Has The Law According to Lidia Poet been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Lidia Poet is the perfect mix of Sherlock, Harvey Specter, and Enola Holmes that young viewers of the show – especially girls – can fully appreciate. If you thought solving crimes in dapper clothes and heavy makeup was not possible, Lidia Poet proves the notion otherwise.

More so than anything, the story of Italy’s first female lawyer is the epitome of feminism in the face of changing paradigms of their place in the world. Despite belonging to the period drama genre, the show professes an affinity for modernist themes and exposes the hypocritical, unreasonable ridicule women faced at the hands of men.

Looking at the struggle today makes the appreciation for those before us even more. Netflix’s fast-paced series about Lidia Poet is insightful, impactful, and definitely a good instance of mindful, social filmmaking. We are here to address your qualms about The Law According to Lidia Poet season 2. Here is what we know about the renewal/cancellation status:

What is The Law According to Lidia Poet Season 1 about?

Each episode in the six-part series follows Lidia Poet, Italy’s first female lawyer disbarred by the bar association. Since the court cannot fathom bizarre “female fashion” in their sacrosanct halls, she stays out of, and instead, helps her brother, Enrico, to take up cases and fight for innocent victims. In the background, her unresolved personal issues warrant your attention.

She is in between lovers – Andrea and Jacopo – but leans towards the latter. She also struggles with the memory of her father, which arouses angst, regret, and a sense of longing within her. The plot is more or less central to Lidia Poet’s extraordinary crime-solving abilities, although the narrative also benefits from worthy subplots.

Has The Law According to Lidia Poet been renewed for season 2?

Netflix has confirmed a second season for The Law According to Lidia Poet. What’s on Netflix reports that The Law According to Lidia Poet Season 2 began production on June 12th and should wrap up production in October 2023. Expect a release date some time in 2024.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Netflix’s synopsis of The Law According to Lidia Poet Season 2 reads:

Lidia is not allowed to be a lawyer because of a law written by men. So this time she aims even higher, she wants to change the law. While she continues to collaborate with her brother Enrico, tackling new cases and fighting for women’s rights, she wants to convince him to run for Parliament so that her law can finally find a voice. Lidia is completely done with love, especially with Jacopo, responsible for having sold the family villa and on a collision course with all the Poëts. But Jacopo and Lidia are forced to meet again to share, reluctantly, a secret investigation that concerns them closely, rediscovering the complicity and fun that has always bound them. Giving a hard time to the protagonists, the new King’s Attorney, Fourneau, a man of the institutions who unexpectedly treats Lidia as his equal, prompting her to question the complex and contradictory relationship she has with feelings, and the cost of personal renunciation that she is sustaining in the name of her ideals. In the six new episodes, Lidia will continue to break down the pieces of this world built by men for men, with absolute genius, surprising the opponent with intelligence, irony and without mincing her words, but also questioning herself.

As mentioned above, this has been renewed but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in season 2. We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known!

Are you excited to see The Law According to Lidia Poet return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

128 thoughts on “Has The Law According to Lidia Poet been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Brilliant show with an excellent cast and riveting episodes. In a time when there is mostly garbage on tv and cable, here is an actual thinking persons’ show….great stories, crimes to be solved, family and person issues to be dealt with. But the struggle of Lidia for simple recognition of her rights to pursue a career, and the bigotry and callousness she faces are lessons for every man and woman on the planet to take note of…and unfortunately these issues still need addressing in many spheres. Please bring her back. She is an inspiration. Don’t deprive us of that.

  2. I cruised across this on Net Flix and got hooked. This Show was FANTASTIC !!
    ALL the actresses and actors in this production deserve rave reviews. This is a quality 5 star Show and I pray that it is quickly brought back for more seasons.

  3. Yes this series was beautifully made. It would be great if there were more candles it’s a bit too dark but that’s the only issue. The stories and acting were amazing. Would love a season 2!

  4. Really liked this show, a great combination of pure entertainment and strong social commentary. Please let’s have another series, but keep it in Italy!

  5. Season 2 YES PLEASE! Amazingly well written and well acted show about a groundbreaking woman! But she never went to America… So please keep season two in Italy!

  6. Yes, yes! Yes! Season 2 in America would be amazing!!!! The fashion, story line it’s an incredible find on Netflix.

  7. It’s fabulous! The plots, the characters, Lidia!!! And the sets! The wardrobes! Exceptional watching!!

  8. I love it, I love it, I love it‼️The characters, the plot, the costumes, the mystery! It’s perfect and please it deserves to have another season! Thank you for the opportunity to comment and thank you for season 1!

  9. This show is superb and high quality in all facets! Most importantly this is a true story about a woman who fought her way for herself and all women then and now. Be bold Netflix to outdo your competitors and continue your trend to support all women by continuing this series and others in the same genre.

