Has The Resident been renewed for Season 7? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Resident is a medical drama from FOX  that follows the lives of the medical staff at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

After completing Season 6, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Resident Season 6 about?

The Resident follows the talented resident Conrad Hawkins and the young practising interns he is shaping into great doctors.

Season 6 focused on a love triangle between Conrad, Billie and Cade. We also saw Kit and Randolph get married and Randolph trying his best to remain strong in the face of his MS diagnosis.

Kit and the rest of the staff at Chastain worked tirelessly to save the hospital which was on the brink of closing down due to financial issues.

We have an extensive review of The Resident across the site, including a full-season review. You can find those HERE!

Has The Resident been renewed for Season 7?

At the time of this writing, The Resident has been cancelled and won’t be getting a season 7 according to TVLine.

What we know about Season 7 so far:

The Resident season 6 left us in our feelings and it was a happy ending for most of the characters. We can only hope that season 7 would tell us more about Pravesh’s MS research, is there hope for a full recovery? Will Randolph be back in an OR any time soon?

We would love to see how AJ and Padma continue to co-parent and we all want to see Leela’s wedding to Pravesh.

Also, we want to know if Yamada and Cade will start being a couple. The possibilities are endless!  So, if there are any changes, we’ll be sure to update you.

Are you excited to see The Resident return for a seventh season? What’s been your favourite part of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

66 thoughts on “Has The Resident been renewed for Season 7? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Great show , my favorite series . want to see Conrad and Billy Have a baby together.
    Was wondering if the Actress Playing Dr.
    Billy Sutton was Pregnant on season 6 .

  2. Please don’t cancel the resident, great show, cancell something stupid like the bachelor or the masked singer, keep the resident on !!!!!!!

  3. Do not cancel the residence. It is my favorite show to watch with my husband. Our name is Hawkins it needs to be like Grey’s Anatomy. They’ve been on for 19 seasons.

  4. Please don’t cancel The Resident. Absolutely LOVE this show. The characters growth is my favorite. Plus Conrad and Billie, AJ with babies, and Bell’s MS so much more to their stories. Want SEASON 7!!

  5. Please Pretty Please, don’t cancel the show!!!!! I love the show and I want to keep it for just 3 or 4 more years. We just got some new relationships and a marriage. Don’t cancel yet, PLEASE!!!

  6. PLEASE RENEW The Resident. Greatest Show on Fox. Please Renew for Season 7 & Beyond. I LOVE Conrad & Billie. Want them to have a baby!! Lol. Love ALL the characters!! Please Renew!!!!!!

  7. I really hope this show is not cancelled. I got very worried when I saw one of the main actors staring on another show. I really love The Resident and hope it continues.

  8. I am from Philippines,.and i love this show so much…i even watch this season 1 to 5 for almost 1month..and i’ve just finished the season 6 today..so please continue this….this is really the best show ….

  9. I just watched the season finale, having no idea that’s what it was. I had no clue there were so few eps this season. Please renew this show, I love it and Matt C. However I am sooo annoyed and angry that Conrad and Billie got together. I was dreading that would happen. I can’t stand her! I never liked her from the moment she arrived and I certainly don’t want her with Conrad! I did like him and Cade, but I would take anyone over Billie. I was hoping Gigi would have a tantrum when they kissed and want them to break up. I still miss Nic. Her and Conrad were pure magic together.

  10. I am begging you to NOT CANCRL The Resident. This is a fantastic drama with great characters, directors and writers. I am going to be so disappointed if it’s not on for a seventh season.

  11. Only one of a few shows that I watch. Wonderful writers and actors in a show that never ceases to amaze or lose interest.
    Tough to beat pure perfection.

  12. This is the best show on tv. Please renew for season 7 and beyond. Can’t wait to see Pravesh get married, the babies grow and all the drama at Chastain! Love Conrad and Billie together!

  13. Please do not cancel the Resident, so enjoy the characters and story lines. Great escape from real life stress.

  14. Please dont cancel The Resident. It is a damn good show so many stories that need to be visited yet. They ended New Amsterdam and that sucked. I look forward to this show every Tuesday. Keep it another 2or 3 years

  15. Fox
    Please renew The Resident.
    Great characters.
    You just brought on one of my favorite actors,
    Andrew McCarthy!!

