Red, White & Royal Blue (2023) Ending Explained – Do Prince Henry and Alex end up together?

Red, White & Royal Blue Plot Summary

After having a foul interaction at a public climate change conference, Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry dislike each other. Alex Claremont-Diaz is the son of America’s president, Ellen Claremont, and Prince Henry is the younger brother of Prince Philip.

After reuniting at Prince Philip’s royal wedding, Henry and Alex have a very controversial interaction that turns into local news. Alex and Henry are forced to befriend each other to resolve the controversy. During the process, the two rich boys end up falling in love with each other.

What happens when Alex comes out to President Ellen?

After Zahra, the deputy chief of staff for President Ellen Claremont, finds Alex and Henry in a compromising position. Alex decides to come out to his mother. Ellen is rather accepting of her son’s sexuality and is supportive when she learns that Alex is bisexual. She asks Alex to make sure that his feelings for Prince Henry were permanent before making any hasty decisions about their future.

Considering the fact that they’re both public figures in their respective parts of the world, Alex decides to take things slow. Over the next few weeks, Henry joins Alex during his Texas campaign. During this time, Alex thinks about the true nature of his feelings and finally realises that he really loves Henry.

How does Prince Henry react after Alex confesses his feelings for him?

Alex tries to confess his feelings for Henry but the latter is overwhelmed by his title of royal heir. Henry flees from America and goes back home. He talks to his sister, telling her his reservations about his relationship with Alex. With complete radio silence from Henry for days, Alex decides to visit Henry.

The two boys argue about their situation and Alex asks Henry to tell him to go away if he did not want him in his life. Henry, instead, takes Alex to the museum he visited with his late father and the two share a dance. After making up following their fight, Henry drops Alex for his flight back home and they exchange personal mementos to remember each other by. 

How are Prince Henry and Alex’s personal emails leaked?

Following this, Prince Henry’s means of communication are cut off after his private emails with Alex are leaked to the press. Alex’s ex Miguel, who is also a news reporter, is assumed to be the main culprit behind the leak and the relationship between Alex and Henry is made public, resulting in a serious controversy.

What does Alex do to save his relationship with Prince Henry?

After having all contact cut off from Henry, Alex decides to address the press and sends him a message through the news. In his speech, Alex comes clean about his relationship with Henry and shares how they were both outed from the closet without their consent.

Alex talks about what coming out means to a queer individual while Henry struggles as the Royal family discusses the potential damage control actions to reverse the consequences of the press leak. Zahra arranges for a call between Alex and Henry and the lovers finally get a chance to reunite when Alex flies to the United Kingdom to meet the royal heir.

Do Alex and Prince Henry go public about their relationship?

Prince Henry thanks Alex for the speech he made but is called to talk to The King. Alex joins Henry during the conversation as the royal prince comes out to his grandfather, King James III. The King is of the opinion that Henry should be protected in order to maintain the royal family’s image. 

Henry tells his grandfather that he’s in love with Alex and was going to go public about his relationship with the First Son of the USA. The King claims that the nation will never accept a homosexual prince. 

However, he is informed about a mob of people that have all gathered around the royal palace with LGBTQ+ flags in their hands, accepting Henry as their own. Henry decides to address the crowd and reveal his relationship with Alex.

How does Red, White and Royal Blue end?

After finally being accepted for his sexuality, Henry decides to support Alex through his political conquest. During President Ellen’s re-election, Henry helps Alex as he gets anxious about his mother’s win.

Texas votes in favor of Ellen and she is re-elected for another 4-year term as the President of the USA. Alex and Henry celebrate this win as Alex takes Henry to his childhood home in Texas as the movie ends.


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