Has Harry & Meghan been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are among the most well-known royal partners in recent times. They have experienced a lot of controversy during their time together as a married couple, and here they reveal all.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex offer their viewpoint on the events that have been repeatedly brought up during public conversation, split across 6 episodes in Netflix’s docuseries. In addition to the former senior members of the royal family, the show also includes a number of the couple’s friends and family members.

After watching all six episodes of the season, you might be curious to know if the show will be revived for a second season. Here is what we currently know:

What is Harry & Meghan about?

The two-volume series gives viewers a glimpse into their early lives and discusses how the couple met, how they supposedly left the royal life behind, and how they have lived since. The show addresses sensitive themes including Meghan being bullied by “them”—the intrusive media and the Royal Family, the institutionalized racism in the Royal Family, her having suicidal thoughts, losing her child, her need to speak the truth, and her desire for peace.

“Never complain and never explain” has served as the Royal Family’s key element when interacting with the press. Since this is clearly not Harry and Meghan’s style, they have turned to Netflix to fight their own battles with the press as well as the members of the Royal Family.

In the two-volume docudrama, Meghan and Harry provide their first-person account of what transpired, so from their point of view, they lay everything bare for the audience to see their story and what happened. This tale comes from the horses’ mouth itself, so it does justice to their narrative and their truth since they put it out themselves, unlike a show like The Crown, whose credibility could be questioned.

Has Harry & Meghan been renewed for season 2?

It is stated in the documentary’s last episode that the objective of the six-part docudrama is that the Sussex’s want to share the truth, bring about peace, and finally put the drama behind them and live a private life. The documentary seems to be a means for the Duke and Duchess to supposedly put all the previous baggage down, and it indicates that they are seeking closure.

That being said, a Harry and Meghan season 2 on the television series is presently unclear and rather improbable given that the couple only agreed to sign an agreement with Netflix for one docudrama on their lives.

Given that their tell-all version helps bring us the latest information on what the royal couple seem to be up to after choosing to leave their full-time positions as working members of the royal family, we think it’s highly unlikely they’ll have something to say.

Nevertheless, their collaboration with Netflix is still very much in the process. In addition to the latest tell-all, Harry & Meghan’s $100 million contract with the streaming company also includes the guarantee of an animated series as well as a series centered on the Invictus Games. However, it is not yet known when these productions will be available on Netflix.

What we know about season 2 so far :

A sequel has yet to be approved by Netflix and the former senior members of the Royal Family, so little is known concerning season 2. Who knows, though—perhaps Harry and Meghan may make another appearance in another few years with a brand-new docuseries!

As mentioned above, we predict that this will not be renewed but we could be completely wrong! We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known though!

Would you like to see Harry and Meghan return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Good for you Meghan and Harry. Princess Diana went through the same thing and had zero support and still had to try and be a mom and be their for the people in the country she loved…she loved the people! I hate to pit people down but I will call a person out for their crap. The royal family needs to get their royal heads out their royal asses. Get with the times! Time for modern-day royalty to be just that, modern. Meghan, you go girl! You are a Queen regardless of royalty status. Harry, always a king in my eyes because a king needs to have character, loyalty, patience, integrity, and most of all…love. You have all that an more Harry and I can only imagine how scarey all of this was but you sir gave your Queen the support she needed and was a King through and through! I am genuinely happy for the both of you! Love one another and always put each other first. Doing that everyday, how can you lose! Much love to you both ❤️

  2. I couldn’t take my eyes of this absolutely disgraceful the way this poor innocent girl was bullied and defeated. Same on you British you should be ashamed of the appalling way yous hounded this wonderful kind caring human being. Harry I have to say his love for Megan goes away on and be under. To give up his title for the women he lives and to protect her from his very own people. This will go down in history love this wee family. Well done Netflix.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!! It’s about time much love goes out to Harry and Megan and kids!! Absolutely stunning documentary congratulations to you for your survival from Western North Carolina mountains!!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 6 episodes. I wish those people who have been brainwashed by the media n UK newspapers have the courage to watch the episodes, too.

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