Remarriage & Desires – Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Plunge

Who tried to kill Min-Ji?

Episode 8 of Remarriage & Desires begins with Hyung-Ju rushing to the hospital, trying to be there for Hye-Seung. She’s wracked with anger and grief. When Hyung-Ju finds out that Yoo-Hui is responsible, he’s livid and demands to know what connection she has to the driver.

Hye-Seung is the one who finds out the information though – from Go Ae-Ran of all people. In exchange for handing this over, she wants Hye-Seung to leave Hyung-Ju alone. However, Hye-Seung wants more – and that comes from her organizing for the driver to be killed.

In the wake of all this, Son is put in a difficult position and needs to decide whether Yoo-Hui or Hye-Seung is more of a threat – and who to side with.

Thankfully some good news ensues, Min-Ji wakes up In hospital. Thankfully she’s okay. She still need physical therapy but for now, it seems Min-Ji’s life is not threatened any longer.

How does Son drop Hyung-Ju to his knees?

Seok-Jin comments how much of a good guy Hyung-Ju is, given how caring he’s being, and asks Hye-Seung if she’s considering being in a relationship with him. She shakes her head.

That afternoon, Hibull and Lionsoft come under fire from the prosecution office. Officers from the National Tax Service show up to carry out an investigation into potential tax evasion.

Hyung-Ju shows up to see Son in the wake of this, but he simply pedals the same rhetoric that he needs to marry Yoo-Hui. Son also gives the guy a week to make his mind up.

Elsewhere, Hye-Seung finds a video left behind from Nam-Sik. Watching this, she learns the connection between Yoo-Hui and Congressman Son. With this ammo in her arsenal, she shows up to see Son and reveals that Yoo-Hui tried to have her daughter killed and he should help and side with her in order to get rid of Yoo-Hui. Son refuses  and eventually has her thrown out his office.

What does Yoo-Sun do to her husband?

Hye-Seung vows to take them both down, and eventually meets with Yoo-Sun, promising to reveal everything. Yoo-Sun shrugs it off though and claims that it won’t work. Hye-Seung is relentless and will not give up, determined to take the pair out no matter what.

Yoo-Sun tells her to do everything she can and not to fail. If she can take Yoo-Hui and Son out, she won’t stand in her way.

Yoo-Sun heads home and tells her husband exactly what she thinks of him. The shock of it all causes him to have a heart attack and he  collapses on the floor.

At the hospital, Yoo-Sun bitterly retorts that this is “my house”. Not only that, but Yoo-Sun reveals that she’s also in charge of his company now, having worked behind his back to snatch this out from under him. She thinks about removing his mask but then has second thoughts.

Out on the road, Hye-Seung is stopped by Ae-Ran who bundles her in the back of the car and snaps photos of her tied up and unconscious. The next shot, we see the car being crushed while Son is watching, the whole video being recorded. This is, in turn, sent on to Yoo-Hui who looks on with glee and realizes that her nemesis is dead.

How is Yoo-Hui stopped? Is Hye-Seung really dead?

Off the back of this, Hyung-Ju meets with Yoo-Hui and decides to go ahead with their planned marriage after all. And just like that, we cut to her and Hyung-Ju together in a room full of people.

Only, Hyung-Ju has a “special gift” for everyone in attendance. This happens to be news of Yoo-Hui being Son’s illegitimate daughter. Not only that, but Hyung-Ju also outs her as a crook and liar, trying to kill Min-Ji and killing Nam-Sik.

Ae-Ran has also recorded everything with Son and sends this on to the authorities. She warns Son that he’s overstepped his boundaries and it’s about time he stopped. And just like that, Hye-Seung comes rushing through the door.

It turns out Ae-Ran actually struck a deal with Hye-Seung this while time to incriminate Son. Hye-Seung blames the congressman for this, pointing out that he’s been blinded by power. After all, only he had the authority to get rid of Yoo-Hui and as he refused, Hye-Seung’s promise becomes a reality.

What happens to Yoo-Hui?

Off the back of this, Min-Ji is discharged from hospital while Yoo-Hui is thrown into a correctional facility. Out of all the people to visit her, it’s actually Hye-Seung.

Yoo-Hui is in a pretty cheerful mood though, pointing out that she’s always wanted to take down her father and Hye-Seung is the one who managed to do it. When Hye-Seung leaves, Yoo-Hui promises this is just the beginning, as bitter tears run down her cheeks and she begins to laugh.

As the episode closes out, Hye-Seung decides to get married after all. This time to Seok-Jin… or does she? Well, it turns out he’s only walking her down the aisle. Her husband is actually going to be Hyung-Ju, which is what he’s arranged, knowing that her heart really belongs to him.

How does Remarriage & Desires Season 1 end?

Before we see the ceremony, we cut across to Yoo-Sun packing up her things and closing down Rex High Quality Marriage. However, she’s approached by a guy who shows up and decides that they should team up together and start anew.

“I want what I want.” He says, smirking. As the pair sit opposite one another, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So Remarriage & Desires bows out with a final episode that wraps up most of its drama before leaving the door open for a second season.

The ending involving both Yoo-Sun and Yoo-Hui feels more like a bridge for another, more dramatic season to follow, and we still don’t know whether Hye-Seung actually married Hyung-Ju or not. It’s left up to us to decide, although one can probably deduce that the pair do seal the knot.

The final episode does round everything out with Congressman Son, who is predictably the bad guy. The melodrama continues through to the very end, although the pacing in these past few episodes have been in complete contrast to the first half which has been a lot slower.

Either way, Remarriage & Desires has been an enjoyable watch, although it seems unlikely to actually ignite the K-drama world any time soon.

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