Has The Rig been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Rig is a derivative thriller, borrowing heavily from many different influences, including Nightflyers, The Thing and even The Expanse! After finishing the whole series, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Rig Season 1 about?

The story centers on a group of workers off on a remote Scottish oil rig called Kinnoch Bravo. They’re all ready to leave for the mainland, along with their comrades over on Kinnoch Charlie.

However, weird tremors from below the rig, coupled with a thick blanket of fog and strange ash, cause all sorts of problem that soon link themselves to something far worse and more dangerous on the horizon.

As the group work to figure out what this may be, one of the men called Baz, finds himself experiencing horrific visions linked to something on the sea bed. The first chapter actually does a half-decent job of building up a mystery before this one falls into derivative waters, borrowing tried and tested concepts

We have extensive coverage of The Rig on the site, including a full season review and recaps for every episode. You can find that HERE!

Has The Rig been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, The Rig has been renewed for a second season according to RadioTimes.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point. However, expect a very similar format, with the story expanding the mythos, showing more of this alleged mass extinction event and quite how it plays into the larger picture.

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see The Rig return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

118 thoughts on “Has The Rig been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Superb cast, great acting, a suspenseful storyline, and a brilliant Sci-fi concept. It doesn’t get much better than this for the Genre. I hope that Amazon renews this show. It is better than many others that are not half as good and seem to get renewed year after year.

  2. KUDOS to the cast, crew, writers, and Amazon for a worthwhile sci-fi series. I had seen it advertised on Prime, and not having too much else to watch that I haven’t seen or is English speaking, I gave episode 1 a shot.
    By the end, I was captivated and went on to episode 2….then 3….next thing I know its the last episode, and I haven’t slept!!
    Two THUMBS UP!!!D

  3. Please please please bring a Season 2 of The Rig
    It left us fans hanging with the tidal wave/tsunami
    Showing Kat, who is pregnant, along with Rose, and the other main characters get out on a helicopter showing how it’s coming to Land and Kat’s wife is looking out the window and it’s coming.
    I hate when really good shows leave you hanging!!!

  4. I absolutely loved the show great actors and I like how they tackle everything that is happening in our world. I binge watched it on the 7-01-2023 I recommend it to my friends and family defo needs to have a second series. Please please renew I want to see what happens next as it leaves it open for more scope.

  5. Just finished season 1 of this absolutey fantastic, but as usual, way too short mini series, what is it with writers today? Cant they write more episodes, or is the office comfort temperature contol systems, and special designed comfortable chairs not up to their quality standards???

    Try proving me wrong and make season 2 Have at least 15 episodes and show the rest of the world how its done!!!!!!!

    From an Australian Super fan of the show.
    Iain ([email protected])

  6. Yes please,, It had me at the edge of my seat at the. They just can’t leave us hanging like that we need that second season. 👍👍👍👍👍

  7. We just watched Rig 1. We both really liked it. Hoping for a 2 season. Looking forward to viewing it and more after that we hope

  8. Lots of action
    Great characters and performances
    Great story
    No guns !!!
    Thought provoking theme
    Green light for a second season

  9. YES to 2nd series PLEASE

    Absolutely loved this. Great thriller. Kept you on edge all the way through. Binge watched overnight with hubby (who works offshore). Actors played parts well.

    Both want to know where the chopper is going and the aftermath of the tsunami on land.,

  10. So many good series that are not given another season is beyond disappointing. It is an absolutely well written show and I know many agree with me – from the ratings -it has received, so why do this? At the very least you should have decided before hand to give it a good ending. This is a great distraction from the reality of our world at this time. This series was an analogy to everything we are struggling with in today’s world- good vs. evil- ego vs. love. Give us the ability to imagine we can make a difference if we consider the consequences of out actions in relation to those around us. Please give us another season.

  11. I really enjoyed this show. I binged the season in one afternoon. Everything about it was well done. The storyline, acting, and the environmental context, were all superbly represented.
    I would love to see some loose ends cleared up and the larger climate issues explored. However, if awareness of climate issues was the goal then it achieved its mission.
    Dang it! I just want more.

  12. I 2 like many Others binged watch the show it’s not fair leaving us on the edge of our seats the way you did please please please continue with more on season 2

  13. I loved how it was done I loved how great the actors were I really want to know what happens next after baz went into the circle and where the helicopter 🚁 were heading what’s earth in for now ex great story telling ! I was on edge whole time waiting for more.. please season 2 💜💜💜😊💜😊💜😊💜

  14. IMO the show is an environmental whacko’s wet dream. The “man is a disease” narrative is way over used here. However, the acting is amazing, the cast is outstanding, and, if you can get past all the Environmental BS, it is actually quite entertaining. I say yes to a season 2.

  15. This show is thrilling and bares some hard truths about the environmental bigger picture. It challenges the viewer to think outside the box. It is a fable or a doomsday premonition? There must be a season two, but a carefully crafted continuation with imaginative plot, not just some cheesy convenient ending.

