Has Maestro in Blue been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Maestro in Blue is a Greek Netflix Original, bringing a slow burn character-driven drama to the fold. After finishing the whole series, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Maestro in Blue Season 1 about?

Maestro in Blue follows a musician called Orestis, who travels off to the small island of Paxos to organize a music festival at the request of mayoral candidate and businessman, Fanis. However, what Orestis wasn’t expecting was to fall in love and find himself involved in other people’s problems.

Confronted with the small society on the island, Orestis’ life is changed forever as he grows and evolves across these 10 episodes.

Has Maestro in Blue been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Maestro in Blue has been renewed for a second season by the series creator, Christoforos Papakaliatis despite Netflix staying quiet.

It would seem that this one will air in Greece on cable TV first and then move across to Netflix – should the streamers decide to pick it up of course.

We’ll be sure to update this section with accurate details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point and we only have that one article to go off. But expect more characters, more drama and lots of romance too!

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see Maestro in Blue return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

76 thoughts on “Has Maestro in Blue been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. All I wanted was for him and alleluia to get married. Man he should never have gone back to that ex wife!!!!

  2. Please Allow me to “ditto” Judy Kloepfer’s review! PLEASE GIVE US SEASON 2🙏🙏🙏. The story line, actors, venue, music, scenery, character development….. PAR EXCELLENCE ‼️


  3. Please please Please 🙏
    can we have a second season of Maestro on Netflix its really great and refreshing to watch something not based in America for a change.
    love it.

  4. I would love to see this continue. It was well written. I loved the drama, music. And the story line.
    Never realized Greece was this beautiful
    I would love to vacation there. The scenery is breathtaking.

  5. I absolutely loved maestro in blue. I wish I could form a “film club” to discuss all the wonderfully written scenes. It encompasses true love no matter age or gender.
    It explains how sociopaths are raised.
    This film could be discussed and anylyzed by psych/sociology students.
    The music is breathtaking as is the settings. Music is the same as prayers rising up to heaven.
    I cannot wait until season 2!
    There are a few similarities in the plot as Americas “ozarks”
    I watched this season one all on Easter and. Ouldnt sleep because I wanted to know more and was simply captivated by the characters, cinematography, and writing.
    You have to continue this story or it will be an unfinished concerto by your talented Greek composers of the past!💕Jacqueline

  6. The scenery was stunning…and the characters intriguing. I enjoyed how all of these “forbidden” relationships were explored. I want to see more and I want to see Orestis return and tell Klelia what happened and why he left. He does not love Alexandra and should not stay with her…but needs to embrace his child. That awful man deserved to fie. He was about to kill his own son because he was ashamed of him. He is the one who is a disgrace.

  7. I am really surprised no-one did any comment about Piros’ father murder,he was an alcoholic and violent person but this doesn’t justify the way everybody got rid of his body.It was a murder for legitim defense so instead to throw his body in the sea they could have reported what appended to the police, and since everybody knew the horrible kind of person was Piros’ father and since it was a case of legitim defense because he was trying to kill his own son with a big stone,the low wouldn’t have punished the culprits of the murder.I see,from my point of view, the end of the movie not really very moral.

  8. An Austrian living in Australia watching a Greek TV series for the first time. Loved it! The filming was beautifully done, I can’t wait for a continuation !

  9. Curiosity, intrigue, the scenery, the sea, the colours, the light, exploration of contemporary themes, secrets, lies and hypocrisy, interwoven with love stories, fear, longing and regret. So different to other, somewhat gloomy and drab Greek films. Yes! to another series! It was wonderful!
    A little more care with the translation subtitles and a touch more of Greek (bouzouki) music. Quite a ‘Maestropiece’. Maria

  10. I loved the show, the drama was beautiful and suspenseful. It has good actors and we were left at the climax. I think, we, the viewers deserve to see the outcome and culmination of this drama. The scenery and music are relaxing and calming.

  11. I have watched this three times and can’t get enough. Music, scenery, relatable issues. Absolutely, it must continue! Dueling lovers, Christopher and Klelia are worth the price of admission alone….

  12. I have watched this three times and can’t get enough. Music, scenery, relatable issues. Please, please it must continue! Dueling lovers, Christopher and Klelia are worth the price of admission alone….

