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Military Service

Record Of Youth returns with a much more melodramatic episode this time around. With more familial woes for Hye-Jun to deal with and a deeper divide starting to form between Hye-Hun and Hae-Hyo, this drama is just starting to heat up now.

Episode 2 of Record Of Youth begins with Hye-Jun questioning Jeong-Ha about her phone and whether she’s his fan. In her flustered state, she instead deflects it and tells him she’s actually Hae-Hyo’s fan instead.

While they sit and talk, Hae-Hyo meanwhile learns he’s got the movie role. Only, that’a likely to complicate matters given Hye-Jun also applied for that very same position. For now, it’s kept a secret while Hye-Jun and Jeong-Ha agree to talk casually.

After inviting her warmly into their group, Hye-Jun hurries off to get paid early. Only, outside the room happens to be a man named Charlie Jung.

As we soon see from a flashback, this guy has history with Hye-Jun and tried to buy his way into gaining his affection. Hye-Jun is morally sound though and clearly having none of this, rejecting him outright. He rejected him then and now – in the present – he rejects Jung’s idea of being his sponsor. Instead of taking no for an answer, this influential man gives him a week to think it over.

Outside, Hye-Jun runs into Jeong-Ha and the two talk about her life. She gives make-up lessons for free and the duo playfully get along. So much so that she manages to get his number.

Elsewhere, Yeong-Nam’s shoulder plays up at work on the construction site. Clutching it in pain, he’s forced to head home. When Ae-Ra finds out, she puts it down to stress regarding Hye-Jun’s military draft. On the phone to her friend, she discusses Hae-Hyo’s recent successes with the commercial and bemoans her own luck.

Back home, Yeong-Nam tries to alleviate the pain in his shoulder but decides against going to hospital. Instead, he’s berated by Min-Ki who reminds him not to be so hard on Hye-Jun.

Meanwhile, I-Yeong buys superficial followers for Hae-Hyo online. When his sister arrives, she bemoans her luck given her favouritism toward her brother.

At the same time, Min-Jae returns to the office and asks her boss about paying Hye-Jun. He hasn’t done so yet and even worse, turned down a prospective fashion show telling them he’s retired.

While Jeong-Ha sets up her make-up booth outside, Hye-Jun, Hae-Hyo and Jin-U walk together. As they mention military service, Hae-Hyo finally lets slip that he received a call from the movie studio. Hye-Jun walls away but as he does, the camera pans up to show a picture of Martin Luther King on the wall with the writing “I have a dream.”

When he heads back home thing’s aren’t much better with his family. They all faun over over his brother Gyeong-Jun and how amazing he is. At the same time, Jeong-Ha uploads her youtube video online while Hae-Hyo proudly looks at his extra followers gained. Unbeknownst to him though, these are of course paid for by his Mother and superficial.

Back home, Hye-Jun breaks the news to his family that he didn’t get the movie role. Distraught and devastated, Hye-Jun’s mood is not helped by his Father instead happily proclaiming that his son can now do military service. Following your dream is hard enough but this family prioritise the wrong things and make it that much harder for him. The only person standing by Hye-Jun’s side is his Grandpa who tells them they need to treat both sons equally.

After a big fight, Hye-Jun and his Grandpa sit together and discuss their lives. He wants to get a job to help Yeong-Nam pay for treatment to his shoulder.

In the morning, Hye-Jun makes up his mind and visits the Sponsor, Jung. He tells him he’s not interested and defiantly vows to remember this day as it will now be a turning point. That turning point begins with Min-Jae inviting Hye-Jun along for a fashion show in Milan.

As they touch down in Italy (which ironically happens to be where I’m writing this recap from!) Hye-Jun immediately gets into the groove and performs his cat walk. Afterward, he and Min-Jae discuss their time together and in particular his career prospects following Hae-Hyo getting the movie role. It turns out he got the role because of his follower count not talent.

Back in Korea, Hye-Jub introduces Hae-Hyo to Jeong-Ha as his fan. In private though, she tells him that really she’s actually Hye-Jun’s fan but couldn’t tell him. After advising Jeong-Ha to follow her dreams, Hye-Jun requests a hair cut. His reasoning? He’s joining the military.

The Episode Review

After a relatively slow start, Record Of Youth kicks into gear with a much more driven episode of drama. That divide last time with Hye-Jun and Hae-Hyo is just starting to widen now. With Hae-Hyo’s movie career taking off, I’d imagine this will come tumbling down when the truth about the superficial fans leaks out.

Meanwhile, Hye-Jun’s decision to actually go and do military service may actually be just what he needs. His dreams and passion certainly won’t fizzle out in that time and the discipline may drive him to compete more fiercely this time.

The added inclusion of the sponsor and the temptations on Hye-Jun’s past really help to drive home just how sincere and honest this guy is. He doesn’t want to take the easy road and that much is certainly apparent.

For now though the show leaves the door wide open for next week’s set of episodes but there’s definitely enough here to whet the appetite.


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