Has Shantaram been renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Apple TV’s Shantaram is winning applause for reviving the old Bombay charm of the 1980s. We see the bustling city in the glory of its yesteryear avatar. Everything that makes it the city we know today is brought to life with stunning clarity and direction. Now that season 1 is coming to a close, expectations for another one are bound to set alight.

Led by a delightful Charlie Hunnam performance, Shantaram has definitely made a place in the hearts of the viewers. But has Shantaram been renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know:

What is Shantaram Season 1 about?

Dale Conti (Hunnam) has escaped jail in Australia. He was convicted of a bank robbery and for killing a policeman in the ensuing chaos with his mate. After escaping, he runs away to Bombay for refuge. Under his new name, Lindsey Ford, Dale forges a friendship with Prabhu and stops his rambling feet by staying back in Sagar Wada, a decrypt slum in the middle of the city, as a makeshift doctor. Local criminal Khaderbhai and his associate Karla, soon take note of Lin and their paths meet.

One thing leads to another and Lin firmly treads on the path of redemption by helping out the community. But his days are numbered as Nightingale gets a sniff of his presence in Bombay, as the politics and ambitions of a journalist threaten to get the better of him.

We have extensive knowledge of Shantaram on the site, including recaps for every episode and a full season review. You can check that out HERE!

Has Shantaram been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Shantaram has not been renewed for a second season, which is a real shame as the show had a lot of potential.

One thing that the streaming platform does well is decisively intervening with the renewal/cancellation task. The decision is swift and often based on data rather than emotions.

The long runtime and stretched-out episodes have ensured that the story does not have the crispness that modern-day viewers so desire. Adding to that is Charlie Hunnam’s recent spine injury that will see the actor take it easy for the next two years. Right now, despite favorable reviews from us, the show has, unfortunately, been axed.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Apple TV has not green-lit a sequel. However, we could see another studio pick this one up in the future but that does seem highly unlikely, given Apple tend to keep a lot of their originals close to heart.

Story-wise, there is enough content for writers to adapt another of Roberts’ books, The Mountain Shadows. Season 1’s story leaves plenty of space for continuing Lin’s saga. A second escape is also on the cards. Imagine if that happens! For now, the mood is grim. But you never know when it could change.

Would you like to see Shantaram return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

143 thoughts on “Has Shantaram been renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I love the show and I was honestly shocked when I read that season 2 was cancelled… It is really sad that quality old fashion tv shows and movies faded away nowadays. This show was so refreshing and it’s really disapointing that apple TV doesn’t want give us rest of the story…

  2. I cancelled Apple TV and won’t get it again until they do a season 2 of this show. SHANTARAM season one was the best show i have ever seen. Only complete idiots would say no 2 a season 2. Hopefully they do pick it back up so i can get apple TV again. Untill then never will I subscribe

  3. This is now my favorite book. I couldn’t get enough of the story, in particular how Roberts brought to life the beauty of Bombay and the Indian culture. I absolutely loved the characters. So well developed. I learned so much. I was delighted that the series was so well done, well cast; the characters, scenery, story, all represented as I had imagined while reading the book. I am dismayed that something so enthralling would be cancelled after one season! Maybe HBO or Netflix should pick it up, or even better, somebody should make the movie. Watching The Offer, I realized how many obstacles had to be resolved to get The Godfather made. Shantaram needs passionate promoters to keep trying til they get it done. It’s epic, like The Godfather and Gone with the Wind. It’s worthy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. I can’t believe this amazing series won’t have another season!! I loved the book. There is so much more to the story. Please Apple TV bring Shantaram back for another season or two! I think it is a terrible mistake not to go forward.

  5. I can’t believe this amazing series won’t have another season!! I loved the book. There is so much more to the story. Please Apple TV bring Shantaram back for another season or two! I think it is a terrible mistake not to go forward.

  6. I cannot believe series 2 has been axed. Best series iv seen in ages. Outrageous so upset I don’t get to see season 2 and see what happens to everyone. Binged watched the whole series for nothing.

