Reflection Of You – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

If Love is the beginning of misfortune

Episode 7 of Reflection of You begins with Hui-Ju grabbing Ho-Su and ripping him away from Woo-Jae. Woo-Jae is still suffering from his amnesia of course, and is confused over why she’s so scared of him. Hyeon-Seong shows not long after, as Woo-Jae admits that he showed up because he wanted to see if he likes baseball – and the poster gave him inspiration.

Meanwhile, Hae-Won catches up with Ju-Yeong and they discuss Li-Sa’s freak-out at the exhibition. She also encourages her to take Hui-Ju’s words to heart. Outside though, HHae-Won runs into Li-Sa and admits that she used to be married. Only, her husband fell in love with someone else briefly. Li-Sa is shocked when she finds out but before she can broach the subject further, Hae-Won leaves.

Woo-Jae stays for the whole game before Hyeon-Seong offers him a lift home. However, Hae-Won stops in the middle of the road and stares them down, stopping the car from moving. When Hui-Ju steps out, Hae-Won dumps a drink over her head. Woo-Jae diffuses the situation though, grabbing Hae-Won while the family speed away.

When Li-Sa heads home, she casually brings up the situation with the past involving the flowers and her father. With Hu-Jui refusing to give anything away, she instead decides to ask Hyeon-Seong… at breakfast the next day. Awkward! He’s understandably confused though and this only prompts Li-Sa to pull away from her family further, leaving in a huff.

Woo-Jae too is going through something of a crisis. Following him comforting Hae-Won, the pair end up sleeping together which only confuses him further. While his memories may be gone, it’s obvious that his emotions are still in place and it appears Hae-Won secretly knows this too.

Meanwhile, Hui-Ju is given a big opportunity regarding the art gallery. After being briefed on how her style has changed over the years, she’s given the opportunity to progress her career with a new exhibit. As fate would have it, Hae-Won too is going to be working at this gallery given she has a good eye for art. When Hui-Ju finds out, she’s not exactly pleased.

Hae-Won though decides to press forward with taking advantage of Woo-Jae while he’s in this vulnerable state. She wants to get married and pushes him to accept. Woo-Jae though is not sure this is a good idea. Hae-Won is pretty clingy and very clearly depressed, and it seems like this wedding is a last-ditch attempt to tie him down.

Naturally, Woo-Jae exhibits concerns and checks his computer for clues. Within his emails, he finds one from the embassy of Korea in Ireland. A missing person case was conducted by Hae-Won after he left too. Now, it would appear as if he left to meet Hui-Ju in Ireland but that last part is speculation on my part and not confirmed.

Interestingly, when he approaches Hyeon-Seong about the subject, he takes the printed email and shreds it completely after their meeting.

That evening, Li-Sa decides to crash over at Ju-Yeong’s place. The latter decides to record their entire conversation together, in which they talk about how Ju-Yeong’s mum left. Interestingly, Ju-Yeong kisses Li-Sa on the lips, which prompts the latter to freak out and hurry home.

Hae-Won heads to the church that evening but as fate would have it, she ends up in the confessional booth with Sun-Woo when he hides out from Ok-Soo. Hae-Won mentions how hard and unfair love is, and how one person can always walk away so easily. Could this be a call back to when Woo-Jae left her I wonder?

Either way, when she leaves we find out from Ok-Soo that he’s actually a murderer. If that wasn’t a big enough revelation, a meeting between Hae-Won and Hui-Ju take a turn for the worst at  the gallery the following day,  “I hope you’ll be happy this time,” Hui-Ju says, throwing shade at Woo-Jae and Hae-Won. Woo-Jae sees through her wording, pointing out that this means they were unhappy before.

A message from Hae-Won’s mum sends her and Woo-Jae charging up the freeway as her grandfather has taken a turn for the worst. Only, when she shows up he seems fine. He’s certainly not happy about seeing Woo-Jae though, hitting him several times with a shovel. It turns out this stems back from him going missing, which sent Hae-Won into a depressive, suicidal state.

Hae-Won falls asleep at her grandfather’s place, mentioning how she wants to go to the cliffs of Moher. When she dozes off, Woo-Jae decides to leave and heads off alone back to town. Standing atop the roof, he experiences flickers of the past – especially when it starts raining. Slipping down the step, he finds himself falling into the arms of Hui-Ju.

The Episode Review

The situation between Hui-Ju, Hae-Won and Woo-Jae continues to heat up, with mysteries still yet to be discovered between the trio. We know that this all stems back to an incident where Woo-Jae decided to leave and go to Ireland but what’s the full story here?

My guess is that Woo-Jae decided to leave on a romantic whim with a pregnant Hui-Ju, heading off to Ireland to have their baby. Only, things aren’t rosy and given their financial distress, it could be that Woo-Jae struggled to get a job. This would explain the tensions but given how afraid Hui-Ju is of him, especially early on in this episode, he may well have got violent.

That’s speculation though and to be honest, the show has done a good job keeping things interesting and mysterious throughout, despite its slow pacing.

And what’s the deal with Woo-Jae too? Is he really a murderer? There’s lots of questions still to be answered here and hopefully we’ll receive those sooner rather than later!

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