Has Love After Divorce been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Love After Divorce is a reality show initially from the MBN Korean channel. The show had three successful seasons before being picked up by Netflix. Season four was the much-awaited USA edition, and the show has not disappointed. 

If you’ve watched all the episodes, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Love After Divorce Season 4 about?

Love After Divorce is a dating reality show from South Korea that brings divorced individuals to the Dolsing Village and follows them as they try to find love once again. Season 4 is the USA Edition, and fans have been elated to see what this international version has in store.

Has Love After Divorce been renewed for season 5?

At the time of writing, Love After Divorce has been renewed for a fifth season. Generally, Netflix gauges numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate.

The completion rate is one of the most important metrics, though, as recently revealed with the shock cancellation of 1899. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars.)

Love After Divorce has had a positive reaction from critics and audiences alike, with many tuning in desperate to find out what happens next, and that probably explains the renewal decision.

What we know about season 5 so far:

We know that the show is currently looking for new participants for the next season. At the end of season four, one of the hosts, Lee Hye Young, announced they were open for submissions.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the next season will be available on Netflix or if we will have a destination edition again. Either way, we are excited to see the new divorcees find love and friendship. 

Would you like to see Love After Divorce return for a fifth season? What did you think of the ending to the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Has Love After Divorce been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Hi Cory. I do think that is a great idea. Kindly allow me to recommend a show I think you might enjoy. It is called the Golden Bachelor.It is a dating reality show. I don’t know if you would like it but do check it out. It premiered this September on ABC

  2. I have enjoyed every season. I don’t know if this is the right forum to express this idea but here it goes.
    How about love after 50 with interracial possibilities. I would be interested to participate in something that would bring hopes to so many around the world.
    Thank you

  3. I totally enjoyed season 4. Please bring a season 5, 6, 7!!!!!!
    I can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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