  10. It’s about time that a program with substance and based on factual history be continued. There’s so much fluff that’s continued…so why can’t an extremely wonderful show get the go! Come on NETFLIX renew this great show.

  11. I love everything about this show! The acting, casting, costumes, set design, and scenery all have me absolutely screaming for season 2!
    I have to say, I strongly disagree with the “heavy make-up” comment. She looks as though she wears next to nothing on her face, she’s a natural beauty.

  12. With all the crappy shows with multiple series that Netflix renews, it would make real sense to renew a great detective series staring a female for a change. Here’s hoping for many more great series.

  13. Captivatingly flawed characters and beautifully filmed. Both charming and thrilling. It would be a real miss if Netflix passed on this classy production.

  14. Couldn’t find anything new to watch came across The Law according to Lydia Poet and I’m absolutely loved it!!! Characters and story lines are incredible! Please make a season 2!

  15. Loved Season 1. Great story /good history lesson, too. Everything about it is great. MORE, PLEASE.

  16. Si’, si’, si’!! E’ veramente meravigliosa questa serie. Molti complimenti Lidia!! Bravissima!!

  17. DJB: I loved Season 1! I’d like to see a season 2 if it is true to the real Lydia Poëts life, in Italy. The real Lydia Poët did not go to NY.

  18. Yes, please, order a second season of “The Law According to Lydia Poet.” Terrific show!

  19. Yes! Yes! Love the characters, the beautiful language and setting, and, of course, Lidia’s strong spirit! Would love to see Season 2!

  20. Yes! Bring it back! Highly entertaining! Would love to see more, have recommended it to many!

  21. Excellent and I want to see Season 2. Great stories. Can’t wait for the new season!!

  22. We discovered the show and devoured all episodes in quick succession. I loved the characters, the pace and the fresh mysteries. It was fun to find a clever protagonist reminiscent of Ms Fisher, Enola, Anne with an E. and Julia in the Murdock Mysteries. Please renew! Thank you.

  23. This was a pleasant surprise. I stumbled across this program and I thoroughly enjoyed it to the point where I was looking up to see when the next season was to be released, only to find out there is none as of yet.
    I am hoping that the powers that be have other plans and will be adding to the mystery and cunning of Lidia Poèt.

  24. My wife and I truly enjoyed this series and would love to see a 2nd session. Some suggestions, though.
    – Soundtrack is way too modern for the time period
    – Everyone has blue eyes. I mean EVERYBODY. It’s creepy

  25. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed season 1. Great plots, writing, and perfect casting. Fingers crossed for at least 3 more !

  26. Such a great show. I really hope we get a season 2, the characters and story line are phenomenal. Made me look her up to find out more about this incredible female in history.

  27. I absolutely loved watching this series, binge watched it in 2 days😌✌️.
    I really wish for a 2nd season of this amazing show.
    The cast and their acting is wonderful but the dubbing was a little off in English.

    I’M IN LOVE with Lidia’s eyeliner style, those dots look super classy ❤️.
    (the makeup artist deserves a raise✌️)

  28. Amazing show! Very well done, oth writing and acting. I am very hopeful that there will be not only a season 2, but more seasons to come!

  29. Absolutely would love to see another season. Loved Season 1. Love how Netflix is showing more Series about Women. Women at War.

  30. YES!! DEFINITELY YES!! Women have always had to fight for the same rights men felt they deserved while we gals were supposed to “stay in our place”. Terrific show, great actors doing a great job, and really good stories. Loved the show and hope it continues!!

  31. I love this show. Intelligent, smart, exciting, intriguing and everything I love about mysteries. I so enjoy women breaking out of the man’s world, fighting for a chance to be equal in the early days of history.
    Please we want season 2, 3,4, etc. I’m a fan. !

  32. My wife and I love this show. Its clever, romantic, well written and lidia is stunning. Couldn’t be better.

  33. Yes my husband and I would very much like to see a second, third and more seasons. It is a very good show and we enjoyed it and want to see what happens next.

  34. My husband and I loved this period piece tremendously! Please yes we would love more of Lidia Poet. I enjoyed it more cause I believe it was based on a true story. Waiting patiently for another Season 2 and possibly more! The acting was supberb.

  35. I enjoyed the show so very much and would love to see season 2 and possibly a 3rd. I’m so hoping Netflix will give it the green light.

  36. I have seen the first six episodes of the series by Lidya Poett and they went by so fast that I have the feeling that I watched a trailer of the series.I think we are having hard times as NETFLIX fans because they produce serveral series like this with only six episodes and no guaranty of episodes following.When I finished watching the series I was left with a big open story in front of me.I think that the time which will elapse until a second season is filmed will be enough to forget all about what was happening in the series and I find that lack of continuity a very unprofessional attitude from Netflix.Thanks for reading.

