Has Three Pines been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Three Pines is the latest murder mystery series on Amazon, taking Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache Series and adapting it for the small screen across several two part episodes. If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know so far:

What is Three Pines Season 1 about?

Three Pines is a murder mystery series, laid out in much the same way as something like Midsomer Murders. Gamache arrives in the seemingly idyllic village in Quebec Canada, Three Pines, and uncovers a series of murders. With his companions Jean-Guy and Isabelle, the trio set out to learn the truth around various murders and figure out who the suspect is.

Alongside this though, the show also tackles a secondary plot that interweaves across the season. The disappearance of an Indigenous woman called Blue sees Gamache pulled in two directions, desperate to uncover the truth.

We have extensive coverage on Three Pines across the site, including ongoing episodic recaps. Feel free to check that out HERE!

Has Three Pines been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Amazon have not renewed Three Pines for a second season. Given the nature of this series, and the number of Louise Penny books there are, this could well change. UPDATE: This show has been cancelled, according to Variety

Generally Amazon, like other streamers, gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Amazon make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, Three Pines has had a pretty favorable reaction from audiences and critics alike, with the series pretty easy to watch. Although some have criticized the abrupt conclusions to some of these cases.

With all that considered, Amazon has not renewed Three Pines for a follow-up. 

We’ll be sure to update this section with accurate details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Not much is known about season 2 at the time of writing, given Amazon has cancelled the show. 

We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it becomes available.

Would you like to see Three Pines return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

566 thoughts on “Has Three Pines been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I can only add to the overwhelming cry to RENEW!! Three Pines was so well done. All of the actors did a fantastic job and held your interest throughout the stories. If not Amazon then some other channel should grab this show. We are all waiting for a season two! RENEW…PLEASE!

  2. YES! YES! YES! RENEW!!! I rarely feel as strongly about a series being cancelled as I do about the cancellation of Three Pines. PLEASE RENEW!!!

  3. I have read all of Louise Penny’s 3 Pines books – and absolutely love this series- great writing, filming with a great cast – RENEW this is a quality series that the viewership will grow!!!!!!

  4. I have read all of Louise Penny’s 3 Pines books – and absolutely love this series- great writing, filming with a great cast – RENEW this is a quality series that the viewership will grow!!!!!!

  5. I have found this series absolutely engrossing. The characters are believable, and the addition of both the Indigenous people and the French influence gives a broad perspective to the story that is rare.

  6. Like a good book you cannot put down this tv programme was addictive. Truly Brilliant. Great stories with great scripts and superbly acted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW for series 2, 3 and more.

  7. Unfortunately, despite wanting to like the series, I found the writing and directing sappy, obvious and awkward and felt sorry for the actors having to make the best of both.

  8. Renewal is a must.. cancellation would be a travesty. Let’s make sure we honor Gamache!!

  9. This is a wonderful series! I am reading the Louise Penny books and I hope to see more of Armand Gamache and all the other characters!

  10. We have read the entire Louise Penny collection and think you are doing a great job introducing the public to the series. Please continue as the audience begins to identify with the characters in the series. They are very entertaining.

  11. Yes, we are dedicated Louise Penny fans and love the Gamache Series. Please continue with the series, we are huge fans and you are doing a super job. We think the series will continue to increase in popularity.

  12. Loved the books – the series was wonderful! Whoever did the casting captured the characters perfectly. More please!

  13. Oh please renew Tree Pines for a 2nd season. Mr Molinar is perfect as Inspector Gamache and the characters are delightful.
    Please say YES to renewing!

  14. More, please. Few series or movies do justice to the books that inspired them. This one does. Though there are necessarily differences due to the medium change, they’re masterfully managed by skilled screen writers, overseen by Louise Penny, no doubt. Also, kudos for casting. Main characters – Alfred Molina, Rossif Sutherland and Elle-Maija Tailfethers – are perfect, and how can you not love Claire Coulter as the Ruth Zardo, the crazy old poet with the trash mouth and a pet duck?
    This one should give Amazon a boost for many seasons to come as more and more people are introduced to Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and his delightful motley crew of officers, friends and family.

  15. Yes please, we want more. The Chief only has an upper body chest wound, seargent Let Cost, apply pressure on the wound until the ambulance arrives, do what your training instructed Cmon Chief, we need justice and you.
    Amazon we love you and this show, please renew.

  16. Please renew !! I didn’t realise there was only one season when I started ( and recommended to others !!)
    Really enjoyed and want to see what happens next ! Loved that it as murder mystery but you also warmed to characters – who were all linked

  17. I am eagerly awaiting future episodes of ThreePines. My entire family have read the books. Five households.

  18. Would be thrilled to be given an opportunity to watch a 2nd season and more…I love well-produced Canadian tv series. This was definitely one of them.

    LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait for more!!!!!!!🥰🥰

  20. Please renew. An excellent adaption of the books by Louise Penny. So disappointed when I realized there were no further episodes after #8.