  16. I’ve been binge watching this show and this is not how you end a show. Needs to come back for another season and not leave people hanging the way it did

  17. Please renew The Rig for season 2 – brilliant cast, well written and suspenseful. OK the plot might be a little derivative and call for a suspension of belief at times but we all need that sometimes!!

  18. We just binged the entire season 1 all in one day. Riveting show, original storyline, great acting! PLEASE RENEW and order a second season!!!

  19. Is the a way to vote in favor of the renewal? My husband and I and numerous friends really love it and are eagerly waiting for a season 2 to reveal more of the mystery. What actually happened. Where do the survivors go? And so much more. I’m a sci-fi lover, my husband not so much and he loved it. The idea is new and has an opportunity to influence not only what we mindlessly watch on tv, but how we look at our environment and why it is so important to take some responsibility to correct errors from the past.

    Please let us know if we can offer our review to influence a season 2 production of The Rig.

  20. no to season 2. good actors in such a poor series. almost fast forwarded from episode 3 but stuck with it. disappointing!!!!!

  21. Great series. Enjoyed it. Stellar cast. Seems a shame there may not be a season 2? Why oh why do they do that. Surely when they are recording these they should have an ending just in case. We are always kept hanging waiting for an ending.

  22. Please. Do not cancel. At least give us 1 move season for closure. For all of us that watched it in its intiry. We are your veiwers

  23. My husband and I just finished watching all 6 episodes in 2 days and loved it. There was action right from the start and it just kept getting better. One of the best new series that I have seen in along time. I would love there to be a second season to see just where it can go from here.

  24. As mentioned above the beginning drew one in. The feeling of being on an oil rig for someone who never has seemed real enough and the developing troubles was sufficient mystery and suspense to keep me interested. Yes it did fall off into established science fiction movie tropes as the beast was revealed and was far too conventional in its treatment of oil-environmental controversies. Coaks as the oil industry villian and the beast below as the symbol of outraged environmentalism was a bit too much.

    Note that this could all be corrected. Coaks could be removed as the symbol of oil industry motives, the heavy handed willingness to sacrifice anything to oil company profits and suffocating environmental sanctity could be made more nuanced. The ending of the season lifts the remaining oil workers off the rig bound for some new and mysterious venue. A new venue, new characters, new motives, new revelations could change the predictable and increasingly boring course this series is taking. There is nothing left but to humiliate Pictor and placate the beast through environmental virtue mongering. The ending offers the chance to change this story almost completely. I suggest it be taken.

  25. Loved The Rig Series 1. Had to watch all episodes in one go. Brilliant story and actors. Please bring on series 2.

  26. Once I started to watch it had to watch it all in one go Def need to have a second series to have a ending

  27. I liked the show .. it was different than a lot of similar shows on… I even recommended it ! I do hope the network will see all the positive reviews from people ., do a season 2 and give it an end if they don’t want to continue with it .. it had me on the first episode !! Wish there was more than 6 episodes..

  28. Just finished the first 6 episodes. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Very good acting and interesting premise. I really look forward to a second season.

  29. What a thrill ride of a series. I really hope it gets renewed for a season 2. Can’t just leave us wondering where they are going. Need answers.

  30. Like the majority on here i say there just has to be another season.
    It’s wrong that companies like Amazon start these series up, end on a cliffhanger, then don’t continue.
    It’s got to hurt the industry in the end as it will put people off watching new stuff.

    At least do a second series and give it a proper ending….or even a few more 🙂

  31. Absolutely loved the first season!!!!! Please don’t be just another statistic and give us another season!! Tired of watching series’ that never give us more!!! Bring back another season!!!

  32. Just finished it and don’t care if there is a second season. I wasn’t as impressed as much as others on hear. Thought it was overly preachy and contradictory at times.

  33. I love the movie The rig it needs to have a second season so we can find out what happens to where they go and see if any family members left after the big wave please please please please please renew for second season

  34. We just got done watching The Rig. We loved it. I sure hope they do a season 2. There are a lot of paths the story could take to keep it exciting. I vote for season 2!

  35. I fully enjoyed this series and hope a season 2 is on the horizon! Well done and awesome set location on a giant oil platform…nice change!!! I truly enjoyed the actors and storyline.

  36. Brilliant show, watched season one over two nights. There must be a season two so we can find out where the choppers go and what happens to Baz and also on the mainland! It can’t be left hanging like that – please show season 2!

  37. Just finished watching this there has to be a season 2 of the rig it was brilliant come on guys make a second season

  38. Just finished binge watching and there has to be a second season PLEASE!!!!! Absolutely loved it!!!

  39. Liked it a lot. What would annoy me intensely is if Prime does not pick up the second series .

  40. WOW, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!. PLZ PLZ COME BACK WITH SEASON 2…… don’t leave me hanging. Really enjoyed the characters and felt like I got to know them. It kept my husband and myself riveted for the entire season which we watched over 2 nights. It did not feel like a tired same old story to us.