  37. This has to be a rhetorical question!!! YES we need to continue this series! The writing, cast, period details that evoke the particular character of the time…a reason to believe that creativity and artistry are alive and well.

  38. ABSOLUTELY A MUST RENEWAL! It is surprisingly well written with character development. Acting is spot-on-
    Females of all ages are in need of this inspiration & grit on a global scale.

  39. My husband and I both enjoyed the entire Lidia Poët season 1. We look forward to many more- season 2,3,4 ….! Please please please renew this wonderfully produced and acted period drama inspired by a strong female real life person. We loved it!!!

  40. I am 80 years old and male if that answers any questions about who will like the series. I love it! The film-making is brilliant. Great cast, script and pace of all the similar series I have come across. Interesting consciousness-raising subject matter. Matlide de Angelis is on her way to stardom. The entire cast is excellent. Please: Season 2?!

  41. Yes! Si! Please approve another season of this program. The acting and production values are great but the stories are superb. Lidia is a highly appealing woman, not so much because she is outwardly attractive as because she is gutsy, principled, and smart. (It is also a great chance to improve my Italian.)

  42. Yes , most certainly , please bring on Series 2 . I am not a young viewer , but this has captured me . The ending was brilliant , does she go to the USA , possibly the best move for her career , or stay in Turin . Please bring back Lidia Poët .

  43. Love, love, love the Law According to Lidia Poet, best series I’ve seen in a long time on Netflix. My husband and I like the comment above struggle to find a series we both enjoy. Lidia is exceptional, fabulous acting, love period dramas, please, please bring her back in a series 2.

  44. Loved the characters… loved the time period… great acting and production..
    But most of all.. loved Lidia , a multifaceted driven young woman.

  45. Most definitely want to see another season. This show is an absolute joy to watch especially since it’s based on a true story. I couldn’t turn it off. Watched the whole thing in two sittings. Yes! Please make another season.

  46. Terrific show, great acting — and lots of fun. How can Netflix not continue with a season 2 when there is so much junk on TV, including some other Netflix productions.

  47. I was trying to find a series to watch and normally I don’t like a series with dubbing. I love period pieces and I stumbled on this one. This was awesome. I would love to see a second season and watch what happens to Lydia. I love the interaction between her and her brother. Please renew the series for a second season and more hopefully.

  48. YES YES YES!!!! We would love to see what she discovers in season two, three, four, and many more!!!!!

  49. We loved Season One – Please, please, please produce a Season Two!! Season One was terrific for so many reasons – great story based on an historical truth, wonderful for young women, great acting, wonderful casting, and lovely setting with fantastic clothing. A superior and engaging way to spent a few winter evenings.

  50. YES ! ! ! ! THIS IS DEF A SERIES THAT NEEDS TO BE RENEWED !!!!!!! She is SUCH A CLASS ACT, not a feminist of the modern type (WOKE MOB🤮)
    PLEASE KEEP THIS SERIES ALIVE & BRING HER BACK FOR SEASON 2 !!!!!!!!! (…& 3, & 4 & ……..)

  51. Yes please continue to Season 2. It’s lovely to strong grounded intelligent woman in a male dominated profession.
    Bravo…..more please!

  52. Oh yes, yes, yes !
    We need at least one more season.
    Then I’d like to have her amazing pieces of insect jewelry, please!😊

  53. It is a wonderful series that my husband and I could enjoy through these long cold winter months. Please do a Season 2, I drama based in truth.

  54. I stumbled across this show and am so glad I did. I absolutely loved it. I want to know more about Lidia and her struggles. I hope there is a season 2. It is brilliant.

  55. Absolutely love the show! My wife and I struggle at times to find a series to watch that we both enjoy. The cast, the acting and the storylines are highly entertaining. Looking forward to seeing season two

  56. Great show though not much is known about the lawyer Lidia. Would enjoy another season. This show is rich in Italian culture of that time.

  57. Yes,I would love for there to be a season 2 and a season 3. I don’t believe that Lidia Poet got into the Carage. She now have the Support of her city and maybe even the General. BRING BACK LIDIA POET PLEASE !

  58. Wonderful show. We are holding out for season two and my wife and I believe she stays in Italy as their first female lawyer

  59. Yes, yes, yes! Wonderful series. Shows the struggles women have always had. We need this especially today when young girls still don’t get it, their choices are being slowly stripped away and they don’t fully realize it yet. The fact that it is based on a true story is so inspiring. I loved it, just wish they would use more candles…they seemed to always be in the dark.
    Renew it now!!!

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