. I love it it’s funny it’s real and it’s Rew keep the actors

  21. I just finish watching Unprisoned. My son and I love this show. I loved Delroy Lindo since the movie Crooklyn. Kerry Washington I love her. I enjoyed seeing her on the humor and vulnerable side. The rest of the cast are great too. I really hope there will be a season 2. I would be upset and cancel Hulu if they don’t renew this show. It seems they never give African Americans shows a chance but give tasteless shows like South Park, or the Bachelor and Bachelorette a chance. This show has, drama and comedy and is heartfelt and talk about true shit. Maybe BET should pick it up.

  22. I just finished the first season of Unprisoned and I really enjoyed the show. I hope it will be renewed for a second season.

  23. UNPRISON is an actual layout of how hard it is as a whole coming from prison. I love all the angles twists & turns. I felt like the series was fantastic. Bring it Back.

  24. Just finished season one and DEFINITELY need a season 2. This show was hilarious and heartfelt all at the same time! My fiancée and I watched together and enjoyed every minute!! Bring back Unprisoned!!

  25. I just finished watching the first season of Unprisoned and loved it. Please bring it back the acting and the storyline was excellent. The story needs to continue, don’t let it end like this.

  26. This show must be renewed. It is funny, vulnerable, well written and real! This show is so important for the foster/adoptive community.

  27. Please renew…fun look at real life situations that aren’t often talked much about. Loved this series!

  28. I just binged the entire season. I had it in my watchlist for a bit. I LOVED IT!!! I sure hope they do a season 2. Really great acting by the entire cast. The topics were great too. It felt real. Crossing my fingers for a 2nd season.

  29. What! This show is AWESOME! How can you leave us like this – this is a great show! Love it! What do people have to do to enjoy shows that are not traditional Barbie & Ken BS! This is out of the box, funny wild and explains some of my confusing journey in life. GET ON BOARD! Who do we have to talk to for this to be renewed! Strike is not helping – I’m sure!

  30. This show can’t end yet! I was just getting to know this family! I really enjoyed the first season immensely! Please bring on season 2!

  31. Loved this show! I couldn’t binge watch it because I once I noticed there was only one season I was forced to slowly savor every episode. Watching it became a reward for a productive week. I am hoping for season 2…I have a dissertation to finish.

  32. I thoroughly enjoyed “Unprisoned” from it’s title to the storylines to the acting to the truly relatable situational conflicts, etc. It’s clear that adult drama emanates from those unresolved traumas that occurred in childhood. HULU, this is a show worthy of several more seasons! Please consider renewal!!!

  33. Oh, I love the show. I loved how the characters showed a lot of growth and development during the course of eight episodes and thought there was plenty of room for a second season. I also thought that with some effort on hulu’s part to get the word out about the show, there would be a lot more people watching it. It had a wonderful cast. Both Carrie, Washington and Delroy Lindo are great actors on their own. The supporting cast was also wonderful and had a great plot. I couldn’t say enough great things about the show and I hope other people will as well so that we can get a groundswell movement for this show to have another season at least one more.

  34. I just binge watched the first season of unprisoned. Great story, great acting. I was completely hooked.
    And immediately looked up to see if there would be season 2.
    I can’t believe they are questioning it, and it possibly not returning. The case. This is an important dynamic for families that can relate. And the show hands down is amazing. Do the smart thing and bring season 2. Thank you

  35. Such a great show w/an amazing cast. I really hope this show returns for a second season. This show has it all. Funny, heart wrenching, and relatable for all of us with family baggage.


  37. I love the first season of unprisoned, I really believe there should be a second season. I will be looking forward to it. CAN’T WAIT

  38. I love the first season of unprisoned, it was like I knew how to take my dad coming out of jail and how to feel it’s helping him. It helps with a relationship with their parents. I really believe there should be a second season

  39. I just binge watched Season 1 of Unprisoned….I LOVED IT! Pleeease renew for a Season 2-42!!!! Very entertaining and very relatable. Puts my mund to thinking about different things in my life. EXCELLENT SHOW!

  40. Perfect balance of comedy and real life issues! Casting was very realistically diverse and storylines were relatable! Hoping HULU doesn’t drop the ball with this one like FOX did with Our Kind Of People!

  41. I definitely enjoyed season one and would love to see this show continue for many more seasons…

  42. I loved this series! If one pays attention this is so rich in content! This series illustrates the depth of how generational dysfunction damages and how difficult it is to breakthrough it. Lots of learning here.