  7. Absolutely. An incredible story. Series one was so close to the books storyline, brilliant acting, great setting and thoroughly enjoyable viewing.

  8. This is such a great series I can’t believe you’re not going to bring it back for a second season

  9. I absolutely agree with the Masses. Why would you do such a thing to such a beautiful work of art. I just renewed my apple subscription JUST because of Shantaram. It was by far the most interesting piece up. Now I’m debating canceling…. after I watch Season one again a few more times. Uhhg

  10. As usual we find a great show and it’s either cancelled or not renewed! However I believe this is subterfuge to ascertain our demand for renewal. The book was absolutely amazing, so if this show isn’t renewed for a second season, read the book and indulge yourself! Don’t wait for the ultimatum on whether the producers of the show will make enough profit or not, because at the end of the day that’s all they really care about! So disgruntled by their hidden agenda.

  11. Please continue Shantaran for another season. Great book, fabulously season 1. There are so many okay series but Shantaran was exceptional.

  12. Great book, Apple did a good job of salvaging a terrific series after earlier mishaps. Great shame it’s not to be continued.

  13. I read Shantaram years ago. It is still my favorite book and I was so excited that they were making a series. I am beyond disappointed that you are not going forward with season 2 😥

  14. Please provide Season 2 and 3 if possible. It’s absolutely well done and offers a quality that’s not available. Shantataram has raised the bar for viewers pleasure, please continue! Thank you

  15. Shantaram, This show is more interesting that many of the other adventure drama shows on Apple+. And definitely better than of the corny comedy content that I don’t care to watch at all, and ignore. Disappointed that it’s been cancelled.

  16. I loved the series by season 3, l was hooked.The relationship with Lin and Prabhu had developed and the chemistry with Lin and Karla was simmering.Lisa was excellent in her role as was Khaderbhai and Abdullah. I am watching it for the tenth time and then l will give up my Apple membership.l suppose having to cancel in India due to Covid and setting up again in Thailand must have cost a lot but why deprive us of a great series.l am sooo disappointed.

  17. This was an excellent series, with excellent actor and actresses.
    Great story. Season 1 left us hanging!!!
    I’m sure Apple tv+ wouldn’t us to easily cancel them???

  18. You can not cancel this!
    It’s the best you have ever produced!
    And the book it self is amazing, so please let us see the rest of the story as well!

  19. Awesome book and the story needs to continue on scene…it would be criminal not to complete this rich, complex story. I’ll be disappointed with Apple+ if they choose not to see this classic through with several more seasons…

  20. I loved the TV-series. Apple – you must reconsider! This quality-work should not be half-done. It’s not fare to the fans, to the cast, to the production team. Shape up Apple.

  21. I’m desperate for Season 2. We are waiting here in Norway too. Come to your senses🙏 Shantaram with all it’s amazing actors. Love all of them and Charlie – OMG 🤩 we really loved the old fashion and the slow touch in the show. Fantastic show👏 We NEED Season 2, anything but is insane😱🙈

  22. One of the best series to watch! It’s different, it’s exciting, it’s edge of your seat drama and action. The characters are also easy to fall in love with. Loved the setting in Bombay. Not sure why there wouldn’t be a second season especially with the ending of the first. Please renew for a second season Apple TV!

  23. The series was great ! Love Charlie Hunnam and all the other actors .This series is why I signed up for Apple TV , There had to be another series ! Please don’t cancel ! There’s more story to tell.

  24. Charlie Hunnan performed just as the real Lin baba! Fact
    As did every other character
    As a regular traveler to India , I as have many , stumbled or were recommended this read …….this book is the real deal it untwines the intricacies of Bombay life
    It speaks reality gained from researching slum life , corruption , poverty , hope , religion , love , passion still ingrained in culture of early pack-packers then and today
    The book has compassion , sadness wanting for a better life infused with rights and wrongs justice and hope
    I’ll be blunt “I absolutely loved this book” Carla and Lims complicated voyage his crime stumbling in to a life he hadn’t wanted, regaining the man he new he could be.
    I felt alive my heart beat a little stronger and I couldn’t put it down…… as some have already said it’s up there with the best books I’ve ever read
    When I saw it advertised on apple to subscribe it was a no brainer …..The true story has yet to unfold, inner self and harmony , balance and understanding are locked within.
    I’ve worked within the industry as assistant AD I’d jump at the chance to get involved here……absolute Gem

  25. Loved watching the series almost as much as did reading the book (being my top 3 favorite read). It feels like much of storyline from the book is missing. I call for another season (or two)! Maybe than I will be re-installing apple tv again.

