Has Iron Reign been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:



  • Iron Reign is a Spanish Netflix mini-series from 2024 that delves into the internal power dynamics of the Manchado family.
  • Netflix, like other streaming platforms, determines whether to renew a show based on various factors such as completion rate, viewership numbers, production costs, and more.
  • As of now, there’s no news regarding the renewal of Iron Reign, but there’s a strong possibility that the show will be renewed.

Iron Reign, originally titled Mano de Hierro, is the latest Netflix mini-series that premiered in 2024. It features a stellar cast including Eduard Fernandez, Chino Darin, Jaime Lorente, Natalia de Molina, Sergi Lopez, Enric Auquer, Raul Briones, Giannina Fruttero, and more. The show unfolds over 8 episodes, each about 50 minutes long.

If you’ve binged the entire first season and are itching to know if there will be a second, this article has all the details you’re looking for.

Here’s everything we know: 

What is Iron Reign about?

Iron Reign revolves around the Manchado family, particularly Joaquin and Roman Manchado, who control the port of Can Tunis in Barcelona and run illegal narcotics operations. Joaquin had everything under control until he was brutally attacked, leaving him in a coma and presumed dead.

However, Joaquin survives, but his fragile health and the stolen drug shipment meant for the Italians trigger a chain of betrayal, death, and chaos.

Has Iron Reign Renewed for Season 2? 

Netflix hasn’t officially announced the second season of Iron Reign yet, but the way things unfold in the final episode leaves room for continuation.

In the closing scenes, we witness Joaquin awakening from his coma, hinting that he might reclaim control of the port once he fully recovers.

Additionally, Rocio and Victor uncover that Nestor, with Miki’s help, was behind the swap of the drug shipment. However, his motives remain a mystery, setting the stage for potential revelations in season two. Moreover, Victor’s daughter is in the custody of druglords Ariel and his sister, Lucia, suggesting that the next season could focus on Victor’s efforts to rescue her.

What do we know about Iron Reign Season 2?

As of now, there’s no official word on whether Iron Reign will be back for a second season, and fans are eagerly awaiting an update. However, there’s a strong likelihood that the show will be renewed, especially considering the unresolved plot points that need to be addressed in season two.

If the show does return, viewers can anticipate a season with approximately 6 to 8 episodes, each lasting around 50 minutes. However, nothing is confirmed yet, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as any new information comes in.

Would you like to see Iron Reign return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

31 thoughts on “Has Iron Reign been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. There was no real finale. Too many areas remain unsolved, so Netflix must surely release series 2, otherwise it has been a utterly useless series!

  2. It was a great series they can’t leave us hanging like this we need series 2.

  3. It is ridiculous to leave the ending of the first series with so many things left ” up in the air” with no conclusion of all the sub plots. As other people are saying it is all a waste of time if there is no ending or conclusions for viewers to spend 8 hours watching something with no ending!

  4. It should be netflix that is not renewed if they dont bring on a 2nd season of iron reign. The program team at netflix should be able to tell by watching it themselves even before release that it is worthy of a 2nd season. They must be a bunch of incompetent idiots to have not made that decision by now. And what now we have to wait another year. Netflix should hire some of its trusted viewers to make these decisions early on in the process so we dont have to wait so long. Idiots!

  5. Iron Reign has been gripping,but I’m also getting fed up with Netflix doing this to us! Giving us brilliant series,then ending with cliffhangers,but then not letting us know if /when there’s going to be another season.We’re getting very disappointed with Netflik 😒🤨

  6. Awesome Season 1 – not so great if there is no Season 2 – then just disappointing and a waste of time.

    This is why I have been trying to watch only “limited series” and movies

  7. Amen bring on S2 Iron Reign. Must be biggest win for Spanish series, at least in usa. Darn I’m hanging here people.

  8. AWESOME series!! The story is very well told in a suspenseful way. Each episode ended with a cliff hanger and you couldn’t help but to watch the next one. This is one series that needs to be a long running series for sure!!!

  9. We can’t be left in suspense like that. If that is the end, well we all have wasted out time as it is not unreasonable to expect a resolution to some of these matters. A second series would eagerly be awaited so we live in hope. Bring it on!

  10. As always, I love series like Wrong Side of the Tracks, The Tourist, etc. to have some sense of closure. And, Iron Reign has a considerable number of plot lines to pursue and resolve. It looks like Victor and Ricio are finally a “team.”
    Hopefully, it will be renewed and soon.

  11. We need season 2! Loved this series! Easy to follow and understand actors, plots and storylines. Need season 2 already! Need to know what happens next!

  12. Most definitely, there has to be a Season 2. Great series and needs to answer lots of questions.

  13. I’m hoping Netflix can do the right thing for his subscribers, and bring that second season to all of us waiting. The bal is in your side, Netflix!!

  14. We need to see Season 2 of Iron Reign great Cast Storylines especially If Joaquin awakes from coma please have Another Season of Iron Reign

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