    I would love to see another season!

  43. I enjoyed this Series very much and would love a second season. The show was very interesting and all characters were on point.

  44. Please renew for a second season. All of the cast were outstanding. I totally enjoyed the story line. 🙏🏾

  45. OMG, what kind of question is that? I believe that, they the writers, directors, producers and cast must’ve believed THAT THEY’D BE RENEWED with that cliff hanger ending….

  46. Yes I loved watching unprisoned and I want a season 2. The actors were amazing. What a great storyline.
    Bring it back please…

  47. OMG can we get season 2 already? This series is for sure real life issues and I loved the first season and everything it gave.

  48. My husband and I just watched season 1 and it was so good!!
    Their lives were real. Edwin had decisions to make and was always on the edge. Paige was outstanding. Her son was beginning to feel he belonged to a family. And Mel found true love ❤️ and Paige couldn’t see it! PLEASE BRING Un Prisoned BACK FOR SEASON 2!!!🙏🏾

  49. My husband and I just watched season 1 and it was so good!!
    The life were real. Edwin had decisions to make and was always on the edge. Paige was outstanding. Her son was beginning to feel he belonged to a family. And Mel found true love ❤️ and Paige couldn’t see it! PLEASE BRING Un Prisoned BACK FOR SEASON 2!!!🙏🏾

  50. I’m on episode 8 of Unprisoned. I was checking to see when season 2 starts, when I found out there won’t be one. Why Not?????

  51. My husband and I just watched season 1…OMG we are both hooked! Then to look online to see that there nay not be a season 2!!!!! 😡😡😡
    There has to be a season 2….so many areas to explore with this family. I’m going to encourage everyone I know with an Hulu account to watch and post about this show and season 2

  52. Please renew for more seasons. This is a great show. There’s not much to watch on television except reality shows and reruns. This show is fresh and shows a different perspective. Please renew for us disabled audiences to have something new and fresh to watch. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  53. I really hope they renew it for a second season. It was absolutely awesome talk about binge watching I could almost watch it in one whole night but I had a compose myself and hold back. I didn’t know that there wasn’t a new season coming out I just assume there was going to be more and there wasn’t and I was so sad 😢. So please Hulu make another season and another one and another one if that is what it takes. I definitely think it deserves a second season due to I think that they’re still more to be said and done and dealt with.

  54. I was drawn to this show immediately after the first 10 minutes. They definitely need to do a season 2. If Hulu doesn’t want to do a second season, maybe HBO, Amazon or Netflix can pick it up because I’ll drop Hulu like a bad habit and switch just so that I can watch this show. I don’t binge watch many shows because most are a disappointment but this show is total AWESOMENESS!

  55. Unprisoned was a great series I hope they have seasons 2 and more. I didn’t like the ending it was written as if African Americans don’t have a story. Black families are there to support each other even people that aren’t blood relatives. Me my children and grandchildren really loved this series

  56. The concensus is … absolutely RENEW this series! Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo are marvelous as are all the characters!!! The writing and situations are marvelous. This is one of the best shows on Hulu, if not THE BEST!!! Some of the stuff you have is not worth wasting time on!!!


  57. Great Show! I absolutely loved the content, actors, writers etc. Unprisoned really resonated with me. The show deserves a 2nd plus run. They should make an Unprisoned Movie! I don’t want to be left on a cliffhanger, so therefore I hope the show gets renewed!

  58. Please renew the show. It’s real and touches on many issues. There are several ways to expand the story line. Don’t leave us hanging.

  59. I just stayed up all night binge watching the entire season one. I hope you guys do the right thing and renew this for a second season. I can think of several directions this story can take and am happy to join you in the writers room for a second season.

  60. I just binged watch the while season 1. It really drew me in. Please create a season 2. It’s worth it, nice REAL STUFF.

  61. This show is incredible. Very different than any other show that I have seen. At times raw, painful, at times touching and comforting… It shows how one event leads to another and another… and how society fails to allow an ex convict to build a new better life even when he or she wants one. I hope this show will get a second season. Pleazzzze!

  62. Great Show!!!! Please give us a 2nd season… My family loves it, don’t leave us hanging @Hulu! 🙏🏽😫

  63. Fantastic show. I love the honesty. I need to see more of these characters and their story lines. Come on Hulu. Do the right thing. Give us more.

  64. This was a fantastic show heard about it on The View when Kerry Washington appeared so thought I would check it out I’ve binged it in three days. It is so relevant to the struggles that people are having now you need to have a season two and a three it was awesome!!!!!