  26. There appear many flaws not of the right type for audiences in this production.
    First is Charlie Hunnam who is not of the type of well-known A-Lister audiences care to follow throughout this territory. Were it to cast a national treasure such as Brad Pitt we might be hanging onto his coattails to experiences how he emerges in a godforsaken place as the hero/anti-hero. Hunnam’s character Lin lacks the panache, pedigree, good looks and nuances in performance to carry top billing in this series.
    Secondly, what are seen as Lin’s flaws are not widely relatable nor substantial enough with which an audience can grow any affinity. He’s a bank robber involved in murder who escapes prison for no good reason other than his own, who sets of on an unqualified and inexperienced practice rescuing people in ghettos performing unorthodox surgical interventions and the like and abruptly changes from being compassionate to brutal. It’s too confusing and complex to follow. Lastly, audiences may have their biases and not give two-hoots for Australian depicted soaps let alone wooden characters. When the Australian detective emerges for the second time in the series and sets out hot on his heels to capture the fugitive Lin it feels as much a further anticlimax as having had to droll along with Lin who has gotten nowhere in character development or with audience relations at which point nobody cares. A terrain such as the squalors of India and the abject poverty surrounding its inhabitants also may raise biases that bare very little resemblance to any setting, culture or values inherent with audiences universally accustomed to in life or drama. This show also depicts honour among thieves cartels and gangs on the edges of India’s slums too unbelievable and remote a concept and set of circumstances for a western audience to get its teeth into. Reconciliation between characters or redemption by the protagonist an audience may care little about. Nothing magical is created nor comes through. We only get the chance far too late sequentially to relate to Lin as most of what we learn comes through flashbacks by which time we’ve lost patience with asking the whys and wherefores about his character and the justifications for his actions. It tried to do too much achieving very little and is too smart for its own good.
    No second series, please.

  27. Why Apple TV would you cancel such a great show? You don’t advertise your programming well at all, I found the Irish sister story about them killing off their brother- in – law late also and LOVED that series too. Please bring back Shantaram foe second season! This is the first time I’ve commented!!!

  28. Loved the book and now love the seres too..The actors nailed their characters Having spent a little time in India, I’d say this is true to life and makes my heart act to be there..Season 2 is a no brainer…Bring it on—PLEASE

  29. I’m so very very disappointed that It won’t be continued .. may cx my subscription.. I loved the acting .. location.. everything about it .. Charlie did a great acting job

  30. Love this series – I have not yet read the book but plan to!
    Would LOVE to see this series continue!!

  31. Great show, loved all the characters. Shame on Apple for cancelling it. I will not renew my Apple subscription!! We can hope Netflick or another streaming service picks it up. Bring back Shantaram!!

  32. I’ll opt out of Apple TV+ until they give Shantaram a second season. Real dumb move on their part cancelling it!

  33. Apple – finally its brought to the screen. Please bring on Season 2. Such a brilliant novel and have really enjoyed the cast and seeing bombay in its yester year.

  34. Shantaram was the only reason I subscribed to Apple TV. Great show and great cast! Im not renewing my subscription until they bring it back.

  35. I read the book a few years ago, loved it!! Through the years, there was talk of making a movie…but the length always put it on hold… then today, I was happy to see it’s a series!!! I have been binge watching all day!!! I highly recommend the book until Season 2; the book is a can’t put down page turner, it’s so good!!

  36. Great production- excellent script acting and photography- we loved it and would definitely invest in the second part of the story !

