Has Alchemy of Souls been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Alchemy of Souls is the latest weekend K-drama sensation, with a mix of magic, sorcery and cunning political scheming. If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is Alchemy of Souls Season 2 about?

Part 2 of this super popular drama sees Jang-Uk return as a monster carrying the sword for which his lover has stabbed him with. As a result, he now uses it to catch soul shifters. After losing everything, Jang-Uk grapples with his pain himself, descending into darkness alone… or does he? The long-lost Jinyowon princess, Bu-yeon, has been used as a vessel for Naksu’s energy and it seems only a matter of time before all those memories come flooding back.

Will Jang-Uk be able to pull himself out of the darkness and find the light he needs to set him on the right path? And how does Bu-yeon feed into all of this?

We have extensive coverage of Alchemy of Souls across the site including recaps for every episode and full season reviews. You can check those out HERE!

Has Alchemy of Souls been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing, tvN and Netflix have not renewed Alchemy of Souls for season 3. Given the ratings over the weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if they actually do renew this for a follow-up.

The ratings began with a pretty decent 6.7% share nationwide but since then, the show has been steady across the board, with highs of around 8% for episode 6! It’s perhaps unsurprising that these later chapters have been increasing in popularity, as Reborn Rich has now finished, which was a massive ratings hit for JTBC.

Despite the ratings, it’s extremely rare to find Korean dramas renewed for another season. That has changed in recent years but given the sheer wealth of talent in this that are sure to move onto other projects – and some who already have announced like those who play Bu-yeon, Yul and Jin-mu -we predict that Alchemy of Souls will not be renewed for a third season.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

alchemy of souls

What we know about season 3 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 3 right now given the show has not been renewed. As mentioned above, most Korean dramas are reserved to one season so it’s rare to find these renewed. With the exception of ongoing Netflix shows (Love ft. Marriage and Divorce, Hospital Playlist etc.) then it seems unlikely that this one will be renewed.

Having said that though, Alchemy of Souls has already been renewed once so it’s not outside the realm of possibility to see it come back again. The ratings are steady while the series has managed to carve a unique slice of fantasy for itself.

There is always the possibility that the actors return for a follow-up or a spin-off featuring the same characters but considering all of this, we believe this will not be renewed.

We generally aim to update this page when more information becomes available.

Would you like to see Alchemy of Souls return for a third season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

171 thoughts on “Has Alchemy of Souls been renewed for Season 3? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Loved this show especially since there was little to no cursing and sex scenes. Hope to see season 3 and more. It was worth watching.

  2. Definitely want a season 3, perhaps with a more fiesty Naksu, but leave Uk as he is (perfect)

  3. Please please please renew for more seasons. I could not get enough on alchemy of souls. Every time I get into a program, they never renew it. I soooooo love this.

  4. I like watching the story of alchemy of Souls is so interesting and I love watching more times even I finished watching I’ll always watch and watch back again until the 3rd season come back or renewed in Netflix please please please make an 3rd season on this is more exciting the story I’ll rated this into 10

  5. I love watching that show, I just got into it and love every minute of it esp the two main characters. I want to see more of them. Please season 3

  6. I just finish Academy of souls love both Season 1 and 2. Love it and I would love to see a 3 season. Thank you for English version netflix. My 78 year mother was able to watch it with me.. Mother and daughter time.

  7. This show is captivating, holds your attention that you can’t believe that the episodes just run into to one another. This type of show is sitting down for a couple of hours and just binge. The characters are so captivating. We need a part 3 or additional episodes to part 2.

  8. There must be a part 3 season.
    We need closure! Loved the characters and plot! Just the right mix of romance, action, comedy, and drama. Alchemy of Souls is so captivating and great. Absolutely need another few more seasons!!! I love Uk and Mu Douk most and all the characters. 😍😍

  9. I truly believe a season 3 is necessary. This series captivated me. The characters were absolutely wonderful. My heart did break when Jung So-min was not in season. If there is anyway she could be brought back I honesty believe many many fans would be elated. So please consider a part 3 season. To be honest I have watched this series over and over. So I hope I see a season 3!

