Has Fauda been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Fauda is the long-running crime drama on Netflix, blending elements of action and thriller together into a high-octane thrill-ride that’s hard not to binge-through. After finishing the whole series, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Fauda season 4 about?

Fauda’s latest season teases the most dangerous mission for our characters yet. The plot here involves Hezbollah activists from Lebanon and Palestinian militants in the West Bank, making for a rather deadly cocktail of drama.

Following the fall-out from season 3, Doron is wracked with guilt over the death of his teammate, which is only made worse by his dismissal from the unit.

As a result, Captain Ayub enlists Doron for a basic security mission in Brussels. Once there, the meeting goes awry and Doron soon finds himself in a confrontation with a daring terrorist cell.

Has Fauda been renewed for season 5?

At the time of writing, Fauda has been renewed for a fifth season according to Deadline.

What we know about season 5 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 5 at this point. However, expect the story to continue, with another dangerous mission for our characters to undertake.

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known!

Would you like to see Fauda return for a fifth season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

404 thoughts on “Has Fauda been renewed for Season 5? Here’s what we know:”

  1. My husband & I call it Our Show We absolutely love it! We feel like we know the Unit personally Please let us know what happened to our friends in Season 5, SOON😊


    Brilliant show, one of the best I’ve ever seen, & we all want to know what happens to the team!!!!!! Can’t wait for more…if Netflix doesn’t renew, some other network HAS to continue this awesome show!!

  3. Superb series which accurately and realistically brings this ongoing conflict to our attention. There are no super heroes nor is there any glory! More seasons please!!

  4. Fauda is the best series Netflix has offered to its subscribers. Well acted, excellent storylines and I love subtitles! Please bring on season 5!

  5. This is by far the best Netflix series. It had me on the edge of my seat and at times covering my eyes as it was so exciting. We must have a more seasons 5,6,7,8,9 and 10….please

  6. My husband and i love Fauda. Please renew the show. We’ll be so disappointed if the story snd characters do not continue Thanks!

  7. NETFLIX, this is a NO BRAINER, there must be a Fauda season 5 and 6!!!
    There are a few shows/series that keep streaming platforms interesting and Fauda is one of those series that has kept me coming back to Netflix.

  8. Great series ! Something not seen before.
    Touching, gritty, realistic, action, good characters it had it all.
    Please make Season 5 !🤞🤞🤞

  9. Just finished watching season 4. I am so intrigued. Can’t wait for the fifth season… The most adrenaline rushing action show of my lifetime. Also, it’s so insightful being able to see the conflict between Israeli and Palestinians in such a realistic way helps everyone’s understanding on where both sides stands. Love the show.

  10. This is one of the best series I have ever watched. It feels very real and just like real life, it is tragic when one of the characters you get attached to is killed. Considering the state of the real world I do not know how they would ever run out of material. Excellent writing and excellent acting. Please renew for several more seasons!

  11. Really enjoyed watching Fauda. I was so disappointed when the series came to an end so l hope there will be a series 5.

  12. Absolutely in for however many seasons they are willing to make, for as long as they keep up with the excellent plots and writing we have grown accustomed to. One of the best series, with Homeland, that I have watched in a very long time. And as in Homeland, let it have a nice and important ending, albeit final.

  13. Absolutely would love to watch another season (but maybe not ie seasons 6, 7, 8 and on). It’s great and we often have to watch a few episodes at a time, unable to unhook from it. We’re on Season 4, episode 5 now and sadly anticipating an end to it.

  14. You can’t end it here, as the cliff hanger of season 4. I will cancel Netflix if you abandon the team like this! Fauda deserves to continue, just like Six deserved to continue. And it was stopped after two grueling seasons! Don’t do that to Fauda!

  15. Incredible work, best series I’ve seen in a long time!!! Pleaseeeee renew for a fifth season and more!!

  16. This is the most exciting show I’ve watched in years. I was really upset about the ending. I am not a fan of cliffhangers. Please renew!

