Has The Diplomat been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Diplomat on Alibi is a mild-mannered drama set entirely in Spain. It stars Sophie Rundle as Laura Simmonds, the local British Consul, and Serena Manteghi as Alba Ortiz, her Catalan deputy. The show does not have an exact genre. It is somewhat a mix of drama and an inert thriller mystery that reflects in the dual storylines.

Despite its exotic setting and vast narrative horizons, The Diplomat is not quick-paced. Some indecisive execution ensures that it is neither a focused character study nor a steady observational social commentary piece. The Diplomat is selectively descriptive and can be seen more as a slice-of-life drama than anything else.

After finishing the show, you may wonder if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Diplomat Season 1 about?

Laura Simmonds, Alba Ortiz, and Carl work at the British Consulate General to serve the grievances of British citizens in Barcelona. In recent times, there has been an uptick in crime against British citizens visiting Spain.

A new head of the department joins the team by the name of Sam Henderson but something is not right about him. Things spiral when it is discovered that the death of Jay Sutherland, a British national, is actually a murder and part of a larger cover-up involving powerful names in the city like Fabian Hartmann.

Sam has his own secrets and must carefully balance his professional facade and real objectives. Laura is caught up trying to be more involved than she has to be and must work with her colleagues to figure out the truth. Finally, Jay’s father Colin joins them in Barcelona and his haunting search for answers will see him never stop trying.

Has The Diplomat been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Alibi has not renewed The Diplomat for season 2. Given Alibi’s track record for now renewing a lot of its shows, we do not expect the series to be renewed.

Generally, Alibi and other streamers gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Shantaram) Other times, it can take months before a decision over a show’s future is made.

The Diplomat has done okay with ratings and reception. However, the show was conceived as a limited series with a single season. That is how Alibi have marketed it as well.

Given how the show is set up, we’re quite sure that The Diplomat will not be renewed. Why? Well, if one looks at the ending, there isn’t much left to unpack. We have seen the majority of the subplots resolved in the final episode and continuing the story would only make our previous experience more uninteresting.

We’ll be sure to update this section with accurate details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known as season 2 at this point as Alibi has not made definitive decisions about the show’s future yet. However, likely, this will not be renewed.

If there are any significant updates, then we’ll be sure to update this section and let you all know.

Would you like to see The Diplomat return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

47 thoughts on “Has The Diplomat been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I just finished the first season and I am in hopes of seeing yet another season! I enjoyed it much and watched it with pleasure! Please renew is a wish from Finland!

  2. Definitely renew the second series of The Diplomat. It’s a great show, which we enjoyed very much here in Australia. You can definitely build upon the story lines, and keep the current cast. Brilliant.

  3. David Forster, Sydney, Australia

    Great production, good dialogue and well directed with relatable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and would welcome a renewal. So let’s have one!

  4. Yes, we really enjoy the mix of crime, drama, hidden secrets, and the touch of humor.
    We would love a season two.
    Christer in Sweden

  5. My family watched the Diplomat and throughly enjoyed the episodes and the main plot. I feel it was left unfinished and most definitely another season or two would be enjoyable.

  6. A second season is deserved. It is enjoyably light with the main characters being relatable and not mired in the stuffy politics and snobbery that weighs down other programs. In relation to the story having run its course, it is not uncommon for season story arcs with new arcs in subsequent seasons.

  7. Yes, we really enjoy the mix of crime, drama, hidden secrets, and the touch of humor.
    We would love a season two.
    Cheers from Mats in Sweden

  8. I enjoyed the characters and the mix of humour and tragity was well done. There was intrigue and straight forward consul work. I would definitly watch season 2. Ian Australia

  9. Yep i agree will all thats been said before !! Come on alibi make another series !!!!!!

  10. Looking forward to a new season. The pogramme was not only a good one, it stands out among other shows. It would be sad if only the bad ones could survive in this market.

  11. I thought the ending was unfinished and was sure there must be another episode. Failing that I do hope there will be a season 2 as there is lack of quality on T V today. this series proves me wrong

  12. I really enjoyed session one and was surprised to hear there is not a season. 2 planned atm…let’s hope there is

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed Series 1 and I didn’t’t feel everything was resolved – so that leaves room for a second series.I thought the 2 female leads were excellent and bounced off each other exceptionally well.The scenery of Barcelona was a great backdrop for the plots to unfold. More please?????

  14. My wife and I would love to see a season 2 of this excellent show. We have thoroughly enjoyed season 1, the acting, scenery and writing were a joy.

  15. Please renew The Diplomat for season two. It was an excellent series with a great subplot that finally got sorted in episode 6. The weekly storylines were interesting too and the outcome of the last episode was shocking and unexpected. I have recommended this series to friends. Carol Perth Western Australia

  16. Great show. Realistic themes and sub-themes. Convincing acting.
    The major underlying terrorist theme has not been resolved so Series 2 is obligatory.

  17. Second season PLEASE! My husband and I bing watched “The Diplomat”and finished it in two days. We loved it. I wanted to be her. What a strong and unique woman with overall great relationship roles.
    I’m sure the writers who produced Season One’s script could definitely put their heads together again for another season.

  18. I really enjoyed the series and would love to see another. I hope that the people who make these decisions make the correct one.

  19. A very interesting show. Unlike anything else. A good overarching plot and the weekly problems and solutions presented to the consul were timely and well written. I certainly hope this series returns.

  20. Really enjoyed this series. Something a bit different. Great characters, especially Alba. I hope it is renewed.

  21. Absolutely loved The Diplomat, great storylines which kept me gripped each week, great acting and great location. I really hope there will be a Series 2

  22. Hope this well presented series will lead to a follow up. Very enjoyable and closer to real life than you might imagine.

  23. A really good thriller though a bit short lived. I really hope they make a second series as there are lots of story options that can be followed. Let’s hope Alibi are not two short sighted and can this before it even gets off the ground.

  24. Never sure what to expect from a series, but me and the boss loved it. Not sure why you wouldn’t have a 2nd season.

  25. .
    My husband and I really enjoyed this series and found the storylines interesting and the acting and scenery first rate.
    Recommended to a couple of friends after the first episode, and they caught up and followed it and enjoyed it too.
    A change to see something on Alibi (ditto re ‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’) that isn’t just a re showing from other channels.
    Really hope that there’s a Season 2.

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