Recurrence (2022) Ending Explained – Who killed Samantha Sosa?

Recurrence Plot Synopsis

“Recurrence” is an Argentine crime-thriller movie featuring characters devised by author Florencia Etcheves. It is the third instalment in the “Pipa” trilogy by director Alejandro Montiel, following “Perdida” and “Intuition”.

The protagonist of the movie, Manuela Pipa Pelari is an ex-violent crimes investigator who now works on a farm and resides with her son Tobias in the small, picturesque town of La Quebrada in Northern Argentina. Pipa left the police department as a result of the trauma caused to her due to her former companion and drug dealer Cornelia Villalbas’ demise, as featured in “Perdida”. She felt miserable and trapped, and her life was slowly falling apart. Her aunt Alicia eventually takes her to the lovely La Quebrada valley.

The stern woman who made it through her tenure in the federal police department by violating laws and hiding skeletons in her closet had decided to alter the course of her life. Pipa discovered calm, a chance to start anew, and a place to lower her guard in the small Argentinean village.

Recurrence begins with the death of Samantha Sosa, a 16-year-old girl discovered in a burned state. Alicia persuades Pipa to transform into her older self. Pipa embraces the person she used to be and she sets out on a dangerous quest to learn the truth about what happened. “Who killed her, and why?” are the concerns that run throughout the movie and result in new discoveries.

Although various plot twists portraying villagers and crooked officers diverted the viewers attention away from the storyline for a while, the ending wound up explaining some of the film’s shortcomings. It also included a lot of action, which is a big deal in thriller movies.

What does Recurrence’s landscape symbolize?

The movie begins beautifully and elegantly, with some magnificent landscape views and breathtaking aerials depicting the terrain’s remoteness and desolation. This splendour rapidly shifts to the finding of a deceased young woman, with the officers arriving to investigate. It was indeed a perfect approach to start the narrative as it didn’t waste any time and instead delved straight into the case that would become the central focus of the storyline.

The setting can be interpreted as a metaphor for the residents of the town. Despite the stunning backdrop, the land is remote and deserted, with cactus, the only plant dominating the desert, much like the Carrera family that rules the town. The Carrera family, who also controls the police, kills anyone who stands in their way.

For most parts of the movie, the town’s residents appear disconnected, much like the film’s desolate-looking terrain.

Why does Pipa choose to investigate the mystery behind Samantha Sosa’s death?

Sami’s death bothered Pipa because it reminded her of the death of her close friend Cornelia Villalba. Pipa has a tumultuous past. She worked in the Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit. Cornelia was a drug dealer, but Pipa let her go because she expected her to come to her senses and change her ways.

After Cornelia was murdered, Pipa blamed herself as she didn’t turn Cornelia in, despite of knowing the truth. In the end, Pipa goes to great lengths to provide justice to Sami, as she tries to solve Samantha’s case to compensate for Cornelia’s murder. She was even willing to die in the process. She was so consumed by remorse that she didn’t even consider what would happen to her son Tobias if she died.

What was the initial theory behind Samantha’s death?

Samantha’s demise acts as the primary suspense for the majority of the film.

The initial theory is that she stole the necklace and then drank heavily in a shed. While she was asleep, the flames she created hit the ceiling. It was assumed that Samantha died when the shed burned as a consequence of her igniting the flames.

Who killed Samantha Sosa?

Paredes arrived at Pipa’s farm the night Samantha was murdered, claiming to be searching for a cougar. Subsequently, when Pipa inquired if he attended the Carreras’ party, he says no. Later, Pipa seems to have an epiphany and she concludes that Luis must have lied as he was dressed nicely when he arrived to her house asking for permission to search the cougar.

When she confronts him, he admits to murdering the girl. He explains that he had no intention of doing so. Somebody else told him to go after her, and while trying to silence her screams, he kept her mouth shut for too long and smothered her. Pipa asks Luis to surrender, but he flees as Rufino approaches.

What evidence does Samantha’s cellphone have?

The cellphone is a crucial plot device throughout the storyline. In the latter part of the film, we learn what truly occurred. The police are looking for a piece of critical evidence on Sami’s cellphone, and ultimately, by monitoring the GPS, they discover that the mobile is now with Pippa’s son Tobias. When the cops come for Tobi and his companions, he manages to flee and reaches Alicia’s house.

Pipa watches a clip on the cellphone that discloses two disturbing and crucial details. Sami was seen snooping when she caught the Carrera siblings having intercourse, proving their incestuous relationship. Furthermore, a friend walked in on them and Mecha murdered him to keep the secret hidden. However, when she found Sami filming, she urged her mother to deal with the problem, which resulted in her death.

Why does Cruz commit suicide?

Sami’s friend claims that Cruz gave Samantha the allegedly stolen necklace while he was having fun with her in an attempt to make his sister jealous. The ex-cop goes to a celebration that the Carreras are hosting. There, she quietly confronts the teenager. When Cruz discovers Sami is dead, he is shocked.

Luis visits Etelvina and the two have a conversation about Sami. Cruz overhears their talks and he threatens to expose his mother. She explains that she merely took those steps to keep him safe.

When Cruz goes to file a complaint, Melino tells him to go home as no one would believe his testimony.

Cruz commits suicide in the pool at the Carrera home, where he is high on drugs and consumed with guilt over his inability to find closure.

Cruz’s suicide marked the beginning of the final act of Recurrence. This happened at the same time that Mecha admitted to killing Paco. In the final act of the movie, the Cruz and Mecha video becomes a central subject of discussion.

Why was Alicia killed?

Melino pays Alicia a visit while Pipa arrives at her house. He’s searching for Tobias and the cellphone with the controversial video. He is accompanied by his two armed deputy officers. Alicia met them there with a stern demeanour.

During an argument over finding Tobias, whom the commander asserted had shot one of his men, violence breaks out. Alicia refuses to give up the cellphone or Tobias’ location. When she finally raises a shotgun to one of them, the deputy immediately shoots her.

The deputy mocks the dying Alicia until Pipa attacks him. She ends up killing him after a scuffle, but not without receiving a gunshot in the bargain. As Alicia takes her last breath, she and Pipa exchange a heartfelt farewell.

How do Pipa and Tobias end up in the tunnel?

Dying Alicia urged Pipa and Tobias to flee after Pipa broke in and killed a police officer inside the house. Melino orders his deputies to find Pipa and frame her of Alicia’s murder. One of them split off to stay at the house, while the others look for the phone.

After Pipa watches the appalling footage, she and Tobias head for the border. They run into the cops who are trying to hunt her down. Pipa and Tobias end up at an old mine after a brief car chase, where Pipa informs Rafino about what’s going on.

Melino along with the other cops show up at the abandoned mine and chase her there, hoping that with her wounds, she’ll be easy to find. Following a hug and a warning from Pipa to flee, Tobias almost leaves.

Does Recurrence have a happy ending?

Melino stands above Pipa with his gun pointing at her, confessing that he was involved in the murder only to protect his son, Cruz. Tobias appears at that exact time and he is seen holding the cell-phone and clutching a gun. He aims it at Melino, however Pipa, on the other hand, persuades him to lay down his weapon and hand over the phone to Melino.

Pipa shot the captain as she bent down to pick up the phone. Pipa and Tobias hugged and celebrated their victory in the scene that followed.

The film concludes with Rufino testifying in court about the events that unfolded, followed by a brief montage and the last scene showing Pipa and Tobias on a cliff while watching a sunset.

The film concludes on a happy note, with the wrongdoers being punished and the crime finally being solved.


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