Has The Calling been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Peacock’s The Calling has done one thing and that is striking up a conversation. Despite not having the best reception, the detective series based on D. Mishani’s novel twin novels about Avi Avraham has made an impact. Jeff Wilbusch as Avi is obsessively good and makes season 1 a binge-worthy success. Having watched the season, you might be wondering if Peacock will be coming up with another season to continue the exploits of Avi and Janine.

The cliffhanger, in the end, is certainly an exciting one, given the nature of the death and the personnel of the victim. But will we see Avi in action again? Here is what we know about a potential season 2 of The Calling.

What is The Calling about?

Season 1 of The Calling is divided into two parts. In the first four episodes of the eight-part series, Detective Avraham, with his newly anointed partner rookie Janine Harris, investigates the disappearance of teenager Vincent Conte. The chief suspects involve parents Nora and Leonard, and the nosy neighbors Zach and Dania Miller. Another fleeting connection that one of the other detectives (Earl) makes is that to a homeless philosophy professor, formerly at Rockefeller, John Wentworth. The second case is twin fold.

Firstly, it is that of someone planting fake bombs at a pre-schoolers daycare and threatening to plant a real one. The second is the missing case of Elisabeth Serra, the wife of Paul Serra and mother to Danny and Eric. Avi and Janine are engaged on both fronts and yet somehow, they seem connected to each other.

The Calling refers to the moral duty that Avi feels he owes to God. His detective work is his worship and something he excels at. He is completely devoted – at times disturbingly so – to solving the cases that come to him and in doing so, revisiting his guilt over the unsolved murder of his father.

Has The Calling been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing this article, The Calling has not been renewed yet for a second season. Peacock is still gauging the viewer’s response to season 1. It has been about 10 days since it first started airing so the metrics and data will not be too useful at this stage.

We will maybe have to wait for another two-three weeks before the network has enough to make a decision. David Kelly is an established name in the business and his presence will definitely give Peacock the confidence to renew for a second season. In our opinion, The Calling has done enough to warrant a renewal, if that counts for anything.

Executive producer, Matthew Tinker, did hint in an interview with Digital Trends about the team’s hope for a second installment, “What’s going to keep me excited to be a part of this show and what’s going to keep audiences excited beyond the first season is the layers to Jeff and to Avi.”

What we know about season 2 so far:

What we do know is that D. Mishani has two more books up for adaptation. Kelley has shown an interest in doing so and we too would be excited at that prospect. The cliffhanger of season 1 also adds extra motivation for Kelly to take the story to its resolution. In the final scene of season 1, we saw Avi and Janine being called away to another case. This time, the victim was Avi’s friend, John, the former professor disgraced for teaching supposedly “offensive” literature. Considering he remained a mysterious figure in season 1m it would be a good starting point for writers to show his background and friendship with Avi, which seemed deeper than just an acquaintance.

There is another unresolved issue and that is Avi’s past with his father. We saw glimpses of the troubles he is going through. That seems to bother him a lot and maybe another season can give writers an opportunity to explore that tangent as well. The “will they won’t they” to and fro between Avi and Janine too sounds an interesting bit but maybe only as a subplot. We will keep you updated will the latest on this in the coming weeks!

Would you like to see The Calling return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. YES! Pls renew. My first ever comment on a tv show. But this show is worth watching. Different way of approaching a whodonit.
    I binged on it. Also, I was not subscribed to Peacock but after watching the first episode for free I had to subscribe

    Pls renew

  2. Yes. This definitely needs at least a season 2. Don’t drop the ball on this one.

  3. Ok Peacock please don’t be a Pea-brain and not renew this series, The Calling!!! Great concept for a series with really good actors, and makes me want to go to Peacock more to watch more programs! If you don’t renew I may have to consider my other choices! At least for this series kudos, take a chance on this series! No one believed me when I told them after the first episode that Breaking Bad was going to be a hit! I can pick them!!!

  4. Have just binge watched this while feeling unwell. So riveting as to make me ignore the unwell.

    A superb show with such thought provoking performances and material

    MORE please

  5. I absolutely loved season one!! Please renew!!! I can see this series going on for lots of seasons!! Soooo, soooo good!!

  6. Must say, we thoroughly enjoyed the concepts of the show the writing, and an acting were
    Excellent looking forward to season two being as good.
    Gerry D

  7. I put it in my too watch list and it had to wait for some kid free time and after the holidays. Well once I started watching it I was hooked!! I watched the three sets in a row each day. Got creative with dinner because I did not get to errands till I finished watching. Love everything about it. Excellent guest actors and super cast!!!! Please keep it going!!!