  21. Adding my voice to the hope for a renewal. I just finished the season, and I’m heartened by your prediction that it will likely be renewed. Streaming platforms have been breaking my heart on the regular lately, teasing an interesting/entertaining premise and then immediately cancelling(1899 on Netflix, Paper Girls on Amazon, Reboot on Hulu, and on and on). It makes me want to avoid new content, which I guarantee isn’t their goal. I hope they change tactics soon.

  22. Please renew this show is riveting in realism like real life crimes could be solved SO rare to find this on TV DO not leave us hanging and sorry we enjoyed the too short season of episodes too not be able to have another season resolving all we want to see concluded I am being turned off by these too short episodes in a season Only to be stuck with cliffhangers LIke HIt and Run as another example

  23. This is an excellent production and a real credit to Amazon’s reputation for outstanding work. I have read almost all of Louise Penny’s books and would definitely welcome more episodes of 3 Pines on Amazon Prime! I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to express my support of this film.

  24. My wife and I watched all the episodes and look forward to a second season, hopefully soon. I’m sure the inspector will recover from his wounds and want him to bring his shooter to justice.

  25. I have enjoyed every of Louise Penny’s books and am pleased to watch the series. I would love to see more of her work here.

  26. The show is wonderfully cast, the best content PRIME/Amazon has done in quite a well. While this is slightly different from the Louise Penny books, it is still riveting for TV. Follow the scripts closer, straying away from them too much makes it a little disjointed. But I am SO LOOKING forward to the next few episodes. I agree, DO NOT LEAVE PEOPLE hanging from the last episode. Alfred Molina is fantastic but many others are fantastic too! PLEASE RENEW FOR MANY MORE!!

  27. Brilliant series. Addictive and wonderful characters. Humour and sadness. Great storylines. Actors so good. Hope upon hope there is a second series and beyond. Totally hooked.

  28. Please continue this series! This is one of the best series we have watched in a long time!
    Get busy and renew now!

  29. I truly enjoyed season 1…I have read all the novels…it is amazing to see it on the screen…it does not disappoint!

  30. It would be good to see a Season 2.
    I very much enjoyed the 1st Season.
    The stories were pretty good and the scenery wonderful.

  31. ABSOLUTELY !!! This series was one of the highest quality programs viewed this Winter. I have read all of Louise Penny’s books and was so happy to see that the series did justice to Gamache and the other wonderful characters. You MUST renew this series for MANY seasons!

  32. Three Pines is a different kind of show, a new and much welcomed flavor in the dramatic smorgasbord. I love the Louise Penny books and Alfred Molina does such a fantastic job as Gamache. I have also been a fan of Tantoo Cardinal for years, she just adds to the integrity of the show as far as I am concerned. Please continue the series. There is plenty of material to cover.
    Thank you

  33. Loved the books and the television series. The cast is excellent and were true to the characters in Louise Penny’s books. Please renew!

  34. Just finished watching season 1, Can’t wait to see season 2 and more. Alfred Molina is great, the stories are great.

  35. It was a surprise to see the characters portrayed so well! Alfred Molina was not far off the mental image I had created for myself as I read the books. It was easy to accept the actors, once I got into the series. Yes, please, more three pines!

  36. I join the chorus of people who are calling for the renewal of Three Pines. The cast is excellent, especially Alfred Molina (Armand Gamache) and the plots are very well interwoven. I do appreciate that the characters are portrayed with human frailties, which Louise Penny accomplished with mastery in her mystery writing.

    Please renew this quality series. Thank you.

  37. This is the first time I’ve ever binge watched anything in my life and I’m 68 years old. Yes yes yes for season 2! Please renew!

  38. Although there are some key differences between the books and the Amazon series, I love both and want both to continue. It is interesting to see how the writers of the Amazon episodes have altered some of Penny’s storylines keeping even her avid readers engaged in the series. Having read the books doesn’t ruin the Amazon series for you and watching the series doesn’t ruin readi g the books for the most part. Molina makes a wonderful Gamache.
    I’ll keep watching the series Amazon if you’ll keep making more episodes! I’m promoting “Three Pines” to all my friends. More seasons, please!

  39. I love Alfred Molina but not 3 Pines. Many of the characters and the plots were not believable especially because that many murders cannot happen in such a small amount of time in such a tiny town. Poor acting among many of the actors as well.

  40. Best series in a long tome. Relevant, plots are well done. Great characters & insights into them. A break from usual series lately. Thoroughly enjoyed it..Drug it out as long as possible. Hope it is renewed.

  41. Really hope they renew, it made such a refreshing change from so much rubbish that’s put out these days.

    Everything is getting so expensive these days and a pension only goes so far, so when it comes time to renew something will have to go as I can’t afford to pay for both Amazon and Disney. It is shows like this and the Lord of the rings prequel that might make people stay with Amazon so it’s important they keep them.

  42. “Three Pines” should have many seasons. The book series offers a wealth of great story lines and fascinating characters. I’m hooked!

