Has Carnival Row been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Back in 2019, Carnival Row was introduced as the next big fantasy TV show set to compete with the likes of Good Omens, The Witcher and Lucifer. It had a huge studio behind it and a star-studded cast including the likes of Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Jared Harris and Indira Varma. The visual effects and fantasy elements teased in the first-preview trailers had everyone immediately putting it on their watchlist.

And while the 2020 lockdown messed up schedules for a lot of projects, Carnival Row prevailed albeit with a delay. Following the adventures and the cliffhanger that ended season 1, we finally got Philo and Vignette back after over 3 years.  

Well, after watching seasons 1 and 2, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Carnival Row season 2 about?

After season 1 wraps up with the Darkasher mystery and Philo’s mysterious past, season 2 focuses more on the divide between humans and supernaturals. With Jonah and Sophie in power, they implement segregating laws with all of the supernaturals being sequestered in the Row and banned from flying. 

But a new mystery has Philo’s hands full while Vignette must try to keep the Black Raven from lashing out at the humans. Elsewhere, Agreus and Imogen’s honeymoon phase does not last long as Ezra goes after them while some Pact rebels capture them.

We have extensive coverage of Carnival Row across the site including recaps for every episode. You can find those HERE!

Has Carnival Row been renewed for season 3?

Unfortunately, Amazon have already made a decision about Carnival Row… and it’s not good news. The streamers have announced that Carnival Row has been cancelled after season 2.

While Prime Studios is known to give their shows a chance before axing them, Carnival Row was not lucky. Fans expected it to be a hit, especially since season 2 had been greenlit even before season 1 had aired. Unfortunately, the first season did not do too well. Coupled with the pandemic hitting right when they were filming season 2, Orlando Bloom hints that may be the reason for the cancellation.

What we know about season 3 so far:

While season 1 focused more on the Burgue, season 2 was on a much larger scale as the show continued with its world-building and introduction of several factions, supernatural creatures, landscapes and different types of societies. If the show had not been cancelled, we would have loved a deeper dive into Ragusa, the Pact and the New Dawn in season 3.

It would also be fascinating to go back to the origins of the fae what with Tirnanoc finally being free from the Pact occupation. As for our favourite characters, we may need some reanimation magic for Darius and Sophie as they could have definitely taken over season 3 along with Imogen’s newfound empowerment and sense of identity. 

We’ll be sure to update this page if there is any change.

Do you want to see Carnival Row return for a third season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

89 thoughts on “Has Carnival Row been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:”

  1. What can I say about the show that hasn’t already been said (?).
    Lately I have noticed that it is harder and harder for shows to capture my attention. Shows, such as Stranger Things, just could not do it. Too many are axing shows without giving them a chance. I had heard that Prime video did not do this and actually gave shows a few seasons before canceling them. Last I checked three (3) was the minimum requirement to be called a few. It seems just my luck that every time I find a show that I can really take a deep dive into, seriously focus on and thoroughly enjoy, it gets canceled, or they change the actor playing the main character, like they did in The Witcher for season 3. Netflix has pissed me off so much that I have dropped my subscription with them. Carnival Row is actually the reason I subscribed to Prime Video. So imagine my disappointment with this development. Please don’t make me regret paying the higher price for Prime Video than other streaming apps. Carnival Row DESERVES to be renewed and that is saying something coming from me.

  2. Great writing and very rarely am I unable to predict what’s going to happen next in a series. The show delivered above and beyond and delved into societal issues very intelligently. I wish there were more shows like this the progression of the story line was very organic. Sad to see this story end can only hope for more from prime

  3. A really feat series, it is a shame you are discontinuing it. Great story line, acting and possibilities. Please reconsider !!

  4. Needs to be renewed. Hard to find an entertaining show anymore. This one is worth renewing. Great storyline,very good acting. Bring it back.

  5. Would love a season 3! Relevant story for today! Great cast and storyline. Acting was commendable.Hope it comes back!

  6. We will be very sad to see this series go! I feel like a lot of fantasy series get left and abandoned. Sad very sad!

  7. I can only agree with every poster who has put a comment on here. Carnival Row was a brilliant series, with a story that, although fantasy, is so relevant to the real world of today. So many excellent actors and incredible effects, with the poignancy of each character’s journey in their world and within their own feelings and emotions. It is time that Amazon and other streaming services began to take note of the fact that viewers are getting sick of watching a series only to have it cancelled after only a short time! And they wonder why people are unsubscribing? It’s not just cost – what is the point of beginning to watch something and then finding it’s gone? As for Carnival Row – bring it back for season 3, and let us all enjoy the series, it deserves it, and the fans want it!

  8. I am very heartbreaking that they won’t be a season 3 or 4 for this show. It was a really good book series. Need to end the right way.

