Has Tiny Beautiful Things been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Hulu show is a borderline sob-fest with Kathryn Hahn turning her usual flavour of comedy into serious drama. The show is based on the works of the writer Cheryl Strayed and is eight episodes long. If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Tiny Beautiful Things about?

There are two timelines in Tiny Beautiful Things’ plot. One operates in the past, where we see Clare dealing with a host of issues, chiefly her mother’s tragic loss due to cancer.

The other is the present timeline, where life has not gotten easier for an adult Clare. She struggles with her domestic life and her complex relationship with Frankie, her daughter. Her dreams of becoming a successful writer have been shattered and she is an admissions personnel for a retirement home.

Clare takes on the challenge of becoming Sugar, a daily-life advice columnist who anonymously responds to letters from readers every week. Each of the letters bring to the surface an unresolved complexity from Clare’s life and shows her coming-of-age journey, and the process of healing and growth.

Has Tiny Beautiful Things been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Tiny Beautiful Things has not been renewed for a second season. While renewing a series, streaming platforms like Hulu often evaluate a variety of factors, such as how many people immediately watch it along with the drop-off rates. Some series undergo fast cancellations or renewals. Sometimes, it may take several months for such operators to decide whether or not to renew a show.

Tiny Beautiful Things has received mostly positive but also some strongly critical responses from reviewers and viewers. The series is based on the works of Cheryl Strayed, who lived a complicated life. That is why the subject matter is very high on emotion and might come across as preachy and self-indulgent. Even though the themes are relatable and universal, they are heavy in ethics and morality.

In light of everything though, we believe that Tiny Beautiful Things won’t receive a second-season renewal. As we learn more over the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll be certain to update this page with relevant information.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Since Hulu has not yet approved a sequel, not much is known about season 2. However, if the show pulls in a decent number of views, and if the right storyline materializes in the future, the tale might go on.

As previously stated, we anticipate that this won’t be renewed. However, as soon as new information is made available, we’ll be certain to update this article.

Would you like to see Tiny Beautiful Things return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “Has Tiny Beautiful Things been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Love this series and the cast. The characters are real and flawed and full of love and pain. Bring on another season so we can watch them navigate their lives.

  2. I binged watched this series. Engrossing,sad,sweet-I thought of my relationship with my daughter-and my mom -who died 26 years ago.
    Please renew-the story is not done yet.

  3. Only just caught up with this great series. I had previously seen Wild but hadn’t heard about Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar podcast so I just watched without background. I thought it was a great series and as it ended, it could be seen as a limited series – Clare having kissed her mum goodbye, Danny having left – ironically on Sugar’s advice. However, there is plenty left to carry on with and I would certainly look forward to and watch a second series – if only to see the very unprofessional therapist get some come uppance!

  4. Not often do you find a television show that can make you cry over something so deep and painful in one moment, yet make you cry tears from laughing so hard in only the next breath. Renew this show for a second season because of its ethics and morals that dig down and cause people to feel their own emotions. Isn’t that what we all want a television show to do?

  5. Are you kidding? Yes renew! In tact this review was a horrible summary & representation of this strong cast, story, and everything in between. These poor reviews are why the good shows don’t renew & we’re stuck with season after season of Desperate Housewives. Please, reviewer, be part of the solution not the problem with tv programming. This show was epic.

  6. I love this show! Please give us a 2nd season…there are a lot of us out here who still believe in “ethics and morality”……

  7. I loved this show. I’ve seen Wild and read the forum and book about the forum Dear Sugar. It’s been so great for my souls to hear about this forum and how Sheryl Strayed has been so strong and is willing to share her life with us the public. Please keep them coming!

    Someone who sees hope

  8. I would love to see a second season of TBTs. The storyline is touching and real. Long time fan of Cheryl Strayed’s writing and dear sugar podcast. There is an audience out here waiting…..

  9. Omg Please let there be a season 2! I literally binged this is 2 days and there are so much left u known. This is so relatable and truly amazing writing, it touched my heart and made me think of my own mothers lost battle with Cancer. PLEASE PLEASE LET THERE BE ANOTHER SEASON! We need to start a petition or something lol!!!!

  10. I also binged watch the entire first season, I couldn’t stop. I loved it and am hoping beyond hope that the series continues on. It reached so many levels of emotions and touched so many of the viewers. Please continue

  11. I also binged watch the entire first season, I couldn’t stop. I loved it and am hoping beyond hop that the series continues on. It reached so many levels of emotions and touched so many of the viewers. Please continue

  12. I just finished season one and I thought it was great. I do think the story is complete, but if they create a season two, I will certainly watch.

  13. PLEASE renew. This show has so many qualities that will keep viewers coming back for more (I can see multiple seasons with additional character development and continuation of the original story line.) Each episode has a very relatable quality, and the characters are “our friends and family members “. The casting is incredible and the writing keeps you wanting more. NO QUESTION– THIS SHOW IS A WINNER

  14. I just binge watched Season 1. I also agree that we need at least a 2nd season. There are too many unanswered questions. Does Clare finally let the guilt go about her mom? Does she confess to Danny about the infidelity? Do her and Danny work it out? Does she complete and receive her degree? What happens to the relationships with Clare and her daughter? Lucas? Dad? Her job? I have questions and I want answers! Please have a 2nd season.

