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Episode 2 of Reborn Rich starts with our protagonist, now in the body of the youngest grandson of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol, struggling to process how he got back to 1987 and why he is now the grandson of his should-be-dead employer. Do-joon and his family arrive at the 60th birthday party of Chairman Jin. It is the first time Yoong-ki’s family is visiting the family house (jeongsimjae) since they broke off from the family.

Yoong-ki’s eldest son, Hyeong-jun, is overexcited due to the massiveness of the house, but Do-joon shows no emotions. He wonders how many rooms are in the house, and Do-joon answers thirteen. The brother wonders how he knew about it since they had never been to the house before and starts complaining that the parents had taken Do-joon for a visit without him.

We are briefly introduced to the family competition in the kitchen, with the daughter-in-law striving to impress the mother-in-law with compliments. Hae-in joins them, attempting to lend a hand, but the mother-in-law asks her to stay with her husband and the boys. The daughters-in-law Jung-rae and Ji-na and the sister-in-law Hwa-young start jeering at Lee-ha.

His grandfather fails to acknowledge Do-joon’s family, and the reality of the situation crashes on Do-joon, and he attempts to remember himself in the family he knew in his previous life as hyeon-woo, but he cannot.

Do-joon explores the house and walks into the famous vase incident that sung-joon attributes to his lack of confidence. He witnesses Sung-Joon pocketing his grandfather’s variables; he is surprised when he realizes he was caught, stumbles, and accidentally hits the vase. Sung-joon attempts to pin the incident on Do-joon, and his family supports him thinking that since he is the eldest grandson, the family third generation heir, the grandfather will believe him over Do-joon.

However, Do-joon does not intend to take the fall, he exposes his pilfering, and his grandfather is highly disappointed in him. Do-joon realizes that everything is happening exactly as he remembers it and runs to Hyeon’s family restaurant, where he finds his mother, dead in his previous life, alive and well in this timeline. He is overwhelmed by emotions and orders a meal. His family then arrives to pick him up, and he breaks into tears on their way home.

The next day, he goes back to jeongsimjae and overhears the family discussion on which candidate to back up in the upcoming elections. Given that he had already lived this life as Hyeon-woo, he already had factual knowledge of how the events would unfold. The family finishes the discussion and finds Do-jun waiting outside the study. However, the grandfather refuses to see him citing that he only had two sons.

He announces he is here to apologize to his grandfather and pay for the broken vase. Mockingly, Dong-ki asks young DO-joon how much he thinks the vase cost. He answers five bills. The family thinks he meant five or 50 dollars and starts laughing at him. They are astounded when he answers, five million.

His grandfather is also surprised as he is seen paying keen attention to what he says next. Using his prior knowledge of events, he offers insights into the upcoming presidential elections and suggests that the grandfather should back up the third candidate Roh Tae Woo. He gets his uncles and aunts so worked up being just a kid for his brazenness. Just after he left, the words he had just said about the elections came true. His grandfather sends someone to bring him back.

Chairman Jin wonders why he was convinced about the presidential elections. He offers simple explanations, which further amazes Chairman Jin and his secretary Mr Lee. Therefore, using hypotheticals, his grandfather asks him about a challenge he was experiencing in the business. Do-joon asks for a prize if he got it right since it was a quiz. He, however, was unable to answer it right away.

Chairman Jin goes away on business, and on a magazine cover, Do-joon realizes that his grandfather was asking for advice on how to beat the Japanese and American markets, squashing the Soonyang business to death. In his effort to reach him immediately, he realizes that the flight his grandfather was to take had been crushed due to a terror attack in his previous life.

He, therefore, takes it upon himself to save his grandfather by ensuring he is not on the plane. It was almost too late, but finally, his grandfather got his message and changed flights at a stopover. He returns to Seoul to make a business deal, as was suggested by Do-joon, which proves beneficial to Soonyang.

In addition, the presidential candidate Do-joon suggested to support wins the elections. The president gives Chairman Jin a call and promised to support Soonyang and allow them to monopolize. Chairman Jin acknowledges that, due to incredible foresight, intuition, instinct, or sheer luck, Do-joon knows things that others do not.

He wonders if he knows what the future holds. Do-joon gets in the chairman’s good graces by telling him that he knows what is in his heart. Chairman Jin wanted to grow his semiconductor business, but since the business was not doing well, his efforts would seem reckless. He was looking for someone to support him, for approval, and Do-joon gave him that.

For a prize for answering the quiz, Do-joon asked for land since money would lose value with time. He asked for land in a worthless place, Gyeonggi Province, Seongnam, Bundang-dong. Regardless, Chairman Jin bought him 160,000 meters squared of land as promised. In addition, Do-joon makes a deal with chairman Jin. He promises to bring him something the Soonyang family does not have, an acceptance letter to the Seoul National University school of law.

In return, he asks his grandfather to allow his family to join the weekly gatherings and acknowledges Do-jun as his grandson in front of all family members. Hyeon-woo acknowledges that he became family with the Jins’ because someone among them had killed Do-joon. The episode ends with the glow-up of Do-joon to a man in his 20s who looks exactly like Hyeon-woo and is accepted to SNU’s law program as the top student.

The reports swarm at him, asking for his name even though they already know who he is. So he gives them what they want to hear, introducing himself as Chairman Jin Yang Cheol’s grandson, Jin Do Jun, attending the college of law, class of 1996, and gives a big smile.

The Episode Review

The episode starts on a sad note with the jeering and hate given to Do-jun’s family by the Jins’ and with Do-joon’s emotional breakdown since Hyeon-woo’s family does not recognize him. In contrast, using previous knowledge of situations to stand up to the Jin family and showcase his brazenness even to his grandfather, who is used to people always looking to please him, was entertaining to watch.

It highlights Hyeon-woo’s acceptance of his role in the Soonyang family, taking it as an opportunity for himself and also to discover who killed Do-joon. The child actor did justice to the role, amazing the viewers with his courage and wits.

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