    So without further Ado…. Renew! ❣️

  16. Please renew and keep this excellent series going. The characters are unique but believable, with real life issues.

  17. Absolutely love this show! I was so excited when Conrad kissed Billie! I’ve been hoping and praying they would get together. I didn’t like cade. My husband and I look so forward to watching this. Please don’t cancel

  18. Please don’t cancel the resident!!! It is one of my favorite shows!! I so very much enjoy the storyline and I hope to see many more episodes!!!

  19. Best Tv drama!! Don’t cancel please, I could watch another 10 seasons. We need good programs and actors like this show. All the realty shows are crap, we need and love good stories!!

  20. Definitely an all-time favorite…please don’t cancel!! I have enjoyed every episode of every season. Thank you to all who make this show possible and it would be so very disappointing if Fox did not pick up at least four more seasons.

  21. The Resident is my favorite show. I look so forward to it every week. It’s got amazing story lines and the actors and actress’s are amazing. Please don’t cancel it. So many reality shows that should be taken off the air yet they still survive. The bachelor the bachelorette who cares about shows like that. I know some people do but the majority want we want The Resident to stay.

  22. MY FAVORITE SHOW. Please don’t cancel. Many stories to carry on over many seasons. Unless the cast is done we want more!

  23. I cannot wait for season 7. I think its a big mistake if they were to be canceled. Especially since everyone is headed in such exciting directions.

  24. This show pulls me in and keeps me coming back for more and you cannot cancel this show! At least give us one more season!!!! There are real connections with the characters and you can feel it and it’s not quite time for this to end. Give us more, more, more!!!!!!!

  25. I absolutely love The Resident and would love a season 7 with a lot more episodes. Season 6 did not have enough episodes.

  26. I thought the show was a little weak at the beginning of the season without Nick. But it did get better and the stories became more compelling. Certainly wish doctors in real life were as dedicated to finding solutions. The show does give us some good entertainment. I hope it sticks around.

  27. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!! I love this show and can’t wait to watch it every week!! There are more stories for every character to be told yet. I love all the actors. They are doing a terrific job entertaining us!! There are not very many good shows like this any more. We don’t want to lose this one too. Seems like all the really good ones get cancelled and the horrible one get renewed. This one is not full of violence and everyone likes almost everyone.

  28. Please do not cancel!!!!!!! Luv this show. They come out with trash like wilf manor. Give my head a shake!

  29. This by far is one of my favorite shows. It would be awful to cancel it. So very many opportunities to carry it on with.

  30. Please don’t cancel this show! A show I look forward to every Tuesday and every season. I’ve been watching since season 1.

  31. Please don’t cancel. It’s better than greys anatomy and as good as ER. I want to know if Billie and Conrad end up married and have a child besides Gigi, what about the others in the show. I don’t like when it just ends and I have to assume what happened to the rest of the people’s lives. It’s one of the best medical shows on tv.

  32. Please don’t cancel. It’s better than greys anatomy and as good as ER. I want to know if Billie and Conrad end up married and have a child besides Gigi, what about the others in the show. I don’t like when it just ends and I have to assume what happened to the rest of the people’s lives. It’s one of the best medical shows on tv. If greys anatomy which is more of a soap opera, can last a long time than so can the resident it doesn’t have any drama then what greys has.

  33. Please don’t cancel the show. It has become my family’s favorite. We look forward to Tuesday nights. Love it!

  34. Please🙏🏼 don’t cancel The Resident
    This is my favorite show and I love all the actors who work on this show.

  35. Do NOT cancel! Great character development & interesting storylines. I never grow tired of this above par show. There are miles to go yet. I can think of many other mundane and poorly developed shows with subpar plots & actors but not this series. Carry on!

  36. Love this show and it’s characters. Please renew this show for many more seasons. It is a well written show and I look forward in watching the show every week.

  37. So much can be done with future episodes. The actors and characters they play are superb. Please bring it back.

  38. Please do NOT carry on!
    Please don’t get like Grey’s Anatomy and completely lose the plot!
    The Resident has been good, the last episode (13) of season 7 tied up ALL the loose ends. It does NOT need to carry on!

  39. The resident is perhaps today the best drama since Grey’s Anatomy, I am not a fan of drama series and the truth is that the resident has captivated me because of the variety of situations since season 1, I hope FOX continues this series for several more seasons, it is a series that does not tire and is always waiting for the next chapter. Please do not cancel this wonderful series, there are few that are worth watching on TV. Thank you

  40. This show has been my favorite ever since I started watching I really want to see a season 7 and see what bille and Conrad’s relationship brings

  41. Please don’t cancel this show!!! It’s finally getting the viewers what we want. A lot of new shows we are investing our time on then they cancel. Love this show

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