  37. I’m lucky that didn’t read second book for this story… I couldn’t wait for Season 2 after Season 1 finished so start reading and now I’m so upset when left 100 pages only… this story is amazing. I never like read books but that’s something special.. best wishes for everyone who still didn’t see it! Best of the Best!

  38. LOVED this series , it has so much in it . Betrayal, greed . Corruption, great friendship love and much to ponder about life and choices .

  39. Sorry to read about Charlie Hunnam’s injury. His acting contributed to a wonderful adaptation of a special book. I hope Apple reads these comments and commits to a second season.

  40. Why would they cancel this show! It is amazing and I couldn’t wait for the 2nd season! Apple has so many terrible shows that should be cancelled. Who is making these bad decisions? Time to cancel Apple TV

  41. Loved the books and loved the first season! I was waiting for the screen version for three years and after so much excitement seeing the 1st movie got my heart broken knowing it’s not going to be continued…as they promised at the end… But I do hope that it’s just temporary and the season 2 is on its way! It does deserve a second chance, doesn’t it?

  42. We are so disappointed this ended.
    Plus this is the third show we have watched that was not renewed that was amazing.
    We hesitate to watch new shows as it seems a waste of time to be left with such bad endings and to really enjoy a show only to have it cancelled.
    Not sure who decisions these are to not go forward but they are really bad judges of quality.

  43. I can not believe that the show was cancelled, it is an amazing book and the actors are all first class actors. It is sad that one cannot see the potential cultural impact of this story can do. I hope that someone has the heart and guts to continue this fantastic story.

  44. It was done well considering
    Challenges filming through the pandemic , it was different from your known apple or other streaming content, maybe not everyone’s cuppa of tea, also when a book is translated into a tv series some times there are teething problems.
    I think if they decide to pick it up again can make it even better and reach a wider audience.
    Maybe a name change and present a more rounded product which can reach a wider audience. Market it a bit better etc…maybe Netflix might give it ago.
    Enjoyed it very much, hope they can give it a well deserved ending by doing a season 2.

  45. Absolutely fantastic serie. I’ve been waiting for many many years for a movie or TV show of this great book and it was so refreshing to se a real high quality serie instead of all the junk that’s out there. A real show for mentally grownups. Canceling this show would be a huge mistake.

  46. Absolutely loved it. Everything about it, era, actors, script were all fantastic. Would be very disappointed if they didn’t do a second season.

  47. My husband and I loved this. I read the book years ago and it was amazing! I am really disappointed that there won’t be a season 2. Maybe after all the comments here they will reconsider.

  48. WTF, are you thinking Apple? !!! or not thinking I should say! One of the best books and best screen adaptation for a long time now, and you don’t let it/us continue?! Seriously, not on, so disappointing. …

  49. My wife and I feel the same as many of the people commenting here…it is my wife’s favourite book and for years I’ve heard her recommend Shantaram-the book to friends and colleagues….when I told her of the tv-series….she was so excited…we just finished watching the 1st season…thinking….lets check for season 2…if I knew how to put sad faces here….I would put 1000….that’s from my wife……me….I’m just straight-out pissed-off….me I’m a watcher….not a reader…I’m so ‘gatvol’…South African colloquial/ slang for ‘seriously pissed off’…here I’m just thinking of the shows I watched over the years that just got cancelled…some with reason….others….no reasons to justify making us…the viewers….feel so let down….holnaaiers….

  50. Is it possible the title Shantaram kept many away from watching it? Thinking it was a foreign movie and not in English? I binged watched it recently. Thought it was great. Kept me interested going into the next episode. The background was for real. Seeing what it was like to live in that kind of environment. It is sad to have to live in those conditions. Please CONTINUE to another season.

  51. You would think they would remove ‘to be continued’ if there is no reason for them to continue. Glad they finally took a crack at this story. A shame they are giving up.

