Has Tulsa King been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed or Cancelled?

Sylvester Stallone once again proves he is still the man after all these years. Still in remarkable shape, Stallone finds his old touch of badass mafia treachery in Taylor Sheridan’s recently wrapped up season 1 of Tulsa King. His action-man energy is on full display in the entertaining maiden venture for Stallone’s Dwight Manfredi, as he is released from prison and must make his own way in a new, estranged world.

Having completed episode 9 of season 1, you must be wondering if the show has made it to a second season. After all, the season ends on such a cliffhanger which if true, will be truly heartbreaking and devastating for Dwight’s family and crew. With the kind of numbers the show did on Paramount+, it should ideally be renewed, right? Here is what we know about a potential season 2 for Tulsa King.

What is Tulsa King Season 1 about?

Dwight Manfredi (Stallone) is a made man in an established mafia family in New York. He is released from prison after serving a 25-year sentence only to find out that he does not have a place in the family anymore in New York/ He is shipped off to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to expand the family’s business. But through his wit, bravery, and good heart, Dwight quickly builds up a small crew of loyal friends, among whom is an old friend-turned enemy-turned friend again.

ATF agent Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage) also strikes up an inadvertent relationship with Dwight. She unwittingly sees him as a partner but the realization of the nature of his past messes things up. Local biker gang Black Macadams, led by the menacing Caolan Waltrip (Ritchie Coster), have a run-in with Dwight’s crew. The tensions escalate into a full-blown gang war. But Dwight must also pay attention to Chickie, his friend Pete’s son, becoming the boss in New York and sending out a hit for him.

Martin Starr (Bodhi), Max Casella (Armand), Garrett Hedlund (Mitch), Domenick Lambardozzi (Chickie), and Jay Will (Tyson), also star.

Has Tulsa King been renewed for Season 2?

Yes! Tulsa King has been renewed for a second season! The announcement came as early as November of last year when Paramount executives were sure the show would do well with the audiences. Their predictions came to be true as the show quickly became Paramount+’s second-biggest show, behind only 1923.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Literally nothing. All the network has made sure of is that we will be having a second season but no timelines about its release or details about the personnel have been revealed. Given how season 1 ends with Dwight in the police car, we can expect pretty much everyone to return. Waltrip is the only character who cannot come back. The door is open for everyone else to feature in season 2.

As far as the storyline goes, we are sure to pick up from the finale where Dwight is arrested once again and life comes full circle for Tina. Stacy must be riddled with guilt for having taken away Dwight’s second chance at a loving life. It will remain to be seen how he will get out. The nature of the crime is not as serious as killing someone but the authorities have waited a long time to apprehend Dwight for any simple thing and they have got their man for trying to bribe a federal officer.

We will be updating this article with more information as it comes. So be sure to check it out sometime later this year!

Are you excited to see Tulsa King return for a second season? What’s been your favourite part of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Has Tulsa King been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I really enjoyed This Siri it was really good I hope I don’t wait too long for season too Really good very interesting but I hope it’s not a very long time a couple years for season 2 to come out they take too long

  2. If I have to wait a year between seasons, Paramount+ can eat a baggadix like Netflix did. When Netflix decided it needed to spend all their time making woke garbage to fill the long gaps between seasons of GOOD shows, it lost my money. So too, will P+ now.

  3. Yes, what is the date it will return? This new way that that series are adopting to do the next seasons by making us way for months has to stop folks. You start losing interest if you have to wait to long. Or another show can come and you can get hooked on it. So please don’t make us wait for an eternity.😊

  4. I had my doubts as to whether I would enjoy this program even tho I have always enjoyed watching Sylvester Stallone. Needless to say I love it! Very happy that it has been renewed for more seasons. Mr. Stallone brings a bit of humor to an otherwise tough situation.

  5. Great show, got me hooked from the very first 5 minutes,Stallone is awesome that old man still has it!!! Don’t make us wait too long for season 2 as I write this I’m having withdrawals from it, need my fix please!!

  6. Comeon and hurry up. We need Season 2 to start soon. It seemed like Season
    1 was so short though there was a lot of action. My husband and I sure enjoyed watching Tulsa King and hope it will be back soon.

  7. Yes yes yes so happy! Love everything except the double cross fbi chick
    Thank you Sly ♥️♥️♥️♥️love Tulsa kings d everyone in it!!!!

  8. Right from the start the series has held my attention. Stallone is still the stallion. He flawlessly takes on the role as the General. I can not wait to see the second season it can not get here soon enough. I hope his role is not behind bars.

  9. More Stallone ! Please ! Soon ! Don’t make us wait til fall or next year ! Sly is Tulsa “King “!Many more seasons to come please !

  10. I absolutely adore Sylvester Stallone. His character is Awesome !! Please come back , Let there be a season 2. Send me an E-mail to let me know. Love you Sly

  11. I have loved Tulsa King since the first episode, which I stumbled on the day after it’s release. After third episode, told my daughter and son in love they should watch and now they’re hooked too. So happy it’s been renewed just wish they’d tell us When!!

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