  17. this is absolutely the best series I have ever scene. You have to keep glued to the broadcast because its in hebrew or arabic and you have to read the subtitles, and you want to know what they’re saying. In that final episode, like most, you are glued to the action. I am looking forward to the fifth season. I love that Doran character. He really cares. The woman in the series are fantastic. Not just beautiful, they are tremendous actors. keep me advised.

  18. Please renew Fauda! I am rarely so engaged in action thrillers but this is the best of its kind. I like how it humanize both sides and has developed the characters. you can’t let us keep hanging with the end of season four!

  19. Omg I luv this series!! We need more seasons. I watched this show at work after work and even before bed losing some sleep for the next work day I was addicted to the show I’m so sad I finished! Doron and his team was the best hands down we deff need more seasons!!! We need to see what mission is next!

  20. Love the everything. Why stop at 5 or 6. As Doron would say if it’s that good let’s do it.
    It’s good. Let’s do it. Yes Doron. We have your back. A real hero for our time. Honor is his code. He follows it with reckless abandon. Puts his life on the line for his brothers and sisters every day. Damn, Doron.

  21. Best series on Netflix and on anywhere else . Netflix spends 17 Billion on content annually, they would undoubtably a winners if they renew again for many more seasons. I simply love it. I’ve lived in the Middle East and this is an unbelievable great show. Don’t be a looser Netflix , renew.
    Alex D

  22. Oh my gosh, I’ve watched all Seasons of Fauda three times and hope that Netflix will continue with a Season 5 and if possible a Season 6. It is so well done. The actors couldn’t be more perfect in putting such feelings into reality showing the turmoil between these countries.

  23. This is one of the best productions on Netflix. Everyone I know that Marcus is absolutely loves it. So well written And exciting.

  24. I love Fauda and I hope it is renewed for the 5th season! It is one series that grabs you and you just have to watch it. I’m learning a lot of geography, history and politics! The importance of the area of three major religions makes it all the more significant! Imagine all the people of the Bible who walked on the same ground! Very well done.

  25. This show is better than any other series on Netflix, hands down! It absolutely must be renewed, and for more than one season (but I’ll take just one, for now).

  26. We gotta know what happened to the crew, who died who survived? There’s gotta be a season 5 you can’t leave us in suspense and please don’t take the whole year to bring it back.
    FAUDA is by far one of the best shows on NETFLIX
    I watched season 5 in one day on my weekend off.
    Great season as always

  27. There better be a season 5. I work full time and watched all 4 seasons in less than a week forcing myself to sleep. Sooooo good… I have to know what happens next.

  28. The serie is very addicting, suspenseful and so far the best season. The plots and characters are well thought through. Hope it comes back for another year.

  29. One of the BEST shows of all time! I LOVE the characters and everything about it! It is in my favourite top 2 series with Homeland. I have rewatched Fauda series 1-3 multiple times before series 4. Watched Fauda series 4 in 2 days (ooophs it was just too good to stop watching). Type of series so good you wanna saver it, but then you watch an episode and you can’t stop but watch the next episode. I can literally rewatch this series over and over, but really hope they produce more 💛🧡🎞️ Fauda פאודה فوضى so much love for it 🎞️🧡💛

  30. The FIRST EVER subtitled series I’ve watched and I can’t get enough. I had to FORCE myself to turn off ato sleep. I loved and followed Lior from Hit & Run. This show should be atleast another 3-4 seasons.

  31. BEST SERIES EVER!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!! I love this show! I hate shows with captions and yet I LOVE this show! It’s explosive and keeps your heart racing!! Just renew for a few seasons and stop playing with are emotions!

  32. Been watching from season 1 to season 4. It was really really good but we’re not through with it… Where’s season 5, it can’t end up hanging like that. We still need more episodes please.

  33. Love this show! It never gets stale and love the great actors & actresses too. Please renew for season 5!! Best Netflix series I’ve seen!

