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Episode 6 of Record Of Youth with Hye-Jun heading back to Jeong-Ha’s place where they intentionally avoid mentioning Hye-Jun’s confession. Instead, they focus on Jeong-Ha’s parents.

She tries to act cool but in private it’s obvious she likes him too and is trying not to let it show too much. Instead, she contemplates whether to date him or not.

However, Hye-Jun is called away by a message from Min-Ki. He needs to create a portfolio for his big modelling gig coming up. On the bus on the way home, Min-Jae calls her client into the cafe to reveal some good news. She’s managed to secure Hye-Jun another movie role.

Elsewhere, Hae-Hyo messages Jeong-Ha and asks how she is. She simply brushes him off though, making Hae-Hyo even more determined to win her over. He buys some flowers in the morning and speaks to his Mother about his affection for Jeong-Ha.

Jeong-Ha becomes the official designer at the salon, complete with a new name-tag to confirm as much. Only, her joy is short-lived when Jin-Ju berates Jeong-Ha for not teaching Su-Bin correctly. Some things never change.

Hae-Hyo shows up with flowers though, determined to ask her for a date. However, he becomes deflated when he learns she’s actually going to follow through with going out with Hye-Jun.

Min-Ki continues to train, showing up to class early and practicing his stance. At the same time, Hye-Jun happens to be working in Subway (of course he is) until Jin-U arrives and updates him on what’s going on.

A big scandal featuring Park Do-Ha assaulting a fan is causing serious problems with the actor’s publicity. In the midst of this, Hae-Hyo happens to be trending. This concerns I-Young though as she doesn’t want her son involved in all this.

Although Min-Jae has bagged another gig for Hye-Jun, she runs into problems of her own. Tae-Su is spreading rumours that she took his client (Hye-Jun) away. On the back of this, it’ll mean she needs to break the bad news to Hye-Jun that actually he hasn’t got the gig anymore.

That evening, Hae-Hyo drives Jeong-Ha to Hye-Jun’s but it’s obvious he has feelings for her and wants to win the girl over. It’s Min-Ki’s big photoshoot and Jeong-Ha does her best to apply his make-up and fix his clothes to make things are good as possible.

After the show, the group head out for drinks to celebrate Hye-Jun’s big win…but obviously when Min-Jae receives the message she breaks down into tears.

Even worse, Min-Ki heads home and tells both Ae-Suk and Yeong-Nam that Hye-Jun got in the drama.

In the morning, Hye-Jun meets back up with Jin-U after heading to the movies with Jeong-Ha. Min-Jae however continues to dance around the truth and remains determined to tell Hye-Jun sooner rather than later.

Jin-U lets slip that he’s seeing Hae-Na to Hye-Jun. After Hye-Jun sows seeds of doubts in his mind, Jin-U’s big date with Hae-Na doesn’t go to plan when he pulls away from kissing her. He believes he’s violating the girl given how close they are. She pulls away in disgust and eventually walks out the room.

Gyeong-Jun continues to look at flats, this time finding one for half the price of the previous lavish apartment. After some thinking, he agrees to sign.

That evening he tells the others while Hye-Jun struggles to get through to Min-Jae. Eventually he heads over and confronts the woman face to face. She tells him she doesn’t deserve to be his manager.

At the same time, I-young finds out about Hye-Jun not getting the gig and tells Ae-Suk. She implores her not to reveal anything to Hye-Jun as she heads home.

Just as she does, Min-Ki passes out and is forced into hospital. Yeong-Nam packs a bag for him and finds Min-Ki’s portfolio. As he flicks through the pages, he realizes what his Father has been doing and why he’s overworked.

When Hye-Jun heads home, Yeong-Nam berates Hye-Jun for getting involved. Eventually their fight leads to him slapping Hye-Jun across the face. Struggling to hold back tears, Jeong-Ha rings and asks to hang out together.

It’s just what he needs too and the two play piano together. It’s obvious Hye-Jun is falling in love and he eventually leans forward and kisses Jeong-Ha.

The Episode Review

Record Of Youth returns with a really long episode but one that does well to flesh out each of the characters. The sub-plots are well written and this character-driven ensemble continues to produce some good acting.

The plot is a bit slow at times though and there’s a fair amount of filler here too. Did we really need this to be 80 minutes long? Probably not.

Still, the ending is enough to entice you back in and there’s lots to like about this one to stick with it for the long haul.

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