Has The Watchful Eye been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Watchful Eye is a Freeform original series, playing out as a mystery thriller that follows Elena, a woman who becomes a nanny at the Greybourne with a hidden agenda.

After completing all of season 1, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Watchful Eye Season 1 about?

The Watchful Eye follows Elena Santos who is hired to be a nanny for Matthew Ward after the loss of his wife.

Elena has a troubling past and things soon get out of hand after she finds her way inside the home of one of the most affluent families in Manhattan. She also has a hidden agenda for getting the job. How will she manage to keep her cover in a haunted building like the Greybourne?

We have an extensive review of  The Watchful Eye across the site, including a full-season review. You can find those HERE!

Has The Watchful Eye been renewed for Season 2 

At the time of this writing, Freeform has cancelled The Watchful Eye according to Variety.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Given the show’s ending, there were definitely plans for a second season, at least from the creators of the show. The cliffhanger finale left us with so many questions, whilst none of the characters’ stories have been finished. We need to know what happens after that ending!

For starters, will Elena help Tory hide the body? What happens to Matthew? Did Roman and Bennet make it to Miami? What did Scott and Elena’s mom talk about? What happens to Mrs Ivey and James? Lastly, when will Otis be taken down?

We’ll be sure to update you if anything changes.

Would you like to see The Watchful Eye return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. it was the best show av watch in a good while so have a season 2 laeveing the vewiers on a cliffhanger like that come on that’s not fare

  2. You can’t leave us vewiers on a cliffhanger like that if there isn’t another season of the watchfil 👁‍🗨 the producer’s are mad not to make onther season that was so good

  3. If you are planning to stop a very good series, you should film an ending in season 1 and not pretend that there is a season 2! The best series will be canceled and the shitty series will continue to be filmed! So stupid really.

  4. With so much garbage on television these days, it’s really stupid for Freeform to cancel such a great series like “The Watchful Eye”! There has been nothing more interesting since “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives”! Although no one ever likes a series to end, at least these two shows had a chance to end on a great note! “The Watchful Eye” was introduced and was addictive! What’s even dumber is ending it with so many unanswered mysteries. What is wrong with Freeform? I won’t be watching anything on Freeform anymore! Some other platform needs to bring back Season 2 of The Watchful Eye! It is quite simply a unique show! What an AWESOME series that needs closure!

  5. Please bring back the Watchful Eye. I recorded all 10 episodes and am constantly watching them over and over. Need to see what happens…so many cliffhangers. If Freeform won’t bring it back, can another company bring it to us. So many people can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2.

  6. Season 2 is a must!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!!! Definitely an awesome mystery! Will tell everyone only if a season 2 is made, otherwise it would be a waist of time to not have closure!

  7. Please bring on season two and more seasons. I couldn’t stop watching it. I binged it on two days. It’s a great mystery. I’ve been telling everybody about it and I can’t wait to see it and I hope to tell them that there’s gonna be a season two. It is an awesome watch!

  8. Just found season 1 and I really hope there is a season 2!! So many unanswered questions….I need more!

  9. I just finished season 1 in my 2 days off. If there’s no season 2 I will not watch freeform/hulu again. Season 2 is a must in my opinion.

  10. In my opinion, The Watchful Eye has so much potential to carry on for many more seasons. Mostly based within the apartment building there lies the ability to constantly bring in temporary new characters (maybe even well known actors/ actresses) frequently evolving the story lines of each season. Meaning, each temporary character/characters story could be started in episode one finishing with the last episode of that season. Then season 3 would begin and end with a new tenants story and so on, and so on….
    Also, Hulu is a great platform as well as the smaller ones chosen to air this on; but shoot for Netfix too as it is THE MOST WATCHED PLATFORM. By doing that you’re sure to reach the most viewers.
    Please bring back The Watchful Eye.
    Thank you,

  11. OMG….PLEASE, PLEASE don’t cancel this show!!! It’s so great & different then any other shows I have seen in a very long time…..really since Pretty Little Liars…..and besides you can’t leave us hanging without letting us know how things end. Thank you.

  12. I just found the show a few days ago and so so captivated by it I binged watched every episode. Now that I’m addicted don’t put me in rehab lol 😂 no really I’m serious Don

  13. You HAVE to do a season 2 at minimum!!! This was by far one of the best series aired in years!!!! With all this crap on TV today we NEED another season!!! Dont end something great before it can really start! WAY to many things left unanswered!!!!

  14. Need a season two of this show! Got me through some tough months of school. Looked forward to it each week. I need answers about that ending. Please bring attention to this show so it gets renewed

  15. Love the show. Really hoping for a second season. There are definitely a lot of questions to be answered.

  16. I really enjoyed watching this serie please drop season 2 as soon as possible because i can’t wait really and please in season 2 let there be more than 10 episode atlist 15 episode should be in season 2.Thank you am looking forward with the response of season 2 being release.

  17. Love these show. So much more can be done with season 2 or more. Hoping that they will continue with a new series. A show you must watch!!!!!

  18. LOVE, love, love this show!! I really hope they bring it back for a second season!! We looked forward to watching it every week.

  19. My daughter and looked forward to this series weekly! Superb writing, and acting. I am hoping the show will resume.

    Thank you from your biggest fans!


  20. My daughter and looked forward to this series weekly! Superb writing, and acting. I am hoping the show will resume.

    Thank you from your biggest fans!

    Pia Marie Lee

  21. Please …bring us a Season 2 of Watchful Eye. The story is original and exciting and I look forward to each episode. I also enjoy the multiracial, multigenerational soup that is just so natural in this series. Love it! Please bring it back!

  22. Can’t wait for the second season. Very interesting and must-to watch
    I was left with questions in suspense.

  23. This show is a must watch! Loved it! Cant wait for season 2!! Plz do more marketing to help grow the audience and to help it become more popular.

  24. This is a must watch! Loved it! Can’t wait for season 2. Plz do more marketing to bring attention to the show to grow the audience and help it become more popular.

  25. This is a must watch! Loved it! Can’t wait for season 2. Plz do more marketing to bring attention to the show to grow the audience and help make it become more popular.

  26. This was a GREAT SHOW! There definitely needs to be a season 2. I found it by chance scrolling through the series available on Hulu. More marketing should be done to bring it to a wider audience.

  27. I hope to see a second season. I really enjoyed the story line and and need to see what happens next after all the cliff hangers.

  28. Everyone!!! we do really love the show! But we need to show it to more people so it gets more famous!!! Lets talk about it and tell as many people as we can about the show!!! It needs our help to get bigger audience!

  29. I really wanna know what Allie has going on between her and the guy that lives in the attic. Especially since he so happened to find out something strange was going on with her pertaining to those letters. I’m in suspense over here because I really need more episodes of The Watchful Eye. I love this show and it’s very exciting and worth watching.

  30. Definitely an awesome movie,it’s after a long time that I really enjoyed a good movie, awaiting for season 2 now

  31. One of the best I’ve ever watched, so many questions left unanswered. I’m patiently waiting for season 2…

  32. There needs to be a Season Two… love this show!!! How can you have such a great show and leave it like this?

  33. I thought the show was great all actors are terrific. The ending was shocking. This needs to have a second season. You cannot leave this show hanging not knowing what will happen. Please bring it back

  34. Great suspense. So many interesting characters. A real pleasure to watch. I hope Freeform will stand up for this creative series and give us another season.

  35. Loved this show. Had me on the edge of my seat every episode. I’m hoping and waiting for a second season. The characters are brilliant the story line is amazing and keeps you wanting more so please please bring a second and third etc etc seasons

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