  34. Superb series all the way through – loved every episode. want Season 5, but given how 4 ended, it will
    be impossible to keep the same cast, including Doran. They’re either all dead or seriously wounded.

  35. Please please make season 5 and more.One of the best shows ever..
    Among my top favourites like Breaking Bad, Better call Saul, Magnificent Century.
    Have watched all these top series 2-3 times.

  36. Wait we are only talking about Season 5? I’ve watched all seasons twice all the way through and have the hope that the writers have at least ten seasons sketched out. These people are my family. Must. Watch. Many. More. Seasons.

  37. Yes! Love Fauda! Please bring a season 5 to Netflix. It’s an exciting, action packed series that is so topical today. It has certainly enlightened me to how complicated the Middle East struggles are

  38. I’m on Season 4 after binge watching the first 3 seasons just this month. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms knowing I’m soon done with Season 4….what will I watch next that even comes close to this fantastic series???

  39. I’m on Season 4 after binge watching the first 3 seasons just this month. I’m already having withdrawal symptoms knowing I’m soon done with Season 4….what will I watch next that even comes close to this fantastic series???

  40. It would be a tragedy, and a slap in the face to all of us loyal fans to cancel after season 4 , I literally had to peel my ass from the couch just to get food, water , and sleep. Most gripping , addictive, series I’ve ever seen on Netflix. I want to ram my head into the wall so that I may get amnesia, so I watch over and over. I’m my opinion season 5 should be a no brainer , awesome badass cast who suck you in like your their on the missions. With them. Don’t be jive press on to season 5.

  41. My favourite Netflix programme, by far. I watched s4 within a week. Please make further Fauda series 5 and beyond!

  42. Yes! Absolutely would love to see a fifth season of Fauda! Excellent show. Love the characters, action, reality, etc! Fingers crossed for another season🤞!

  43. The acting is incredible, the action is heart-thumping, the characters are real, and you feel for all sides in the conflict and the effects on their families. Brilliant- deserves to continue. The end of Season 4 left me in tears and needing to know what’s next!

  44. Please renew for a fifth season and more!
    Love the characters, their humanity, and how the show shows the complexity of Arab Israeli relations, world and conflicts.

  45. Every season has its own special story to tell which makes Fauda so intriguing to watch. Season 4 was absolutely amazing as always to the writers , cast and crew. @Netflix, you guys have a winner here, don’t drop this amazing Series. I too wish for season, 5 ,6, 7 onwards…. please 🙏

  46. My very first time to watch a series to completion. And guess what, finished the four seasons in barely a week. The best series for me ever. Bring season 5 ASAP.

  47. A brilliant series, perfectly paced. The characters are superbly intertwined and the actors fit the role like a glove. A 5th and even 6th season will find an eager audience.

  48. One of my all-time favorite shows I watched season four and it’s entirety over two days. PLEASE BRING US SEASON5!!!

  49. The best, grittiest, most compelling action series on Netflix. Or any other streaming service for that matter. Summoning the discipline to turn off the TV and not skip immediately to the next episode is near impossible. Don’t let me down Netflix!

  50. I have never enjoyed a series as much as this one. I am with it until the end. And if you want to factor this into some demographics, I will be 80 yrs. old next month. I have lived in Israel and lived in a Muslim country for several years before that when married to a man who was in the Air Force. Even without that background, this series taps into the humanity in all of us, and offers an abundance of action and serious involvement with the characters. I sincerely hope this show continues. I will watch it before anything else.

  51. Best series ever. Being a Jew whose grandparents were Eastern European and came to this country well before the establishment of Israel, makes me more interested in today’s conflicts in the Middle East

  52. I don’t watch much TV other than sports and a few series like Blacklist and The Ranch. Fauda is the greatest show I HAVE EVER watched. The break during covid was tough. I have turned several friends on to it and they are all hooked. I watched season 4 in 3 nights and can’t wait to find out if “The Team” recovers or if they bring in a new team. PLEASE continue the series.

