Remarriage & Desires – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

Episode 6 of Remarriage & Desires begins with Yoon-Sun questioning Yoo-Hui’s motives, She’s fixated on Hyung-Ju and the leader of Rex suggests she change and find another suitable bachelor. Yoo-Hui vehemently refuses though, determined to make this man hers so she can have her perfect family.

This burning desire comes off the back of what happened that night outside Hyung-Ju’s place, with Hye-Seung promising to make her rival pay and use her “one final fatal bullet” to make her pay for her actions.

Yoo-Hui shows up at Hye-Seung’s while she’s packing up her things. She gloats about kicking them out, as Min-Ji loses her temper and promises never to forgive Yoo-Hui for her actions.

When she leaves the house, Seok-Jin notices the lawyer leave and heads in to check on the mother and daughter duo. It turns out he’s actually paid for the apartment outright, paying off the debt and allowing them to stay so they don’t have to move out.

Hye-Seung is embarrassed but eternally grateful all the same, promising to pay him back as soon as she can. As for Seok-Jin, he shrugs it off and tells her to take her time.

When Yoo-Hui finds out, she instead doubles down on trying to gain Hyung-Ju’s favour. She helps him out with the merger and even heads out for dinner too. Whilst there, Yoo-Hui broaches how many prospective partners he has. Not only that, but she also puts herself forward as a possible match-up for him. Hyung-Ju smiles politely.

After dinner, during a big meeting, Yoo-Hui, Mi-Jin and Hye-Seung all find themselves together, alongside Hyung-Ju and Seok-Jin. In front of everyone, Hye-Seung brings up her husband’s affair and then looks set to oust Yoo-Hui.

After mentioning her name, Hye-Seung quizzes about repercussions, learning that she could be jailed for 2 years if she defames her. So as a result, Hye-Seung decides to continue playing this dangerous game.

Seok-Jin catches up with Hye-Seung and tells her she should have been honest – more so for herself rather than the others – and tentatively touches her shoulder. Hyung-Ju notices when he leaves the room. And as a result, decides to drive Hye-Seung home.

The pair get along well, with Hye-Seong even invited out for a boat ride the following day. Hye-Seong cares for Jun-Ho whilst on the water, helping to patch up his finger. Not only that, but the two kids get along really well too. Hyung-Ju comments how refreshing it is to see Jun-Ho smile. And naturally, as the boat sways, Hye-Seung falls into Hyung-Ju’s arms.

Meanwhile, Mi-Jin confronts Congressman Son Pil-Young with a DNA test, confirming that she’s his daughter. She has big plans to make it into politics and intends to use this to her own advantage.

Speaking of advantage, Yoo-Sun sets up Seok-Jin and Hye-Seung for their first date while simultaneously matching up Mi-Jin and Hyung-Ju as well. When Seok-Jin holds Hye-Seung’s hand, Hyung-Ju looks jealous. In the elevator though, Seok-jin realizes that Hye-Seung has feelings for the CEO and warns her not to get hurt.

There’s more drama at home though when Jung-In, Jun-Ho’s birth mother, returns. She receives a tip-off about Hye-Seung and how she’s acting “like a mother” to her son and starts to cause chaos in the house.

Hyung-Ju shouts at her and eventually makes her leave, apologizing to Hye-Seung, who happens to witness this entire scene play out. Hyung-Ju invites her out in order to explain himself.

There, Hyung-Ju jokes about them dating in the future. After unloading about his past and how much of a burden it’s been for him, he thanks Hye-Seung for hearing him out. Hye-Seung though, asks him for help but with what won’t be revealed until the end of the episode.

That night, a big party gets underway with all the usual suspects. Bolero is playing in the background (honestly, this song is still an absolute banger) as they celebrate Hibull Game’s big merger.

Congressman Son is there too, along with Seok-Jin’s father. In front of everyone, Seok-Jin speaks up and admits that he’s in love with Hye-Seung. It’s all too much for her though and she tries to step away but he grabs her wrist.

Naturally, Hyung-Ju jumps in then everything escalates. Yoo-Hui appears, as Hye-Seung brandishes a ring confirming Yoo-Hui’s initials engraved alongside Hye-Seung’s. Mr Kang- who had recently been released from prison – sides with Hye-Seung and changes the dynamics of everything, including audio evidence of her framing Nam-Sik. So as a result of all this, Yoo-Hui is arrested in front of everyone.

The Episode Review

Thanks to Hye-Seung and Hyung-Ju’s combined efforts, they’ve both managed to thwart Yoo-Hui’s dominance and turn the tables in their favour. With Yoo-Hui now arrested (surely that won’t stick, will it?) and all our characters learning the truth, this soapy ending adds a surprising amount of tension to the fold.

The show has been a bit of a mixed bag and at times it has meandered through its plot but this chapter is much improved overall. Not only that, but Remarriage & Desires has managed to add some depth to our supporting players, with Seok-jin much more involved in the plot now.

The ending certainly looks like we’re in store for a big finale to this show, including a possible move into love triangle territory. But with 2 more episodes to go, this is almost certainly not the end for Yoo-Hui.

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