  43. Three pines was well written well produced and very well acted, with several stories that kept your attention with a theme running through all of them. I would definitely watch it if they give it a second season.

  44. My son who lives in Canada recommended the series.
    I loved it.
    There seem to be several folk from England in the cast as well as First Nation Canadians
    I would love to watch a second series.

  45. Definitely renew, Amazon! Why not treat loyal viewers with some respect for their preferences instead of cutting things off so abruptly as is often the case? Frustrating! This has a fabulous, intricate caste of characters, portrayed by a brilliant cast.

  46. I always think Canadian TV is a cut above most things anyway but Three Pines is excellent even by Canadian standards. You make another season, I’ll watch it.

  47. I’ve read the entire series as have so many others. Definitely worth renewing. The series only gets better.

  48. Please, definitely renew this series. It is so well done and the cast and story lines are fantastic!

  49. Eagerly await Louise Penny “Gamache” series books. Enjoyed Three Pines series very much. Would love to see season 2 and 3 , so many great mysteries to show.

  50. My husband and I both loved this show. The only criticism is that it wasn’t long enough. We were disappointed when it ended and have high hopes of it’s renewal. Come on Amazon, show appreciation of your viewers and renew!!

  51. Three Pines makes great TV. This should get at least another series & could easily run for longer. It’s a real treat! Don’t wait too long to make more.

  52. I certainly will look forward to another series of this superb show.
    Excellent plotline and acting.
    Must be a series 2

  53. This should not even be a question! It is unthinkable that the powers that be cannot see how much viewers love everything about this series. Acting, storylines, scenery, and music are all outstanding.

  54. Come on guys don’t leave us hanging…. there’s got to be a follow up season…. Three Pines ain’t done yet!!!

  55. There is so much dreck on tv. This program is a bright, creative moment of entertainment. We look forward to each episode and, besides, you can’t leave Inspector Gamache lying on the ground with a bullet hole in him, for Christ sake. Revive the man. Please.

  56. Most definitely want another season of Three Pines watch all 7 episodes back to back in one day we need to know if the boss made it

  57. Definitely renew! We are impressed with the actors, the scenery and how well it was all put together.
    Would be such a shame not to make series 2 and even more!
    Please 😁

  58. Love the series. Whole family loved it and we don’t usually like the same shows. Also an avid Louise Penny fan and I think that they have made some changes from the original books that work extremely well. Many more stories to tell. Please renew my favourite show!!

  59. Please renew for second season! Best series in years. Love from Norway.
    PS! Grief is love that has no way to go! (Approximately sited from episode 2). That’s why Amazon need to, please, give love a place to go by renewal for multiple seasons!

  60. YES PLEASE!!! Three Pines is our top choice for tv watching and we want more.
    The ensemble work just got better and better as the first season progressed stopping now would be like taking an airplane to the end of the runway with no lift off or future journey.
    J & S

  61. We’d love to see Three Pines for another season. The writing and acting are superb and the story line is unfinished

  62. Please bring back Three Ppines for another season. The writing and acting are superb and the story line is unfinished

  63. Yes need to see another Season. Need to know if Inspector Gamache survives which he will and to see justice The series got better as it went along

  64. Renew…this is where platforms fail…Any series I find that is actually decent is cancelled /not renewed /left hanging in limbo. On Netflix for example: Dirilis: Ertugrul….Fantastic Turkish series ; the follow-up Series: Kurulus: Osman WAS NOT PICKED UP by Netflix and no mention has ever been made of it. No you cannot watch it on You Tube and it is ongoing with many seasons. So a customer devotes all kinds of time to a Series and then poof just gone. This is a repeatable offense. I just finished watching 3 Pines. Yes it is great. These kind of series attract many viewers but Amazon left me hanging this time. I do not like that happening. It will be nice if they renew but seriously they knew when they made it people would gravitate towards it so no reason for them not to tell customers their hidden plans.

  65. Please, please make a second series – and many more! Superb acting, engrossing plots, significant issues, and relatable characters.

  66. Definitely make many more seasons of Three
    Pines on Amazon Prime. It’s a very well done production. Lots of Louise Penny Gamache novels to keep going.

  67. I watched this as it came out and loved it. Over Christmas I got my MIL hooked, and even my husband (who doesn’t normally likes mysteries) is totally engaged. I hope this will be continued.

  68. Please renew. You can’t end thos with not knowing if Gamache lives or dies after getting shot. Alfred Molina is the best! I love all the acting and the suspense.

  69. I would like to see a second series. The first was engrossing and has left us in limbo over what has happened

  70. This is a no brainer! YES 👏 Please renew. How wonderful to have an excellent well written acted directed Canadian french/English with 1st nation sensitive issues coming out.
    This is worth having another season.
    One thing I must say is that the ending was a bit unsatisfactory to me. To rushed.