  41. Fantastic series watched it all in 1 day,excellent cast love Heather, there has DEFINITELY got to be a 2nd season ,we need to know where the survivors are heading plus whats happening on the mainland after the tsunami hits,DONT LEAVE US HANGING.

  42. Watched all episodes yesterday and found it a very interesting concept. Some great actors. Definitely need to know what happens after the tsunami. Does it just affect Scotland? Where do the helicopters land? Yes please to a 2nd series.

  43. Great!!! keep us hanging.. i loved this show, binged in a day.. fingers crossed there is a second season

  44. Absolutely brilliant , something new and very interesting , watched all 6 episodes over two days , they can’t end it like that we must find out where they are going & what happens next , fantastic cast and fantastic story , I haven’t watched a show & enjoyed it this much for a very long time , it was a breath of fresh air but again they can’t end it like that as it would be very upsetting knowing we have all been sucked in and left wondering , again very good cast and brilliant plot , we 100% need in continuing

  45. Just binge watched Season 1 today. Would be a shame if we didn’t get to see what will happen to those in the chopper and the rest of the world. I really hate when shows just leave you hanging without a proper end. It really makes me think again about starting to watch a new series. The Coroner was like that. Just as things were getting good with the characters, they cancelled the show. Let’s hope for a Season 2 … at least give Season 2 a proper ending so that if they don’t want a Season 3, then at least we haven’t watched for nothing

  46. Just binge watched the entire series, if it were up to me, I’d green light season 2 immediately. Loved every minute of it.

  47. We just binhe watched it too. We didn’t think episode 1 was that good, but we were glad the acting picked up on episode 2. Yes we definitely need series 2. Where did the helicopters land and what happened to Baz? I am sure there could be some good twists with the input if great actors taking part in this show.

  48. Definitely liked this series. Drives me crazy though that Netflix and Amazon do this repeatedly. This launch a good series and then kill it right when it is getting real good.

  49. Started it last night. Fell asleep a couple of times(wasn’t because of the show. I just don’t sleep well and kind of fall asleep when I can) anyhows’ every time I woke up I had to go back to where I nodded off. I didn’t want to miss anything. I sure do want to see a second season. I need to know what is going to happen!

  50. I also binge watched the show and absolutely think it was a great suspense show. Please please please renew it for a second season.

  51. I just binged watched the Rig and loved watching the suspenseful season 1. It was exciting and extremely mysterious that kept me glued to the screen. Hope that there is a season 2 since I want to know what comes next as the show unfolds after the group is flown from the rig. Please renew the program!

  52. I loved this series, it shows the arrogance of man and its destructive Nature’ I really hope there will be another series!

  53. Just binge watched it all in one viewing. Really hope there will be a season 2. The cliffhanger has left it ready for the next installment

  54. Annoyed.com at the thought there will not be a second series. This was one of the best series I’ve watch lately. Binge watched it, switching to a tablet to make lunch and dinner!
    As has been mentioned it is very relevant to the current situation. Maybe Coake’s character should have been called Trump 😀.
    Fantastic series, bad Amazon if we do not get a second and 3rd series. How can they leave such a massive cliff hanger, it’s as if you’ve got half way through a film and it finishes. The more the production houses act like this the harder it will be to get traction for new series. Had I realised the situation i wouldn’t bother watching the first series until however many had been made for there to be a conclusion!!!

  55. I absolutely loved this show, enjoying every episode even tho a few of the characters were overly stupid making ridiculous decisions Hoping season 2 is renewed as I am anxious to see what happens next

  56. I loved the Rig it was different and exciting and mistereas and the cast I like all of them .kept me interested all the time so I can’t wait for season 2÷3 so come on guys let’s get filming places do it.

  57. It’s a very intelligent, entertaining- highly relevant series. Our arrogance as a species being challenged by an older, more capable and pervasive one- will we cooperate or will we keep in our reptilian fight or flight, or act and interact from a higher state of consciousness? To be honest I was surprised by this–the facade about an oil rig? really? But it is much much more than that- it’s fabulous and I really look forward to the next series. Disappointed that you don’t think it will be renewed. I really hope it is, the world needs to hear these issues.

  58. I will be disappointed if there isn’t a season 2. Talk about a cliff hanger. It isn’t right to end like that. I have to know where they are flying to.

  59. Binge watched it. Found it really good and thought provoking. Really hoping they do a second season

  60. Just binge watched season 1 of the rig, absolutely loved it, exciting & mysterious, absolutely can’t wait to watch season 2, please please release it soon

  61. Just finished binge watching the Rig. I loved it and would love to see a season 2, next time I will have the sea sick pills ready. Oh that rough sea memories of a 55min trip from Ardrossan to Brodick Isle of Arran came flooding back. It shows why mthose men and women earn the big money I would live in a survival outfit and water wings.
    One question was it filmed on an actual North Sea Rig?

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