  10. Please we need season 3 the story is interesting and the season ended up well.
    But that’s a lots of things to be revealed but it has not..
    Like soe yul home town and him going back to take the leadership and also what happen to mu-deok when she was at Sari village.
    So that can help to bring more series adding more characters and living some of the old once.
    The story is not just a story to me and some of us but is also a lifestyle…. how the love life of jang-uk and naksu goes ,, it still needs more suspense and romantic moment…
    So please you people should continue it even if is taking up to ten season! U guys should go ahead and all the time in the world to write it down please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 you no interesting don’t need to be cut shot so do something about the drama please………..
    We love the drama
    We love the drama is

  11. Yes, find a way to make a season 3 please! I could watch 10 seasons. This is my favorite show now. I wish they could find a way to bring Mu-Doek back also, she was phenomenal. All the characters are great and the story is compelling. Please don’t end it after 2 seasons. S3 please 🙏🤞👏🏻👍

  12. I enjoyed the Alchemy of Souls. The brotherhood of friendship of Uk, Yul and Danggu. The bond between Mudeok/Bu Yeong with Uk, Yul and Crown Prince. I would love to see a spin off for Seo Yul. A whole new storyline can be created with new characters with some old ones. Perhaps bringing Seo Yul back to his hometown where his father had self exile in order to remove himself as the threat to the previous king. He deserves a happy ending.

  13. Pls give us Season 3 it was so good I even sit there and read season 2 in Chinese couldn’t wait til it was in English so pls pls pls send season 3 I love this movie

  14. I love this series, you just want more, great actors and beautiful writing. I hope Netflix continues renew as I am sharing this series with many.

  15. These KDrama Alchemy of Souls is not only beautiful but awesome in its cinematic universe and ways and plots so when will there be a season3

  16. It is the Best movie I have ever watched I even cried as it came to an end pls make a season3 for all pls

  17. Please let there be a Season 3 of Alchemy of Soul its an amazing movie and the Best of the best I love it so much I can even see the plot for season 3 please let there season3

  18. I love alchemy of souls so so much it’s amazing, and one of the very best Korean TV shows I’ve seen, I am a fan I am glued to it the acting, is so great, and the characters are some heart warming the storylines really pull you in, I would really love to see it return for season 3 and 4, it’s so Dam good, not to mention very cinematically Beautiful, I will be so gutted when it ends I won’t have that to look forward to. This show is very special. So enjoyable, what a love story, and its heart wrenching.

  19. I love watching alchemy of souls,
    And I will not like it to end in season 2, it should be continued till season 4 or 5☺️

  20. Please have a season 3 me and my sister watches this we are hooked there is more too this the story must go on!!!!!

  21. This story still has many facets that could be continued, like collecting the relics that escaped. All the relationships that just got started, and many more. This is a story that could continue with at least two more seasons and end well.

  22. Its one that only me and my husband will watch together!! I love it. They have to do another one, season 3. Makes me feel like I’m in the movie and part of it. All the actors are so good at what they do too! Love watching the prince. Definitely one of my favorites! I can watch this over and over. It was finished too soon.

  23. Normally I don’t cry for movies or series but alchemy of souls was Soo interesting and emotional that I cried 🤧
    I really hope there is a season 3
    It’s the best everrrr

  24. I am from the Province of Northern Samar, Philippines. I really love this series. i love the story, the characters and the artist in it. so i am much hoping for a 3rd and even 4th season. i want to see Park Jin had a child of their own, a baby of Uk that will inherit all their powers and for the crown prince to have a queen. ohhh pleaseeeee.