  15. I just binge watched the entire season with tears running and laughing loudly the next minute. It MUST BE RENEWED!!!!! I am completely invested now. 😭😭😭

  16. I love this show. The characters are believable. Very strong themes, but also funny humor. We need more of this great writing. Please renew. There is so much more you can say. !!!!!

  17. I married my husband at 17, he was 21. We learned we were pregnant with our twin daughters now 33 when I was 16, and he was 20. We had started dating when I was 15, and he was 19. I already lived on my own, renting a room, going to school and working due to my alcoholic father and rough family life. My mother had battled cancer when I was 8, loosing her left arm, so she could beat it. She lost her second battle to ovarian when I was 24 and our twin daughters were 8, and our youngest not even 1. It’s not been easy.. but my husband and I have been together 33 years and he is still my best friend. I have connected with the characters in This story on so many levels. To say I’m invested, would be an understatement… I need not only a second season, but a long running series!

  18. I would really love to see a season 2. The character development is just terrific, and I’m invested. I would like to see what happens with Danny….. At the end, did he go for counseling, or to start a relationship with the therapist? I would like to see Claire evolve finally. In my opinion, there is still much more to uncover with all of the characters.

  19. I just binged watched this show and I cannot believe it has not been renewed. It really needs to have a second season. This writing is sooo good!

  20. Yes please!
    I am in my 10th year of ovarian cancer, snd this helps me.

    Please renew 😀

  21. Really special show. Would love to see a season 2. Sugar is outstanding! Quality writing and cast.

  22. Please renew. Would love to see what develops with Claire and her various relationships (Danny, Rae, Lucas, her dad).

  23. I really loved this show and can’t believe it might not be renewed for a 2nd season. I think there’s a lot more to the story!

  24. Renew! I loved this program; excellent acting and storyline. Engaging, relatable and so well done. Bring it back!

  25. Please renew for season 2! Loved it and would love to see Claire continue on her journey to peace and happiness!

  26. This really needs to have a second season!! To many unanswered questions!! There’s a whole other story …the Dad’s side, the Brother’s side. Do they divorce, is the husband having an affair with the therapist. Let’s see her writing take off and her relationship with her daughter heal and become great! Soooo much material for another season!! With more than 8 episodes!

  27. Ye SHES yes we need to know what happens with her husband and daughters relationships and her brother and father and her dealing with work stress and keeping her family and her friend and so so much more (I just used and like 10 times) but my soul will be crushed if you don’t renew it for a second season please

  28. I binged it and loved it!
    I’m a sap for a happy ending and would love to see Clare go on with her life and reach a stage of contentment and calm.

  29. I would really love for this to return! Far too good for it to just drop off that way!!!!! I need more!!!!! The writing was magnificent! I can see that others feel the same. PLEASE DON’T LET US DOWN!

  30. Yes renew,
    It would be a oversight not to. For so many of us that live the complicated, unpredictable lives, with tumultuous losses this work focuses on a question we àll need answered. “what is love, how do you feel it, how do you do it, how do you know it is being given to you,” so questions. Tiny Little Things trys to answer them all and has something for everyone to relate to in an easy life or a difficult one. There are so many questions for the writers and cast to still endeavour to answer in a Season 2.

  31. Yes please!! I love cherly strayed and kathyn hahn was amazing!! I really enjoyed the series and also binged it!!

  32. Watched in 2 nights. Loved it. Hoping for more. Great cast, great acting. Please renew for season 2.

  33. Loved the show. The characters were real. The story line was great, as was the acting. What I loved most about the show is that it not only made you feel, but think! We need more shows that do that. Im hoping for more.

  34. Indeed, Tiny Beautiful Things was one of the most emotion provoking series I have seen in a long time. It felt authentic. I was crying my eyes out during the last 10 minutes of 7 out of 8 episodes. Which I can’t recall ever happening. But they were the “right” kind of sob sessions at least for me. The ones that leave you feeling refreshed afterwards. Like the universe is saying, indeed life is hard, for everyone, but we do get those tiny, beautiful moments where all the hurt, the failures and the disappointments are worth it. That sounded a bit cliche, but I thoroughly enjoyed this series and I think that it will resonate with anyone who has lost their mom person or indeed has a mom-type person, as well as 9/10 women between the ages of 33 and 61. All of whom would watch a second season. Please, give us a second season. But if there is a second season, please be careful because I think it could easily go wrong and lose the honesty and specialness that these 8 short episodes were so full of.

  35. I need Sugar to return! Tiny beautiful things is the best show I’ve seen in years! The acting is incredible The content is raw and relatable. Please renew for another season!

  36. Just binge watched Tiny Beautiful Things and would love to see what happens in season 2. Please be renewed!!

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