  9. Such a shame that this is the last of Carnival Row!!! There is so much more I want to know!!!! It’s the best fantasy series, and I am not a big fantasy person but I was hooked from the start!!! Please reconsider Amazon!! So many good shows have been cut short way too soon, but the crappy ones still continue why?!?!

  10. I just finished Season 2 and I am so heartbroken that the show is over. This show is so relatable to modern time due to the hatred and bigotry. Imogen and her relationship with Agreaus was just beautiful. I was confused at how quickly Vinette and Philo went from almost running away together, to being lover in the Row and then hating each other. Those two were just a mess. Vignette’s character changed a lot and quickly too. She was going back and forth on what she wanted. I disliked her a little. This show was brutal and it was not afriad to kill off main characters.
    It was great. Season 2 did end beautifully if this is the end of Carnival Row. I am sadden.

  11. I would love to see more from carnival row. If not from where they left off in season 2 then maybe a spin-off somehow. I watched season one the day it released, as did my mother and daughters.

  12. Just finished epi 10 in season 2. Just expected there will no season 3 after Darius died and Vignette and Tourmaline become les and married to each other… no more Philo n Vinni…. So sad….

  13. Like many I loved the show. Didn’t even know it was out until season 2 had started. No wonder season 1 didn’t get the numbers.

  14. I was almost finished watching the second season of Carnival Row when read that it has been canceled. And to say that I am sad and disappointed is definitely an understatement. Come on Amazon, do better, be better. I would be willing to pay to watch any upcoming seasons. Even if was finished it in a long movie form would be better than giving us this amazing show and taking it away with no conclusion. I really hope that something changes and we get to find out how this story ends. The world needs more Carnival Row

  15. I was almost finished watching the second season of Carnival Row when read that it has been canceled. And to say that I am sad and disappointed is definitely an understatement. Come on Amazon, do better, be better. I would be willing to pay to watch any upcoming seasons. Even if was finished it in a long movie form would be better than giving us this amazing show and taking it away with no conclusion. I really hope that something changes and we get to find out how this story ends.

  16. We love this show. I can’t believe Amazon cancelled. It is totally different than other shows out there. The cast is amazing, the plot is exciting and the special effects and costuming are award worthy!

  17. Carnival Row is a fascinating show and should continue to show the fae and its history . Also the continuing life in tiernanoc should definitely be seen as a follow through on the journeys of the Fae!! It’s not over yet. There is much more that can be written , fleshing out a script wouldn’t be that hard. Let the powers that be continue this Amazing drama to unfold the history of the Fae past and to the future. 💯😂❤️.

  18. It’s an amazing show. The sets, the script, the cast, the world, the vision, the story – all are incomparable. To cancel it is utterly incomprehensible. I suppose it was hugely hugely expensive – but we don’t need to have cara and orlando around to continue the story of the Row.

    Go – all of you and sign the petition, there’s only a few hundred signatures. Netflix – please take the show over, if Prime is too short sighted to realise what a fabulous show this is.

  19. I cannot believe Amazon who should be shamed of themselves for canceling an amazing show. I never heard about the show until a year after it came out and I am on Prime everyday. When I watched it I fell in love with it just from the first season and then I had to wait for season two which it was announced prior to the release of season two that they (Amazon) had already canceled it. What the heck people?!?!?! Amazon screwed up all the potential of this amazing show because they don’t advertise anything. What did you expect Amazon??? If they have any brains and are smart they would decide to come out with a season 3. Since they ended season 2 as if they planned on having a 3rd season. On top of which it’s all over web where people are talking about this show and a friend of mine as well as one of my cousins only just heard about the show last month and loved it as soon as they watched it. I have never felt so betrayed regarding a show and feeling like us fans are being ripped off by denying us a 3rd season!!!

  20. My husband and I watch both season and it was amazing and new. It’s an Awesome experience about a fantasy world that you could imagine that could exist. Please gives us a season 3. We want to learn more about there worlds.

  21. Please make season 3! This is one of the rare imaginative creative shows with a stellar cast on the internet and it would be a shame to leave the story in what appears to be mainstream. There is more to this story that needs to be told and there is a strong fan base that wants to have Carnival Row continue well after season 2. The fan base would increase even further if this series were advertised more. Don’t let the Covid years of interruption between seasons 1 and 2 jeopardize this golden opportunity to continue to have a hit show for season 3 and beyond.