  25. This show is absolutely amazing and fantastic. The show has rum for two parts now( 2 seasons) and it will not make any sense to not continue the show considering the fact they left it unanswered. But another then that the show and the cast needs to come back because I like said it’s an amazing show and I’m hooked and I love it and need more. I love korean shows they have more detail and more emotion so we need more of these kinds of shows. 🙂

  26. In my own, I really can not wait for season 3 to come!
    Watching series was such a wonderful experience for me and I enjoyed it as well. I hope there would be another season too cause I have this ability to watch it till season 10 lol

  27. There should be definitely a season 3 because it is one of the most interesting movies I’ve watched so far and there are many unanswered questions I will love it if there is a season 3,otherwise we will stop watching your movies, so please

  28. I was surprised to discover how much I love this show! I want a season 3, there are still so many unanswered questions!!!! I absolutely hate finding a show I love only for it not to be renewed.

  29. I rewatched season one to prepare for season two. PLEASE PASS ON that there needs to be a season three!!! I’m hooked!!!

  30. Please, please, please renew for a 3rd season! Give us at least one more season. And not just another season, but another season with a very happy ending across the board, except for villains, of course. I usually can’t really sit thru movies that have subtitles but this show has me HOOKED! This show is sensational!
    With Love,
    Deep in the heart of Texas

  31. I love watching alchemy of souls. Please continue in season 3, 4, 5……..🥰🫶🏻❤️ from Lafayette, Indiana

  32. season 3,4,5,6 is a must, i don’t like watching korean dramas because there’s a lot of crying but this drama got me up all day and night. i love this drama. please renew season 3 and more. season 2 just made it more interesting please don’t end the show make more seasons

    -Big Fan of Alchemy of souls

  33. Omg I love K drama. This hands down is one of the best shows I have watched. Yes please, bring it bk with a season 3 & 4. I want to know what happened with everyone’s lives from season 3 after the happy ending etc etc. Uk character is my fave, he’s super heroic, even his entrance slowed down scenes lol. Yup Bring alchemy of souls series bk, I want more PLEASE 🙏🙌🏼❤😁

  34. I would love to see what happens in part 3 please renew so we can see Uk children and Park children can do. Don’t do us like that we were just getting started.

  35. I love the story of alchemy of soul. But not enough for me to end season 2.

    Netflix, tvn, I hope there is season 3 of alchemy of soul

    I am Filipino citizen, and I’m fan of kdrama.
    I wish and I hope that you will see my opinion.

    Thank you 😊

  36. I need to know if maid Kim pregnant. Will Yul find a wife along with the King. Will Uk have kids?
    There are a lot of unknowns that need to be answered. Also what happen to the kings father since he was the only one that didn’t die from the firebird. Also how many new mages did they get and the twins how powerful will they be as twins. Yes we want more. I have set through a lot of kdrama’s some with 50 and 60 episodes so I think they can film some more. I liked the new girl who played Bu Yeon, but I really like the girl who played in the 1st season their chemistry was better. Also what happened to the girl who gave Yul the blood parasite. I know she moved away, but since Ju min is dead will she find her way back and end up with Yul? So we need more seasons.

  37. I can’t leave without this please 🥺🥺😔🥺😔 3 am pleading with you I am short of words 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺😭😭

  38. I am so in love with this kdrama! I’m not necessarily a fan of subtitles because my attention span can be short but after watching the first 20 episodes of part 1, I didn’t mind the subtitles for the last 10. I loved the whole series so much, I have already rewatched the first 20 and am on episode 3 of part 2 for a second time! Nothing has held my interest like this. I really want another season!

  39. My cousins and sister loved the story of alchemy and we want season 3 also, but id like to see Mu-deok again 🤣. YUL and Prince now King must have a bride. They are so good looking not to have brides. – watching from Toronto,Canada

  40. A season 3 , will be good cause the story is not finish yet , I would love to Midservant Kim confirming her pregnancy, the children of bu-yeon and Jung Uk, etc I don’t know I fell like after those the series can end .Please we would love that have it as the end of final season 🙏🙏🙏

  41. I never fell inlove like this in a korean series… me and my friends here in Japan will love to hear for season 3! Please!