  8. Please renew this, intelligent, spiritually, interesting, well acted show! It’s one of my favorites

  9. Count my wife and I in for a season 2 renewal. Excellent drama, quirky characters and unique storyline drew us in. Plus the seeds for season 2 have already been sown.

  10. This show is amazing with a great unique twist how crimes are told through great story telling. The charters give you something to wander about and it would be great too see development in that. Can’t wait to see more seasons of this fantastic show.

  11. Yes, please renew for another season. I really enjoyed this show. It was filled with a spiritual expression of how the mind interprets darkness vs light, through investigations. The plots were unwavering in their intensity of the “whodunnits!)

  12. I am in for season 2. I think this is the best crime drama in years and, even though I am not Jewish, I appreciate how religion is portrayed in a positive light. Makes me want to read the novels.

  13. This is an excellent show and definitely should be renewed. The story line is intriguing and the acting is excellent! PLEASE keep it going!!!!

  14. The Calling hooks you right away. It is difficult to stop watching! A second season renewal is needed to address unresolved issues and continue the stories that are so compelling.

  15. The best detective series I have seen in years! Interesting perspectives, great acting, compelling story lines! PLEASE RENEW! The negative reviews in the trade papers were really stupid. Make your decision based onyour audience, not the Hollywood press!

  16. I really hope you will continue to do more seasons of the Calling! It’s very special and interesting whith fantastic actors💞

  17. Please bring us new seasons of The Calling! It’s an excellent show; the characters are intriguing, well acted and leave us wanting to to see more of them. I love the mix of spirituality and criminal investigation. We were very disappointed when Season 1 ended without following seasons. This show is definitely a winner!!!

  18. I absolutely loved this show & have recommended it to many people. Avi’s somewhat what I would almost call psychic abilities add a bit of flare to the show. I can usually figure out “who dunnit” but this one kept me on the edge of my seat right to the end. Please renew this wonderful & unique show

  19. I loved the Calling. I hope it is renewed for a 2nd series. It’s a different kind of detective story. Interesting.

  20. Just binged and watched all 8 episodes. I found this series very entertaining, good characters, interesting stories, well written, well acted and overall enjoyable. I sincerely hope there will be a season 2.

  21. I too very much enjoyed the 8 episodes of The Calling. It is certainly worth another couple of seasons. To me, it is like cross between Bosch and Law & Order. I also really liked the acting of the three detectives in the series.

  22. Please renew for several more seasons. Couldn’t stop watching it. The main characters are complex and so interesting. Not just another cop show.

  23. Yes!!! Please, please, please renew for Season 2. I binged Season 1 in 1 day. Couldn’t get enough. Some shows like this can be slow, but this one keeps you on the edge of your seat because something is always happening that leads them closer to solving the crime. Loved the characters. Please renew!

  24. Yes! Would love to see another season. My son and I have come to truly enjoy Avi and hope to see much more of him.

  25. We loved it. We told friends and they loved it too. It was an interesting twist to regular crime shows: a religious Jew as a detective is very different. Very interesting part of this show.
    PLEASE, PLEASE BRING IT BACK! We need Season 2 !!!!

  26. I had to binge it! The show is compelling and different. I have never known and orthodox Jewish man who doesn’t wear a Kippah at all times though.

  27. I loved The Calling. I started episode 5 when I recommended it a friend. Really enjoy Avi’s faith is woven in/out of the episodes. Lots to work with for future Seaons. The actors & writing are excellent. Will be very disappointed if it doesn’t return

  28. We loved it. I don’t care one way or another about his religion being included. I am more interested in his spurituality. I did think they had his character go way over the top with religion in the last episode.

  29. My wife and I really loved the series. Great story lines. We binge watched it and were sad to see it end. Hoping for season 2. We will be eagerly awaiting. Hear that advertisers?

  30. My wife and l loved the series and, as you stated, we binged watch the show. We were very disappointed that season 2 wasn’t already out. Truly hope there is one. Hear that advertisers?

  31. This is an excellent show…great acting, great, intriguing story-line. You absolutely have to keep it going!!! Everything about it breathes award winning! I love it!Besides, too many unresolved issues in the character Avi! Please keep it going!!

  32. This is one of the best dramas I have seen in a long time. Great acting and good writing. I appreciate the spiritual aspect which is unique at this time. PLEASE renew it!

