Has Black Summer been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

black summer season 2

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Black Summer is a unique zombie series, one that dropped on Netflix a while back. With a gritty feel and a dedicated fanbase, it’s now been over 2 years since season 2 dropped, and you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Black Summer Season 2 about?

A brief prologue soon paves way for a shift four months in the future. Winter is starting to close in and the choked, urban jungle from season 1 paves way for the frozen tundra of the North. With this changed biome comes less zombie hordes and more human factions.

Humanity has divided into lots of small bands, and with sparse resources and supply drops in short supply, trust is at an all time low. With new characters joining the fray, Sun, Rose, Anna and Spears make their way North to try and outrun this never-ending plague.

Whispers of a safe haven ripple across to the different groups, as all of our different survivors set out to make the perilous journey to perceived freedom. No spoilers here of course, but the journey isn’t straight forward and eventually ends with a dramatic and tense finale. Oh and yes, there is another cliffhanger too.

We have extensive coverage of Black Summer on the site, including a full season review and recaps for every episode. You can check those out HERE!

Has Black Summer been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, Black Summer has not been renewed for a third season.

According to creator John Hyams, it has pretty much been cancelled.

What we know about season 3 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 3 at this point, given Netflix most probably will not green-light a sequel. If this is miraculously renewed, expect the threat to turn toward different groups with plenty more pulsating action to sink your teeth into.

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when any new information comes through!

Would you like to see Black Summer return for a third season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. ۵۴۸ / ۵٬۰۰۰
    نتایج ترجمه
    نتیجه ترجمه
    This series has been great so far. If Netflix doesn’t renew this series for a third season, it’s a fool. I’m a big fan of zombie series and movies. I’ve loved these movies and series since I was a kid. I played it. I can say that this series worked perfectly in everything. It has a realistic feeling. Especially in the face of humans with zombies, which shows that five people cannot defeat two zombies. Or putting a person in the place of one zombie. It’s done. Or zombifying a role that we didn’t think would become a zombie at all. It’s a big mistake if this series is not renewed for a third season.

  2. Probably the most realistic series ever about a post apocalyptic world. Very downplayed background music which I like because I don’t like music dictating my emotions, very natural almost documentary style acting which makes the content more impactful, and watching how different people respond to the apocalypse by either helping others or completely taking advantage of the situation are the top 3 reasons I stay interested in the show. I hope someone else will pick it up since Netflix has passed for season 3

  3. Real shame. If the whole world isn’t watching – it gets cancelled! The first season was “okay” but the second season was as close to being what a zombie apocalypse show should be.. The second season was the best Zombie series ever. I hope it’s given another chance to continue.. It really deserves it. Absolutely loved this show..

  4. Check periodically if Netflix is going to greenlight Season 3 and continually disappointed. Was a diehard Walking Dead comics and early seasons TV show fan and found Black Summer infinitely better written and acted. Was it perfect? No, but far better than 99.9% of rest of TV & streaming series including 95% of what Netflix puts out.

  5. Great show! Moves like lightening and has a realistic feel in how the characters change in a survivalist situation. The tension and suspense are off the charts. The scene in the lodge where Anna suspects that they’re not alone and goes to investigate in that huge place was totally terrifying. Too many loose ends to leave out season 3~Please bring it on!

  6. in my opinion I think this show is WAY better than walking dead and I was a pretty big fan of that show, and it got tons of seasons!! WTF the cinematography is 10 times better in this show with the nonstop action scenes that don’t end and keep flowing through from character to character I love the way this Director presented this show and this is a true zombie show I also loved the way the zombies were portrayed which is intense scary and fast it’s my favorite kind of zombie which is a lot like 28 days later (movie) this show could’ve gone many many seasons the way it was built very very disappointing that it only got two seasons but I’m sorry that seems to be the Netflix Way they take the best shows off and give way too many seasons to the crappy ones!

  7. I grew up in an era where a season of a tv show would consist of 30 episodes.
    (Yes, I’m old).
    Having 8 episodes per season is so disappointing.
    The series was a spin-off of Z-Nation, and at least that show had plenty of episodes.

  8. Wow what amazing Show ive just got to.end of season 2 what the hell happened you cancelled it like that i was enjoying It i couldnt wait every night to just .chill on the sofa and watch them come on guys you cant cancel it like that i wanna no what happeneds
    Please bring a third season out. 👊🏻

  9. Black Summer is so dope! Netflix stupid if they cancel the show. I need to know what happen to that Korean lady, mother & daughter. Can’t believe that soldier had to die, brothers always die 1st. ALL THE CASTS IN BLACK SUMMER DID A FANTASTIC JOB. ZOMBIES, VILLAINS TO GOOD GUYS. MY ADRENALINE IS PUMP WHEN WATCHING. MY FAMILY WE ALL SCREAMING AND INTO THE SHOW. I’M S WAY BETTER THAN WALKING DEAD.

  10. Netflix I beg you!!! Please don’t cancel Black Summer. There is a huge fan base and I’m one of them. The writing is spectacular and the way the scenes are played out is absolutely amazing. Please Please and please again don’t cancel

  11. It was good-would like to see a season 3 with more intelligent survivor scenarios. Some of the dumb stuff got to me-like the idiots pushing the huge crate up the hill. Why wouldn’t they empty it and carry/slide the boxes one by one? Basic intelligence.

  12. Black summer Season 1 and 2 was by far better than any season of the Walking Dead! This show doesn’t mess around! The actors and crew must work hard to bring this show to us, filming in the snow and rain! If Netflix decides not to bring this show back for more seasons (not just season 3) they are making a huge mistake!

  13. The Black Summer is a epic and fresh. The movie is for cinefil lovers and deserves a prize, so Netflix just do 8 seasons and money will come from life time value of costumes if not from the movie.
    Bring it back!

  14. Yeah whats the point of doing 2 kick @$$ seasons then just drop off like that? When j first watched the first episode I bunge watched the entire season- i was hooked. Please renew for season 3.

  15. Season 1 was good, but Season 2 suddenly became boring as the main focus was on fighting between humans.

  16. Great show. Should be renewed. Lots of potential stories and subject matter will do well in syndication.

  17. In my opinion, I haven’t seen any other zombie move or series that’s better then black summer simply because the zombies are runners give the show a more suspenseful feel. Please don’t cancel it!!!!!

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