  71. Definitely we want a second season. It’s smart, non- violent, and I like the quirky townspeople ( although, Midsomer, it is not likely that. So many murders would take place in such quiet villages). However, I have watched the entire series of Midsomer three times,

  72. My brother told about a recent series he thought was great and that I would enjoy. He was right, I loved Three Pine and ended up binge watching the whole series over 2 days. Please bring back a 2nd season (and maybe even more!).

  73. Hope it’s renewed. Just finished streaming the first season! First time that the show was better than the books.

  74. This is an outstanding production and should definitely continue. The characters are dead on (pun intended) to Louise Penny’s enthralling books. This has the potential to be an unforgettable Canadian classic but needs many more seasons exhaust its huge potential for greatness.

  75. I just read “A World of Curiosities” and really liked Chief Gamache, So I was pleased when I saw Three Pines on Amazon Prime. I’ve binge watched Season 1 the last two days. Please renew the series for another season. It’s a really great show with good story lines, excellent actors, and great photography.

  76. Please renew. My daughter & I binge watched season 1 & really enjoyed it. Love the characters & really want to know more about them. Go deeper into the mystery & please give us more seasons asap.

  77. Please renew Three Pines for many more seasons. The first season was done exceedingly well and will be happy to watch more of Inspector Gamache, as played by Mr Molina, a favorite actor.

  78. Amazon PLEASE RENEW three pines for another season. The acting, setting and stories are beautiful, gripping and fascinating!

  79. Best series of its kind. So many more secrets to be revealed. Engaging characters. We need many more seasons of Three Pines!

  80. Yes yes yes
    Please renew it
    i loved every minute and the characters were so well cast
    Inspector Gamache was exactly as I had imagined him

  81. Three Pines is a very gripping series. I hope there is a renewal for a second season! There are not many series that have such a wonderful cast and intriguing plot. These are the kind of mysteries that are well worth your time watching. I hope Three Pines continues with more seasons and the same main characters.

  82. Please bring Three Pines back for many more seasons! Wonderful acting and interesting story lines. I love the twists and wholesome detective work.

  83. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing more seasons of three pines. Excellent detective drama that kept us capitulated. Great characters.

  84. Fabulous mystery series with intelligent and gripping Canadian content. And I can see it continuing for years to come. The plots and social, political and criminal issues get more and more spell-binding as the series continues.
    Series 2 and beyond please, please, please!

  85. Definitely expect to see another season or two from all the positive reviews. I never read Louse Penny’s books, but I was fascinated by Three Pines, its characters, plots, and scenery. Of course, if you produce more shows I would expect Chief Inspector Gamache to have survived. I could do without Ruth’s F-ing in almost every sentence.

  86. One of the best murder series I’ve watched. Please renew it.
    I”ve read all Louise Penny’s books and I find the actors are perfect for their roles.
    However Three Pines does not look like an Eastern township town or what i imagined it would be from the books.

  87. Absolutely love this show!!!! My wife and I were glued to the TV.
    Plese renew and let’s see season two. Have to know if Gamache pulls through.

  88. Three Pines has wonderful story lines, great acting and superb scenery. It MUST have another series, or two, or three.

  89. Yes, please renew! I have read all the books. There is a wealth of material for a continuing series.

  90. This is the BEST Canadian mystery series I have ever seen !!! ( besides Murdoch Mysteries which is a different type and time )

    I am such a fan of Louise Penny’s Three Pines novels — have read ALL the novels –and this series brings so much of that familiar venue to life with the addition of the Aboriginal element. The acting is so well done as well including the Duck!! There MUST be another season since the last episode has left us wishing and needing and BEGGING for more’!!!!!!!!

  91. Thanks Amazon Three Pines was excellent viewing. Loved the show, however it’s not concluded. You have left us up in the air not knowing if the Chief is alive and where his killer has gone etc. Please bring on Season 2. A great series.

  92. I found this series while browsing for something new to watch and boy did I hit the jackpot! I have loved the entire Season 1 which I watched over 2 nights, as I just could not stop. Prime hit a home run with this and I hope Amazon will listen to us who subscribe. We all want more. I could however do with less of the f word as not many people I know in true life use that word as freely as shown in this show.

  93. My husband and I love this series.
    It is gripping.
    The characters are intense. The acting is real, moving and very well done.
    Please lease renew this show. We are looking forward to more seasons as soon as possible

  94. I watched this series after I heard a recommendation on Boom radio and I absolutely loved it. An intelligent and believable main character and interesting storyline. I did binge watch three episodes in one evening as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened! It also makes me want to read the books.
    Please renew this great show.

  95. Loved every episode. Looking forward to more seasons of Three Pines / best thing I’ve seen for ages.

  96. I’ve either read or listened to all of the books once and am now making my through them for a second time. They aren’t just good murder mysteries, but portraits of humanity and life. I noticed lots of differences between the show and the books, but the soul of the stories is the same. I certainly hope they make at least a couple more seasons and for those of you who haven’t read the books, please do. You will be glad you did and it will just make the show feel even better.

