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Episode 2 of Reflection of You begins with Hui-Ju in her studio deep in thought. She’s clearly concerned about Hae-Won’s arrival and believes there’s more to this than meets the eye. At the same time, Hyeong-Seong learns that the unconscious man’s name is Woo-Jae. It would appear as if he’s related to Hae-Won, and a photo of the pair together with Hui-Ju only reinforces this.

In the middle of the night, the family are awoken by loud music coming from Li-Sa’s room. She’s in a panic and claims she can’t hear anything when Hui-Ju rushes in to check on her. Ho-Su complains that his throat is hurting too, but to be honest it’s presumably from all the shouting – and a ploy to get some attention too.

Hui-Ju takes her daughter to hospital and waits patiently for the doctors to see her. While waiting though, Hui-Ju checks the CCTV footage and realizes that Li-Sa actually saw Hae-Won meet with her friend Ju-Yeong from school. In fact, Hui-Ju’s concerns continue when Hae-Won buys Ho-Su an ice-cream to replace the one he spills on her jacket. Hui-Ju isn’t there to see this of course, but as her son refers to her as a “dinosaur lady”, Hui-Ju is worried and frantically looks about, trying to find her.

With Hae-Won nowhere in sight, Hui-Ju heads back to see Li-Sa, who can hear now, believe it or not. She’s cold toward her mother though, refusing to open up. And to make matters worse, her online profile is completely private so there’s no way Hui-Ju will be able to pry that way.

Hae-Won however, seeks refuge in a local church. She sits and watches the different people walking in and out of the confessional booth, including a guy called Seong-Woo whom she takes a fancy to.

After going for lunch with him, Hui-Ju rings and asks for a meeting. In doing so, Hui-Ju starts by asking about Seong-Woo but Hae-Won is quick to deflect and break through these niceties.

Hui-Ju obliges and brings up the CCTV footage, including how distressed Li-Sa was the previous night, believing the meeting with Ju-Yeong is the trigger for Li-Sa’s incredulous state. In fact, Hui-Ju even goes so far as to blame Hae-Won for Li-Sa’s attitude shift.

According to Hae-Won though, Hui-Ju has been leeching off Ju-Yeong, who she hints is the one with the real talent. It’s certainly enough to unsettle Hui-Ju, who isn’t quite sure what to believe right now. Speaking to Li-Sa’s tutor, the woman is confident Li-Sa will “explode” soon (talent-wise). When Ho-Su returns home, he throws a temper tantrum, desperate for ice-cream until Hui-Ju brings the maid in to usher him away.

Meanwhile, Woo-Jae is issued a passport and brought back to Korea. When Hyeon-Seong finds out, he’s concerned over what this means and begins searching through the CCTV footage. There, he figures out that it’s Hae-Won who released Woo-Jae, and pauses over an accompanying certificate which seems to show that Hae-Won is actually married.

One thing Hyeon-Seong doesn’t suspect though is that Ju-Yeong is aligned with Hae-Won, who receives a message later on that evening confirming she met with Hyeon-Seong and believes he’s a “nice guy”. Now, Hae-Won lives with Jung-Yeon, who’s certainly not afraid to say what she thinks, including trying to match-make a widow in a bar. There’s not much else to say about her but given the screen-time she gets here, it seems she could prove to be crucial going forward.

Further flashbacks reveal some of the past involving Hae-Won, who enthusiastically attended an art class which Hui-Ju was a part of too. The pair got on well, with Hui-Ju even buying an expensive dress for Hae-Won from the shop. Interestingly, these flashes also include Woo-Jae too, who happens to be close with Hui-Ju.

As she helps sort out his suit, the pair avoid eye contact with one another as if they’re hiding something. Eventually though she’s encouraged to join in for the photo shoot, where Hae-Won grabs a green coat that Hui-Ju has bought for her. As they stand together, Woo-Jae reaches out and holds Hui-Ju’s hand, bringing her in closer.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. Alongside Hui-Ju’s investigation in the present, it’s now clear that the past flickers at the end reveal a lot about what happened between these two women. It looks like we’re getting your classic love triangle fare, with Woo-Jae and Hui-Ju involved in some sort of affair that completely broke down the relationship between the two best friends. At least, that’s what it looks like anyway.

Reflection of You has done well though to maintain the same eerie atmosphere that made the first chapter so endearing, spinning that into a compelling mystery with plenty of echoes linking back to other dramas, including You Are My Spring and Sky Castle.

The full extent of what Hae-Won actually wants and what happened to Woo-Jae to see him tumble into a coma is yet to be discovered but it’s certainly an enticing prospect for the future. And don’t discount Li-Sa from this either, she’s certainly no saint! Let’s hope the rest of the show follows suit because right now this looks like a deliciously twisted thriller. Oh, and let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

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