  65. Please do a season twooooo!! I love the first season and really appreciated the content and actors. I will be so bummed if we don’t get another season

  66. I would love to see a season 2 of this show. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of season 1 absolutely love all of the actors. it would be a shame to cancel such a wonderful show.

  67. 2nd SEASON IS A MUST!!! If ever a show should be renewed it should be this one. I have never written a comment anywhere on the internet before, not even to receive free or discounted materials. However, this show really hit home for me in so many ways, that I definitely have to plead for HULU to renew this show. I haven’t watched television or streamed any shows since EMPIRE, but this show was such a hit and I binged the entire season in one night.

  68. Come on man you can not leave us hanging out there like that! There definitely needs to be a second season!

  69. Absolutely would like a season 2. There are 1001 blank pages for the writers to fill. It has deep relationship dynamics, heartfelt and humor. Hulu allow this strong, talented cast to continue to tell us a story.

  70. Yes, I would love to watch another season if Unprisoned. It was a smart dramedy and one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Renew for another season, please & thank you. 😊

  71. Yes please come back with another season!! This show was really good i appreciated the wisdom and logic in the episodes. It was real life…i love Delroy Lindo as well, he’s a great actor makes me feel at home when i watch him. Reminds me of my dad ❤️

  72. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW UNPRISONED!!!! It is filled with so much wisdom in every episode.it’s one of the best new series I’ve watched.

  73. I wasn’t ready for it to end. We all can relate to childhood trauma. I love the inner child portion and the reconnection and real life pain. Please consider many more seasons.

  74. This show was so raw and relatable to the real world PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON!!! There is so much more of the story to be told and 8 episodes just isn’t enough..

  75. Yes please bring “Unprisoned” back for a second season. I think there’s a lot more story to be told. I watched all eight episodes in one day and was hoping that the story continued. I enjoyed the show immensely.

  76. I watched the first episode then found myself binging watching Unprisoned. I watched season 1 in 2 days. The characters were interesting and well performed. I’m looking forward to season 2

  77. Just finished the 1st season and I loved the show. The characters, the story all of it. I really hope they bring a 2nd season!

  78. Unprisoned MUST BE RENEWED. It is such a real and relatable show, which touches on the many issues in today’s society. I absolutely LOVE that it takes place in beautiful Mpls and that Jam and Lewis are musical directors and that the storyline are TRULY RELATABLE, unlike so much of the other garbage on T.V.

  79. I just finished the first season and can’t believe Unprisoned has not been picked up for a 2nd season already….
    The show is funny, heart warming, thought provoking and current.
    The characters (even Kerry’s… who makes me want to grind my teeth and slam my head against a table from time to time) are relatable.
    It is a story that needs to continue. I sincerely hope it does.

  80. It has to be a second season! The first one left us on a cliffhanger. This show is everything! Uplifting, encouraging, nostalgic, funny, and just a beautiful story line! Would absolutely love and appreciate more follow up seasons!

  81. There must be a Season 2! Hubby and I binge-watched one night and we could not turn off. Definitely must see series‼️

  82. I will be greatly disappointed if Season 2 of Unprisoned is not made available for the many faithful followers of this amazing series.

  83. More, MORE of Unprisoned, by Tracy McMillan. Please renew, haven’t been this excited about TV in a long time. Start filming season 3 so we won’t have to wait as long.

    I just binge watched season 1, and I want MORE! This is a great show. I loved every character. Please Hulu, give us more Unprisoned.

  85. Just finished watching all the episodes. It was EXCELLENT! I was so disappointed that there isn’t another season to watch. The scene with his grandson at the end was heartbreaking. Please continue this series. It’s a wonderful storyline for those unfamiliar with the realities of trying to redeem oneself and make a life after the penitentiary. AGAIN REALLY HOPING FOR A SEASON 2.

  86. I really enjoyed this series and am hoping for a renewal. Each episode kept me hanging on for the next. I want to see that Edwin can make the change, in hopes of helping Paige in her relationship with Finn as well as a love interest. Honestly, I’d like to see her truly grow for a relationship with Mal!

  87. Please have another season HULU, the characters are great and the whole episodes as well. This is my favorite, so I hope it gets renewed.

  88. I couldn’t get ENOUGH of this show!! I even watched it AGAIN!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙏🏼, BRING THIS AHOW BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON!!! I really enjoyed it!!!!!

