Record Of Youth – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Drunken Confessions

While Hye-Jun is sent to his room, episode 4 of Record Of Youth begins with Ae-Suk and Yeong-Nam discussing Hye-Jun’s dreams. She’s determined to make a better life for her kids and that means letting Hye-Jun pursue the movie career. Begrudgingly, Yeong-Nam agrees to allow this for now. When Hye-Jun finds out, he warmly embraces his mother.

Not long after, he speaks to Min-Ki and shows him the modelling gear. He’a scared and clearly doesn’t want to fail. Hye-Jun leaves it up to him to decide what to do next. Next stop is Min-Jae;s where he accepts her offer. She draws up a contract but it’s unfavourable to him and requests her to do it again.

Meanwhile, I-Yeong and Hae-Hyo head back to the salon to get their make up done. After initially requesting Jeong-Ha, her absence means Jin-Ju and the others are gossiping and believe something more is going on. I-Yeong picks up on this too and tells her son he needs a good enough reason only to pick Jeong-Ha as a make-up artist.

Jin-U runs into trouble on the photo-shoot. After tripping over a wire and breaking the light, the Director starts shouting at him. This is enough for him to snap and decide to quit and walk away from this job.

Hye-Jun receives some sound advice from Min-Jae. She encourages him to get competitive and start watching football highlights for an adrenaline rush.

Just then, Jeong-Ha shows up and the pair head out for food. They have great chemistry together as the pair start drinking heavily and flirting. Eventually Jeong-Ha opens up and admits that she fangirled over him in the past. However, she’s going to stop doing that now.

As they leave the bar, the duo walk (well, Jeong-Ha is stumbling) outside and continue talking. When she receives a call from Jin-Ju, her mood changes completely. She starts crying and laments that her boss hates her. She doesn’t understand why someone would bully another for no reason.

Eventually she composes herself…just in time for the rain to kick in. The duo hurry off to the nearby diner and wait under the cover for the rain to subside. While they do, the camera pans out to show the name of this diner is “I Like You”.

In the morning, Hae-Hyo and Hye-Jun rush to the clinic where Jin-U sits waiting for them. Hae-Na wants him to get a shot to protect from cervical cancer. The boys – unknown to them that it’s Hae-Na he’s seeing – tell Jin-Ju to break up as she’s manipulating him. Instead, they sit together and wait as all 3 of them have been signed up to receive these shots. Afterward, Hye-Jun heads off with Min-Jae while sitting in the back seat.

Eventually he realizes what she’s doing and gets her to stop the car. Sitting in the front he vows to always uphold his values and never falter. Unlike Hae-Hyo, he doesn’t want to superficially get to the top or take shortcuts. The path he’s chosen is one of defiance and righteousness.

I-Yeong arrives at the salon and requests that Jeong-Ha be the one to do her make-up this time. After completing the job, she tells I-Yeong that its not right for her to be doing this and requests Jin-Ju continue until she surpasses her. This impresses Ms. Kim who tells her she’s smart.

Before meeting a reporter, Hye-Jun is brought to the salon where Jeong-Ha does his make-up.

Afterwards, Hye-Jun shows up at the studio and gets into his role. He’s not phased by PD Kim and starts improvising his lines. The director likes it too and decides to go with his ideas for the scene. As he smiles, Hye-Jun’s future looks to be on the up.

The Episode Review

Record Of Youth is just starting to crank up the heat now. The relationship between Hye-Jun and Hae-Hyo is okay for now but there’s definitely a sense this could blow up sooner rather than later. As Hye-Jun’s improvising lines are likened by the Director, could we see his career start to take off now?

Meanwhile, Jeong-Ha finds herself in a difficult position and berated by Jin-Ju. This obviously makes life difficult for her and it’ll be interesting to see what happens between these two going forward.

For now though the show bows out this week’s duo of episodes with another decent slice of drama. While there’s nothing outright incredible or amazing with this, there’s enough to like nonetheless.

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