Has Echo 3 been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed or Cancelled

Mark Boal’s creative dive into the world of television brings an elaborate display of his talents. The former journalist turned filmmaker has a rich history of scripting taut, intense dramas set in a military background. He uses that experience to good effect in bringing to life the story of Apple TV’s Echo 3. Even though most of his quintessential elements are present in the narrative, it does not manage to quite touch the heights of his previous works.

Still, it remains an entertaining watch with the most ground covered to keep you engaged. The season finale aired yesterday and now, we must confront the possibility of a second season. But has Echo 3 been renewed for season 2? Here is what we know about the developments:

What is Echo 3 Season 1 about?

Prince and Bambi belong to the elite force’s squad called “Echo 3”. They work under the umbrella authority of the CIA and are responsible for high-calibre rescue operations. Prince is the son of Hass Industries’ proprietor, who is one of America’s largest weapons manufacturers.

He marries Amber, an up-and-coming biologist who is doing revolutionary work in the field of drug addiction and solving this problem. Amber is Bambi’s sister. The two men have a tedious task on their hands to recuse Amber when she is taken while conducting research in Colombia.

Little does Prince know that Amber has been working for the CIA for years, although only doing sub-contractual work. The rebels and political leadership see her presence as an intrusion and her captivity as a message to the democracies of the West about their power. Bambi and Prince must do their all to rescue Amber when the US government looks the other way and the Agency turns on one of its own.

Has Echo 3 been renewed for Season 2?

No, the show has not been renewed at the time of writing. Boal is optimistic about getting a renewal and that should surely come as welcome news. He has made it clear that Echo 3 “was envisioned as a multi-season thing. I feel pretty good about how the show’s performing.” And Boal is not too far off in gauging the response. Both from critics and the audiences, Echo 3 has scored enough points to warrant another season. But there is one problem with getting our hopes up: Apple TV’s inconsistency.

The streaming giants recently shocked the fans of Shantaram by cancelling the show after just a single season. Despite the very positive word of mouth and reception, it was not renewed. One does not really knows what goes on behind the curtains and it would be unwise to see the renewal as a sure-shot thing. We are confident that Echo 3 will be renewed for season 2.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

All indications we can get from Boal’s statement is that he has pre-planned what will happen. So, if we do get a renewal, details are bound to be released soon enough. There is the possibility of continuing the universe from season 1 given its ending. But an anthology format could bring a freshness to the concept. Check back in due time and we will keep you updated!

Are you excited to see Echo 3 return for a second season? What’s been your favourite part of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

46 thoughts on “Has Echo 3 been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Yes, get off your butts and get Echo 3 Season 2 going. We love it!! It’s such an original well scripted and acted drama. Don’t leave us hanging Apple TV!

  2. My adult son and his girlfriend and I loved Echo 3. Intelligent, thoughtful and action driven. It was about love, commitments and sacrifices you make for those who mean the most to you.

  3. Awful show. Plot holes glore. Terrible acting,script and storyline. Director tried to get every different shot of ‘locals and local scenery’ in the film director handbook.

  4. Bothe my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed Echo Three and are so disappointed at the end with no second season. WE WANT MORE!!!

  5. This is the BEST series ever!! The story is Captivating and compelling. The actor’s are amazing! I was on the edge of my seat during every episode. They are so good looking as well! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looking forward to “many ” more Seasons! I love Echo 3!

  6. I loved Echo 3. Great storyline, strong characters and fantastic acting. Please, please, please renew for a second season.

  7. I loved Echo three and hope there is a second season. I want to see Amber and her husband get back together. That was a real disappointment at the end, when she wasn’t in love with her husband anymore.I would love another season,

  8. I hope there will be a season 2… I liked that show… I watched all in one day… so bring it back!! Thanks

  9. Please bring it back for a second season. this kept us on the edge of our seats with every episode.

  10. It’s one of the first times, perhaps the only time that we’ve seen the “victimology” properly portrayed when someone gets kidnapped & then rescued. Amber now has mountains to climb. Her character is demonstrating the enormous emotional & psychological trauma that will take a lifetime away from her. She is exceptionally portrayed in all the horror that will continue to haunt her and her brother & husband. The story accurately dispels the “white knight” depiction that American television so often has a proclivity for. For such a strong woman to be victimized is a catastrophe in an of itself and this show is one that has the courage to share this. It’s a very brave thing to do in American television, it may not be pretty, but it’s the truth.

  11. Loved Echo 3
    The acting was great…especially Luke Evans!
    It deserves another season or two.
    The show was dramatic, tense, taut, and more realistic than any of the seemingly scripted reality shows on any station!
    Grown up action… at last!!

  12. Terrible acting.
    Incoherent script. One of the worst series I’ve ever seen. Should be cancelled.

  13. Echo3 was riveting and kept you on your toes at all times acting was good. I wanna know how Amber will decompress now that they’ve caught her. How are they going to get back to the US? What will the CIA want to do with her now they didn’t want to sanction anything, but now that Bambi and prince were able to get her out, she’s going to need a lot of support and whatever happened to their mother rape plot

  14. It’s an awesome show. I can’t believe why they would not have a Season 2! The Plot & the story behind the main characters are awesome!

  15. We loved Echo 3. It was a show that both myself and one of my daughters loved. There was drama for the ladies, haha and some really intense scenes for anyone thats likes edge of your seat military scenes!

  16. Loved the action, drama, sex, settings, the culture and the story line and characters. Especially Amber, was preparing to do my own rescue effort in fact!!!! Season 2 would be fantastic!!!!’

  17. Yes, Season 2 please. Kidnappings like this are common place (unfortunately) and at times, the show felt very real. I am here for the parts of the show that like I said felt real. The actress playing Violeta was amazing!

  18. I would definitely like to see Apple renew Echo 3 and can understand why Shantaram was not renewed. I enjoyed the book, but the TV version was too slow and I gave up after 4 episodes.

  19. Love the characters and can’t wait to see what drama comes forth after Amber gets home and tries to adjust. Would love to see their marriage rekindle.

  20. Another great series from Apple. Hope they renew. Shantaram, Foundation and now Echo 3. I hope Apple renews all of them. Very impressed with these originals…better than anything on Netflix or Amazon.

  21. I’d love a second season. At times to show almost seems like a documentary and then back to a movie it’s interesting exciting. I’d Like to see where the characters go.

  22. I’d love a second season. At times to show almost seems like a documentary and then back to a movie it’s interesting exciting. I’d Like to see where the characters go.

  23. Loved this series needs a second so we can see them back home and how they adjust after last to were i was on the end of my seat. Wouls luv luv a second series

  24. 3.5/5.. great acting.. foreign actors and Luke Evans especially was impactful.if it wasn’t for the acting this series would be ok.. still enjoyed it though..

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