  53. Simply the finest streaming program I’ve ever seen. Completely gripping. Incredibly charismatic characters. Must renew for fifth season and beyond and that’s despite my big gripe that so many series never end and you can tell they’re all played out. Not this one.

  54. Given how outrageous the new Israeli government is toward the Palestinians, the show reflects the hardships on both sides. The majority of Palestinians are not terrorists. and only looking for a homeland of their own. Yes, Israel needs to protect itself, but the provocations with one new settlement after another is clearly the wrong approach. Fauda (confusion in Arabic) is both exciting and inspiring, and interestingly, I’ve read it is very popular throughout most of Arab countries. I don’t expect its message to change ‘Trump’ like opinions among it’s current leaders, but it is a voice of moderation, and I’ll be both shocked and disappointed if it is not renewed. Great cast.

  55. My wife and I have lost more sleep watching Fauda non stop than any other show/ series. Ever! Gripping, addictive and so from any point of view. Very realistic ( my Palestinian and Israeli friends agree. They say the reality is actually worse!). It draws you in and keeps you in its grip like no other series I’ve ever seen. Excellent characters who stay in form without fail. Raw and unapologetic. If the “higher ups” at Netflix don’t renew this then they are simply out of touch with their consumers. More, more, MORE!!!!

  56. Binged watched every season ,you feel like you are part of the action .The cat are all very professional and the Director has got it spit on .After the ending of season 4 ,they could all still be alive and be ready for season 5 .Cone on Doran .

  57. Hooked from first episode watched till the last don’t leave us in suspense with what’s next !!!!!! RENEW. 5th season needed

  58. One of the 10 top series ever! Up there with the Sopranos, Breaking Bad. Must renew! Very honest portrayal of this conflict.

  59. I loved all of the seasons of Fauda and hope there will be a season 5. They are so suspenseful and the characters are so awesome!

  60. I note the sniper at the end couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn door with a handfull of gravel. Lots of shoulder shots which tells me ISP members are still alive, were rescued by helicopter and leaves opening for season 5. An excellent series.

  61. Please please make more of fauda, I’m in UK and watched every single episode one after another, please don’t leave us hanging after that last episode, you have to make more more more

  62. Was hooked from the first scene in the first episode and have been addicted through each and every episode afterwards. This
    is a superbly acted, action packed and yet filled with dramatic swings that keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters ..both the good ones and the bad ones…grow on you…..allows you to empathize as well as sympathize with the characters.
    The stories are intertwined in such a way as to keep you enthralled….and somehow they always seem to drop something unexpected on you when you least expect it. Perhaps the best series I have ever watched and I have watched a few…the
    only one even remotely close to it in this genre is Tehran…check that out if you like this one.

  63. Absolutely fantastic!! Best series ever. Thrilling and realistic. Can’t wait for more . You must keep it going. I’m telling all my friends they have to watch it. Well done!!

  64. Marjorie
    Fauda has been a great action filled, interesting series, would like to continue watching more seasons, 5,6,7, etc.

  65. RENEW RENEW RENEW- can’t be left there! Best show on Netflix. Can’t wait until season 5 comes out

  66. Fauda needs to be renewed. You can’t help but fall in love with the team and feel for what they are going through. It’s scary how accurate the show is with reality. I have never seen anything stronger than the team all injured, still sticking together by laying there all together. It can’t end this way.

  67. Best series I have seen in a longtime. I had binged 3 seasons then got hubby watching it too. He was thoroughly wrapped up in every episode as was I. Fills us in a little more on the Mid East, politics, war, etc. the acting is fabulous especially the action sequences. We hope there will be a season 5 and more. Terrific show!

  68. I would love to see season 5. we can not end the season not knowing what happens after. I can’t wait to see season 5

  69. I really hope we’ll have a lot more series of Fauda to watch. Just finished watching series 4 and it was brilliant. Fingers crossed Netflix will realise the success of this one!

