Remnant 2 Boss Guide: How to beat the Labyrinth Sentinel

Remnant 2 Boss Guide: How to beat the Labyrinth Sentinel

Remnant 2 is the latest Souls-like game, complete with procedurally generated dungeons and plenty of difficult boss fights along the way. These bosses can be challenging and really test your skills. Fret not though, our boss guides can help you get through even the toughest challenges that Remnant 2 throws at you.

The Labyrinth Sentinel is a uniquely fun but challenging boss that will certainly test your aiming skills. However, there are a few tricks to defeating this formidable foe that’ll save you a big headache (and reduce the number of times you’re squashed to death!)

There are no specific power-ups or weapon requirements for this one, although it’s probably a good idea to bring a long-range rifle or a decent mid-range gun for this one.

Boss Fight – The Labyrinth Sentinel

Tips for beating: The Labyrinth Sentinel is a unique foe in Remnant 2. There isn’t one big monster or a number of attack patterns to memorize. Instead, the boss fight will take place within a tightly constructed arena with giant cubes rolling around the room. These each have their own unique path that they repeat, so take some time to get used to how each of them move.

You’ll want to start this boss fight with a bang and hit as quickly as you can. There are several floating orbs in the sky, as well as rolling cubes around the room, hence the need for a long-range rifle.

Different sides of the cube will have smaller, white glowing orbs that need to be shot to deal damage to the sentinel. Furthermore, the ensuing blast will cut out a chunk of rock that can actually be crouched under should this face touch the part of the ground you’re standing on. Be aware of this!

It’s also worth noting that if any of these large cubes turn to solid rock, they no longer have white orbs on them. However, if they’re still glowing purple, it means it’s carrying a white orb that needs to be shot. 

How to Start

Immediately enter the arena and aim for the sky. There are two orbs floating here. You’ll want to fire at the one on the left and then on the right to take out both white glowing orbs. There’s a cube rolling straight toward you and it’ll loop around the squared arena you’re in and head back down the corridor. As it approaches, you’ll want to try and take out the white glowing orbs on this cube. Dodge roll through and let the cube roll back down and away from you.

This starting position is an excellent location to take out a good number of the orbs on the different cubes in this arena, especially those in the sky.

Eyes In The Sky

From this starting location, you’ll want to take out the majority of the white orbs that you’ll see in the sky. The rolling cubes on the ground can be unpredictable if you’re not familiar with the patterns. 

As you start to take out the white orbs, the Sentinel will begin hitting two different attacks at you.

Homing Projectiles: The Sentinel will begin firing pulsating purple-black orbs in your direction. You can actually shoot these to avoid being hit, but watch out for the cube rolling toward you!

Purple Wave: The Sentinel will charge up this attack from one of the flying orbs, regardless of if you’ve taken out the white orbs. As you whittle down the Sentinel’s attack, a blast of purple energy will pulse across the arena as a rectangular wall. Getting caught in the blast will constantly damage you, so dodge roll away and move.

Time To Move

During one of the rotations of the starter-room cube, wait until it heads back down the long pathway and focus your attention on the cubes to the right of your starting position. Instead of jumping the gap, make sure to fire at the white orbs for those rolling nearby to hollow out the edges.

When you’re ready, and all the cubes in the sky have been dealt with, jump over the gap. There’s one final cube in the far end of the arena that has a white orb attached to it. Make sure to crouch under the hollowed parts of the cubes you’ve taken out and pay attention to the colours. As mentioned above, if a cube is still pulsating purple, it still has a white orb attached!

Final Tips

The Sentinel is an unusual foe and one of the more imaginative boss fights in Remnant 2. Upon completion, you’ll not only gain a Tome Of Knowledge, you’ll also get 5 Lumenite Crystals, 750 Scrap and a Conflux Prism too. 

Beating Labyrinth Sentinel is a great achievement and hopefully the guide above should make your life a little easier in doing so. Have you beaten the Labyrinth Sentinel? Got some tips that we’ve missed off from this guide that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!

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