  89. Don’t leave us hanging. Love everything about this show, characters, storyline, music and the wardrobe is lit 🔥

  90. I really enjoyed watching Unprisoned. It was so realistic. I felt like the characters were based on people that I know personally. I’m looking forward to season 2. Hopefully there will be another season. All of the actors were great, especially Kerry Washington & Delroy Lindo.

  91. This was a great show…I hate getting invested in good shows for them not to return…please bring it back HULU

  92. I absolutely loved the show. Kerry Washington was so great. The whole cast was amazing. I loved the whole idea around it and how real it was. Please HULU renew this for a Season 2!!!!!!

  93. I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Please Please Please renew! I’m so emotionally connected to the cast. I can hardly wait to see the next season.
    As much as I hated to see it end, I binged it in one day because I couldn’t stop watching.
    HULU, please don’t disappoint us! We need more of the Alexander family.

  94. Please renew, this is an amazing real life depiction of a side to life that is typically seen in a more negative gangster type reality. This is not that, thank goodness. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening with an excellent cast…again, please bring back!!

  95. PLEASE renew Unprisoned! It touches on so many relevant topics – families with incarcerated members, children who have spent time in foster care, trauma, etc. I never experienced any of these, but the presence of Paige’s “inner child” in the show is such an amazing and tangible representation of the healing needed by the inner child in so many of us!! Whatever you do, PLEASE do not let the one scene where Paige figures out that she needs to nurture and help heal her inner child be the end of that story. We all know that healing doesn’t happen in one brief conversation with/acknowledgement of your inner child!!

    Already the show has dispensed important and relevant information for so many people who are struggling with trauma and unhealed wounds! Continuing to develop that and seeing Paige find healing over time will help many others as well. There are so many people struggling with relationship issues due to their unhealed trauma as well, and we need to see Paige go through the process of figuring out how to resolve those issues. This show needs at least one more season, probably many more.

  96. Hoping Unprisoned gets renewed. The storyline and casting are superb! There is so much more that can be developed on multiple topics with these characters. Another season would allow more exposure to this well written show.

  97. I and my husband binge watched the entire series in one Sunday. It kept it real without being harsh. A second and third season are definitely needed. This story must be told!

  98. loved the show, I definitely would love to see another season. the show should really be renewed by Hulu.

  99. RENEW!!! This show is excellent..authentic.. entertaining… uses humor and drams expertly in its storytelling and the ” inner children” theme is a unique yet informative tool. Everyone I know loves it and clearly we don’t have enough vehicles telling real stories of the nuances of black experiences communities and families.

  100. If there was a show that depicted real life and is relevant and necessary it is Unprisoned! I was concerned about the foul language, but it seemed to fit. The development of the characters was appropriate and it discussed REAL issues. Don’t let this be one of the good ones that gets away!! WE NEED NEW EPISODES!!

  101. The show is excellent and care for so many topics not just families that are affected by incarceration, but also issues of race how a child of color placed with the foster home parent that’s why it impacts them throughout the lifespan, as well as childhood trauma that continues generationally. Watching her go through these things helps highlight and possibly hill that your own patterns of the viewer. This could easily be 4 seasons.

  102. Unprisoned, a 2nd Season is a must. Paige represents millions of men and women with “broken pickers” who just can’t seem to understand why? Paige provides your viewers with a unique understanding as to how our “child-like” self just wants to be heard, and how hearing our child-like self is so key to our healing from our childhood trauma. Paige is authentic, open, vulnerable, and real, but more importantly, Paige’s “life lessons” are articulated right in front of our eyes, and helps those who continue to struggle with the affects of childhood trauma, which is most of us, to find a way to learn to live, no not just live, but to thrive in our current state and we continue to survive from the trauma and abuse inflicted upon us during our childhood.

    We all need Paige! Please grant a 2nd Season for Unprisoned, and viewers, please know that the name of the show does fully represent its insight nor the transformative nature of the series. I would have probably called it, Realignment, Evolution, Becoming or Free!

  103. Amazing!!! So real it’s a healing series who doesn’t need childhood healing, relationship healing, emotional healing.

  104. Please renew this show!!!! Great acting, great storywriting and sensitive handling of real life struggles. HULU WE NEED SEASON 2, 3, 4 and beyond. Please!!!!