  97. 12/1/2023
    I add my voice to those above, to ask – close to beg! – Amazon Prime to renew the Three Pines series! The first Season was superbly done, especially the casting for Chief Inspector Gamache. Everyone tp whom I’ve mentioned the series has expressed hope for its continuation! I am among those who have read all of Louise Penny’s books, which has given me an advantage to understanding Season One. However, even those among my friends who have not read the books but tuned in to the Series at my suggestion, have raved about it. I want to thank Amazon for its wonderful job done, in both casting and interpretation. I think Amazon would be benefited by renewal — I know that your audience would be!!

  98. Please renew. Three Pines, like the Gamache books, is intelligent, engaging, and moving. The village has been beautifully realized for the screen. The acting is great, though some of the characters from the books are not physically convincing, especially Clara, Gabri and Olivier, who seem to be reversed. It is definitely worthy of bingeing.

  99. I’ll make it short and sweet. I loved it. Good for you Prime. A series worth watching. Please renew Three Pines. Won’t miss an episode. Thank you 🎄🎄🎄

  100. Have read all of the Inspector Gamache books. Have watched Three Pines Season 1. Please renew for Seasons 2 and 3 at least. There are enough books to go five seasons.

  101. Just finished the series and have read some of Louise Penny’s books. PLEASE RENEW! Great writing, acting, photography, and more!

  102. Please renew right away. This was an excellent series. So entertaining, I have begun reading the series. Love them!!

  103. The Three Pines series was done so well I would like to read the books. The fact that the series addressed the missing Indigenous women of Three Pines gave it even more depth.
    I would love to see Netflix continue with this series and the quality adaption of the books. The acting was excellent. I hope a second season is in the making.

  104. I love all the Louise Penny books and season was true to the books. Please renew, renew, renew. I loved the portrayal of Gamache.

  105. Just finished the last episode. Please renew. Don’t leave us hanging!!! It was the best thing I have ever watched on Amazon Prime.

  106. Yes, it’s really well done and, the characters are really well written with excellent actors. Alfred Molina is ideal for the role. And we need more on the indigenous women disappearing story!
    Thank you!

  107. YES!! My husband and I would love to see 3 Pines renewed – it is truly a breath of fresh air as far as most series go these days.

  108. Need to renew – great series. Wonder how it could be a question after reading all these comments.

  109. Yes, please continue the series. The back ground of missing Indigenous women doesn’t get enough focus. The problem continues and needs to be brought more main stream. There are so many garbage shows that don’t do anything to help real social issues. The other interwoven plots are intriguing.

  110. We love this series. Please renew it. The characters are just too interesting to abandon! The scenery is gorgeous; the music, soulful; and the stories, haunting. But it works!!

  111. Renew. This is special because it’s different. My high school daughter is watching with me and we find it not just entertaining but exposing us to ideas and topics that we need to know more about- we are learning. The recognition of cultural histories (even if it’s just in a TV show) educates and validates. Renew, please.

  112. This is a great series with wonderful actors. I have throughly enjoyed each and every episode. Why in the world could you even consider not renewing it.

  113. Please let’s have more Three Pines. The richness of characters, place, and time is totally believable, evokes feelings, draws a compelling world. It is so much deeper than action thrillers and procedural. We want more of this quality of storytelling.

  114. Please bring back Three Pines!!!!!!! It was a breath of fresh air! Loved it! So much more to be told with these characters ❤️

  115. What a brilliant series – completely hooked! Discovering Three Pines amongst the quagmire of sensationalistic TV, has been a breath of intellectual fresh air. Please do bring it back for another season!

  116. Love 3 Pines n hope it’s renewed. Alfred Molina n cast were excellent n hats off to Casting Director

  117. Please renew Three Pines! This show is a welcome change from so many other shows that we have to choose from! We must find out what happens to Chief Inspector Armand Gamache!

  118. Yes! Renew! There’s SO MUCH MORE to be dramatized. Totally absorbing and entertaining with great cast and stories.

  119. Dropped in for a visit and stayed..wonderful acting, intriguing scripts moody noir-like. Ambience..please do another season

  120. Please bring us season two of Three Pines. One of the most intelligent and compelling detective series to have been presented on television. The viewers deserve to know if detective Gamache survives! Absolutely loved this first season and think the concept is worthy of many other seasons to follow.

  121. Bring back Gamache for season 2 – great series. I’ve read all of the books and there is so much content that would provide many episodes of excellent TV.

  122. Yes, bring it on! I didn’t know it was a book series! It been quite refreshing to see some raw human emotions to trauma and the resilience we have when we reside in the gravitational pull of relationships. Don’t rush this series let’s continue the power of Love!

  123. Please continue this amazing seiers of Three Pines. It’s intelligent, so well done and keeps the viewer totally engaged!

