Red Rose – Season 1 Episode 6 “Results Day” Recap & Review

Results Day

Wren has a nightmare that Simon is strangling her in the bathtub as Red Rose episode 6 starts. The next morning in the woods, The Dickheads chill with Jaya. They are visibly more relaxed after Simon’s death. Noah talks about asking Wren to lake District if he passes geography, while Taz surprises Ashley with tickets to Paris.

Wren and Rick spend time together in Blackpool. She calls her “dad” but it evokes confused feelings in Rick. He feels he does not deserve to be called the term as he has not acted like it. He asks Wren never to become like him and the two walk along the beach.

The results pf the exams are in and the group largely feels satisfied with them. Wren sees Vinny looking at Roche’s card and the group goes up to him. She did “amazing,” he says and the group looks on. Rachel invites Rick into her house. Wren comes in as well and shows her report card to them. They are impressed with the numbers. Antony tells her mother about the results and laments about what happened to Roche. But he sees Andrea has already dozed off. His younger brother watches him go into the city, a little heartbroken.

Wren is confused about how the family has suddenly come together. Will Rachel and Rick be staying together from now on in? How will they make amends? Antony goes to Jacob’s and wins praise from Mrs Taylor. They have a pleasant chat and we can see Antony getting excited talking about his future. She gives him Jacob’s tablet, which ominously switches on in his hands on Antony’s prompt. He takes it to Jaya and they watch a video of Jacob on the tab. She spots a website from the deep internet in the background. She finds that Red Rose is a website too.

It just tried to access their location. Jaya says they need to figure out the password to learn the real identity of RR. Simon perhaps was not RR entirely. They decided not to tell Wren. Jaya finds a lot of vlogs of Jacob and vows to go through them to find the password. Maybe then the police will listen to them. Shelley is elated with Noah’s results. He is blasé about it. His indifferent attitude worries Shelley. Jaya watches a vlog where Jacob is heartbroken that his romantic advances were rejected by a girl. He dearly loved her but she did not reciprocate.

Jacob says “he” says Jacob will get her in the end. Jaya’s mother asks Jaya to pick up a bottle of champagne for celebrating the results. Taz and Antony invited Patrick to the celebrations but Noah is not pleased. Patrick runs out with a carte of alcohol. Jacob wonders if there is something wrong with him on another vlog. Jaya notes down probable passwords from his speech in a diary. We see Jacob was heartbroken and scared over Alyssa’s death. He kept mentioning “the gardener” in the video. But who is he?

The girls have a drink at Wren’s house. Ashley and Wren give Jaya a jacket and officially welcome her to the Dickheads group. Jaya reveals to Antony that Jacob was trying to groom Alyssa like Simon was trying to do with Roche and Wren. She also mentions “the gardener”. Antony asks her to forget it for the night and enjoy it. The parents have a night out of their own. Vinny is visibly distressed about Roche’s death and discusses a memory with Rachel. He feels he burdened her too much but Rachel consoles him. She breaks down as well, considering she was at fault because of Simon.

As the Dickheads discuss what Roche would be in life, Antony declares he is gay. The group is accepting and embraces him for coming out. It is a night of wild fun for the Dickheads and the other teenagers. The parents too get in on the act. In her drunk state, Jaya tells Wren the truth about the RR website. She is shocked to learn about it. Wren asks Jaya to drop the issue and move on. After Wren leaves, Jaya says to herself “I love you too”, confirming that she is gay and is in love with Wren. She leaves the party midway and goes up to the bedroom and tries to log into the RR website again. Wren separates from the crowd as well. She calls Roche’s phone and says she misses Roche. Jaya watches Jacob’s vlog where he rues not knowing the feeling of being loved back.

She types “iloveyoutoo” and the website opens. Jaya sees a plethora of phones being tracked there. All their cameras are accessible to Jaya. Wren gets a message from Roche “she is with her”. Taz watches Wren go her own way. “You’re not supposed to be here” flashes on Jaya’s screen from The Gardner. Jaya sees fire has caught outside her room and Ashley is pushed down the rocks by someone.

The Episode Review

As the end approaches, the threat of Red Rose becomes more urgent, expansive, and physical. It is quite clear that someone is targeting this group but we have not been able to ascertain why. Ashley now fights a battle of survival in the hospital – if she made it out alive – and Jaya too was tried to be eliminated. Her integration into the group was handled well in this episode and the previous one.

The wild night of partying showed teen spirit and it was nice to see the kids take a night off. Jaya has finally been able to get her hands on Jacob’s tablet. We think she might have escaped the fire and will use the resources to track down the culprits. The police miraculously denies being involved and it remains up to the Dickheads and their parents to find out the truth about Red Rose.

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