Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Miracle Investment Majority shareholder, Jin Do-Jun

Episode 7 of Reborn Rich begins with Hyeon-min meeting with Sung-joon. She asks him if he knows the owner of Miracle investment. Elsewhere, our protagonist meets with his grandfather, the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment. Chairman Jin is puzzled, in disbelief and immensely angered.

He thinks that Do-jun is doing all that to make him leave Soonyang corporations to Do-jun and not to his eldest son Sung-joon. Do-jun puzzles him more when he says he does not want to inherit Soonyang; instead, he wants to buy it with his money.

In the meeting with Sung-joon, Hyeon-min is disappointed that Sung-joon is unaware of his biggest business rival. She concludes that he does not suit her and asks her to break off the marriage proposal. She wants to date a person who gets a position not just because they are Chairman Jin Yang Cheol’s eldest grandson.

Do-jun explains to chairman Jin why he is interested in buying Soonyang. He understands the sweat and tears chairman Jin put into growing the business. However, chairman Jin’s rule about the eldest inheriting it all is what he is against.

Young-ki might be his eldest son, but it does not necessarily equate to him inheriting chairman Jin’s entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, Soonyang under Young-ki’s chairmanship will not be the same as Soonyang under Chairman Jin’s leadership. The grandfather is dumbfounded.

Chairman Jin threatens Do-jun; he urges him to go back to school and forget about Se-hyeon, who he thinks is the one inciting Do-jun. Do-jun retaliates by asking chairman Jin to release Se-hyeon for an exchange of a part of the New Seoul town development. The grandfather thinks he still has the upper hand, and Do-jun smirks informing him he has not even started bargaining.

Elsewhere, mayor Chang-je is preparing to hold a press conference.

Chang-je is in a meeting with Mr Lee, who wants to know the agenda of the press conference. He informs him that the results of the prosecutor’s investigation were that a real estate speculation force was using internal data in the New Seoul town project. The significant culprits happened to be the family members of Young-ki’s wife.

Do-jun tells his grandfather that if the owner of Miracle investment, who bribed mayor Chang-je, is revealed to be chairman Jin’s youngest grandson, the story would change. With the additional information that his daughter-in-law was involved in land speculation, the public would believe that chairman Jin was the mastermind. The statement shooks chairman jin to the core.

At home, chairman Jin summons Jung-rae and realizes that Young-ki is the one who urged her to use her family members to speculate land value in Seoul, New town. He intended to earn back the loss he made from the purchase of Hando Steel.

Do-jun visits his uncle, mayor Chang-je who expresses his worry that his father-in-law Chairman Jin would try to drag him down throughout his tenure as a mayor. Do-jun advises striving to soar higher enough that the chairman cannot drag him down. Do-jun suggests that Chang-je can go as high as becoming the president with the support of the people.

Se-hyeon is impressed by Do-jun’s mindset. He jokes that he is not 22 and that if he ripped off his good-looking mask, he would find a 40-year-old man inside him. He also thinks it might be Do-jun’s second life. Do-jun honestly answers that it was both, to which he thinks Do-jun is bluffing.

It is revealed that Young-ki served a prison sentence which led to his knee problems. Chairman Jin seems remorseful about it, saying that his sins run deep. Young-ki urges his son not to do anything to upset his grandfather. Sungjoon was Young-ki’s only asset since the company, and the house belonged to chairman Jin. Mr Lee intends to spread the information that Do-jun is the owner of Miracle Investments, but chairman Jin prefers not to.

Do-jun swears that the children of chairman Jin Yang Cheol will never inherit Soonyang. In a flashback, he reveals that Soonyang Group caused the death of Hyen-woo’s family members and made it impossible for him to return to his family. Hence, he will ensure that the children never peacefully share Soonyang.

Chairman Jin takes Young-ki for a check-up and Soonyang hospital. Mr Lee suggests he should leave the company to the family member who resembles him the most. Chairman Jin wonders if there is anyone like that. He also acknowledges that even if there was, his children would never allow it. Instead, they would fight and torture each other to the end.

Thinking that Yoong-ki is the mastermind behind Do-jun’s schemes, Chairman Jin offers him ownership of Soonyang medical and HR Development centre. In return, he should stop interfering with the affairs of Soonyang Corporation.

In retaliation for losing the bid for the New Seoul Town project, chairman jin uses his influence to make the businesses signed to occupy the digital media city withdraw. This throws back Do-jun’s plans since he has to find new occupants or the deal with the mayor will fall through.

Sung-joon uses this development t declare a win against Do-jun and mayor Chang-je by expressing superiority. He is convinced that Do-jun would not find any alternatives and that mayor Chang-je would have no choice but to offer the project to Soonyang.

Do-jun comes up with a new idea to use online media companies that do not depend on Soonyang advertising. A new potential investor expresses interest on the condition that Do-jun agrees to meet with them. The investor happens to be Min-hyeon. She offers Do-jun a deal it seems he might be unable to refuse.

Do-jun leaves the meeting with Hyeon-min and goes to the café where Nin-young used to work. Unfortunately, she no longer works there. He gives back his coupons since he does not intend to visit the café anymore. He is contemplating whether to call Min-young but decodes against him and drives off just as Min-young arrives and rushes outside to find him.

The conversation between Do-jun and Hyeon-min is revealed. He refused her offer since, in return, she wanted them to get married. She wanted to put Do-jun on a leash so he could obey her family at all times and do as she says and make her a granddaughter-in-law of the Soonyang family. He refuses the deal and walks off. Hyeon-min calls her second choice Sung-joon who seems ready with the ring.

Do-jun is at home with his brother Hyeong-Joon who is watching a home shopping channel. His brother says something that spikes Do-jun’s interest. Home shopping is not about buying things you need but purchasing things you want.

Yoong-ki informs his son that his grandfather visited and gave them Soonyang medical as a warning to stop being greedy over Soonyang. However, Yoong-ki offers to acquire a cable movie channel for DMC instead of discouraging Do-jun. He offers his support. Hae-in, listening at the door, makes Yoong-ki promise to take care of their son. Hyeon-woo acknowledges that he is Do-jun, and Yoon-ki, Hae-in, and Hyeon-joon are his family.

Sung-joon presents a marriage invitation to the chairman. As a reward, he asks chairman Jin to treat him as one of the adult members of the family. The family members think that by making him an adult member of the family, chairman Jin would announce Sung-joon as the next in line at his wedding ceremony.

Chairman Jin is seen sitting on an old transportation track. He seems sad and depressed because his doctor has found an arteriovenous brain malformation during his check-up. The disease is chronic, and all the doctors can do is monitor it closely.

The Episode Review

The reveal that Do-jun intends to buy Soonyang was a shock. We now know that he got his plans all figured out not to inherit Soonyang but to acquire the business. In addition, it is evident that Chairman Jin can go to any extent and betray anybody, regardless of who they are, so long as he gets his way.

With everyone around him ready to suck up to him, even on their knees, it was very satisfying to see Do-jun stand up to him and encourage Chang-je to do the same. Hyeon-min’s intentions were finally revealed. For a minute, it seemed that Do-jun would agree to her demands. Seeing that he does not intend to be put on a leash was a welcome relief.

Rejection does not sit well with Hyeon-min since she and Sung-joon are sending wedding invitations. Will chairman Jin offer Soonyang Corporation to Sung-joon as a wedding gift?

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