  124. Please renew the show. I’ve own and have read all 18 of Louise Penny’s Three Pines series and loved everyone of them. I was delighted to come across the Three Pines series. i have nothing but positive statements to make about the setting, the cast is great with the actors well suited to the characters they play. This is a hit show in my opinion and apparently there are a great many people who agree.

  125. Please please give us more series of Three pines!! It was terrific! With Alfred Molina leading fantastic cast
    Story lines well written and presented!
    Please don’t leave us in suspense for too long!

  126. This show is definitely worthy of a 2nd & 3rd season, as long as the standards remain in place. Have seen less quality go on to 2nd seasons for no reason. Show has kept and peaked our interest and love the setting, not big city life for a change.

  127. In an era of “McTV”, reality shows, inane comedy, etc., Three Pines is a welcome addition to a mundane line up. The stories are crafted to appeal to the intellect rather than the sensational. I have enjoyed season #1, and hope for more.

  128. 100% renew. Binged watched when I came across Three Pines on Amazon Prime.
    Didn’t know about Louise Penny’s books so will look out for them now.
    Beautiful landscape shots, and liked how the plots interweaved in the stories.

  129. Please continue Three Pines as long as there are books by these authors. It is refreshing to see police work being done without all the extra junk thrown in for flavor. Also, I want to see the bad cop get his for once. No getting away with it Pierre!

  130. I love all the books, and I love this show. We watched all the episodes over 3 days, and are eager to see more of it. PLEASE RENEW IT!

  131. I loved this show!!! I have read all of the Inspector Gamache books and could watch this series forever! You did an excellent job with casting and captured the intrigue beautifully. PLEASE RENEW THIS. AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

  132. Stumbled across this jewel about a week ago, and have watched every episode. Excellent writing, excellent acting. I saw that Gamache was not shot in a life threatening area, so I am assuming he can survive – if only you renew the series! Please do, and notify me when new episodes are released!

  133. What a brilliant series… very reminiscent of a modern day Agatha Christie…. brilliantly executed… love all the mysterious characters and the way it touches on the plight of the indigenous Indians, and the spiritual side of life.
    Amazon are very short sighted if they don’t have another series… it is so refreshing after all the silly teen shows and violencet I see daily… This is something for their intellectual members for a change

  134. Please renew…characters were well developed AND evolving something we all do. Plots were rich with enough twists to keep us guessing. Scenery was serene helping to mislead us ….well worth yhevtime

  135. Just finished watching 3 Pines on Prime, what a brilliant programme this was and I found it a surprise when the ‘ real killer was found ‘ , I always got it wrong!!
    Never thought the chief inspector Gamache was going to get shot, now NEED TO KNOW HE OK and gunman gets caught asap!!
    Bring back another series Amazon please, you have the Best Platform to bring these exciting new programmes to the masses!! Thank you

  136. Very sad not being able to continue watching, show is well done, great casting, superb photography and of course great plot. Read all the books and loved them, please bring the characters back to us.

  137. This was an awesome show to watch. Please renew for more seasons. Need to know what happens to Inspector Gamache.

  138. Atmospheric and entertaining, the first season of “Three Pines” is excellent.

    The acting, writing, directing and cinematography are notable, as is the musical accompaniment.

    As a fan of other Amazon-sponsored series, I give “Three Pines” five stars.

    Amazon financial overseers, please renew “Three Pines.”

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    Please renew series as it is fantastic!

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  141. This series was brilliant & the character tie ins are amazing. The internal struggles of Gamache as he works through each mystery is so real and relatable. Overall the history and scenery is breathtaking and the stories are all one we can relate to ! I loved season one & have encouraged everyone I know to watch Three Pines! “ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW & BRING SEASON AFTER SEASON OF THIS AMAZING SERIES “

  142. Please make more of this series, Three Pines. Molina is an excellent, internalised actor and demonstrates so well the empathy and integrity of the detective. The setting, in Eastern Canada, is beautiful and mysterious and the was a region I knew nothing about, but have now learned by research thanks to this series.
    This is an unusual and excellent series.

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    We watched all episodes in one night.
    5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  157. I stand with many of your reviewers. It is a wonderful production, and I hope to see it again soon! PLEASE!!

  158. Yes, it should be renewed.
    I just started Prime and binged watched this exceptional show. I can’t say I’d keep prime if they drop it, because it would not only show a disrespect for talented writers, and actors but for the Indigenous People of Canada. The history weaved into each episode is remarkable.

  159. Really like this show. Alfred Molina and Elle Maija Tailfeathers are superb in it as is Sarah Booth. Love all the other characters. Easy to watch and lovely to look at. Easy going and then really really heavy at times.

    The red dresses in the trees is a very moving and thought provoking image. And there are several moments to reflect on in the show. Nothing new other than showing a perspective on native Canadian culture but a great warmth of the familiar.

  160. There were too many questions left at the end of Season 1. It was left as a cliffhanger. Please renew. It’s kept me interested, it was good acting and it actually talked about the true story of the indigenous children and their story of what happened to them at their boarding school.

