Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Acquisition of Hando Steel

Episode 4 of Reborn Rich starts with our protagonist overlooking Soonyang group with Oh Se-hyeon. Do-jun admits to having a more prominent and bolder desire. He presents Se-hyeon with a welcome gift – his favourite doughnuts from New York. Se-hyeon is impressed with Do-jun’s ability to understand him and acknowledges that to understand investing; one must understand the players within.

Young-ki sends someone to spy on Se-hyeon, and he takes a photo of him coming out of a building soon after, followed by Do-Jun. At the racetrack, the Daeyoung Group defeats the Soonyang racecar when the car blows up during the race.

Young-ki reported to Chairman Jin that he had resolved the issue by ensuring the reporters did not publish the article about the failure at the racetrack. Chairman Jin is not impressed and ends up slapping his eldest son. He is disappointed that his successor is only good at damage control.

After the race, the chairman was to attend a launching event of Athene, but he did not show up. Young-ki suggests the event commences without him, but Do-jun advises against it. The absence of Chairman Jin at the event would fuel the people’s imaginations, and the reporters would conclude that his absence was because a defect caused the car breakdown and caused strife between father and son.

Do-jun knew where chairman Jin was as he had read about it in his autobiography as Hyeon-woo. He goes to pick him up at an old garage where he was diagnosing the problem with the engine parts. Do-jun demonstrates an understanding of chairman Jin’s mindset, which further amazes his grandfather, who borrows Do-jun’s words in the launching event for Athene, saying Soonyang automobiles are Soonyang Group’s engine. Everyone applauds his sentiments.

Dong-ki, who now suspects a connection between Do-jun and Se-hyeon of Power Shares, talks to Do-jun after the event expressing that Soonyang must acquire Hando Steel, or else chairman Jin would be furious. Do-jun answers that it would be better if Hando Steel went to Power Shares rather than Daeyoung Group, the number one competitor of Soonyang in Korea. Daeyoung joins the bidding war for Hando steel, which hiked its bid value tremendously.

Everyone is perplexed about where Daeyoung got 600 million dollars to place a bid on Hando Steel. Young-ki is now tasked with determining who is funding Daeyoung Group and ensuring Soonyang group buys Hando Steel. Dong-ki reports to chairman Jin that Do-jun might be connected to power shares.

At the university, Min-young receives an alum scholarship through the connections and prestige she had previously denied having. Do-jun overhears the conversation, and a guilty Min-young follows him to explain, but his chairman Jin picks him up. Chairman Jin, who now suspects a connection between Do-jun and the Power Shares wars tells Do-jun that he got to his position by never forgiving those who went against him regardless of whether it was his family or blood.

He asks how he spent the 24 million dollars he withdrew, and Do-jun answers that he invested in a movie. Chairman Jin thinks he is as foolish as his father.

A bouquet is sent to Se-hyeon room and delivered by Min-young. Do-jun is in the room, and she tells Do-jun that she has refused the scholarship and will work through college. Do-jun belittles her sentiment by asking if she wants him to admire him for choosing hard work over accepting the scholarship.

She misinterprets the situation thinking the bouquet was for Do-jun, and tells him that a rich kid who holds birthday parties at crazy expensive suites has no right to give her advice. Just then, Se-hyeon appears, and Min-young realizes her mistake since Do-jun says he was working part-time and is utterly embarrassed. Shortly after she leaves, she brings back a coupon for a free meal at the hotel as a birthday gift for Se-hyeon and hands it over to Do-jun.

Do-jun and Se-hyeon are then seen arguing over some investments, which Se-hyeon seems to be strictly against. The flower bouquet is on the table, and zooming in, we see a hidden listening device. Do-jun’s driver, In-hyeok is on the other end, listening and recording their conversation. The argument between Se-hyeon and Do-jun seems to take a turn, and Se-hyeon seems to have ended their partnership since Do-jun is a reckless investor.

In his study, chairman Jin listens to the recording and concludes that the owner of the chessboard was Do-jun. He sends his men to pick up Se-hyeon and bring him to his office. He asks about the connection between Power shares and Do-jun. Se-hyeon reports that powers shares Korea is run with Do-jun’s money, but the company Do-jun invested in was not Hando Steel but an online book company called codabra.

He said they disagreed and hence had ended their partnership. Se-hyeon said that his decision to buy Hando Steel was due to Wall Street investors’ interest in Northeast Asian Market. He offers insight into the challenges at Soonyang Group. The eldest son interferes with the father’s ambitions, and the younger son ruins the eldest son’s accomplishments.

He points out that it happens within the families of conglomerates. Chairman Jin asks for an explanation of what Se-hyeon meant just as Young-ki walks in. Se-hyeon breaks the news that the consortium funding Daeyoung Group was the second son of Dong-ki, which is confirmed in the next scene. Dong-ki admits that he betrayed his family since it was not the Joseon dynasty, and the one with proven management skills should be allowed to ascend the throne for Soonyang’s sake.

Mr Lee suggests that Chairman Jin stop Donh-ki before it is too late. However, he does not intend to get involved since he believes Dong-ki is a businessman who should not put his family before profits. Young-ki is left to figure the whole issue out with his team.

He almost hits a snug, but Hwa-young comes to his rescue and provides Young-ki with the money to beat both Power Shares and Daeyoung in the bidding. In return, Hwa-young wants Young-ki to support her husband, Chang-je, to run for mayor. Soonyang wins the bidding war.

Young-ki visits Dong-ki, unaware that Soonyang knew of his deal with Daeyoung Group. Young-ki informs him that chairman Jin is also aware of his meddling. Dong-ki seems restless at the dining table, and Chairman Jin appreciates Young-ki’s efforts.

Elsewhere, Sehyeon and Do-jun enjoy a drink. They are celebrating that their chess pieces are falling into place. They were not interested in owning Hando steel but driving its bid price up. They celebrate their win.

Do-jun knew In-seok, the personal driver sent, was Dong-ki’s man. Dong-ki intended to use him to set a trap for Do-jun, but he used his intentions against him since he could not differentiate between being prey and bait. In addition, Min-young helped them by informing them of the listening device in the bouquet.

Do-jun intended to make Soonyang Group go into a debt of 750 million, and he succeeded. Se-hyeon presents a gift for his accomplishments. His investments into Codabra, now Amazon, had yielded tremendous earnings of 900 %. The episode ends with announcements about businesses in Korea filing for bankruptcy and Korea drowning in debt, which would affect Soonyang tremendously. Standing behind a dejected Chairman Jin watching the news unfold, Do-jun states that it is just the beginning; Soonyang’s crisis will be his opportunity.

The Episode Review

This episode overviews the greed, selfishness, and ruthlessness among the Soonynag family members. Dong-ki’s greed makes him betray his father’s company since he does not want Young-ki to succeed and inherit the company. Young-ki is insecure, leading him to make terrible decisions in business.

Do-jun seems to understand their characters and uses this against them to make big moves behind the scenes toward his ultimate goal and desire. Even though Do-jun uses his knowledge of how circumstances unfold as Hyeon-woo, he also seems to be backed up by extreme luck since he did not know of some incidents, such as realizing In-hyeok was a spy and the tip about the listening device. Curious to find out about Soonyang’s crisis turning to be Do-jun’s opportunity.

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