  52. absolutely gutted there will not be a season 2, this show is by far the best series i’ve seen in a long time, sick of netflix shows and nothing original, this truely is original, clearly too risky for people to try something new

  53. You have got to be kidding me! That’s the end with no season 2 in sight!? Come on apple you simply have to continue Lin’s story and give us all a proper ending. Otherwise you’re just another lame streaming service. I can’t believe Emily in Paris gets multiple seasons yet a show if this caliber is tossed to the side #gutted

  54. Shantaram on Apple+ needs to continue for season 2. A great adaptation of the book. It must be brought to the end by Apple+.

  55. I have waited years to see the book played out on screen. This series did not let me down, the acting and casting was so perfect and true to the book. It was truly a joy to watch. I know how the story ends from reading both Shantaram and the Mountain shadow but for people that haven’t read the books, the season finale cliff hanger is just cruel to the viewers when there is no plans for a season 2. Just what on Earth were they thinking?! Brilliant show, absolutely gutted I can’t watch any more of it.

  56. I am thoroughly invested in this. The acting and characters are played extremely well. I am totally looking forward to a second season, just like Ozark and Yellowstone. India and the photography were fascinating! I really think it would be a mistake not to give this the promotion it deserves! Listen to the followers, more please!

  57. This is a terrific show that absolutely should be renewed. Great acting, great cinematography, and really well developed plot. Very atmospheric too with the India setting.

  58. Such a brilliant show! Just read it’s been cancelled… seriously what is Apple+ thinking ? One of the best gripping shows in ages!!! There is so much more that could be shown. We were left hanging.. not good enough Apple+
    Bring it back!!

  59. Amazing first season. Kept my interest the whole time. I truly will be heartbroken if there is not a second season. Often so disappointed when a show grabs my attention like this and then is cancelled

  60. Awesome show. Sick tired of 10 seasons piece of shit series, Netflix,Amazon or Apple. Shantaram has is all. You have to be idiot not to make season 2. But we are talking about Apple, so i think there will no be season 2. Shame.

  61. Husband and I thought it was brilliant. I understand that they sometimes have to cancel shows (as upsetting as it is for us viewers), but this being the case, why end the show TO BE CONTINUED … ?

  62. I so want another season! The first season was wonderful and very well acted and delivered. I will be very upset with Apple and g we rid of my subscription if they don’t do season 2! So please do Season 2 of Shantaram!!

  63. Second best book I have ever read! And I have read thousands,,,the show was everything I hoped for out of the book! Why Apple is cancelling? I will be cancelling my Apple TV now

  64. I truly enjoyed the show. The cast was great there were actors I have not yet seen until the airing of the show & I truly like their acting. The end of the season left me wondering & hoping that there is a season 2. I hope there are many others who enjoyed the show which would give Apple second thoughts about having a season 2.

  65. I just finished binge watching season 1 and immediately searched for any news regarding plans for season 2. When I read that apple may not do another season I felt furious! I am so sick and tired of all these greedy executives who completely disregard all of the time, attention, & most of all the emotional investment that the shows fan base winds up feeling robbed of when production company decides to drop the show without a proper ending. It truly is a crime and I urge the fans /Victims of these crimes to take a stand and cancel your subscription with the steaming company. After all who would they be if it wasn’t for their customers? I can assure you apple that if you cancel Shantaram before the whole story is told I won’t hesitate to cancel you. Because if you cancel such a great show like this, it’s a certainty that you’ll cancel other great shows without any regards for your subscribers.

  66. I really enjoyed season 1. Truly some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. The suspense always kept you wanting to see the next episode. You left us with a cliff hanger and the fans need to see this completed.

  67. Best book – a crime to film half a book Apple. You must continue at least with season 2, i.e. The book Shantaram. I loved both books! So please Apple – do not let money decide in this case.

  68. The book was an especially wonderful piece of literature because of the author’s meaningfully poetic descriptions of people and the landscape in India. Those descriptions are mostly missing in the TV series, but that could have been filled in with a voiceover narration as in Bladerunner. Still, the show only covers about half of the book (I read the book when it came out, so it’s been a while), and not finishing the story is a crime!