  161. Please renew Three Pines. I desperately need at least a season 2. It is the best series I have seen for many years. The characters great! The scenery great! And the philosophy and wisdom in the script superb! It would be a travesty of justice to finish after season 1

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    There is so few decent dramas on TV at the moment and this one was great!

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  170. Of course it should be renewed. Viewing figures would be up if only we knew about it! I stumbled on it and loved it.

  171. Yes, please continue.
    I have read all the Armand Ganache
    Books up to now. This series is based on the Louise Penny’s books but does not rigidly follow Louise Penny’s Armand Ganache personality. I prefer the Armand in her books, but Alfred Molina does an excellent job with what he has been given. The ensemble of the cast also is excellent, some license has been taken with the characters. On the whole extremely entertaining and well done. I do not want to give anything away, however with 18 books, it is obvious that Gamache cannot die after season one. No more seasons, unless we are to have prequels forever.

  172. DEFINITELY renew! Gamache is alive for so many more 3 Pines novels, & last 2 episodes were just terrific (rest was great, too).

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    I’m so looking forward to more great performances and great story line.
    Makes one watching want more.

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    He’s the central figure in all 18 Louise Penney books 🙂
    I’ve read them all & now thinking about a reread to remember the differences between TV production & the books, e.g., the indigenous aspect & murder is not nearly as developed a storyline as in the series. There are others but won’t divulge so as not to diminish the effects of TV viewers only. But I’d encourage reading the books as each one builds upon the next & are good reads, some excellent. My only disappointment has been her latest book, A World of Curiosities, not at all up to standards. It’s repetitive in describing the characters & their history, even words ( if I read her describe Gamache’s eyes as kind for the 50th time , I’m gonna scream !), preposterous storyline, a more simplistic writing style……. I think she might need to take a year off from writing! Anyway, who can blame her! She’s loved, as are her books & folks clamoring for more, more, more , right after publication of the latest Three Pines installment!
    And, I’ll keep reading them!

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    I’d like to see the series done through The Long Way Home, for sure! These are so rich.
    Thank you, Louise Penny and Prime Video!

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    Gamache can’t die!!!
    Louise Penny has so many
    3 Pines stories to tell
    This is a cliffhanger

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  194. Love this show! It always leaves me feeling connected to something else. It is extremely thought-provoking. It has opened my eyes to a people that I never realized were suffering. I have told so many people to watch this show because it grabs your soul and quickly becomes an addiction.

  195. I so look forward to each of Louise Penny’s books. Every new book is like a letter from old friends. The Amazon series is way past due, and I will be thrilled if Amazon renews; however, I believe each book deserves at least four episodes. Two episodes are not enough to fully flesh out the characters and plot. Even better, give each book a full season. Editing the books so drastically does not give someone who hasn’t read them enough to sink their teeth into, and the characters are too one dimensional. If Amazon wants this series to succeed, they must invest the time for the stories to be fully presented. It’s the complexity of the characters and the plots that make Louise Penny stand out, and make Three Pines so loved.

  196. Big vote for Season 2. More books? More seasons! Ditto to all the aforementioned comments. Love the pace of this show.

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  200. Read all Louise penny’s three pines books. Season 2 hopefully will be on the way. With so many trashy shows out there, this should be a no brainer.

  201. I think it will be renewed. There were too many unresolved plot lines at the end to just leave us hanging.

    First of all, who will take over for Ganache after he dies. That’s obviously the big open question at this point and you would think it would be Agent Lacoste; but it looks like she is going to be in prison for drunk driving. I think the dark horse candidate is Agent Nicole who seems to always be in the right place in the right time.

    Also, what is going to happen to Chowski. Will he survive. He obviously didn’t look like he was in good shape sitting in the truck. But we only saw him for a brief moment and I think that was intentional to create doubt about whether he will survive. Really a good move by the director to sort of leave us hanging on that one. I’m guessing after months of rehabilitation (both physical and mental) he will be back on the force and he might even end up marrying Jean-Guy who was obviously just pretending he was married to a woman named Enid.

    Finally, what happened with Reine-Marie? Was she able to finish her presentation at that conference in Toronto?

    I think for these reasons the show will be renewed for at least 7 more seasons as the writers flesh out these plot lines.

  202. Happy with the casting…I am such a fan of the books and the Prime series did not disappoint. Looking forward to another season

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  206. Please renew. Great show, great actors. I thoroughly enjoy this series. I love that they solve each case in two parts with the on going subplot. Very well written.

  207. Three Pines. An amazing hypnotic series. Could not turn away from it until I reached the last episode.
    Please please Season 2

  208. Bring back Gamache!!!
    I love this series and it’s cast.
    Alfred Molina is genius in this role.

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    Keep up the great work.

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  214. Very well done! The plots are intriguing thanks to the novels by Louise Penny. The script, the direction, the cast work well together which makes the episodes exciting. We look forward to each new episode and are grateful to those at Amazon who made these stories and people come to life. MORE, PLEASE.

