Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

No more Primogeniture

Episode 8 of Reborn Rich begins and Hyeon-min’s home. Everyone around him is excited about the upcoming wedding. As is customary, Sung-joon and his friends deliver gifts to his in-law’s place and are invited in for a feast. At jeongsimjae, Dong-ki is having a meal with Chairman Jin. Young-ki is surprised to see him.

Dong-ki came for a meal to find out Chairman Jin’s present to Sung-joon. Young-ki is confident that chairman Jin will start grooming Sung-joon to succeed him since the family rule is primogeniture. As the sons fight over the family business, the father is depressed due to his medical condition.

Se-hyeon urges an unwilling Do-jun to give up on digital media city at miracle investments. An idea pops up, and Do-jun and Se-hyeon visit Soonyang medical to meet up with Daeyoung’s chairman. Do-jun informs the chairman that he was there to give him business advice on how Daeyoung distribution can beat Soonyang transportation.

At the wedding ceremony, Sung-joon tells Hyeon-min he was aware of her interest in Do-jun. In a flashback, it is shown that he had intended to visit Hyeon-min at her gallery and saw them together. He uses this information to blackmail her into marriage. When taking the family photo, Do-jun arrives. He stands beside chairman Jin, who still thinks he has the upper hand regarding the New Seoul Town project. He asks why Do-jun is not happy, and he answers that he has given up on the goal of buying Soonyang with his own money. Chairman Jin is puzzled.

During the wedding reception, Mr Lee informs Chairman Jin of a visitor who happens to be chairman Joo Young II of the Daeyoung group. He is infuriated that Do-jun visited him. Elsewhere Do-jun goes in to see Sung-joon. Sung-joon apologizes for DMC and warns Do-jun against going against Soonyang. He warns him not to start a fight that already has an ending.

Sung-joon receives a call that all the spots at DMC have been filled.

Do-jun informs him that he was late for the wedding since the deadline set by Seoul city was done, and he had to finish up the requirements for the agreement. Do-jun tells him he has no intention of handing over the DMC project to Soonyang Group. Sung-joon is infuriated. Do-jun asks if he was implying that there were not any legal ways he could use to fill up the spots due to Soonyang’s cowardly meddling. He scoffs and walks off.

Do-jun had advised chairman Young II not to sell Daeyoung distribution and instead to acquire a home shopping channel that was up for sale. Chairman Young II informs Chairman Jin that Daeyoung will join DMC. Suddenly, chairman Jin experiences mobility impairment, as his doctor has said. He is afraid his children will find out about it.

At the family dinner, everyone is anxious about Chairman Jin’s gift to Sung-joon. To their disbelief, he assigns him to work at the Geochnag distribution warehouse. The grandfather knew he was behind the illegal land speculation of New Seoul Town and the failure to land the project with DMC and was immensely disappointed.

He also announces that Soonyang would no longer follow primogeniture. The members should buy all the shares with their money or prove competent enough to be the leader. The one able to get Soonyang bigger and better would get everything. He also said that the one he loves most out of all his children is Soonyang. Sung-joon loses his cool and wants to pick a fight with Do-jun. Hyeon-min faints.

In a flashback, we are taken back to the meeting between Chairman Jin and Chairman Young II. He had praised Do-jun for his business acumen and said that he reminded him of Chairman Jin. He has good senses to catch a whiff of money, just like Chairman Jin. Chairman Young II admits that he had let his guard down since he knew none of Chairman Jin’s children took after him, but Do-jun scared him. At the photo shoot, Do-jun had told the chairman the same. He would use what he learned from him and use everything in his power to buy Soonyang.

Do-jun had achieved his next goal. Chairman Jin struck out primogeniture giving everyone in the family a chance. He was still keen on buying Soonyang, but he understood that other family members would easily betray each other to become the next owner of Soonyang.

At jeongsimjae, Pil Ok is angered by chairman Jin’s announcement at the wedding dinner. At the hospital, Hyeon-min wakes up after everyone leaves. She faked the fainting to stop Sung-joon from doing something stupid.

Mr Lee informs Hwa-young, Dong-ki, and Young-ki of the business separation made by chairman Jin as required by the government and IMF. Each one is supposed to pay previous owners for the subsidiaries previously held to take full ownership. Chang-je suggests that Hwa-young seeks financial assistance from Miracle investment.

Hwa-young invites Do-jun and his mother to the Soonyang department store. He invites her in the guise of joining the fashion store but humiliates Hae-in while Do-jun watches to teach him a lesson. He should know his place and not step over the line.

Back at Miracle Investment, Do-jun and his team continue their plan to take over Soonyang. In a flashback to the life of Hyeon-woo, he remembers a great investment opportunity, New Data Technology.

In-hyeok, Dong-ki spy reports Do-jun’s new interest in stock trading. Dong-ki invests in New Data Technology. Hwa-young needs 400 million dollars to pay for ownership of the Soonyang distribution group.

His brothers do not offer help, so she is forced to reach out to Se-hyeon. In the meeting, Se-hyeon asks for a 30 %  stake in the Soonyang department store as loan security. Se-hyeon also mentions New Data technology. Using company funds, Hwa-young invests in New Data technology too.

Young-ki and Dong-ki call Se-hyeon, expressing interest in paying back the 400 million dollars in exchange for Soonyang department store shares. He asks for 800 million dollars and 1.6 billion dollars from Dong-ki.

Elsewhere, Hwa-young is a mess since she followed Se-hyeon’s advice and sold her New Data Technology shares for 40 dollars, and the price skyrocketed to 55 dollars, and the price keeps skyrocketing. Do-jun visits her office and informs her that her brothers are keen on buying the company shares from Miracle investments.

He also mentions that it is speculated that the New Data technology stock price might go up to 300 dollars. That becomes the tipping point, and she succumbs to pressure. She asks her finance director to invest 140 million company funds into new data technology. She fell into Do-jun’s trap.

The Episode Review

The most exciting development in this episode was the falling through of primogeniture. As usual, our protagonist continues to amaze viewers with his unique mindset.

One would think he wanted his grandfather to reverse his rule of the eldest, getting it all to have a shot at becoming a rightful heir, but he intended to use the selfishness and greed of the Soonyang family against them. They betray each other as he takes the opportunity to buy the company from them.

Although sad, it is quite satisfying to see Sung-joon lose. He lets his pride and emotions get the better of him, and he ends up making terrible choices. Do-jun continues to make intelligent moves, and the family continues to fall into his traps. What becomes of their investments into New Data Technology?

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