Has Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

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Renewed Or Cancelled?

Were you of the era where you had to make do with 16 episodes of one K-drama and then say goodbye to it, never for it to return ever again? Well, thankfully, that seems to be changing with the current trends as we have had sequels from the likes of Alchemy of Souls, Squid Game and even Dr Romantic. And one sequel that was much loved at the beginning of 2023 was Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2.

Well, after finishing the whole of season 2, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2 about?

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 2 follows Poong clearing his name after being accused of killing the former king and running Gyesoo successfully in the capital. However, the love of his life is on the other side of the country as Eun-woo’s father was ordered to move.

If that is not enough, Poong and Gyesoo have a new hurdle as the King is being haunted by the villain of season 1 – the ghost of Minister Cho who seems to have cursed him and all the court ladies. As Poong and Gye try to help them, they must clash with the royal physicians while the Princess is hell-bent on marrying Poong.

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Has Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist has not been renewed for a third season. Sure, we were lucky enough to get a sequel, but it seems that we should not be pushing our luck. While the K-drama industry is changing its format, we are yet to see multiple season shows. Penthouse appears to be an exception thanks to its roaring success, but it is unlikely that we will get a Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist season 3 at the moment.

What we know about season 3 so far:

If we do get a season 3, it could follow the novel it is based on. It could also break away from the source material if the writers want to create a new story based on season 2. Following the theme of the first two seasons, season 3 could be episodic in nature with Gyesoo Clinic dealing with a patient or mystery in every episode. It would be followed by an underlying mystery that would slowly progress throughout the season probably linked to the palace. 

As for the characters’ development, we would love to see more of Eun-woo and Poong now that they are officially a couple and married. Of course, based on the fun little cameo in the season 2 finale, a season with besties Kim Min-jae and Woo Do-hwan as a physician-lawyer duo who solve cases would be the dream, but that is just wishful thinking.

We’ll be sure to update this page if there is any change.

Do you want to see Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist return for a third season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Has Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Yes…still waiting for season three…the ending in season 2 left us without a true sense of closure…PLEASE PLEASE give us a season 3 ..I have been waiting because there were a few posts stating season 3 would be released 2024…still waiting….

  2. Pls season 3 I love this drama exciting And triling I hope they renewed the season 3 I enjoy watching the season 1 and 2 I hope in season 3 poong and his wife they have a baby. I’m excited to watch the season 3 thanks

  3. Ya, saya ingin Saya ingin sekali melihat Poong si psikiater joseon season 3.Melihat begitu banyak pengajaran sejarah, romantis, dan komedi para artis nya, saya sangat menyukainya,

  4. Hi @Karen, yes your guess is right.
    As for the lawyer, it is a fun little cameo by the lead actor’s friend, actor Woo Do-hwan to tease his ongoing historical K-drama ‘Joseon Attorney’ where he is a lawyer.
    You can check out our ending explained article of Poong’s season 2 finale for an in-depth explanation

  5. Yes, I would love to see a season 3. I have a feeling that the couple was going to tell everyone that they are expecting. Who is the man towards the end who said that he was going to giveup being a doctor and be a lawyer?

  6. Yesss I hope there’s a Season 3.. I enjoyed watching both Seasons and been repeating watching them over and over again.. ❤️❤️

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