  22. Personally I was completely immersed in Carnival Row! The acting was superb, the Director was on point the costumes were spectacular. I was moved to tears because the character development was such a draw in. Please, if in any way there is room for possible development of a Season three it would be a desire fulfilled. I will be a forever fan of this outstanding production. Tears about the stoppage,

  23. I stumbled across carnival row totally unexpected a year ago. Watched it, as I found the cast and world so intruiging. I was a bit disappointed at first, I admit. But since I watched the whole season and then, shortly afterwards, season 2, I am infuriated to read that there won’t be another season! This series has everything you would ask for: an amazing fantasy world, world class actors, beautifully designed worlds… but: apparently really poor advertising! Your marketing team failed completely here, Amazon. Why haven’t I heard of this before? Why do non of my friends ever heard about it? This is by far one of the most underrated series I’ve been watching ever. And that has never happened to me before because usually it’s the other way round and everyone is talking about a certain series, and when watching I find it the most overrated piece of film ever made. Sorry for the producers, actors and everyone involved. This is definitely not your fault. This is a marketing incompetence.

  24. I thought it was an awesome show! Why would they end it. It might just need some advertising!

  25. Speriamo in un ripensamento….vorremmo che la serie non si concludesse così…..forza dai andate avanti!!!!

  26. It’s the best show in years. It’s truly an original. Great stories. I absolutely love Carnival Row.

    We need season 3! We who loyally watch the show absolutely love it.

  27. Carnival Row has set up an incredible baseline with seasons 1&2, for many more anticipated seasons to come. It’s original, unique and will be very disappointing if this is the end of something that hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of the shows potential. This should be blasphemy in the entertainment world. Smarten the eff up!!!

  28. Carnival Row is one of the most beautiful series I’ve seen All Of The characters are very interesting to watch I Would very much be interested in watching a Third season or even a movie version If They are Ending it on this cliffhanger on the second season it’s going to be torture

  29. I loved loved loved Carnival Row. My kind of show. I would love to see the origins of the Far Folk. Please bring Season 3

  30. I hope there is a season 3 and four. We haven’t really had something as good as this since COVID-19. I would love to see Carnival Row last a bit longer.

  31. What I’ve heard is that there are two more episodes to be released on March 17th so maybe we’ll get some sort of slight closure.

  32. You are doing your audience a disservice by introducing shows that are not open ended. Why bother to advertise for new series, when we don’t know if investing our time is worth it? At least have a short 3rd season to tie up loose ends. This is unsatisfying to say in the least, because this show is really good.

  33. This sucks. Every time I get invested in a series, “They” cancel it. I think I’m just going to start watching movies on Netflix instead. GIVE US SEASON THREE OF CARNIVAL ROW!

  34. Ughhh at Amazon and all the other streaming channels with their own creations. Whenever I get invested in a series they cancel it for some subpar garbage nobody wants to see, with the exception of a handful of people. I am truly disgusted with all TV, streaming channels, and movies in general. This show was different from all the others out there, it is not a pretentious remake of a previously successful show. The acting was great and the characters likeable, even the ones we hate. I think it is time to give up on all entertainment, it’s become stale and irrelevant. I hate investing in something just to have it pulled out from under me.

  35. Brilliant story and disappointed that is no Season 3 planned. Definitely deserves to continue to a conclusion. Cara and Orlando were amazing as were all of the cast. Special effects were top class. Bring it back.

  36. I really like this show…waited 3 freakin years for season 2… So u can binge watch it . Just so it could be canned just when it gets interesting again. Bloody hell

  37. Why oh why, every time we start investing in watching a brilliant series, it gets cancelled by Amazon etc ! It’s the public who pay the subscription charges and ought to get a chance to decide, if a show is cancelled or to carry on – we in part pay for these shows we LOVE TO WATCH!!
    Hopefully a new season will be produced elsewhere PLEASE!!!!!!

  38. So disappointing that season 3 has been canceled. Such a great show, and now they’ve left us with so many unanswered questions. I don’t know who to write to, but this show was a huge reason for me staying with Amazon. I had been anticipating the release of season 2 and couldn’t wait for season 3. Worst. news. Ever.

  39. I love this show , so different. Please give us a season 3 . Somebody needs to start writing.

  40. Just finished season 2 only to discover S3 has been cancelled! Please at LEAST bring it back for a feature length episode so we get some closure! So fed up so many of my favourite shows getting cancelled between Amazon and Netflix. Why bother.

  41. Typical, keep crap like the Masked Singer and cancell something interesting with a plot. Enjoyed the series enough to watch couple times thru. Would like to see where the romances go and what new obstacles they could throw in front of Philo. I say bring it back

  42. I’m tore up they have canceled for a 3rd season…. I absolutely loved this series.
    Best one I’ve seen since “Rings of Power” and I do believe they canceled that as well. I mean what’s up with that don’t cancel the show…I do hope there is a change in plans for this one. It was one of favorites … definitely in my top 3 list. And not to mention how they left it wide open and unsolved too is really tremendously unsatisfying to say the least. Cmon now what’s the point of even airing 1-2 then smh

  43. That sux, no season 3, if you they are going to keep cancelling good shows at least let them end respectfully to give us some closure, not just leave us hanging. Think we should just cancel watching Amazon, if they expect us to pay then just cancel the shows that are actually worth watching. I am pissed!