  69. I read the book twice. It was amazing. I thought the tv series captured the way I visualized everything in the book. Charlie Hunnam did an excellent job portraying
    Lin bubba! Please bring back season 2.

  70. Who do we contact to express our liking for the show? I was looking forward for season 2 Season 1 left us with so many unanswered questions.

  71. Seazon 1 was really amazing ! The actors are absolutelly brilliant and I got really hooked on this show ! One of the best series I watched in the past 10 years ! Please do as many seasons as possible !

  72. Linbaba in real life, lSpine injury , two years recovery. Loved book and season 1, but cancellingApple TV ASAP.

  73. I read the book many years ago, I loved it so much I purchased half a dozen for gifts. When watching a film having read the book, one is normally disappointed. But not with this series…. I is exactly how I imagined the scene in the book (literally) . How could they not possibly film series two??? Apple TV would be so stupid not to….

  74. Second season please! Superbaad to hear they re not planning anything more, season 1 was greatly adapted

  75. I am so very disappointed to hear that you are not renewing Shantaram for Season 2. It is truly the best series I can think of where there are so many characters that you get to know and love. I think you will make a big mistake by disappointing the loyal viewers who are so invested in the story of these unique characters. Unlike anything on TV. As others have said—please, please don’t take this away from us.

  76. Pleeeeease do a season 2. Loved the series, loved the characters. It is a BRILLIANT DRAMA! PLEASE DO A SEASON 2.

  77. LOVE this show!!! It was something different that I had been craving to watch and was very well made! I was surprisingly hooked. Please keep it going!

  78. I have loved the tv series Shantaram,all the cast have really nailed their roles,they just got better and better.
    I will be devastated if there are not future series.
    Please Apple listen to the people!

  79. Loved , loved the show.
    Please don’t let it finish like that!
    It was suspenseful with great acting .
    I hope that AppleTV makes the right choice
    and renews the show for another season.
    Let’s make this a Christmas Miracle!

  80. I read the book. Incredible. This is the best series I’ve watch in years. COME ON FANS SEND THE MESSAGE TO APPLE – RELEASE SECOND SEASON. THE FIRST SEASON WAS BRILLIANT. SECOND SEASON PLEASE

  81. Amazing show, incredibly talented performance by the lead characters, specially Hunnam! A true masterpiece. I would go above and beyond to renew this show and see it till its end. If Appletv wishes to cancel, then renew on some other streaming service that wants to make millions amd not be a fool

  82. Brilliant show that is character driven you can smell the bhajees and birianis coming out of the tv
    Please for the love of what ever god you believe in don’t kill off great tv

  83. I would like to see a Season 2. This is a well executed show. Best show I have watched in many years. Charlie Hunnam does an excellent job in his role as Lin. Looked forward to watching Shantaram every Friday. Now, everyone in the family wants to know what happens next. Season 2 is a must.

  84. A very well done, excellent show. Grounded in the story line and not filled with a distracting WOKE agenda. Excellently produced and directed, superbly cast. VERY DISAPPOINTED in Apple TV to not want a Season 2. What is Apple thinking? (They are not!) Will cancel our Apple TV subscription if Shantaram is canceled. APPLE TV – Please continue to provide excellent programming your viewers want. This is what sets you apart and above your competitors’ platforms. Be smart… Even if this is a loss leader for you. YES. I want a Season 2 please.

  85. We NEED shantaram season 2! I looked forward to fridays sooo much just to watch this! I need to watch it unfold further! Plz plz plz 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  86. I’d like to see another season of Shantaram. I liked it very much and would be disappointed if it is mot renewed.

  87. Awesome show. Love all the characters. An interesting introspective into Bombay the lives of individuals and the underground corruption. Charlie Hannam is such a good actor. Will be very dissspointed if the show does not return.

  88. I read the book Shantaram. I loved the book. An I love the TV series it’s a little different from the book but that happens. The actors are amazing an I love the filming of India I really look forward to more seasons an the next episode. They really leave you hanging at the end of season one. I love the cast an Charlie Hunnan performance !!!

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