  70. Best series in a LONG TIME, LOVE IT. Something so different PLEASE HAVE A SEASON 5 and MORE. I have 15 friends watching the series. We are all hooked, it’s all we talk about at work. I loved the season with the Jackal, so damn good. FAUDA ROCKS!!!!!!

  71. Netflix finally released in the US. Planned to stretch out the 12 episodes so I could enjoy the shower for longer. Yet, I could not resist, to my regret I finished all of Season 4 in less than 3 days. Every season is spectacular, jaw dropping, true to life and the characters developed more deeply. Wonderful writing, story line & acting. Please let there be a Season 5 sooner than later

  72. I love Fauda, it can’t end like it did in season 4. We need to see it through to the end. Season 5 please!!!

  73. Loved it, brilliant series.
    Great cast, and as we know very near to the truth of the conflicts there.
    Thats what makes it so gripping and also so sad.

  74. Please please please have season 5 of FAUDA. We loved it so much. It was fascinating watching what was going on in that conflict.. so relevant. Doran was my number 1 favourite but the whole team were great.

  75. Fauda has all the money making elements: great writing; excellent actors; protagonist; antagonist of equal strength; intrigue; dynamic setting; unstoppable plot; complicated characters and relationships along with current social/political comment.
    Netflix would be foolish to drop it. Fauda portrays today’s world with an underlying tone of cherishing life while taking it.
    (The writers could ease up on repeatedly using term: “my love”.

  76. Season 4 bullshit ending. Feels like Netflix wants to get rid of Fauda, so they make the Israelis launch a fubar operation getting every one killed. Or if they decide to do a 5th season, they can all be saved at the last moment.

  77. O question this must be renewed – an intelligent, educational, and emotionally packed series – watched 24 years ago, Fauda has it beat – please renew

  78. Please continue with season 5 of Fauda. Absolutely top quality and excellent writing. Realistic in representing the middleast conflict and it’s complexities. The actors are believable and capture the essence of what these committed fighters have often endured. It reveals the insanity of war, hate and revenge. Also the best and worse in human character. Keep this series going.

  79. This is the only show ever I binge watched. Loved it from season 1/ Episode 1. A Dr friend of mine who is no more introduced me to this show Fauda. This show made me to explore and learn more about Palestine/ Israel/Arab world outside the show . It’s wonderful to learn about how diversified and interesting life in Israel.

  80. We must have season 5 …you cannot leave us hanging…even GABI can get well. Please DO NOT CANCEL… THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!

  81. Best show ever. Loved it. Please do season 5 so we can find out they all live. Another round, please. Can’t get enough of this one.

  82. PLEASE PLEASE convince everyone involved to return for Season 5 and even an additional Season 6 🙏😘 Love the show and all the actors – my favourite of course are Doron, Eli, and Sagy but really I love all of them

  83. This is one of the best series I’ve seen on Netflix. It is so well done and the casting is fantastic. I have told everyone to watch it! Please bring back season 5 and more!!!

  84. Fauda is amazing and should be renewed because if it’s honesty and accuracy. It is so real— the emotions, the hatred, the tensions, and the brutality. We need to accept this reality and the show helps us do that in our safe lives in America.

  85. Just finished watching season 4 of fauda!! Still amazing as the others seasons!! Glued to the screen watched whole season in 2 nights !!! Love it pls pls pls lets have sum more seasons!!

  86. My husband and I have never binge watched anything like we did with Fauda! Doron must come back!!! We absolutely love this show!
    I will cancel Netflix if it doesn’t come back for more seasons. Great writers , fantastic actors. More friends start to discover the show. Please!

  87. I am lost without Fauda! Bring it back season(S) please! One of the best shows ever ! Great actors and storyline !

  88. Please, please, please continue with Fauda! I so much love this series, the best I’ve ever seen! Please give us season 5, 6, 7, 8 and more!

  89. Can’t wait to see season 5. It can’t end up in the air. We need to know what happens to this group we have been following for 4 seasons. Please renew it for another season!!

