Reef Break Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


The Drug Bust

Reef Break returns this week for another standalone case, only this time with sprinklings of a more overarching plot at hand. We begin with Wyatt intercepting a drug bust involving two men smuggling drugs on a boat. As they’re both held up at gunpoint, one of them tries to swim away, prompting Wyatt to swim after him. As the men are apprehended, back at the station Jake tells him he wants to sit in on the interview.

As the interrogation begins, the men refuse to give up any intel on the ringleader so Wyatt offers them a deal which they refuse. After getting nowhere, Jake grabs the man and throws him up against the wall, determined to get some answers.

Meanwhile, Cat is approached by Ana and told to visit Dylan’s island where they’re told the drugs originated from. Reminded it’s a political negotiation, as they reach the island they’re told to give up their phones before making it to Dylan’s house. Unfortunately, in the distance guns point at them from the bushes. Cat suspects something is up soon after and finds an excuse for them to leave out the back. Ana and Cat make it out, hurrying across the jungle only to find themselves caught and held up at gunpoint. Thankfully, they manage to break free and concoct a plan together after spying on an operation taking place.

While Wyatt and Jake fly out to the island, Cat winds up capturing a guard while Ana gets caught separately. As Wyatt and Jake contemplate their next move, Dylan’s son Beau arrives and it turns out he’s the one whose responsible for the whole operation. As Beau begins to contemplate his options, Cat arrives with a high ranking drug officer held up at gunpoint. Outside, Wyatt and Jake manage to knock out a large number of guards and find their way into the room. Only, it turns out Cat and Ana have already saved the day. Beau is arrested while Dylan continues his marijuana trade in peace. The soldiers leave and everything returns to reasonable tranquility on the island.

With the case wrapped up, Ana and Jake hook up while Cat spies on Wyatt’s phone while he’s asleep to see a message from “Eastlandsect”, thanking him for his intel. It’s an intriguing ending no doubt and one that hopefully will add an extra dimension to Wyatt’s character going forward.

There’s a good use of humour here too, with Cat attempting to hug the guards and settling for a handshake standing out as one of the most obvious. Of course, there’s plenty of other moments to savour here and the episode itself is pretty good on the whole. I still have an issue with the number of different songs being used and some of the editing is a little choppy but if you’ve made it this far, Reef Break continues to deliver reasonably enjoyable escapism this summer.


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