  13. Please make season2, I loved Maestro and watched it over 3 nights. Already packed my case for a trip to Paxos!

  14. It’s absolutely brilliant. I watched the complete season in 2 days, in Greek.
    The acting was outstanding, as for the story, it was so well written. Bravo!
    I saw Harris Alexiou perform live in Athens in the 80’s and loved her then, what a voice and an amazing actress now.
    I think I’m in love with Orestis myself too! 😍
    What a beautiful island 💙

  15. In my option, this was one of the most beautiful and picturesque drama series I’ve ever seen.
    Natural beauty, romantic, and in tune with reality.
    Would love to see Maestro in a second series.
    Well done 👍 great actors/ actresses

  16. Guys, the series has been renewed. All the actors are already back in Paxos and will start shooting in a few days.

  17. I loved Maestro in Blue!! I watched it in two evenings. The characters are well developed and the themes of today well represented. The actors were wonderful. I loved that Xaris Alexiou was in it and played an excellent role AND we got to hear her sing!! She was wonderful-as always. Please let there be a second season.
    Andonia Cakouros Sacramento,CA

  18. A resounding YES!!! It would be a crime to not have a Season 2. I am hooked on the characters, watching them develop, the gorgeous scenery of the island, and the music. It didn’t even bother me that their lips weren’t in sync with the subtitles because I could hear every word clearly in English. Please bring in Season 2 soon!

  19. I have watched Maestro every opportunity I could. It is such an amazing, wonderful feel good show and love the actors. Scenery is superb and the music presented at the end on the path with the strings and beautiful grandma singing, with all the boats and people, had such a real feel and wonderful ending to festival. I do hope Netflix renew – I really do feel sad it has finished. Maestro is just such a gorgeous looking man and plays a sensational role. PLEASE RENEW NETFLIX !!

  20. Excellent series please bring on season 2. Scenery, story line, & music all extremely enjoyable.

  21. We’ve just finished Maestro in Blue – watched it over 2 nights and already miss the characters.
    The series was so gripping one didn’t notice the dubbing from Greek to English.
    Exquisite in every way from the acting, scenery, story and charisma a rare feat.
    Would definitely look forward to a sequel.

  22. Absolutely loved everything about the series. Great characters and acting, beautiful music and scenery. Most importantly the story and characters kept you intrigued and guessing. The ending was so sad and I hope it is brought back to continue the stories of the characters and some more of that wonderful music!!

  23. I loved this series. It was so multi-layered and character-driven. The story had a fantastic graph. I least expected it to take these intriguing turns. An excellent direction and storyline and great actors all around. I am so looking forward to seeing the continuation of this Greek series.

  24. Play it again Sam….season two that is… must see how these characters’ stories play out. Excellent story!

  25. Fantastic series with wonderful set of characters and super story lines set In idyllic surroundings and situated around topical and contentious themes. I loved this and feel bereft series one completed.

  26. Loved the series and hope there is a 2nd season everything about the series was exceptional including the setting, the ensemble, the music, the food among other wonderful things about the series.

  27. This series is fantastic. It is extremely well written. The story line holds your attention continuously. The acting is superb. The scenery is breathtaking. Hope that there will be a season two.

  28. This is one of the best series I have seen on any app or network. The acting, cast, story line all come together to produce a story of life from perspectives of different ages as they experience live and sorrow. Romantic, and with much feeling. The music is beautiful and the scenery breathtaking. A classic series. Kudos to Greece for an outstanding story. PLEASE, give us another season! The young character actress named Klielia should be nominated for an award. A promising young star with the beauty of Raquel Welch!

  29. My husband and I savored this series. The acting, the music, the scenery, the twists and turns..this series has it all! Highly recommend this continues!

  30. Loved the series.

    So in touch with is happening around the world today.

    Hopefully it will be renewed.

  31. I loved the series and binged until it was over. The music, scenery, real life issues the drama was enthralling. As a Greek Australian I started watching it in English but I thought let me try it in Greek. I am so grateful that I can understand Greek as I feel it was on a different level listening in the original language. It was even more powerful. All the actors were strong, real and passionate. I hope we get a second series.

  32. I adored this series! It was so lyrically beautiful & the scenery breathtaking! The acting was so realistic & passionate! I loved everything about it. It made me relive my whole life all over again…the lovers, the travel, the drama…please renew!!!

  33. Loved the series, real life issues, great acting, fantastic story, captivating, watched nine episodes in two nights. Very proud of the Greek production, Paxoi island stunning corner of the world. Bring back another season!

