Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

“Why are the powerless citizens the only ones suffering? That is not justice.”

Episode 6 of Reborn Rich starts with our protagonist Do-jun rushing to deliver the good news to Hyen-woo’s mother that he had bought them the Three Way Restaurant building. A colossal shock awaited him as he saw the light signifying mourning hung at the door. Inside, mourners gather, and he realizes that Hyeon-woo’s mother has died in this timeline too. The landlord from whom he had bought the building informs him that she has committed suicide.

Do-jun is convinced that the mother he remembers could never take her own life and goes to investigate the cause. He breaks into the three-way restaurant and goes through stuff, trying to get a clue. He comes across Hyeon-woo’s report card and remembers his mother’s struggles and encouragement to become rich, so his kids never have to suffer.

While investigating, he comes across documents about Soonyang Life Sciences and an investment portfolio his mother had made for the company. He rushes to the library to research the company and bumps into Min-young. She makes a scene at the library due to frustration that Do-jun keeps ignoring her. He apologizes, telling her he thinks he does not deserve her and lends her an umbrella,

A deeper look into Soonyang’s life with the help of his team at Miracle investment reveals that the company was a speculative hedge fund. Soonyang created it as a slush fund to make money to buy shares for Soonyang corporation, the mother company governing all of Soonyang’s subsidiaries. The company was liquidated using the president’s big deal as a cover,  and all the minor shareholders lost their investments.

Elsewhere, Mr Lee provides Chairman Jin with a report on Soonyang life sciences proving Se-hyeon’s theory. Soonyang had used Gnaynoos to buy shares of Soonyang corporation to enable the chairman to ensure management remains within the family. They had also made 90 million dollars from the liquidation of Soonyang life science.

An enraged Do-jun visits Chairman Jin on the realization that Soonyang sacrificed minority shareholders in its succession strategy to avoid inheritance tax in the pretence of creating the conglomerate mandated by the government and the IMF. He visits Chairman Jin and asks about it.

His concern about the minority shareholders is belittled by chairman Jin saying Do-jun should never care about those people since he will never live like them. Outside the company, Do-jun sees the minority shareholders protesting and imagining what might have happened to Hyeon-woo’s mother.

Sung-joon joins Soonyag construction company as a junior managing director. Dong-ki and Hwa-young are still concerned about the company succession and strategizing on how to win over each other and the eldest son and grandson. At the weekly family dinner, Yoo Ji-na mentions that Sung-joon is suitable to join politics.

Chairman Jin, who is highly opposed to any member of his family becoming a politician, is angered and storms out. Hwa-young and Chang-je realize they will never get support from the family for Chang-je to run for office.

While chilling out with his brother and sung-joon after dinner, Do-jun shares his perspective that money is authority, and if their grandfather still hates politics so much, it means politicians still hold authority. Sung-joon acknowledges his talent in investing and asks why he studies law and not business.

Do-jun mentions that even if he were interested in Soonyang, his grandfather would never make him work there since his father is different. Even though he is Chairman Jin’s grandson, he is Yoong-ki’s son before that and hence does not intend to start a fight that already has an ending. On the way home, Yoong-ki is troubled by Do-jun’s sentiments.

Chairman Jin takes Sung-joon to Nanji Island. It is the prospected site for the next big construction project by the government, New Seoul town. Chairman Jin asks Sung-joon to take charge of the project from bidding to construction which commences after the end of the upcoming Seoul mayor elections.

Do-jun also expresses interest in the projects and tells Se-hyeon that it would be the next goal of Miracle Investment. To invest in New Seoul Town, Miracle investment needs a construction company, so they start negotiations to take over Jaea Civil Engineering Construction.

Young-ki is unhappy that Sung-joon decided to join Soonyang construction at a critical time of the succession plan without discussing it with him first. Sung-joon advises that they must work towards acquiring more shares in Soonyang Corporation since the grandfather could pass on before the succession plan is finalized. He also calls Hyeon-min asking her to give him a chance.

Sung-joon, Mr Lee and Chairman Jin meet to discuss the politician to support to ensure they get the New Seoul Project. Elsewhere, Se-hyeon approaches Chang-je while jogging and says he would sponsor his mayoral candidacy and, in return, he should give them a new soul project once he is elected mayor. They agree to become partners.

Chang-je uses corporate crimes to earn his favour with the people. As shared by Do-jun, the campaign motto was “why are the powerless citizens the only ones suffering? That is not justice.” Soon, he gains the support of the masses, gracing every heading of every major newspaper. Miracle investment also successfully absorbs all the assets of Jaea construction.

Chairman Jin steps in to stop Chang-je from being nominated. He tells the nomination committee that Soonyang corporation deliberately used prosecutor Chang-je to launch investigations into Ahjin motors and Hando steel so the company could acquire them. His nomination falls through, and an enraged Hwa-young comes to jeonsinjae to talk to chairman jin.

Following Do-jun’s advice, Chang-je gains the courage to confront chairman Jin. He threatens to hold a press conference with all local, international, and online media and report about Soonyang Life Sciences. In return for his support, Chairman Jin asks Chang-je to promise him something.

Chang-je wins the elections and gives the project to construct New Seoul Town to Jaea Construction. He summons Chang-je and asks him if the person behind him, implying Miracle Investment, put him up to it.

Chang-je tells him that the citizens of Seoul got his back, and he chooses Jaea, following the set rules and regulations for Seoul’s better future. He asks him to meet with the mayor’s office next time he wants to talk to the mayor.

Hyeon-min investigates Do-jun and figures out that he is connected to Miracle Investment. The prosecutor’s office raids Miracle Investment investigating a tip that Se-hyeon bribed mayor Chang-je to get the New Seoul construction project. Mr Lee visits him at the judicial offices where he was being held and tells him that Chairman Jin wants to meet Miracle Investment’s majority shareholder.

Elsewhere, Do-jun arrives, where chairman Jin is waiting to meet the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment. He announces his presence as the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment. Jin Do-jun to a bewildered chairman Jin Yang-cheol.

The Episode Review

Although prepared for Hyeon-woo’s mom’s death, what should happen must happen. It was still heartbreaking to see Do-jun/Hyeon-woo break down. The realization that Soonyang was connected to her death and the effects of their ruthless business strategies on the public who trust then spiked up some significant anger.

Do-jun continues to make major moves towards his goal, and it is satisfying to see him win big against the Soonyang group. However, weary of Hyeon-min and her increased interest in Do-jun. What are her plans?

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