Reborn Rich – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Moving the Chess Pieces

Episode 3 of Reborn Rich starts with Do-joon and chairman Jin overlooking the now-developed new city of Budang, built on the land Do-joon had previously asked for as a gift. Chairman Jin continues to wonder if Do-joon has good discernment or is just lucky since he made 24 million dollars from the land development.

He takes Do-joon to the bank to see his money and asks him what he would do with so much money. Do-joon seems to also be in a daze. He later converts all the money earned into dollars, as reported by Mr Lee to chairman Jin who is concerned that it is a massive amount for a 20-year-old. Chairman Jin decides not to interfere and gives Do-jun a chance to see if he is just a fortunate boy or a boy with insight.

At Soonyang, Chairman Jin’s children are gathered in disbelief about just how Do-jun knew about real estate and decided to buy land at Budang. Dong-ki attributes it to luck stating that it is hard to beat someone with great luck. His sister argues with Hwa-young that for that reason then, Do-joon is someone they should look out for since it makes him scarier since chairman Jin could think that his youngest grandson is blessed.

Young-ki informs them that all his father did was pay the price for his life since Do-jun saved him by suggesting he change flights. However, Hwa-young believes that the money and freedom allowed to Do-jun could be a test to see if he is fit to be the successor of the Soonyang group.

Elsewhere, Do-jun, his father and his brother are in his office discussing films. While taking a walk, Hyeon-joon and Do-joon come across a group gathered around a screen. The reporter announces the breakup of a famous music group, which was retiring. One girl seems to be extremely saddened by the news. To his amazement, Do-jun realizes it was Prosecutor Seo Min-hoo’s younger version.

Back at jeongsijae, Choi Chan-je arrives with some news for Chairman Jin. Hando steel is on the verge of closing down operations, providing a perfect chance to buy the company cheaply. With support from the government, Soonyang could absorb the debt and apply for a more extended repayment period. Chairman Jin is happy with the information, and Chan-je takes the opportunity to request his support to run for a political position.

Elsewhere, Do-jun, Hyeon-jun and their father attend the film week in New York, where Do-jun accidentally bumps into Oh Se-hyeoun and makes him drop his doughnut. They get into an altercation, and Do-jun offers to pay for the doughnut; using the logic of investment and luck, Oh Se-hyeoun asks for ten million dollars.

His logic intrigues Do-jun, and he is even further impressed after he overhears his conversation with his assistant, Rachel, regarding which film to invest in. Do-jun chose to invest in Titanic using his knowledge as Hyeon-woo, while Oh Se-hyeon analyzed the market and people’s behaviour and used the data to make his decision.

Later, Do-jun researches Oh Se-hyeon and, the next day, seeks him out at his office. He finds him at a café watching a chess match between a supercomputer Deep Blue and a famous chess player Kasparov.

Do-jun gets into Se-hyeon’s mind by revealing that he is not interested in who would win but in IBM, the company that made Deep Blue figuring out when and how many shares to buy to maximize his profits. Do-jun suggests that he invests in IBM before the match ends since Deep Blue would win. Se-hyeon disagrees, and Do-jun leaves his contacts and asks Se-hyeon to contact him when Deep Blue wins. The match goes as Do-jun predicted, and dumbfounded Se-hyeon searches for the young man.

Back in Seoul, Do-jun visits his grandfather. He is meeting with Dong-ki, Yoong-ki, and Hwa-young about acquiring Hando Steel. Chairman Jin directs Young-ki to ensure that Soonyang successfully acquires the company but not to use more than 300 million dollars. After the board meeting, they meet with Do-jun and Young-ki is reminded of Hwa-young’s words that chairman Jin is testing them as he seeks to find the most suitable successor.

In-seok picks up Do-joon and tells him Chairman Jin sent him. At the university, some rich kids approach him wanting to make friends. In the process, Do-jun notices Min-young and rushes off to catch her after giving his number to the rich kids and agreeing to party with them later. In the library, Min-young notices him checking her out and boldly goes up to him.

She remembers seeing him somewhere, but Do-jun uses her query to tease her by saying that if she wants to hit on him, she could ask him out. She denies being interested in him. Do-jun asks her out for a meal, and she walks away.

At a university notice board, Min-yeon is checking out information about Do-jun. She attributes Do-jun’s confidence and rudeness to Yang-cheol’s grandson. He insists on having a nice meal with her and promises to tell her when her favourite musician, Seo Tai Ji, will return. Intrigued, Min-young promises to meet up.

He takes her to the prestigious club his wealthy peers had asked him to join. In-seok reports to someone about Do-jun’s whereabouts. Min-young is not happy that Do-jun took him to such a club, and he informs her that he thought it was a good idea since her father was a prosecutor so that she would fit in. Mr Lee also reports to chairman Jin that Do-jun joined the prestigious club, and he thinks he is just a young man adjusting to university life just like his peers.

News are in, and Hando still reports bankruptcy. Young-ki attends a meeting about the acquisition and learns that a foreign investment company had offered to buy the company at 500 million dollars, making it impossible for Soonyang to bid at 300 million. The foreign company happens to be represented by Se-hyeon, and talking to the reporters, he mentions that power shares offered the estimated future value of Hando Steel.

Yoong-ki and his team try to decipher why a successful American company is interested in a weak steel-manufacturing Korean company. Chairman Jin believes that the move to acquire Hando Steel is just a chess piece in a giant game initiated by someone who does not want to see Soonyang acquire Hando Steel.

Elsewhere, Do-jun visits Hyeon-woo’s family restaurant and is saddened by his mother’s struggle to carry ingredients. At Soonyang, Young-ki asks his assistant to look into Oh Se-hyeon to figure out what he is thinking and whom he is meeting with.

Se-hyeon meets with Do-jun in an empty building overlooking Soonyang. He wonders why Do-jun is investing recklessly by offering so much for a company below the quoted corporate value. Promising to keep his investor’s secret, Do-jun confides in him, telling him that he intends to prevent Yoong-ki from acquiring Hando steel. Se-hyeon realizes that Do-jun’s intention is not just about Hando steel, but he wants to acquire Soonyang Group.

The Episode Review

The episode introduces us to the mindset of Do-jun. The accidental meeting with Oh Se-hyeon introduces the financial investor Do-jun would use to grow his 24 million and be financially capable of achieving his goal of owning Soonyang, as depicted by the ending. The introduction of Min-young and the hints of a possible relationship between her and Do-jun is an exciting development.

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