  105. I’m begging for Unprison to have season two. Why? Because over 10 million people need it. With over 2 million incarcerated, I know that family, friends, and friends of friends that can relate to it helps one not feel different just by watching. It is a way to identify, laugh, cry, exhale, and understand the prisoner, the system, and how it all relates to that person in the mirror brushing their teeth at least twice daily. If you don’t have the viewers, it’s nobody’s fault but how your market the show. You’ve gotta put ads on YouTube, Facebook and, believe it or not, old-fashioned postcards- it works. USPS goes to every address, and when you see the stars’ photos, in this case, you will stop to see them. Way to go using Firestick ads…it got me. It’s an outstanding show about imperfect families that love each other- every day. Thank you from me to you equates to my time well spent!😍

  106. Throughly enjoyed the show. The supporting cast to Kerri Washington are ALL terrific!!! There are so many stories to unfold. Please renew!

  107. Please renew for season 2. There are so many reality shows on now that are just for entertainment. This is our true reality. To touch base on so many topics that are ignored and never spoken about. We need another season!!!

  108. Love Love the show.. This show touched on so many daily situations people like myself go thru.. Please Please continue with Season 2,3,4,5, ect🤗

  109. As a white woman who grew up in a toxic, abusive household, Unprisoned was a real eye-opener. It shook me to my core. When you have a mostly African-American cast that reaches across all races, you REALLY need to keep it!

  110. I took about three days to watch the eight episodes of Unprisoned. I literally could have watched in one day, but tried to space it out because I knew that I wouldn’t want it to end; and I didn’t. The characters seem like real people with real complicated relationships, as is true in real life. All of the acting is phenomenal. Please please please do let us see how these characters move forward by giving us season two on Hulu!!! Your audience deserves to see fantastic stories about characters rooted in the real world and not just stories based on comics, fantasy, and violence.

  111. Such a wonderful, thoughtful, fun show. I love each of the characters, the storyline, and am looking forward to seeing many more episodes. Come on now!

  112. THIS MUST BE RENEWED FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER SEASON. This is a relatable storyline for any and addresses such thought provoking topics in everyday “normal life”. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT SHOWS ARE NEEDED! THE ACTING IS GREAT FROM EVERYONE and that’s something you don’t always get. Anytime you get tears and laughter from me … it’s a WIN! Basically make this happen Hulu.

  113. I totally enjoyed this series. Watched it today. Would love a season 2, 3 and 4. Touching, informative and entertaining…

  114. Please renewe it my son feels like that was his life on screen it is the best show I seen so long

  115. This show was good . I hope they drop another season. The prospective on how they dealt with issues and trauma was different and fresh and love the diversity in this show

  116. This type of quality shows is what we need.I was sooo thrilled with this show. Please make Season 2!!!
    Some quality acting. Loved the diversity and fair comments about racism!

  117. I just finished Unprisoned!!
    This show speaks to many struggles in everyday life.I see guidance and answers to the struggles .The characters were great,the problems and situations were real.
    Unprisoned is a keeper !!
    Give us more !!
    Give us a season 2!

  118. Binge watching and I’m sad I’m getting towards the end of the season. YES YES YES give us a season 2!!! I’m a fan. This is fresh, attention grabbing, funny and real show.

  119. I was SO pleasantly surprised by this show… IT MUST BE RENEWED! SO many great lessons to learn for all stripes of people.. all ages and perspectives. We all need to learn to be more understanding of people who are different than us, have different perspectives, different experiences. This show can help everyone examine their own perspectives on forgiveness which we can all use!

  120. I LOVED this show and think it is an important show for all ages. The storyline has appeal to a variety of viewers from age to ethnicity to family type and on and on. I can’t imagine not renewing it! There’s much to learn from this show and would be misguided not to continue this story, especially with the opportunity to show the challenges and victories in rehabilitating behaviors, perspectives opinions, etc.

  121. I am loving this show so far and hope they bring it back for another season!! It tackles some real family dynamic issues and doesn’t diminish anyone’s value or point of view based on their circumstances. Everyone learns from one another.

  122. This is a great show. It would be a shame if it was not renewed. Great cast and lots of good humor. I’m sure most who sat down to watch watched episode after episode and looked forward to every episode. I am 5 minutes away from completing season 1 and find myself wishing there was a season 2.

  123. I think the show is very good! I would love to see a second season. Excellent acting! Appreciate the side of people’s lives I have not encountered before.

  124. Absolutely RENEW!!! Great show! The actors mesh so well and bring comedy to a situation that many families have had to deal with when dealing with a relative that has been incarcerated. I just can’t get enough of Kerry & Delray.