  42. Yes, there should be season 3
    Alchemy of soul must not end like that

    I want to see Jang-uk and Bu Yeon having children

    And how powerful the children will be

    Let it be renew again

    Thanks l❤️ve from Nigeria

  43. I loved all the happy endings of season 2. But I’m still not ready for it to end. The Prince and Yul still need to find brides and there are always more bad guys for UK in the world to vanquish. It’s hard to find a good quality show where all the actors and acctress’s all have such good chemistry and all ages can enjoy watching.

  44. Princessblackwolf Mountain: We need a Season 3 to look forward to!!!! All the Actor, Male & Female are very talented & a “Great Story Line”! Most of the Evil is Dead but in Real Life it’s never truly gone, there’s always a need for Balance! Please bring back a Season 3,4,5 Ect.

  45. Yes from the US LOVE IT! I would love to see a session three!!! It’s funny and serious, doesn’t take itself too seriously! Yep there are layers of plot twists and turns! I also love the music! Please make a season 3!!!

  46. I love Alchemy of Souls.. I love k-drama but this one is exceptional with cast and their talents and the storyline. I am looking forward for the 3rd season.

  47. Season 3 please!!! I can see easily where the plot could expand & continue forward. We have series that run for 10-11 seasons & it would be great to have these run longer as well.

  48. Please give me a 3rd season of alchemy of souls, one of the best shows I’ve seem in a long time, but it ended with me wanting more. So PLEASE GIVE ME AT LEAST ONE MORE SEASON

  49. Loved Seasons One And Two of Alchemy of Souls.I would definitely would hope that Netflix would have it continue with it’s main characters.I favor the making of Season 3.

  50. Please continue this series!!! We love it!!! Alchemy of Souls series 3! I could watch it forever!!!! I love the characters, the story, and the cinematography! Everything about it! The actors are fantastic! Thank you! The writers are great!

  51. Season 3 Pleaseeee!
    I love the show. Want to see more of Naksu’s and Jang Uk’s lives together.
    I am Hooked!
    Also want to see if The Crown Prince finally gets a love interest and the whereabouts of the turtle!!!!
    Season 3 And Very Soon!
    Thank you!

  52. I’m ak from Tamil Nadu India, i love Alchemy of Souls season 1 and 2 actually I watched 3 time every single episode and I’m hopeful waiting for season 3 pls im hardly beg you pls make a another season we want season 3 😍 pls Netflix make one more season

  53. Don date 01/08/2023
    make 8 series. Rich material generate many possibles themes with many facets, political, power,
    organization conflict,issues with other groups, other nation interaction.

  54. I absolutely love Alchemy of Souls parts 1 and 2 were awesome I think they need to make a part 3. They need to show them starting a family while still capturing relics from Jinywon.

    Fingers crossed! Netflix has been showing some great Korean movies I enjoy them. My favorite channel is still Rakuten Viki.

  55. I want season 3…cuz m addicted to this particular drama and the stars 🥺 I don’t want it left unfinished…i love it so much ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Please continue on with the series..so much has been left unresolved. I have watched many Korean shows and this is by far my favorite. Even my boys sit and watch AoS with me, and they have never watched any other K-pop type shows before. We are all pleading for another season/part 3!!!

  57. Please please please make a part 3. You can’t make it an interesting show that everyone loves and wants to watch and than stop the series when it’s popular. Please make another season!

  58. Most definitely need a third season, even if it elaborates on an in-depth storyline of the main characters lives. I am hoping to see them all with a family and live happily with their children and friends.

  59. As I read that it’s not sure if there is a season 3 yet but I really have enjoyed it since it started
    So please bring another season back
    For everyone who has enjoyed watching it

  60. I would really love a season 3! This is my first and only K-drama. It has been a great ride and hoping for more.

  61. This story touches my soul. Please 🙏 keep this going for another season. I need Alchemy of Souls in my life!! Best Kdrama ever!!!