  34. I loved this show and do hope for a season 2! I hope to visit the island of Paxos, it looks lovely. Well written storyline and superb acting.

  35. By all means let us have another season! Love everything about it and hope it has a happy ending for those who deserve it and hope that Fanis gets his day in court! Mean and greedy people go away! PS: I’ve sailed in the Peloponnese Islands and the scenery brought back wonderful memories. ❤️

  36. We just finished watching tis show,we loved the characters the scenery and the music.Bring on season 2 please Netflix.

  37. Simply loved the series. Please ring season 2, The music, scenery and story are captivating. I can’t wait and hope for season 2

  38. Great series from all points of view: storyline, characters, acting/emotions, music, scenery, the crescendo in the way of filming! I’d love to see another season!!

  39. This is a Great show! I’m looking forward to more episodes or Season 2.
    I love all the characters, music, Island, the complex relationships, money laundering, and murder.
    Hoping to see more soon.

  40. The third generation should have a happy after in a beautiful scenery… but not directly… a bit more drama to spice up the series in a stunning scenery:)

  41. Loved the romance, music and scenery! There are questions that need to be addressed in a Season 2!!

  42. One of the best well acted movie I have seen recommended the movie to so many people the music was superb ClairedeLune and Creep were exceptional thank you Netflix for picking this movie up for us to enjoy Not a duplicate comment forgot to add comment before

  43. Loved this series, so realistic and to the point. Great character building and a series well worth a second season. Should be advertised more so people can get a feel of the show. I give it a 9 out of 10👍

  44. The beautiful relationships and the dark abuse the music and island is delicious…
    So very real to life… rich with passion

  45. The second season starts filming in just one week. The whole cast is coming back plus some new characters.

  46. You have to make a season 2…I really enjoyed season 1, kept my interest right from the beginning. I didn’t want the show to end…So please make a season 2.

  47. I enjoyed the Series very much. It was intriguing, contemporary and slightly gritty. The characters were well thought out snd
    Sold the variety of I dividusl stories, yet made them inclusive. Well done, the acting was excellent. Please explore these characters more. A huge story to tell.

  48. Please renew!!! I binge watched this after and before work. I thought it was a great story line and in a beautiful island setting. I can imagine such a variety of twists and turns through the stories future possibilities.
    Such reality put to a series, real life issues. Old world and new~
    I’m glad the abuser was killed off in self defensive & protection, leaving his abused wife and son the freedom of relief from fear of any future abuse by him and their opportunity for love again without shame or guilt. I hope Orestes returns right away to the island to love and marry Faunys daughter. I want to see her mother divorce her father and marry the doctor…sweet grandma to find a true love in her golden yrs since she was robbed of it thru her life. Orestes ex wife cheated on him, was cruel abd demeaning to him. It would be best that the pregnancy fails ir uts found out that she was actually pregnant by his former friend she cheated on him with and she disappears from the show. I hope Anthony and Spyros commit to each ither and Spyros ex girlfriend falls for the medical student. I hope Spyros mother is courted by a very nice abd good man who treats her and Spyris with real love and kindness, they marry and have a happy life. Music festivals return yearly yo the tiny island that Orestes brought life back to and changed its movement forward. I hope the death is not discovered with a result of who what and where/why.
    Or something along those lines 🙂

  49. Tina from Florida: I’m a Greek American who fell in love with the series from the first episode. The Greek dialogue was music to my ears;tThe “family” story and all the fallout is definitely 21st century stuff; the scenery is divine; the music is heavenly (where can one find the score from the series). The ending is a cliff hanger with so many possible theme lines with which to go forward. YES-NAI-MALISTA….we need another season!.

  50. Enjoyed this drama so much..and loved the scenery and setting..the characters are so rich and imperfect but so loveable! We need to resolve some of the characters development…and hopefully love in the future! Xx
    Lorraine…Newcastle ..Australia…

  51. I definitely want to see another season ! I am a very young retired nurse ( age 72) originally from Canada living in California since the 70’s so familiar with the whole sexual identities of today & truly feel men & women should be able to live their best lives loving the man or woman they are meant to. And this movie really is 21st century & deals with so many facets of today … like Ozark money laundering … IVF …. Hypocrites … the never ending struggle of generations between parents & their children …. Abuse …. So YES please bring on more episodes !!!! And who does not love 💕 watching the beautiful landscape of Patmos, Greece !!!!

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