  125. Absolutely this show should be renewed! Shame on Hulu for not promoting it more. This series really touched my heart.

  126. Live this show! As a psychotherapist, it’s nice to see a realistic depiction of a therapist if color. Bring on season 2!!!

  127. Definitely deserves a 2nd season. It was well done and I binged the entire 8 shows in 2 days. I would be very disappointed if we don’t get to see what happens to this family.

  128. Love this show. The content is amazing, fresh and original and the actors on point. Hulu should renew for Season 2. They were are idiots if they don’t.

  129. Love this show. The content is amazing, fresh and original and the actors on point. Hulu should renew for Season 2. They were are idiots if they don’t.

  130. Unprisoned: Season 2… yes please!!

    This show is raw & real. In this day & age of rising mental health crises and a generation of kids raised with absent parents (mentally, physically or emotionally) now dealing with the aftermath in theor adult relationships — this show is needed!

  131. This show simply must be renewed. The story line is so unique & different. The mixture of drama, comedy yet thought provoking. I loved it, have just completed the last episode & starting it over again. It deals with so many real life issues & yet teaches so many real life lessons. Please continue this series.

  132. I truly loved this show and i hope they bringcit back for future season’s to come!! I loved the honesty of Delroy and Kerry and their relationship, it takes a lot to forgive after so much damage. Let’s hope they can continue to heal, her, him and their extended family!! Also the show was hilarious!! Well done, come on back for season 2!!

  133. Yes! Renew Unprisoned for second + seasons! Characters are deeper & content more real, complicated & funny at the same time than most of what’s out there. Would be a shame to end where it is.

  134. I loved the show. Great story line. So many are living with ex-cons in their home. This is the first time I have seen a story about it. Please renew

  135. I think the show was great, it was realistic as to the trauma that can happen whe a parent is missing in a child’s life, and it keeps the watcher engages using humor. There are several other subliminal messages.
    If Hulu doesn’t see values in a 2nd and more seasons maybe the, then maybe BET will.

  136. Yes, I hope Unprisoned is renewed for another season. I’d like to see how Edwin navigates becoming self reliant. He has a lot of relationship repairing to do but it also involves Paige and the grandson so that they can grow too. The themes are dealt with humorously but also thoughtfully and I think that is appealing for a show like this.

  137. Absolutely deserves a second season. It’s funny, current and poses a lot of questions for each of us. Handles a difficult topic but in a light hearted manner prompting conversation about the real world. I would very much encourage a new season!! Thanks

  138. This is a very good show and yes it should have another season. I started watching it on Monday 3/20/2023 and I am done with the whole 1st season.. anxiously waiting for season 2… I feel this would show that change can happen when you are coming from the penitentiary.

  139. I thought the show was refreshing and funny and informative. It would be a shame if there isn’t a second season.

  140. There definitely needs to be a season 2! Kerry Washington is genius and alongside Delroy makes it all better. Shows like this that hit the nail on the head for parents, children and real life situations. As well as the whole mental health side to this show. We need more!!!

  141. So bad to end the first season, starting to know and to understand the characters and then…. boom…. no season 2. We want a second season! Edwin needs a real new chance

  142. I absolutely want to see it renewed! I finally found a show that I can watch with both of my daughters 28 and 17. We laughed, we cried and we TOTALLY related on so many levels

  143. This is a very real show. Paige represents how someone can go through so much yet still pull out of the downfall that so many people experience for various reasons. She went through hell plus managed to raise her son as a single mother. It shows the heartache and the PTSD that surfaces and forces her to take a step back and face her struggles. To admit that people make mistakes. This show can touch so many areas of people’s lives. I really hope they move into season 2.

  144. It’s the two stars that brought me to this and will keep me with this…
    I’m not sure it can be used for a learning lesson for kids with Dads in jail….everyone’s a little too well off for that.
    However …I hope for a Season 2

  145. I loved it!
    I really hope they renew and we get to see season 2. It can’t end like it did…

  146. UNPRISONED is the kind of show that helps young people that have parents in prison understand the make up of their own relationships. In this climate of mental challenges this movie gives a shining light of Hope.
    It would be a travrsity to not renew it. Kerry Washington and Delroy or such genuine actors. Give it
    A Chance!

  147. I just finished season 1 of Unprisoned and loved it. The characters were so authentic, as was the storyline. Of all of the new shows I’ve watched in the past year, this one is, by far, my favorite. I sincerely hope it gets renewed for a new season.

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