Has Maxton Hall: The World Between Us been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:


  • Maxton Hall: The World Between Us is a German series available on Prime Video that follows the captivating enemy-to-lovers story of James and Ruby.
  • Like other streaming platforms, Prime Video determines whether to renew a show based on various factors, such as completion rate, viewership numbers, production costs, and more.
  • As of now, we can officially confirm that we are getting a second season of Maxton Hall: The World Between Us. The series was renewed just one week after its release, and we are buzzing with excitement.


If you’ve binged the entire first season and are itching to know if there will be a second, this article has all the details you’re looking for.

What is Maxton Hall: The World Between Us about?

Maxton Hall: The World Between Us is about James, a boy from a wealthy family burdened with filial responsibilities. He falls in love with his arch-enemy, Ruby, a girl from a poor family who is trying to get into Oxford. The six-part series breaks down their angst as they try to make it work even though they come from different worlds.

Has Maxton Hall: The World Between Us been Renewed for Season 2?

At the time of writing, we are happy to inform that season 2 has been greenlit. This comes just a week after the show dropped and took the world by storm. People can’t get enough of James and Ruby and want to see if their love will prevail. Thankfully, we’ll get a chance to see just that.

What do we know about Maxton Hall: The World Between Us Season 2?

The show has just been renewed, so we don’t know much. We expect season 2 to pick up where we left off, with James deciding his future. This decision will affect his family as well as Ruby. The question is: will he choose his happiness, or will he further bind himself to his toxic dad’s expectations?

We are also curious about Lydia and what lies ahead of her in the next season. Will she keep the baby and run away with her teacher? All we know for sure is that Mortimer will have her head once he finds out what she has been up to. With the stakes so high, season two needs to make haste and answer our burning questions!

Do you hope to see a second season? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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