  215. Loved it..music and actors and story line excellent. One comment, don’t Hollywood this by making cracks at presidents…it polarizes audience.

  216. Loved it..udoc and actors and story line excellent. One comment, don’t Hollywood this by making cracks at presidents…it polarized audience.

  217. Renew please
    This is an interesting adaptation of Louise Penny series. It includes the addition of several Indigenous actors and First Nations history of stolen children and missing women woven through all episodes. I’d love to see many more.

  218. By all means please renew this series. My wife and I loved the show looked forward to the double episode release. This type of show with such high quality is why we stopped watching most US television that has plummeted in quality over the last 10 years.

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  222. My wife has read all the books (she’s halfway through the current book) and like so many other couples we are hooked! So yes Amazon do renew this show! Thank you and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

  223. I have been waiting years for someone to make a series of Louise Penny’s books. This series is a satisfaction! Alfred Molina makes a great Gamache. The setting is perfect. The stories and characters have changes, but they have been able to maintain the character so well. This is the best mystery series in a long time. Please continue!

  224. Please renew another season of z three Pines. My friends and I are hooked on this drama….. Ganache CANNOT die. Please renew!!

  225. I just finished watching Season 1 of The Three Pines. I hope Amazon sees how many people want it to be renewed for a second season!

  226. Please, Please renew it and keep Mr. Molina at the helm.
    Good shows are not easy to come by and this one is a winner.

  227. YES! A thousand times yes! Best show on TV. Smart, stylish, fun, riveting. Molina deserves all the accolades possible, and throw in the awards too. Brilliant.

  228. This series has gripped me intensely. Coming from Kahnawà:ke, which is where the indigenous consultants for the series come from, a lot of the material really hits home for me.

    I honestly haven’t read mystery novels since I outgrew the Hardy Boys novels 40 years ago, but Three Pines is excellent. I’m now going to be looking for Louise Penny’s novels, to see how they are, although I’m aware that the Indigenous sub-plot was added solely for the TV series. I love how this sub-plot was interwoven with the development of Gamache’s character.

    Please please please produce more seasons.

  229. Most definitely we need to have a Season 2. This had great actors and loved the story line of the girl missing named Blue Two Rivers and they gave clues everywhere until they found her. Also we need to know what happens to Gamache

  230. We love Three Pines. This is the only show that we wait each week for each two-part episode and watch it immediately. We’ve read the books. Most adaptations are frustrating but changes they made in this series work. PLEASE RENEW- Hopefully for many seasons.

  231. Please renew. This series is a refreshing change from most mystery series, with culture and history of indigenous people woven in. We look forward to more!

  232. I’ve read every Louise Penny book about Three Pines and Gamache and was so glad Amazon made it a series.
    It was difficult to wait until Thursday nights to see the next episode. Please renew this series. It will be disappointing to all Louise Penny’s fans if you don’t!

  233. Please please please renew Three Pines. My husband and I love this show. Great acting. Great story lines. We look forward to another season desperately. It’s a must please.

  234. Yes, keep the series going! Well done series. I just finished the latest Armand Gamache novel.
    Hope Amazon will keep the series going!

  235. YES, definitely continue Three Pines. I have read all of Louise Penny’s books and this series matches her characters very well. The plots certainly give you something to reflect and think about. It is nice to have a new show that appears to be as good or better as Inspector Morse.

  236. Enjoyed this show a lot. We will be sorely disappointed if not renewed,
    So our vote is a resounding yes for more seasons.

  237. Three Pines is an intelligent and gripping series shedding light on a shameful chapter of Canada’s history. The characters are developed well and the plots in each two-episode story had my husband and me on the edge of our seats. Wonderful acting, writing and music – please renew!

  238. Having read all 18 of Louise Penny’s novels, I feel quite invested in the characters prior to seeing the series. I am relieved and pleased to see the portrayal of Gamache is so true to the writing, and the village’s characters are also so closely aligned to the novels. I love it and desperately want more seasons to follow please.

  239. Please renew. We are just on episode 3 and my husband and I love it. Great casting, subject and writing. We are looking forward to seeing this story through and starting more of the stories to come.

  240. I’ve read all of the books and love the TV series. The acting is excellent and the drama itself is far above what is usually on television. I’m hoping that the series is renewed.

  241. An outstanding series with great storylines and excellent characters and their development, superbly acted. Would love to see more series.

  242. Would love to see more of Three Pines! Louise Penny is a wonderful writer and the series has captured the feel of the books with superb casting and lovely local scenery. The stories are compressed, but I hope that spurs many to read her books! More, please!

  243. Flippin’ ‘eck!!! What a brilliant first season! The masterful underlying theme of Blue and Tommy throughout, bubbles along tantalisingly, whilst each episode is overlaid with a Poirotesque murder to be solved. Excellent cast and script so season 2 just has to be made!! You know it does Amazon!!