  90. Please make season 5,6, 7 and more. I can not stop watching after I started.

    I know the season 4 is sad ending, please don‘t let them die!!!

  91. pls renew for a lot more seasons – not just 5 – but season 5 is a must!!!
    or we will have to hire moron & company !! 😉

  92. This has been the best movie series I have watched. I was glued for two days to finish all the series. Liked the unit and as for Doron and Eli. Please bring S5. Oh! this is a must see

  93. Got hook, watched it for 4 days, and finished the whole seasons/episodes. Need more of this action filled movie. Seaons 5? Awesomazingly done. Bravo!

  94. My husband and I really hope that Netflix will release Season 5 ASAP. It is a spellbinding series.

  95. Fauda is one fantastic & spellbound series.
    We found it difficult to turn the set off each time we watched. If there were enough hours in a day, we would’ve watched all 12 episodes in one stretch.

    We’ve also watched series such as Wallender, Beck & Trapped (to name just a few) which were all fantastic, but Fauda takes the cake – bare none!

    We’re ready for seasons 5, 6, 7, etc.
    Give it up for Doron & company!
    Let there be more Fauda!!!

  96. My family needs a minimum of 10 more seasons of Fauda. We never get enough. The actors and the stories are brilliant

  97. Love this show.
    Doron is a bad ass.
    Hate watching teammates get taken out.
    But we all know that can happen.
    Need to see Season 5.

  98. How can they leave it on such a cliffhanger?! I love Doron and Eli, they have to remain the show. I would handback the commander to keep these two in the show.

  99. You can’t stop Fauda without ending with a logic conclusion…..i hope another 3 to 4 seson will come in the future

  100. You can’t Fauda without ending with a logic conclusion…..i hope another 3 to 4 seson will come in the future

  101. Hey, how can you watch this series? When trying to watch episode 1 of season 1, I got the feeling that you need to connect the TV to a stabilizer or find a program that somehow wouldn’t make the picture jump on the screen. Total crap from the operator’s point of view, I don’t understand if you really couldn’t buy some cheap tripods from aliexpress?

  102. Please, please let there be a season 5.
    I have binge watched all 4 seasons,
    it is the best series on Netflix. It’s good we see the soldiers private lives as well as their professional work. I’m in love with Doron he’s so sexy.

  103. He visto muchas series, pero FAUDA no tiene punto de comparación. El tema, los actores y, cómo los directores han manejado la fotografía la califico como una de las mejores que haya podido ver.
    Ojalá saquen la quinta, sexta y muchas más. Dios bendiga Israel!

  104. I love shows that deal with characters,plots and storylines that are close to real life. Fauda his it on all fronts. The acting is superb, plots keep you on edge of seat and make reevaluate what you actually know about the Israeli, Palestine , Hamas and Arab conflicts. Please renew for season 5-10

  105. I’m sure you will renew as it would be insane to leave it out there for someone else to grab. And they will. A show cannot end like that!!! The question is will renewal take so long that we forget many key points requiring us to rewatch past episodes to truly understand present ones. Please- pay them ( the actors) what they are asking and get them back to work. This is one example where more CHAOS ( FAUDA) in my life is a good thing!!!

  106. I loved all episodes of all 1to 4 seasons of Fauda, I am craving for more,not only 5th,but 10th but even 20 seasons.. best wishes.

  107. I am 75 and I think it’s brilliant it’s the best show at the moment my wife loves it. We would pay extra to see season 5/6/7/8/9/ come on Netflix

  108. Best series ever! Please renew for season 5! My husband and I have bingewatched all the 4 seasons! Its really worth it!

  109. YES, PLEASE!!!!!! RENEW FAUDA !!! It is our favorite show on Netflix! Make it last many seasons to come!

  110. This is the most action packed, thrilling series ever created. 4 seasons of “on the edge of your seat” excitement. While the storylines are pure fantasy, its believablity exists because of the struggle that has gone on for generations. Neither side of the conflict undeniably holds the sword of righteousness. One thing that is true, the show does accurately portray the strength and will to never ever give up among Israeli military and security forces.

