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Episode 3 of Reflection of You begins with Hae-Won and Hui-Ju face to face outside. The pair are entwined to fate, with both ladies sharing time in college together. Back then, Hui-Ju and Hae-Won partnered up to learn German. That’s not all though. The two bonded quickly, with Hae-Won even drawing a sketch of Li-Sa as a momentum.

As day turns to night, the duo sat and shared a drink together, discussing the age old hard work VS talent idea. Hae-Won is under the impression that no matter how hard her students work, they’ll never beat someone with true talent.

When she leaves, Woo-Jae shows up at her door, silently walking inside as it appears he is the catalyst that’s undone this happy family set-up.

It’s here we cut forward to the confrontation outside Hui-Ju’s house. Hui-Ju is convinced that her former friend is doing all this to get back at her but Hae-Won is adamant this is all one big misunderstanding. Specifically, she points out how prestigious the art department is at Li-Sa’s school. Is she telling the truth? Hui-Ju is not convinced and warns her away hanging around her family. And just like that, Hui-Ju drives off.

Next up it’s Hyeon-Seong’s turn to confront Hae-Won, calling him out for the comments toward Ju-Yeong. She warned the girl away from hanging around with Li-Sa and Hyeon-Seong wants to know why. Instead, she tells him not to be fooled, going on to admit girls that age don’t tend to tell their father everything.

It’s enough to unsettle Hyeon-Seong, who continues to look deeper into the paperwork used to get Woo-Jae out of hospital. To begin with, he tasks his subordinates to sniff around Hae-Won, determined to see if she’s hiding anything.

Now, the ties to Ireland are actually simpler than we originally thought. It turns out Hyeon-Seong has actually partnered Park Young-Sun’s hospital with another in Ireland, the one we saw Woo-Jae being kept at I presume.

Hyeon-Seong approved all of this but kept it a secret until this deal turned a profit. Basically, the general hospital coming into Sejong will start a joint curriculum with Trinity University in Ireland. Korean pharmaceuticals will then start manufacturing their products in Ireland, hence setting up a favourable deal between the two countries. But is there more to this than we’re seeing? Brief black and white flashes seem to hint that there is but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, Young-Sun isn’t convinced and decides she too needs to check out this deal from top to bottom.

Further flashbacks this episode reveal Hui-Ju despairing while sketching. Just before she erases everything though, Woo-Jae grabs her wrist and convinces her not to. He’s pretty standoffish with her, but it appears the reason why is because Woo-Jae has a crush on her. Inside his journal (which Hui-Ju ends up reading) she finds numerous sketches of her face.

Hui-Ju doesn’t tell him what she’s seen though, but does hear his pencil scraping across the paper and instantly knows that he’s drawing her again. This time though he doesn’t disguise it, telling Hui-Ju outright that the left side of her face is prettier than the right.

Back in the present, it turns out Hui-Ju has actually kept his sketchbook and the way she holds it seems to reveal some deep-rooted affection toward it… until she throws it in the furnace.

Meanwhile, Hae-Won returns to the church and sees Sun-Woo again. She contemplates whether to use the confessional booth, as it appears she’s using Ju-Yeong to her advantage. Remember the random camera phone we saw recording her meeting with Hyeon-Seong? Well, the girl happens to be editing the video on her computer.

We don’t see the result of that though, as we cut across to Hui-Ju picking up Li-Sa from school. She’s pushing herself hard and Ju-Yeong is filming Li-Sa while she dances. A hard fall though sees her demand to delete it.

Li-Sa goes one step further in the car, grabbing Ju-Yeong’s phone and throwing it out the window when she mentions Hae-Won. It’s clear there are secrets being kept here and Hui-Ju starts to suspect the same. Li-Sa acts incredibly bratty, pointing out that Ju-Yeong doesn’t have a mum so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Wow.

This itch refuses to be scratched and it ultimately sees Hae-Won and Hui-Ju meet again. It’s going to be the last meeting between the two though, as Hui-Ju is rattled by Hae-Won bringing up Woo-Jae. Apparently he sends his regards. She doesn’t look amused but as we cut back in time, we see Hui-Ju packing up her things while Woo-Jae takes off with his baby… Ho-Su.

The Episode Review

Well, that was unexpected! It appears as if Hui-Ju isn’t the saintly protagonist we thought she was after all, with the reveal that actually Ho-Su is heavily hinted to be Woo-Jae’s father. Now, that hasn’t been 100% confirmed but given the pair were living together and Hui-Ju was packing her things up to leave, it does look like that’s the case.

This pendulum has continued to swing between our two ladies throughout the show and Reflection of You has done an excellent job to keep the waters suitably murky. Who’s telling the truth? Who’s to fault? And how does Woo-Jae tie into all of this?

There are still a lot of unknowns with this show and the third chapter only seems to reinforce that. Li-Sa is certainly no saint either and it would seem as if she’s the catalyst for a lot of the drama wrapped up in this situation.

One thing is confirmed this week though, and that comes from Hyeon-Seong’s significance to the story and how Ireland ties into all of this. He very clearly has a big business agreement but how does Woo-Jae tie into this?

Given we’ve seen glimmers of fire (a recurring motif in this show too, funnily enough), could it be that Woo-Jae was kept inside a burning building or potentially part of an arson attack? I know I’m clutching at straws here but this k-drama has done an excellent job keeping things intriguing right the way through.

For now, the ending hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come tomorrow.

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