  33. Love the show. Avi is great . Love his soft spoken voice . All the actors are great. Keep it going

  34. YES! Absolutely keep this show going for many seasons. The cast is perfect, and the uniqueness of the approach is refreshing and addicting; how can I wait for season two?!

  35. I couldn’t stop watching! Adding the sacredness to the job of detective made it fantastic. I can’t wait for season 2

  36. The show is amazing. I like the way the Jewish culture has been displayed. The actors were picked perfect for their rolls. I hope there’s a season 2 I really enjoyed watching it.

  37. Left a comment about how much I loved the show but forgot to mention what GREAT casting just PERFECT !

  38. Loved The Calling. It was so enjoyable to watch something different than your average detective story.. Hope we are not left hanging and there will be a Season 2.

  39. I hope The Calling willed be renewed for many more seasons. The story line, the acting, the “mood,” and the character development are all spectacular. My wife and I love detective series in general, but this was a “standout!” Please! Renew!

  40. My wife and I like the calling very much. We hope that it will be renewed for second season.

  41. Loved it. Definitely ought to RENEW for many Seasons!!! Love Avi and particularly like that they have included His Faith (Judaism) into his pursuit as an Officer of the Law. Love how He portrays Compassion, Strength and has a sort of Sensitive Fearlessness. Enjoy the bonding & connectedness he experiences with his partner(s) , the victims and other team members. I do Not watch much TV. I binged watched this … I am also Happy that is was “relatively clean” … a few shots I could done without… maybe left to the imagination . The writing & directing is excellent. Makes me want to read the Book. The series is compelling and a bit addictive. Thank you 🙏🏻 and I Hope it is renewed for many seasons !

  42. I agree with all comments. The cases are interesting as is
    the process getting solved. The acting is good and the series should definitely be renewed. Binged on it. Loved every episode

  43. This show was great. Don’t care what critics say. The actors are phenomenal and the execution riveting. Please renew for season 2!

  44. Please renew this well-acted and interesting series. The characters are compelling.

  45. Such a great show!! I am looking forward to the next series. The introduction of several suspects keeps the show above the standard of police series. Avi is compelling in his approach to each suspect. Continue good tv watching.

  46. I like the show and hope they renew it but also learn some more about the jewish traditions. Orthodox jewish guy and doesn’t wear a kippa? Most of what the character said in Hebrew I couldn’t understand although I speak Hebrew and then some of it was actually Yiddish when English subtitles suggested it was Hebrew – but that’s not the show’s fault but whoever wrote the subtitles

  47. I loved everything about The Calling. Please renew it for a second season. Thank you.

  48. I agree with everyone here. This show is very entertaining and has a different feel than other cop shows. Please heed the words of the fans; please renew.

  49. Love the characters and the unique plot of a Jewish detective. Please renew for another Season!!!

  50. Wow! So good I binged the whole thing. I’m definitely in for season 2. Love the format as to working several crimes per season.

  51. please renew the Calling as there is still much we need to know about Avi and the team. The Calling is very well done and offers interesting characters that deserve to be more fully developed. Well done Peacock

  52. Loved this show. Needs to continue , please consider Season 2 .We will be forever fans.
    Great series!!!

  53. Peacock please renew “The Calling” I’ve watched other cop shows and they are all pretty much the same, but this show was awesome from the 1st episode I watched! I couldn’t get enough of it! And the actors in the show are all excellent!

  54. I really enjoyed The Calling. I was hooked from the first episode and binged all 8 episodes. The characters were great (and the actors who portrayed them), the cases were interesting, and the premise was unique. What other show has a faithful Jewish lead character?
    Please renew it, Peacock!

  55. I loved this series! A welcome different type of NY cop show, intriguing, heartfelt, interesting story lines.really hope there is more to come.

  56. Like so many other authors, D. Mishani is good and his books need to be illustrated in this ‘The Calling’ series. Characters are perfect and the setting is there. Just Do It.

  57. For me the first episode started a bit slow but once I got through the first episode I couldn’t stop watching. I like that it isn’t the same old cop show…it’s very intriguing and makes you think about different points of view. I would LOVE more seasons !

  58. Renew it – It was so intriguing that I subscribed to Peacock to watch it – That speaks fir itself!!

  59. Keep this show!!! It has great characters and values. And provides so much to think about. In many cases may add perspective to every day thinking for the human race. The acting and characters make an impression.

    Personally I loved the show. It opened my eyes to many things. Including dealing with my sons passing.

    The religious side is extremely interesting. I was raised Catholic.

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