  111. series 4 ended on a huge cliffhanger with the reciting of the Shema which is said on death bed. who will live snd who will die? the sniper only winged them so who knows.

  112. Film Luar biasa yg seru dan menegangkan kadang membuat menangis… Di tunggu season 5 karena season 4 menggantung… Semoga semua peran bisa diselamatkan di season 5 … Lanjutkan

  113. I usually don’t like this much killing but I got so involved with each character. Not knowing who lived or dies in the last of season 4 is very difficult for me and my husband. The reality of this show to the world now makes it so important. Hopefully, it brings the reality of how these battles affect everyone involved . Please continue season 5.

  114. I have watched all 4 Seasons of Fauda. It’s a great show about the best show on Netflex. I agree with all the other comments made. This is probably the best show on Netflex and must be renew. The characters/Actors are also great. Season 4 left us with a cliff hanger. Please don’t hesitate to renew. Just read all the comments prior to mine.

  115. Yes, 100% we need not only 5. We want 6, 7, 9, and more. This is one of the best shows on Netflix! Well done, great actors, excellent script. Everything is an A+

  116. The best tv series I’ve ever watched. Such good blend of action, middle east intrigues and relations, friendship relations, thrill, love, can’t put them all. We would so love to see season 5. Never seen such authentic show and characters.

  117. I will never forgive Netflix if we don’t get another season of Fauda. I blew through all 12 episodes since yesterday. I love all the characters and sat here crying my eyes out on the last episode. What a ride this show is!!

  118. Excellent series, edge of seat stuff at times. Prompts one to check out the history of both countries, conflicts etc. I certainly hope that it continues in Series 5.

  119. Please renew and bring us season 5 and continue after that ! Absolutely the best series I’ve ever watched, it definitely keeps you spellbound! Everything about the series is top notch!!

  120. Tremendous, AND CONTAGIOUS. NETFLIX, Please continue the story of our intrepid heroes! Your viewing public demand you produce Season 5!

  121. Jenin, Ramla, Tel Aviv, Gaza, West Bank, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, Drone bombers.. these are the words or phrases we hear only in the Media and News Paper all the time. Now with FAUDA, we get to understand and feel these words in virtuality and reality on the Netflix.

    FAUDA is a thriller that is far better than many many thrillers I have seen from Hollywood. Its sureal, beautifully set ambiance of Isreal, Palastine and Lebanon. No hanky panky, silly jokes or comical events. Its a serious show.

    Continue with Season 5.

  122. This could be the best series I have seen and I am 70 so I have seen plenty of them you can not leave us hanging with the way season 4 ended can’t wait for #5

    best of any show on NETFLIX…incredibly BRILLIANT actors and writers…

  124. Waited three years for season 4 please please please don’t make us wait so long for season 5. RENEW Fauda is our favorite show to watch together. My husband is Israeli so this show really hits home. YES to Season 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on and so on.

  125. This is a binge worthy show.

    Have watched all 4 seasons.
    Edge of your seat all the time.

    Excellent! PLEASE RENEW!

  126. One of my favorite that I don’t even mind watching it again and again just like Homeland and Tehran. I love doron and the rest of the actors and actresses the show never stops for a moment I never get bored I always look forward to watch more so now the way it ended makes me wonder who died and who didn’t. Please come back again!❤❤

  127. Please, renew. The actors are exceptional and it is enlightening to know more about this seemingly never ending conflict. It is impossible to stop watching when started.

  128. Renew, Fauda is one of the best series that I have seen!
    This is good stuff 10 of 10 the actors so f…. good its hard to describe so many things in this serie is cool.
    Pleas give us season 5

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  147. Best series In television by far. Cant stop watching. Great casting and characters In Fauda Cant wait to watch Season 5. Will definitely watch from beginning series over as i wait For next series to come on

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