  44. Only way to show Amazon your disappointment is to stop using their services. “F” Amazon! This is the second series they’ve canceled that I’ve enjoyed after two seasons.

  45. This is such sad news, I just watched the last episode and then googled to find out there will be no season 3.
    So disappointed.
    This series has a great story line and although this may have had a slow start in ratings, it could come back strong. It was just bad timing with its release and covid. With some good marketing this could rise again.

  46. Yes we love it. I am disappointed in Amazons decision not to continue the series. We all love the fae!!

  47. Absolutely saddened that they ended season 2 on such a huge cliffhanger and then cancelled it. This show was excellent and original in its own way. I hope they reconsider a season 3 or someone else picks it up.

  48. I was surprised that I loved it. It was like reading a good book that I couldn’t put down awaiting the next twist and roller coaster turn. On par with The Lord of the Rings, whoever was in charge marketing this hidden gem did a poor job of directing traffic to it. I almost bypassed it myself but took a 2nd and 3rd glance at it with the familiarity of Orlando Bloom. All I can say is that I am glad that stayed around for a while to give this a go. Brilliant Producing, Brilliant directing, Superb Acting, Top-Notch Special-Effects, Horrible Side-Street-Alley-way-peeled-poster-on-a-pissy-side-walk-2 dollar-matinee-midnight marketing —-> Allegedly.

  49. I am with the other’s who say that this decision is not inspiring confidence in the streamers. It is bad enough that I have to pay to finish some. I have invested a fair amount of my available leisure time in this series. I pay an exorbitant amount for unreliable service to do this. I am half way through the last episode of season 2 and I find myself thinking, why bother. Maybe season one didn’t start out strong. Maybe it is a bit of a sleeper. But I have totally enjoyed the series up until now and I would have been recommending it to a lot of friends. One of the things that I like about it is that there are so many sub plots and mysteries that have me intrigued. I sort of thought we would get two more seasons to tie it together. I would have liked that. So I too am back to Netflix.

  50. I am extremely disappointed in this situation and I will be shocked if Amazon does not continue Carnival Row with a third season.
    I felt that this series was better than 90% of what Amazon has produced so far and hope the third season will be reconsidered.

  51. There definitely needs to be another season. You can’t leave it there. What is going to happen to the Burgue? Will Vignette lead the Black Ravens? Will the row be liberated? C’mon Amazon, sort it out!

  52. So crap like Rings of feminism get pushed threw but genuinely well written well acted and engaging shows like this get axed?glad I canceled my prime account

  53. Amazon would be a fool not to have a season 3. Ugggh now I don’t want to start watching anything new Amazon Originals comes out with because I don’t trust them not to end it hanging. Back to Netflix I guess.

  54. Amazon dumps a billion dollars into a joke version of TLotR lore, and the show was horrible, but yet, won’t continue an actually well written, directed, and produced series in Carnival Row.
    Well, hopefully Netflix will save it like it did with Longmire.

  55. It’s a brilliant fantasy series with great special effects and acting.
    We need a season three, it’s unfair on the thousands of followers and fans to pull the rug from under our feet.

  56. that soo bad leave us on the way even not a proper end that sucks if you can’t let it end soo dont take that kind of dick

  57. This is a great TV show and it is a shame that it is canceled with leaving us on a cliffhanger one more season wrapping up everything would be great

  58. Wow!
    Unbelievable that there will be no season 3. This is easily one of the very best fantasy series made, far more original and coherent than Prime’s other big fantasy offering, Rings of Power.
    Lavish settings, magnetic and engaging characters and a level of complexity in narrative, almost nonexistent in recent years.

  59. Very good show. Why is this not getting a season 3. I’m tired of Amazon starting good content but not finishing it. Netflix does this too. I’ll give them a couple more bucks to finish out or wrap up a show with a good conclusion. Yet they renew stupid low budget shows for many many seasons.

  60. Amazon, very disappointed that you canceled Carnival Row..was just getting off the ground.
    Things were messed up due to politics and the Covid..

  61. What a shame it had to end so abruptly. Like the majority of new series it took the first season to bed in. The second season was excellent keeping you on the edge of your seat especially killing off main characters, which is a brave move keeping you guessing in the knowledge that no one is safe. If it were to be concluded one more season or the very least a movie length episode would have been better than what seems like ending it mid sentence.
    I almost wish that I’d never watched it now.

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