  62. Love the series, best so far!Always can’t wait for the weekend to start watching it. Season 2, lead female is good, but chemistry with Mud-yeok and Jang- UK has a strong appeal to the viewers. They play the role better than the other and way more fun to watch. Season 3 is needed and wish Mud-yeok plays the lead female role once again.

  63. I am with others here! Looking forward to watching Season 3 & 4 in near future! Saturday and Sunday were the most exciting days to watch the Alchemy of Souls nowadays. Sad the season 2 is over now…

  64. This series has been the one thing my mind every Saturday when I wake up. I was literally CRYING thinking Naksu’s died. And for all those people that said we don’t need another season…….WE DO!!!!!!!! My me my mom and my dad are obsessed with the show. And stop giving so much hate to that actor, she is great. We NEEEEEEEEEED season 3. I really hope you guys renew for another season, this show deserves to go on FOR EVER!!

  65. I’m 28 yr old but never fall inlove to any Korean movie like this …. My family knows me that I don’t used to watch movie but I immediately get Netflix to finish the season 2! And this movie excite me to finish the new yr eve to able to watched the next episode haha… Please I beg to renew for season 3!!!

  66. This is the perfect show for me,and I hate waiting for episodes. However, this show is worth waiting for. I’d love a season three.Barbie

  67. Please renew season 3. Very nc story… Different and interesting..i love the cast .im surely miss them

  68. It is actually one of the best K drama series that we have seen.. season two was a bit short, hoping for a 3rd season

  69. The story hasn’t run its course. There’s still room for more . Please renew and give us more seasons. I love the show a lot

  70. I’m an almost 80 year old who’s been watching the past two seasons and thoroughly enjoying it… I will be very disappointed if there isn’t a Season 3..

  71. Love love this show. The story line and the actors are just fantastic. Keep up the excellent work and give your current and future watcher’s a grand finale in season three.

  72. I’m i the only one who haven’t watched SE2 ep10???
    If you guys have watched it please give me a good page to download ep10. Thanks and for the SE3 please Tvn should consider it and let us have SE3 of this interesting drama😍. Thank you 🤭

  73. It has been an amazing season one and season 2 of alchemy of souls it is really has Me going crazy for the next episode I wish and I pray that you guys will make a season 3 and have more episodes than what you just had for season 2 I love the chemistry I love the work That everyone is putting into this prog alchemy of souls is Number one in my book Please rethink of giving us a season 3 with more episodes because episodes on season 2 is not making it it has me wanting more

  74. Please 🙏 S3 is needed! Because of ALCHEMY OF SOULS I am now addicted to K-drama, I absolutely love it and highly recommend this SERIES to those who love fantasy!!! The actors are talented beyond belief. Hotel Luna is another favorite fantasy too!

  75. Storyline and actors/actresses are great. Absolutely love this show. Definitely need a season 3. I am absolutely in love with this show. And many ppl that I meet that do watch Kdrama are in love with this show also. Everyone that I’ve talked to about this show has agreed that there needs to be another season. We just can’t get enough. Please keep this show on Netflix forever also. Lol. I’ve rewatched this show a couple times waiting for season two. And I will do so until the next season comes out.

  76. Please renew a season 3 there is ways you can write it,you could shift Naksu soul to another body and have Uk have love for both Naksu and Jin bu yeon .and you can try having a different enemy but much stronger that trying to conquer every city …etc I love this show it has potential for great battles and love

  77. *Fair warning* not everyone will like my comment.

    Comments : Season 3 IS A MUST !
    Anyone complaining about reading subtitles should do one of three thing; – find and utilize the pause button
    – practice speed reading
    – or simply watch another show more your um … Speed.
    Also, the female lead in season 2 is great ! Those who are complaining about her in any way clearly missed the the first season warning that we were dealing with two different people. Adjust people ! It is not that serious. However, they xould have given the viewers a bit of plot change prior to starting episode one but after episode 2, it’s clear and consice. She fit the role perfectly and would love to see Jung Uk find love in either woman IN SEASON 3 !!!
    Season 2 was great and a nice extension to season one and the plot was phenomenal.
    Please give usseason 3 and I think maybe then we as devoted viewers will be satisfied and the actors to utilize there talents in other shows that we will glad watch because they are apart of it. BUT season 2 is not the time to piss us off ! LOL

  78. First off wonderful show we need more seasons and it will be 100 times better if it was translated in English not just in the first season but all of them they talk way too fast for me to read

  79. I don’t get why S2 actress gets hate. She did such a perfect job I can’t wait to see her again in season 3 !!

  80. Plzz renewed season 3 bcoz I’m not too happy with season 2 n when season 3 renews the female lead should be mu-deok(jung so min).
    N the schemes have slides changes and it doesn’t match to season 2 too much.
    But I also enjoy 2 as well but I’m sure there will be season 3….

  81. Season 3 pls. This is my fav series on Netflix to date. Awesome show, 1st k-drama I ever watched , now I’ve watched all 38 episodes to date 3-4 times,lol.

  82. Season 2 can’t match up to Season 1. Storyline is a bit flat. And the chemistry between the leads is missing. Disappointed. Thought 2 will be as exciting, bit not. 😞

  83. the story has run its course,part 2 had so msny plotholes it made game of thrones look good again,the story felt uninspired,insipid for the most part to a point where i was question what was the point of it? no character growth ,seems like the was generally no plot for a show that had a 3month break ,the current female lead is honestly not strong enough acting wise to carry the show,she is good to look at visually but after that its lights out,nothing is there in terms of performance,she is bland and one dimentional to a point where u want to switch the telly of ,if you are young you will find part 2 interesting ,with all that i dont see why a part 3 or new season would be necessary🤷🏻‍♀️

  84. Season 3 please! This film has the BTS effect of breaking boundaries and setting milestones.

    It is loved globally!

    I am not a K-drama fan but after watchiñg one episode, I am hooked to the show.

  85. We need a season 3. Though I have grown to like the new face of Naksu (the orginal Naksu – I know). I would love to see So Min return to the role of Naksu and be the one that Jang Uk ends up riding off into the sunset with (figure if speech)

  86. How can they not renew! It is one of the BEST SHOWS, Netflix has to offer. If they have any sense they will make this a continuous show.

  87. I’ve loved every second of it. The recovery of S2 with the actress that played the original Naksu was clever. I’d be eager to see more in future seasons. The special effects, acting and storyline are beautiful and interesting. By far it is one of my favorite korean dramas in a while.

  88. I refuse to watch captioned shows but did so for season 2. My wife and I love this series and both hope it’s continued! Please.

  89. One of the best series of Netflix..Please don’t cancel we need season 3 with ofcourse same characters

  90. Si les colgó tanto un drama que está con una denuncia por plagio sería genial que vieran los dramas originales de dónde todo a salido que son los wuxia y xianxia …o sea chinos . Ese si es un mundo maravilloso para experimentar . Sdos

  91. It would be damaging if there were no season 3. This drama series is the best. I look forward to my weekends so I can watch it, and I’ll watch it all over again and not feel tired. That’s how engaging the drama is.

  92. Definitely need the next seasons to come out- don’t leave us hanging! We need closure! Loved the characters and plot! Just the right mix of action, intrigue, romance, and action!

  93. I’ve been hoping there will be more it’s so good and I’m having so much fun watching it come on you guys 😎🤗😍Please. I love it.

  94. This is one of my favorite shows. I look forward to the next episode each week. Please don’t cancel. I like all the actors in this show. They all do such an awesome job.

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